Weekly WordPress Wrap-up: 12 Feb 2013

Our weekly selection of useful blogs with ideas, advice and tips on using WordPress. We have included a link to a selection of free themes for Valentine’s Day.

valentines_day_cardA Collection of 26 Free WordPress Themes for Valentine’s Day to Spice up Your Blog

Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Basic Tips To Help You In Your WordPress SEO Efforts

Useful and easy to follow tips. Nice for SEO.

A Simple Checklist for Editing and Optimizing Old Blog Posts

Useful and handy checklist to make sure that old posts are still well optimized and relevant.

How to Handle a Hacked WordPress Install

How to tell if your site has been hacked/ compromised? Handy FYI …

WordPress How-To Videos

A compilation of videos to show you how to perform a few important tasks (for WordPress site owners) e.g. How to embed a YouTube video into your content?

 Seven easy ways to make WordPress far more secure

Useful and simple checklist to secure your site.

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