Your Business Isn’t Boring


Think blogging is reserved for ‘creative’ businesses alone? Not so. There are many businesses and industries that have traditionally stayed away from blogging, and in doing so, have lost prospective customers to competitors.

Your business isn’t boring. The expertise you hold in your field is of interest to customers, and a blog is the best way to showcase your knowledge, provide readers with value, build a rapport with prospects, and position yourself as an expert.

If you’re interested in blogging for business, but you have no idea what you could write about, here are some ideas for different industries to get you started.

In Plumbing?

You’re in an industry that everyone is going to need from time to time, and blogging is a great way to stand out from the competition and build trust. You could provide information about:

  • Signs your plumbing may need repair
  • How to plan a bathroom renovation
  • How to budget for a bathroom renovation
  • New tapwear/ tile/ bathtub styles
  • Questions to ask prospective plumbers before you hire

Running a Dental Practice?

Most don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist, but when they do need to go, they often research local services before booking an appointment. Build a rapport, offer value and demonstrate your friendly and approachable style of service by writing about:

  • Top tips to maintain your oral health between check ups
  • Signs you may need a filling/ root canal/ tooth extraction
  • The latest orthodontic treatment technology
  • Foods to avoid for better dental health
  • How to make teeth-cleaning fun for kids

Is Gardening Your Jam?

If you’re a gardener or landscaper, you can get yourself on the radar of local people looking for your services by blogging about topics such as:

  • How to remove a tree stump
  • How to create an outdoor living space
  • Signs your tree may be diseased
  • Top 5 reasons to build a deck
  • Planning your garden during a home build

Have an Accounting Firm?

Accountancy often gets a bad rap as being a boring industry, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people and small businesses looking for useful and accessible information about what you do. Provide them with value and build trust with blog posts on:

  • How much should you set aside for taxes?
  • What can you claim back on your personal tax return?
  • Which accounting system is best for small business?
  • Three things you need to know before starting your own business
  • Paying tax on overseas income

Specialize in B2B Manufacturing?

Other businesses are just as likely to be looking for information and researching prospective providers as individual customers. Don’t miss out on potential contracts by mistakenly believing that blogging doesn’t apply to you. You could offer information on:

  • The cost of local manufacturing versus global outsourcing
  • The latest manufacturing technology and techniques for superior quality
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Finding the best cost per unit on bulk orders
  • Top 5 questions our customers ask

In a different industry and stuck for ideas? Stick around for an upcoming post on how to come up with great content ideas for your blog.

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