What Is An Average WordPress Developer Salary In 2022?

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About 40% of employees find it uncomfortable to talk about a salary range. For some people, it’s a taboo subject, while others are not allowed to share their income details due to a trade secret.

Nevertheless, if you are on the verge of choosing a job or are thinking of changing yours, the WordPress developer may be the one that captures your attention.

If so, you’d probably want to know how much WordPress developer earn. We do a little research to make things easier for you.

Thus, if you want to delve deeper into WordPress development or are eager to find the answer to “how much does a WordPress developer make?” here are the average salaries and useful tips on increasing yours.

Why Do We Compare Salaries Of WordPress Developers?

While some freelancers and full-time employees consider questions about WordPress developer salaries bad manners, novice WordPress developers want to estimate their prospects and understand what to expect.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have an idea of whether this job is worth it. That is why we compare salaries in the US and other countries to help a beginner make an informed decision regarding their future career.

At the same time, this practice may also be useful for working freelancers. If you’ve been in the industry for a long time, comparing salaries can help you command higher rates and get more money from your new and existing clients.

What Do WordPress Developers Do?

A WordPress developer is a type of full-stack web developer that specializes in building WordPress sites. Although people usually think creating sites with WordPress doesn’t require you to have any software development skills, being a WordPress developer is not only about building custom sites for employers or clients.

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Besides front-end and back-end development, there are many job duties that a WordPress developer performs. Here are some jobs that WordPress developers do:

  • Back-end development. This type of job entails controlling the site work, creating databases, working on security, etc;

  • Front-end development. This job includes designing and building the site’s front end by using HTML and CSS languages;

  • Improving the software. Some companies also hire WordPress developers to enhance the WordPress software, for example, by making flexible CMS settings, creating custom posts, and offering changes in an open-source project;

  • Creating new products. WordPress developers also create plugins and themes for WordPress sites. A plugin is a software that gives the site more functionality.

    A theme is a complex of templates and style sheets that defines how a website will display and look. Thus, a WordPress developer needs to write code to create different themes and plugins; 

  • Train clients. Sometimes it’s not enough to develop a theme or a plugin. You should also teach your clients to use new software. Thus, a WordPress developer may also create new blog posts, hold training, and organize website tours to show a client new opportunities for maintaining the site’s performance.

Summing up, companies all over the world hire WordPress developers to build and maintain their websites. So how much does a WordPress developer earn? Let’s find out!

How Much Do WordPress Developers Make?

WordPress is very popular today. If you visit any site, it’s most likely to be built with the help of WordPress. Therefore, many freelancers and full-time developers from various countries work with this CMS.

As a result, we have a big pay gap for WordPress developers, so their salaries tend to be lower compared to income ranges in other development areas. Nevertheless, there are always WordPress coding jobs available for developers of any level and in any country.

An average WordPress developer salary commonly depends on many factors. Employers usually take into account the professional level of a WordPress developer, their location, the cost of living in their countries, working conditions, and much more.

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Here are some statistics on WordPress developer salaries across the world. Thus, in Canada, an annual WordPress developer salary is approximately $35,000. The UK WordPress developers are paid even lower – about $30,000 per year. In Germany, the average salary of a WordPress developer is about $44,000 per year.

But what’s going on in the industry in the United States? According to various studies, the majority of WordPress developers in the US earn between $45,000 and $150,000 per year, or about $39 per hour. Here’s an average annual WordPress developer salary based on the popular job sites data:

  • Talent.com – an average salary is about $70,170;
  • ZipRecruiter – about $64,300;
  • Glassdoor – approximately $67,840;
  • Indeed – about $58,120;
  • Delicious Brain – nearly $65,000;
  • Simply Hired – roughly $57,220.

Putting these salaries together, we get an average salary of about 63,770$ per year. However, a WordPress developer salary may be lower or higher, depending on your skills, location, experience, and more.

Why Become A WordPress Developer?

First of all, the WordPress developer salary may be a good starting point. You can make nearly $38 per hour, and it takes you less time to create a site compared to writing code on your own. However, you can find some other benefits of working in the industry.

Becoming a WordPress developer is much easier due to detailed documentation and many tutorials and resources in different languages. Moreover, according to the W3Techs data, about 40% of all the sites on the Internet.

Therefore, there are many companies hiring WordPress developers of all levels. Thus, it will be easier for you to find a full-time job or a freelance job if you spend some time learning all the WordPress basics. Also, building websites with WordPress allows you to work faster, so you can complete more projects within a short timeframe, which will positively affect your salary. 

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Full Time vs. Freelance WordPress Developer

Freelancing is no longer an unusual way of making money, but many full-time employees still can’t take a step toward remote work, although they dream of leaving the office. In most cases, fear of instability wins over the prospects and opportunities that freelancers get.

