Website Blockers That Helps Focus On Work


While the internet has become somewhat of an international playground, it also has a reputation for interfering with people’s ability to concentrate. That doesn’t work well for people who have studying to do or need to have a productive day at the office. When someone lacks the self-discipline to stay away from their favorite websites, the call needs to go out for what is called a “website blocker.”

A website blocker is a software program that allows an appointed individual to control someone else’s access to specific websites or the internet in general. Of course, an individual can use it to block their own access, but that would only work with individuals who have discipline.

The following discussion is going to focus on a website blocker specifically designed to help improve someone’s ability to focus on school or work.

Website Blockers for Problem Players

Before we focus on website blockers for workers or students, we thought a quick discussion about how website blockers can be used to help problem gamblers would be prudent.

In the UK, there is a very popular self-exclusion program called GamStop. While it’s not really a software solution for problem gamblers, it is an integrated program that online gambling sites make available to their customers. 

Since GamStop is a self-exclusion program, online gamblers can voluntarily register for the program through their favorite online gambling site. When they do this, they get to decide how long they want to be excluded from having gambling access to any kind of online gambling website that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Once they are registered with the program, the exclusion is absolute until the self-exclusion period expires.

Does GamStop resolve online gambling issues? Well, the program is only applicable to online casinos and sportsbooks that are licensed by the UKGC. A highly motivated online gambler who wants to prematurely resume their online gambling activities can always find non-GamStop online gambling options. 

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Of course, you might not find it easy to locate reliable and reputable non-GamStop solutions. However, if you visit the non GamStop portal, you can find reliable and reputable UK online casinos that are not GamStop members.

As far as website blocking software solutions for online gamblers, Gamban might be the best. For a fee, problem gamblers can download and initiate the Gamban software platform. After they do that, they will no longer be able to visit any websites that can be identified as gambling websites. It’s a permanent ban. The only caveat with this solution is that it’s device-specific. A motivated online gambler can always secure another device for their online gambling activities.

Website Blockers for Students and Workers

Time and again, using the internet has proven a bit addictive in nature. People get so wrapped up in trolling their favorite websites that they often neglect to focus on their school or work. While teachers might not mind, bosses tend to take a dim view of employees who don’t get their work done. 

We’ll assume that you need your work in order to pay the rent/mortgage and put food on the table. If you are struggling to keep yourself away from your favorite websites, here are four software solutions you can use as your work proctor.

1. Self-Control

This is a website blocker that you yourself would have control over. After downloading the software or app, it would be up to you to decide which websites you want to blacklist. 

This is a very good option for both students and workers because it allows them to set a timer on each individual blacklisted website. If they want to focus on work, they would simply set the times for work hours. When work hours have concluded for any given day, they would retain their website access until the next workday begins.

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The main caveats associated with this option are it’s only available for Apple products, it’s only applicable to one device, and it’s only applicable to one individual.

2. FocusBooster

While this isn’t technically a website blocker, it is a software program that would hold you accountable for how you spend your time on your device. 

The premise behind the software program is associated with the “Pomodoro Technique.” The program would ask the user to set a to-do list for each day and then track their progress towards meeting their goals. Should they fall short, the program would give them a not-so-subtle reminder and help them identify where they wasted time, most likely on the internet.


3. StayFocused

This is actually a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to add and initiate. While the program doesn’t technically block access to websites, it does allow the user to set access time limits for each of their chosen websites. If they believe they are entitled to an occasional 30-minute break from work, they can set the access time limit to 30 minutes at which time they get temporarily blocked.

4. FocusMe

This software platform has a little of everything, which makes it a great website-blocking solution for someone who is really motivated to control their website access.

The program feature website blocking capabilities for long-term consideration and a timing mechanism that allows users to have intermittent access to their favorite websites. The program also features tools that can be used to track time and create metrics with graphics to provide efficiency information on the user’s activities. 

For what it’s worth, there is numerous other website blocking solutions. However, there four seem to be very popular options.

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