20 WordPress Statistics & Interesting Facts (2022)

WordPress Statistics

If you are someone who is thinking about diving into the world of WordPress, but you’re not too sure where to begin, we think that this article is a good place to start.

Here is what we believe to be the best list out there of some of the most fascinating and interesting statistics around WordPress.

20 WordPress Statistics

35% of the Internet Uses WordPress

This might be hard to believe, but this is because it’s our number one WordPress statistic.

The reason why 35% of the internet is powered by WordPress is because it is a diverse, versatile software that can’t really be compared. This means that approximately around 455 million websites use WordPress.

There Are 70 Million New Posts Each Month

WordPress Content post

On WordPress websites, you will find 70 million new pieces of content and 77 million new comments every month. This is one of those WordPress statistics you’re not going to forget anytime soon.

WordPress Receives More Than 400 Billion Spam Messages a Month

487 billion, to be exact. The spam that is associated with WordPress has grown exponentially over the last few years, but the good news is that they are able to ward off 99.9% of it.

There Are More Than 1.1 Million New WordPress Domains Every Six Months

WordPress Domains

This is mainly because its users love the convenience of the software, and it makes it really easy for them to establish an online presence without having to do too much of the work themselves. These days, that number is a lot more than a million.

WordPress is Looked up 2,940,000 Times a Month

This is one of those WordPress statistics that really stands out. The fact that people search WordPress on Google and other search engines almost 3 million times a month says a lot about the software and its current reputation.

WordPress Dominates SERP with Google

WordPress is one of the most-searched topics in the world, with 2.28 billion hits.

WordPress is the Most Used CMS


This means that WordPress’ market share is 61.8%, with the next company in line being Joomla, but it only has 4.7%.

WordPress Allows for 196 Languages

You can use WordPress in more than 196 languages. This is one of those WordPress statistics that’s really helpful, especially if you’re wondering whether you can translate the website into your language.

WordPress is More Popular Than Twitter

WordPress gets visited more times a month than Twitter.

WordPress Has Far Fewer Employees than Amazon

If you thought that this WordPress statistic was going to be able how big of a company WordPress is, you’d be wrong. In fact, WordPress has more than 500 times fewer employees than Amazon.

A New Post is Made Every 27 Seconds on WordPress

If you notice what bloggers are doing on WordPress, you will discover that they create a new post every 27 seconds.

English is Used with 71% of WordPress Content


Despite WordPress being available in so many different languages, English accounts for 71% of WordPress activity.

The Average Developer for WordPress Makes $51,000

This is a great WordPress statistic to keep in mind if you plan on working for WordPress one day.

WordPress Offers More Than 54,000 Free Plugins

WordPress Plugins

There is talk in the industry over whether WordPress should reduce this number, based on which ones actually get used, and which ones don’t.

WordPress’ 5.3 Version Has Been Downloaded More Than 7 Million Times

This is the latest version of WordPress, and this WordPress statistic shows that it’s still just as popular now as it ever was.

More Than 1000 WordCamps Have Been Organized so Far

These are conferences around WordPress. The first one took place in San Francisco in 2006, and since then there has been more than one thousand around the world.

Only a Third of WordPress Installations are up to Date

WordPress Installations

Of course, WordPress is always supposedly working on updates, but only a third of their installations are currently up to date. This means that their clients aren’t updating their version of WordPress.

WordPress is Used with 30% of the Top 1000 Sites

This WordPress statistic might not impress you initially, but it will when you realize that most big websites can just use their own software.

WordPress Covers 90% of Google Crawling Issues

This means that sites that have been built with WordPress are able to rank better in search results.

One WordPress Theme Has Made More Than 12 Million Dollars

WordPress Theme

One of the most popular WordPress themes has made more than 12 million dollars in revenue, and it is called Avada. It will cost you $59.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found our WordPress statistics fun and fascinating.

The bottom line is that WordPress is a helpful, practical tool that can be used for all kinds of different websites, allowing clients everywhere to get their dream site off the ground without having to do too much of the legwork on their end.

Check it out today!

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