GoDaddy Hosting Reviews (2024)

GoDaddy Hosting Reviews (2024)

  • 100Gb Diskspace
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Instant Provisioning
  • 1-click WordPress Install
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

From $3.99/mth

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GoDaddy Hosting Reviews (2021)

GoDaddy probably doesn’t need much introduction. From their comprehensive online marketing through to Super Bowl ad spots, GoDaddy must be one of the most recognizable internet brands and websites in the US. They are certainly one of the largest providers this side of the Atlantic.

GoDaddy Review

For our GoDaddy review, we signed up for GoDaddy’s Economy Plan which starts at $3.99/mth.

GoDaddy Provisioning and Installation

GoDaddy have made a big effort recently to really cater to WordPress users. From their acquisition of Manage WP (which we use) to simplified WordPress installation and management tools, they are doing a great job.

That said I still have a common gripe and that is the aggressiveness of their upsells. It borders on sneaky sometimes, so just pay attention as you go through the signup process to make  sure you don’t end up paying for more that you intended (or need).

GoDaddy Systems and Support

One thing you can’t fault GoDaddy on is their customer service. I have had cause to interact with support at GoDaddy many times and it has always been a good experience.

Good quality support 24/7 is one of the major benefits of going with a big host like GoDaddy or one of the EIG brands.

GoDaddy Load Test

GoDaddy WordPress host review 2020

GoDaddy’s Load Impact test results are not brilliant. The average load time increased to 1.42s, and as you can see in the chart above they do exhibit a fairly linear relationship between the number of virtual concurrent users and the VU load time. This means the site got slower as the number of concurrent users increased from 1 to 100.

By the time the test ran all the way up to 100 concurrent users the average user load time had increased to over 3 seconds which is on the slower end of the spectrum compared to the best WordPress hosts (SiteGround, Bluehost and GreenGeeks).

As reflected in the chart above we can also see that the server started to return some failed requests as the load on the test site increased toward the the end of the testing, again something we don’t see on the best performing WordPress hosting services.

GoDaddy Page Speed & Uptime

YSlow Score84
West Coast Load Time1.44s
East Coast Load Time0.965s
Average Page Load Time1.203s
GoDaddy Uptime99.98%

GoDaddy’s YSlow grade jumped back up to 84 from 82 in the previous round of testing. 84 is a decent score for a stock standard WordPress install with no special optimizations, and still compares favorably with the other hosts we track.

They scored an average home page load time of 1.203 seconds which is decent but not as strong as the best performing hosts. Both their East Coast and West Coast load times with Pingdom were slower in this latest test, and their uptime did also drop a little to 99.98% throughout the last period.

Best WordPress Hosting

WPX logo
1-click WordPress Install
10GB Storage
100GB Bandwidth
Free SSL Cert
Free Malware Removal
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 From $20.83/mth
Pressable logo
1 WordPress Install
20GB Storage per/mth
WP Cloud Platform
30,000 Visits per/mth
Free Site Migrations
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 From $25.00/mth
Siteground logo
Free WP Installation
10 GB Web Space
10,000 Visits Monthly
Free SSL Cert
Free WP Migrator
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 From $3.99/mth

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is certainly the “big daddy” of web hosting, as they currently claim about 60 million sites hosted, and follow an aggressive mindshare marketing strategy in the mass media. They’re the biggest ICANN-accredited domain registrar by a long shot, and are as close as the web hosting industry has to a standard.

They were founded in Arizona in 1997, and sell other software and services products for e-business on the backs of their phenomenally successful hosting business.

GoDaddy offers as comprehensive a buffet of options as are to be found in the industry from any one hosting service– way too many to list here.

All the standard and specialty hosting options, as well as SSL & Site Protection products, auctions, investor tools, marketing tools, website DIY tools, and of course any domain name search and registering services a small or large business would need.

GoDaddy’s prices are competitive, but customers can expect to pay a bit of a premium for the track record and reliability they offer.

There are a number of hosting, marketing and nifty site-building products they offer that not many other hosting companies do. GoDaddy’s approach is to offer itself as an all-in-one, complete one-stop shop for a small business or individual’s web hosting needs.


What is GoDaddy’s up-time guarantee?

GoDaddy offers web hosting customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

What is GoDaddy’s refund policy?

You may request a refund within 48 hours of purchase for monthly products. After 45 days, you may request an in-store credit for any unused time remaining on your annual plan.

Unused time will be prorated based on the date of purchase. All refund requests must include the reason you are asking for a refund and whether you want an In-store Credit. 

In the event your purchased product includes a free domain name, if you cancel the purchased product, the standard price for the domain name will be deducted from the refund amount.

What forms of payment does GoDaddy accept?

GoDaddy has one of the most comprehensive payment acceptance plans in the business — it’s arranged by country.

All major credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, ISC, GoDaddy Gift Cards, Good As Gold, Discover Network, JCB, Diners Club International, AstroPay Cards, pretty much any national currency you can think of, they make it easy to get paid.

