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We are WordPress developers, so we could be accused of being biased…but the truth is that WordPress is not the answer to everything. We are often approached by small businesses with simple requirements that don’t necessarily require the power of WordPress, and in such cases we try to be objective in our assessment, and where appropriate we have recommended users try other solutions like Ueni.

WordPress is the world’s most popular free content management system for websites. Tens of millions of websites use it — including the websites of many local businesses. WordPress has the power and flexibility to do almost anything, but it won’t do the work for you. A new WordPress website is a blank slate. If you want to add a contact form to your website, you’ll need to install a plugin. Embedding a map with driving directions, providing the ability to book appointments online and adding an animated photo gallery all require customization work — which takes time and know-how that you might not have.

If you want to run a small business website on WordPress, you essentially have two options. You can set the website up yourself if you are prepared to learn the system, or you can hire an outside developer – and while there are many to choose from, WordPress developers can be expensive on a small business budget.

Ueni.com is an alternative that can help you get a small business online quickly and affordably without hiring a freelance developer. There are some compromises — Ueni.com can’t do everything that WordPress can do — but it’s a worthwhile trade for business owners who don’t have the time to do things on their own.

Let’s examine some of the ways in which Ueni.com differs from WordPress.

Ueni.com Gets Your Website Online Quickly

As we mentioned above, WordPress is a blank slate. A WordPress website can’t display your business’s name, location, hours and services offered unless you add that information yourself. Ueni.com can help you get a functioning website online quickly because the basic details of more than 1.6 million European businesses already exist within the Ueni.com database. You can simply type your business’s name at Ueni.com to see what your starter website will look like. From the moment you publish it, your website will already display all of the basic information that your potential customers need to know.

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Ueni.com Has the Features That Small Business Websites Require

A small business website has two purposes: It informs people that your company exists, and it pre-sells your products or services. To perform the second function, a website needs interactive elements that allow potential customers to express interest. A click-to-call button, for example, is a requirement for a mobile website. Your website also needs a form that allows a potential customer to schedule an appointment or request a call. WordPress has extremely powerful form builders available, but those come in the form of plugins that you have to install and configure. Ueni.com can add form functionality, click-to-call buttons and other required functions to your business automatically. When a customer completes a form, Ueni.com can send real-time notifications to your smartphone and email address.

Ueni.com Includes Features for Advertising and Social Engagement

Your website is your business’s best online salesperson, but it isn’t your only one. Pages on websites such as Facebook and Google My Business provide additional opportunities for customer engagement, advertising and search engine optimization. Ueni.com can help your business get on those websites. For an added fee, you can even have an account manager help you plan your advertising campaigns. WordPress can link your website to your social media pages, but it won’t help you create those pages.

Ueni.com Helps You Understand Your Sales Funnel

Understanding the sources of online sales is something that befuddles many small business owners. Did you receive a call from a prospective customer today because that person saw one of your social media advertisements — or did she find you through a business directory such as Yelp? Ueni.com tracks your traffic sources and helps you understand what’s driving conversions. When someone submits a form or clicks to call your business, you’ll know whether that person arrived through a search engine, an advertisement, a social media promotion or an external website.

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WordPress Allows You to Build a Truly Unique Website

Ueni.com has a wide array of features that allow you to get a fully functional business website online in minutes. Choosing Ueni.com, though, means giving up some of the more powerful features of WordPress. WordPress can do everything that Ueni.com does — and much more. With its customization features, you can build a WordPress website that doesn’t look like anything else online. If you need advanced functions — like the ability to preview products with different customization options or view available date and time ranges for appointments — WordPress can do those things.

If you choose Ueni.com, you’ll get a website online quickly without spending loads of time or money on development. For many people this is exactly what they need, the tradeoff though is flexibility. You may eventually find Ueni.com limiting if you decide that you’d like to customize your website’s appearance or add advanced features.

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

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