And yet, which way is better: being a freelancer or having a full-time job? Actually, there is no one-stop solution. Each way has its pros and cons, so you should estimate them to choose the right option for you, depending on your personality and job expectations.

Freelance WordPress developers usually have more flexibility and can work from anywhere in the world. They can set their own work schedule, choose the project they like, and increase or decrease their working hours without neglecting their family and social life.

As long as you meet the deadlines, you can take all day off and work at night if you want. At the same time, you must have a sufficient level of self-discipline to complete your work on time. 

At the same time, there are many perks of a full-time job in the office, such as health insurance, paid time off, parental leave, pension, or other benefit payments. Working in an office is also safer than freelancing.

You receive a regular salary, and as long as you do a good job, you can expect to be paid for it in accordance with your paycheck schedule. But freelancers’ salaries may be unstable. However, if you think freelancing suits you, you should try to take a step toward it.

But first, try to save some money to avoid stress or consider some additional financing. Thus, some financial institutions offer ad hoc loans for gig workers that can help you start your own way as a freelancer or cover any expenses while moving up the career ladder.

Where To Find WordPress Developer Jobs?

If you’re looking for a full-time job, monitor some popular job sites to find the right offer. There are many platforms created to search for jobs.

Companies that want to hire developers may also post vacancies on their social networks and websites. But if you’re looking for new clients as a freelancer, consider some freelance marketplaces.

Specialized Freelance Marketplaces

Specialized marketplaces typically require freelancers to prove their skills before hiring for a job. Therefore, you have to pass some tests to prove you have enough skills and knowledge to be a web developer.

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So, the vetting process guarantees that a company will hire freelancers with more experience. Thus, they commonly offer a higher salary compared to average freelance rates. Therefore, your job cost may be from $80 per hour.

General Freelance Marketplaces

These marketplaces have no vetting process. Such platforms include Upwork, Fiverr, or People per Hour. General marketplaces usually offer freelance rates between $30 to $175 per hour.

How To Become A WordPress Developer?

Website owners and companies are always looking for WordPress developers to help them customize and optimize their web pages. This means there is always a job for good WordPress developers in the US market.

To become a WordPress developer, you need to start by learning the basics of WordPress if you haven’t done it yet. There are several WordPress technical aspects that developers need to learn. It will help you overcome the challenges while creating a functional WordPress website.

To master WordPress development and start your WordPress developer career, you need to follow these steps:

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Learn The Fundamentals Of Programming

You need to be tech-savvy if you want to start your career as a WordPress developer. As a developer, you need to know at least the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

This will allow you to do the necessary debugging and troubleshooting, as well as work with code and the basic functions of the platform.

For example, you will need PHP when setting up WordPress error logs on websites, while the basic knowledge of JavaScript will help you if you want external links to open automatically in new tabs. Knowing CSS and HTML will allow you to customize WordPress themes.

Spend Some Time Reading And Learning New

There are many reading materials and online courses on WordPress development. Once you’ve mastered the basics, start reading WordPress resources to expand your knowledge base.

Decide On Your Specific Area In WordPress

WordPress is a multi-faceted platform that requires a lot of technical skills. Instead of being middling at everything, you’d better become a WordPress specialist in a specific area. This way, moving up the career ladder will be faster, and your salary will grow. It also helps you save time and deliver more value to your future employers or clients.

Pay Attention To Your Soft Skills

Of course, your technical skills are important. However, you should also work on your soft skills to get an extensive client base. An average WordPress developer salary also depends on your communication skills, so you’re going to fall short if you can’t communicate with customers.

How To Increase Your WordPress Developer Salary?

Here are some useful tips on increasing your WordPress developer salary:

  • Raise your freelance rates. Sometimes imposter syndrome makes people think they don’t have enough skills to increase the cost of their work.

    However, if you have a huge base of clients that are satisfied with your projects, let yourself raise your prices little by little until you find a sweet spot. You will be surprised how easy it may be to work with clients who are willing to pay more;

  • Choose a specific area. Of course, it takes you more time to delve deeper into the specific project. However, it is still one of the best ways of increasing developer salaries;

  • Search for a quality marketplace. Specialized marketplaces commonly have higher rates per hour, so you will be paid more. Also, the quality of clients is higher, so you can raise your salary by working with a payable customer.


Is An Average WordPress Developer Salary High?

It depends on what you expect. Some people consider an average web developer salary low compared to other development areas’ salaries. However, most web developers have above-average incomes. The exact income may vary depending on your location, position, skills, and cost of living in your area.

Where Can I Find a Job As A WordPress Developer?

Consider popular job sites and specialized marketplaces to get a higher salary. You can also search for a job on social networks, such as LinkedIn.

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