Can I migrate my Cpanel site to GoDaddy?

Yes. If you want to migrate your site hosted by another company to GoDaddy, you can use cPanel’s backup features. This will move your website, its databases, as well as the email accounts you have set up on cPanel.

If I transfer my site to GoDaddy, does that mess up my email?

If you follow the instructions GoDaddy gives for migrating your site, no, there shouldn’t be any problems, your email will continue working like it did before.

However, if you change your domain’s nameservers to point to their nameservers, it might stop your email from working. Send them an email beforehand, outlining what you plan to do.

Can I host CMS software like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal on GoDaddy?

Yes, GoDaddy hosts all major CMS products — and pretty much most of the others, too.

What is GoDaddy’s SSL policy?

GoDaddy offers multiple certificate types, so before you purchase an SSL certificate be sure to review your server configuration, and consider how you plan to use the SSL certificate. 

After you purchase an SSL, request the certificate in your account. Depending on the certificate type, they verify requests with the domain registrant and possibly other factors before they issue the signed certificate.

Do I need to know any programming or anything to use GoDaddy?

No. GoDaddy is very newbie friendly. There will be a little learning curve as with anything, but non-techy people can absolutely manage their website on GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Comparison & Alternatives

Rank Host Price Action
1 Siteground From $20.83/mth View Plans / Full Review
2 Siteground From $25.00/mth View Plans / Full Review
3 Siteground From $3.99/mth View Plans / Full Review
4 Bluehost From $2.95/mth View Plans / Full Review
5 GreenGeeks From $2.95/mth View Plans / Full Review
6 Arvixe From $7.00/mth View Plans / Full Review
7 Site5 From $4.95/mth View Plans / Full Review
8 iPage From $1.99/mth View Plans / Full Review
9 A2 Hosting From $3.92/mth View Plans / Full Review
10 Dreamhost From $7.95/mth View Plans / Full Review
11 Hostgator From $3.82/mth View Plans / Full Review
12 GoDaddy From $2.49/mth View Plans / Full Review
13 InMotion Hosting From $4.99/mth View Plans / Full Review
14 Web Hosting Hub From $4.99/mth View Plans / Full Review


This page contains affiliate links which means we earn a commission if you click through and signup. This is at no extra cost to you and helps us maintain this resource for all webmasters’ benefit. We own and pay for all the hosting accounts we use in our reviews and performance testing. Read our full disclosure statement here. Thanks for your support.

Real GoDaddy Customer Reviews

14 reviews on “GoDaddy Hosting Reviews (2024)

  1. Brandon says:

    Lol. what a paid blog post! Please return to real world. You are talking about a terrible hosting provider if not the WORST!

  2. Patrick says:

    I saw Godaddy through an FB ad, I clicked it and ended up contacting their customer service to explain to me about what shared hosting meant and if it was something that fit what I needed. I was taken aback with how nice the lady who assisted me was, not only was she quite intelligent she knew her way with words and was able to make a boomer like me understand what the whole thing meant. Long story short went on to see if the domain name I was interested in purchasing available and it was. Obviously went on with Godaddy as the host provider. And to this day, which has been close to 2 years now (I started at the time of lockdown last year) and I would definitely say I recommend them.

  3. Cody Lee says:

    Great customer service! Thanks for being so fast and available to answer my question! I’m not much of a tech guy, so it’s great that you all can translate things in to non-tech guy language. Very much appreciated. ?
    It’s also great that domains, hosting, and support are all available and reasonably priced with you all in one company. Once again, making it a little easier for the non-tech guy!

  4. Casandra Sandu says:

    I’m using GoDaddy for hosting my portfolio page for almost one year. I managed to save a lot of money and had a great experience so far with it. The servers crashed only once, but I contacted them on Twitter and my problem was solved in just a few minutes. Easy to use and manage and with very helpful staff, GoDaddy is the perfect choice if you want your website running flawless.

  5. Jeramiah says:

    I have always used Godaddy since I switched back in 2006 from register and not only have i saved TONS, I know when something goes wrong they have your back on chat, phone, or even social media!

    I reached out on twitter for a dns that went totally haywire and Nick helped me right through it all and took care of the situation very professionally!

  6. Kelli Grant says:

    Any time I have called for support, they’ve been very helpful. It’s also not a maze to get someone. As a business owner, I need quick, easy support since there seeem to be a million things to constantly need support on! I need an English speaking and understanding person who LISTENS to what I’m saying and doesn’t Google the answer (no different than I could!). I need a quick solution. Go Daddy delivers all of that. Thank you for making my life a little easier when I must call you! ?

  7. Addie Whelan says:

    I have a fairly big amount of experience hosting and owning domain names. In the past, I have been able to figure everything out myself. But, recently, I needed to buy a domain name and map it to a basic site. I was confused by a lot of the tech talk I found online and Godaddy went above and beyond to make sure that I understood how to fix my site. Most importantly, they talked me through it in basic, easy to understand terms, which was extremely helpful for me. They did not treat me like I was stupid or dumb, which is very important to me. I feel like it was such an easy to use feature!

