What Sorts Of Schedules Are Used With The 1040 Form?

What Sorts Of Schedules Are Used With The 1040 Form

The many schedules used with the 1040 form are unfamiliar to many individuals. If you plan to file a Form 1040, you must be aware of which schedules to include on the pertinent Schedule.

In this article, I outline the different schedules’ purposes as well as the data that each one contains. You can use a 1040 form to file a 1099 tax too, by mentioning all your income details in the 1040 form. But it can get confusing and you can ask a tax expert.

What Are The Different Plans Used With The 1040 Form

If you are submitting a tax return without dependents, you should employ the 1040-ES (or 1040-EZ if you are single). 

This form may also be submitted by self-employed individuals. Schedule C-EZ, , Schedule SE or Schedule C must, however, be filed.

The 1040-ES comes in ten different forms that you can choose from. There will be guidelines and deadlines for each.

While some of the documents can be sent electronically, others must be printed and sent by mail.

We’ll provide you with some information to help you along the way.

Form 1040-ES Schedule 1

This is the first Schedule of the 1040-ES. Part I and Part II are its two divisions.

The final submission date for both components is April 15, 2018.

Part I is

You must reveal any compensation received from your employer in addition to your earnings.

The amount of payment, the name of the employer and the reason for payment must be listed for each form of payment.

The reduction section of this Schedule consists of six components.

The basic deduction, the itemized deductions, the retirement contribution, the interest on student loans, the alimony and child support payments, and the other deductions are among these components.

To determine which of the aforementioned deductions applies to you if you have paid alimony or child support, do the arithmetic.

So, the only deduction you can make if you’re a single parent getting child support is the standard deduction on line 15. 

The section on deductions contains a list of the permissible amounts that are exempt from the 2% AGI cap.

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Here are a few illustrations of the acceptable amounts:

  • Alimony -Kid-care costs -Attendance fees -Health-related expenses
  • Relocation fees
  • Local and state taxes are paid
  • Expenses for tuition
  • -Paying for education
  • Renting a house vs owning one
  • Charity
  • Contributions and gifts

Part Two

The only portion of the 1040-ES you will have if you are filing as a single individual is this one. A loss or gain from capital should be noted here.

Fill out Form 8949 if you want to declare losses or gains from capital. Sales of securities and other assets result in accounts of capital gains and losses.

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The 1040-ES’s section for capital gains contains information about the purchase price and the profit you earned. The tax basis you used to determine the sale’s worth must also be disclosed.

The taxable amount will be included in this Schedule’s section on capital gains. This sum reflects all of your taxable capital gains.

How To Expedite The Tax Filing Procedure By Using The Schedule

The Schedule can be used in the following methods to speed up tax filing.

Start By Gathering Your W-2s And 1099s

The first step is to gather your W-2s and 1099s. A summary of your profits is given on the 1099 papers. The paperwork that details your pay from your employment are known as W2s.

These documents are frequently mailed out every three months, so it’s critical to keep track of the due dates on each one to ensure that you submit your paperwork on time.

You have the option of reviewing the forms that were delivered to you in person or printing them out to keep somewhere safe.

Complete The Schedule In Step 2

Next, finish the Schedule. Although this section is rather simple, you need to fill out every section.

Obtaining a copy of your prior year’s tax return can allow you to apply the normal deductions to determine your costs when you are unsure of what they are.

You may ask the IRS to send you a copy of your previous year’s return if you don’t have it by calling them.

How To Calculate Your 1040’s Income And Tax Burden

For your 1040’s revenue and taxes, you can use a simple formula. For your convenience, we have given a short, step-by-step tutorial.

The W-2 Income Is Where We’ll Commence

Your W-2 form must contain information about the income that your employer must reveal on it.

If you earned $15,000 at work in 2018, your W-2 would reflect that on it.

Subtract 12 from your entire W-2 income. If your monthly income was $1,250 ($15,000 divided by 12), your annual income would be $15,000.

We’ll now look at your tax rate.

The standard tax rate is 25% for most taxpayers. So, on your 2018 tax return, your tax rate is 25%.

The tax amounts for each year may be seen here.

These two numbers can now be combined.

Simply divide the amount on your W-2 by the tax percentage. The income for W-2 per month you would have if you earned $1,250 would be $12,500.

In order to figure out your income for the month, we next use division your W-2 income by 12. That means that your monthly income, assuming you earned $12,500, would be $125.

How Does The 1040 Schedule Affect My Taxes And Me?

I originally planned to do my taxes using TurboTax, but in the end, I engaged a certified public accountant to handle it.

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The 1040 schedule can be completed by the taxpayer themselves, however this is not advised. What you should include in your return is described in great detail on several pages of the IRS website.

We’ve discussed the 1040 Schedule’s operation; now let’s discuss how it pertains to you.

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Regardless of the filing technique you choose, you need to make tax payments on all income. If you satisfy specific requirements for exemptions, that is the only option to not pay taxes.

If a person is unmarried and earns less than $11,550 annually, that person is most likely to apply for an income tax exemption.

Furthermore, you may qualify to have a portion of your income exempted if your spouse and children rely on you for support.

You must employ the 1040 Schedule if you are married and filing jointly, though. 

Be careful to check if you need any self employed health insurance or a self employed mortgage.  

The 1040-ES Form’s Directions

The 1040-ES form is used by taxpayers to submit their taxes. Usually termed the 1040 form, this document.

One of the most difficult forms to finish is the 1040-ES, which is why so many people are unable to do so.

Despite the fact that this form has been around for a while, many individuals still need to complete it.

This video will guide you through filling out the 1040-ES form if you’re interested in doing so. You won’t need to use a service to complete out this form for you if you know how to do it yourself.

  1. The IRS page must first be logged into.
  2. Print a copy of it once you have downloaded it.
  3. The form’s sections must then be fully completed.
  4. Form 2 must be completed if you send it as a single filer.
  5. Your number for social security will also need to be included.
  6. Forms 2 and 3 must be filled if filing jointly when married.
  7. The social security numbers you have will also need to be included.
  8. Also needed are the numbers of social security of your dependents.
  9. Include your salary and any sources of money as well.
  10. Fill out Form 8863 if you’re filing as the head of the family.
  11. The tax sum you owe will be calculated using this form.
  12. Your social security information will also need to be included.

You can submit your taxes yourself now that you comprehend how to complete the 1040-ES form.


It is feasible to prepare tax returns using a range of schedules. To figure out your tax amount based on your income, there are several alternatives accessible.

To do this, you can use the 1040 schedule, Form 8849, Form 5329, and other documents.

The 1040 Schedule, which is last but not least, can assist you in determining whether you have been underreporting your income or have owed back taxes from prior years.

You can always use a 1099 tax calculator or the A.I. powered app FlyFin to assist with tax filing.

Learn how to fill out the 1040-ES tax return form by perusing my blog. You can also learn about 1099 income from companies like Grubhub.

You can also use other tax tools available to find your state-specific 1099 taxes, like Washington tax calculator, Texas tax calculator and Georgia tax calculator.