WordPress How To Videos

WordPress How To Videos

WordPress is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, but everyone needs a little help taking their website to the next level from time to time. The incredible range of WordPress how to videos available can be a godsend for users during those times when assistance is required.

Helping Hands from the WP Community

Part of the reason that WordPress is so successful can be attributed to the mammoth community behind it – the people contributing to the platform’s continued development, as well as those actively supporting other users to learn how to use the tool to their full advantage.

The WordPress community is a living, breathing, growing beast – bursting with users, enthusiasts, coders and developers who are genuinely passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. You can read more about WordPress Communities: Hints and Hacks in a recent post.

Hooray for How Tos

How to instructional clips have drastically changed the way people learn and grow new skill sets, and this is especially true of the WordPress community of users, who frequently share their knowledge, tips and tricks via video on platforms such as YouTube. If you’re brand new to WordPress, you can learn all of the basics of setting up and launching your new WP website simply by watching a couple of informative WordPress how to videos and following the step-by-step instructions.

If you already have an existing WordPress website but you want to pimp it out with some clever plugins or add greater functionality or further customise your design, searching the web for some clear, educational WP how to videos is likely to be all the assistance you’ll need to putting your web plans into action.

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WP Themes WordPress How To Videos

WP Themes is all about helping users master the art of WP blogging and website building – so of course, we have our own YouTube channel where we host a series of useful WordPress how to videos.

  1. How to give your WordPress site a tune up
  2. How to create backups for your WordPress blog
  3. How to add a ‘read more’ link to WordPress posts
  4. How to create a static home page for a WordPress site
  5. How to install Facebook comments on a WordPress blog
  6. How to create static WordPress pages
  7. How to create custom navigation menus in WordPress
  8. How to use widgets in WordPress
  9. How to create a post in WordPress
  10. How to change url structure in WordPress
  11. How to add a contact form to your WordPress site
  12. How to track visitors on your WordPress site with Google analytics
  13. How to add YouTube videos to posts in WordPress
  14. How to embed Twitter on your WordPress blog
  15. How to make sure WordPress is secure
  16. How to control which pages your WordPress widgets are displayed on with Widget Logic
  17. How to customise the navigation menu in WordPress
  18. QP Azon – Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress
  19. How to change the number of blog posts that appear on blog pages of your WordPress site
  20. PicMonkey Tutorial

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You can subscribe to the WP Themes YouTube channel to receive updates whenever a new WordPress how to video is posted. And if you could use a little video tutoring on a certain issue you’re currently having with WordPress, be sure to let us know so we can work on addressing it in an upcoming video.

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