  8. Maxie says:

    There are some people who just go above and beyond their “job duties” and that person for me is/was Dan Walbridge at godaddy support. He is great at walking you through items that may seem “simple” to the tech-crowd but daunting to people like me who just want our websites to work.

    – Maxie

  9. Claudia Martinez says:

    For the price, GoDaddy has gone above and beyond to exceed my expectations. Not only do they offer flexible plans for different budgets, but they also offer wonderful customer service. I called about trouble I had setting up my hosting site and the GoDaddy rep set it up for me and made sure to answer any questions I had as nicely as possible. I would definitely recommend to others!

  10. Eric Miller says:

    I am not a technophile….I rely on GoDaddy for more support than an average website owner. 100% of the time the tech support people take care of my issues, often more than what I would expect from a company! They are super knowledgeable and frankly very patient to deal with me who does not understand the first thing about tech. I host over 60 URLs with them and multiple websites. Nearly 100% up time and when my sites are down….it’s usually something I’ve done to myself! They always have a great sense of humor and yes we all miss Bob Parsons the founder, but they still have a great deal of his soul! GoDaddy gets a lot of criticism but frankly much of it is unwarranted and for someone like me they are over the TOP in AWESOMENESS! You may find cheaper, but the service to me is worth the cost which is negligible!

  11. Jon says:

    Dan in Customer Support was an extremely good listener – picking up on cues as to my level of knowledge, what we had tried, and what we wanted to accomplish. He gave a beautiful on-the-fly tutorial on what was happening with our site, and we worked together quickly to discover the range of potential solutions. He then recognized that I had a great deal of other obligations and volunteered to work on our preferred solution on his own – giving us a completed migration of our site to GoDaddy that worked in the way that we were seeking – with aplomb, grace, and efficiency. Thanks GoDaddy. You’re customer service is excellent.

  12. Blake Montaque says:

    Probably the best customer service I’ve ever received. Even during complicated customer situations you guys remain awesome. Huge shout out to Eli (Sales consultant at GoDaddy) who helped me get my website up and running.

    Okay so apparently this review isn’t long enough to submit so I’m just kinda blubbering to hit the 70 characters mark. Like I don’t have much more to say, the customer service was great, it’s my first time ever using GoDaddy, I would definitely recommend this site to a friend, or a family member, or a dog, I love dogs.

  13. Paul Barton says:

    GoDaddy’s prices and customer service are hard to beat. I always get friendly and very knowledgeable support people when I call in. They are able to offer good advice. They seem to want to go the extra distance when you talk to them. Everyone I’ve talked to their, customer service people and support staff, seem to know they are in a competitive environment and they seem to want to exceed your expectations. They were great helping me migrate my site from WordPress and they’ve been great helping me upgrade as I grew. I would recommend without hesitation.

  14. Okay, here’s it straight, unbiased… Ready?

    GoDaddy has a better website experience prior to making any purchase than most competitors. The site looks good, what can I say?

    And we all know a well-designed site converts.

    1. Support

    I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes to get through to a rep. Everyone I’ve spoken with is chipper, friendly and knowledgable.

    No rushing you get to other calls. They take their time. The support is so good, that it makes me overlook the server speed, which could be better.

    2. Uptime

    Sometimes GoDaddy goes down, but just for a sec. Still, it’s annoying when you’re in the middle of updating your (or a client’s) website.

    I’ve never hosted with another major provider, but most everyone I talk to in the biz says HostGator’s server is faster, and goes down far less.

    I would switch, but, again, the customer service is great. I like feeling not like a number, but like a person— and they accomplish that.

    3. Features

    If you like WordPress, GoDaddy has a feature where, with one click, you install WP. I like that.

    I’ve never had any issues FTPing into any account. And changing nameservers is easy. GoDaddy’s site is very user-friendly.

    The pricing for their services is also pretty fair.

    4. Value

    Ok, if I had to do it over again, I’d probably start with HostGator, since everyone keeps telling me to switch.

    HOWEVER, I’m quite comfortable with GoDaddy, and see switching over a major pain is the butt. So I doubt I’ll do it any time soon.

    Price-wise, GoDaddy is competitive, especially if you catch them when their having a special, or when you first sign up.

    You can lock yourself in to a 5-year deal at a great price. So that’s pretty cool.

    My only complaint is an occasional hiccup of downtime. I can’t say whether another major provider is faster, since, again, I’ve never been with one…

    I have, however, been with a “private party” hosting provider. The hosting was fast, albeit not much, if any, faster than GoDaddy. But I switched from that account to GD because the cPanel was SO UN-user-friendly.

    If you’re a newbie or an owner of a site or two or three, GoDaddy is worth a trial run. Once with them, you’ll probably stay, like I have.

    And, if you’re anything like me, site speed optimization is a cinch. Use WordPress’ plugins to your advantage. I routinely get sites to load in under 1.5 seconds, with an impressive less than 500KB.

    So there you have it! Hope this helps!

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