11 Best Cloud Web Scraper Tools & Services in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Cloud Web Scraper Tools & Services

Deciding on the best web scraper to use is tricky business.

Luckily we’ve got you covered with the best cloud web scraping tools on the market.

Businesses need data to operate, and while the majority of data is displayed on the websites, it’s only available for viewing purposes.

This is because the users cannot save the data for personal purposes.

For this reason, the users opt for the data extraction process, which can be extremely complicated.

However, a web scraping tool or cloud web scraper can make the job easier.

A web scraping tool can obtain the data in usable form, acquire page source, render JavaScript, and parse the sources.

In simpler words, these web scraping tools can automate the data extraction process.

However, it is important to choose the right web scraper tools to get access to accurate, real-time, and reliable data.

Best Cloud Web Scraper Tools & Services in 2024

1. Scraper API


Scraper API is the best cloud web scraper, which is particularly designed for website designers and developers. It can handle the CAPTCHAs, proxies, and multiple web browsers.

This means that the raw HTML data from the websites can be extracted with one API call.

It works reliably to render JavaScript and is quite convenient to integrate with different apps. 

It is integrated with geolocated rotating proxies, which means a new IP address is designated whenever you make a request, making it impossible to catch you.

There are special pools of proxies available for eCommerce price scraping, social media scraping, and search engine scraping.

However, this tool is not a practical solution for browsing. 

The best thing about Scraper API is that it can retrieve the failed requests. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it convenient to use and customize.

The users can render the JavaScript for customizing the request type, headers, and IP geolocation.

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Web Scraper API

Oxylabs is one of the most powerful web scraping tools out there and can be used to launch web scraping functions without any programming and coding.

Using Oxylabs is as simple as selecting the data and copy-pasting it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a journalist, data scientist, or analyst; Oxylabs will work fine for everyone who wants to extract data. 

This tool cleans the HTML and text before the file is downloaded into the system, promising a structured file.

The graphical interface is quite simple, making it a beginner-friendly choice. It can be used to store data on the servers automatically after data collection. 

It is integrated with automated IP rotation to mask your identity by constantly changing the IP address, which eliminates the chances of you getting banned from the websites.

The best thing about Oxylabs is that it allows the users to scrape data behind logic walls. Also, it can be used for extracting data from maps as well as tables.

Oxylabs works fine with different operating systems, including macOS, Windows OS, and Linux.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data Web Scraper IDE

Bright Data is a premium cloud-based web scraper tool used for data extraction. It works as a data collector that provides a customized and automated data flow.

It is integrated with the data unblocker feature, which helps gain access to the hidden data, promising the delivery of a wide range of information. 

In addition, it has a no-code and open-source proxy management system, which means beginners can use it for extracting data without any coding.

Bright Data is designed with the search engine crawler, so the users can gain information from the search engines as well as the websites. 

The best thing about this web scraping tool is that it’s available as a browser extension, so the data extraction process is automated.

There are various paid plans available with varying features, which is why you must analyze different plans to find one that meets your personal preferences.

There are two cloud-based scraping features available.

To begin with, it has a web unlocker, which is an automated unlocking tool for websites that reaches the target websites and provides accurate data.

It has a strong unlocking technology that helps trespass the locks and passwords.

Moreover, it offers IP priming, cookie management, and an automated IP selection feature.

Secondly, there is a data collector with which the users can select a format to extract accurate data from the websites.

It can be integrated with Google Cloud Storage, emails, Amazon S3 Bucket, Azure Cloud, API, and webhooks to ensure automated data delivery.

Lastly, it has an advanced algorithm that extracts industry-specific information to deliver structured and processed data.

4. Apify


Apify is a web scraping bot that has cloud-based and automated features to develop an API for websites.

It is integrated with data centers and residential proxies that help with data extraction.

The Apify Store is integrated with predesigned scraping tools for every popular website, including Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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It can be used to download data in different formats, such as Excel, HTML, JSON, CSV, and XML.

It has a proxy that provides smart IP rotation, geolocation targeting, and HTTPS data extraction. It has various modules which include the data processing features.

Apify transforms the web pages into API for improved data extraction and transformation.

It has a website crawler to ensure in-depth website crawling for data extraction.

Once the data is extracted in HTML form, it can be converted into PDF form. It can crawl various Google pages as well, including Google Search and Google Places.

There is a defacement monitoring feature available that helps check the webpage content and analyze the page’s SEO.

Moreover, it can check for the broken links on the website.

5. ScrapingBee


ScrapingBee is another web scraping tool and is quite popular. It can be used for rendering the webpage as if it were a real internet browser.

It means it can manage hundreds and thousands of headless data with the recently launched Chrome version.

ScrapingBee promises reliable functionality without slowing down the RAM and CPU. 

It has JavaScript rendering available, which shows the information in the browser and delivers the information in an HTML file.

ScrapingBee has the rotating proxies features, with which your IP address is rotated to make sure a website owner cannot track you down.

It can perform general tasks, such as price monitoring, real estate scraping, and review extraction. 

This web scraper tool can be used to scrap the search engine results pages as well.

Moreover, it has a growth hacking feature to help with contact information extraction, social media-based data extraction, and lead generation.

6. OctoParse


If you are still searching for a web scraper tool, OctoParse is one of the best tools, and it is designed for people who want to extract and scrape data without any programming and coding.

Even without coding and programming, you will have full control over the extraction process and an intuitive user interface for a user-friendly experience. 

It has a site parser as well as a hosted solution for people who want to use scrapers in the cloud, making it a great cloud web scraper.

OctoParse has a point-and-click screen, which allows the users to scrap behind the fill-in forms and login forms.

In addition, it can render JavaScript and allows to scroll through unlimited websites and pages. 

On the other hand, if you are concerned about getting banned, it has anonymous data scraping, which means your identity won’t be revealed.

The only con of using OctoParse is that it turns off after four hours automatically, which means you will have to start over.

7. Scrapy


Scrapy is a well-known web scraping library that is widely used by Python developers to create highly scalable web crawlers.

It has a full-range framework, which handles all the essential features, such as querying the requests and proxy middleware.

This is an open-source tool and can be used with cloud platforms, making it a reliable cloud web scraper.

It delivers well-documented files which are easy to extend, and the deployment is pretty reliable and straightforward.

There are middleware modules available on Scrapy, which makes it suitable for integrating the tools.

However, it takes time to simulate the AJAX and PJAX requests, which makes the entire data inspection process a tedious one.

8. Mozenda


It caters to large-scale businesses, particularly the ones looking for cloud-based platforms. It has managed to scrape more than seven billion pages to date.

It offers a point-and-click interface, which means you can perform the web scraping functions in the shortest time span.

Mozenda has a job sequencer and request blocking feature that helps harvest the webpage data. 

Moreover, the company offers top-notch account management and customer support to handle your queries.

It can collect and publish the data in the business intelligence tools and databases to make sure the data is properly structured.

It is a scalable platform, which means you can use it as the data scraping needs grow.

9. Webhose.io


If you need a data and web scraper for content sharing and marketing purposes, you can depend on Webhose.io.

It has extremely reliable and efficient content indexing, and there is a support team available to provide assistance at all times.

It can be integrated with different websites for easier data scraping. 

The APIs are easy to use, promising better control of source and language selection. Also, the user interface is quite intuitive, which makes it easy to use, even if someone is a beginner.

It provides information and data in XML and JSON formats, which means it’s machine-readable and is properly structured. 

On top of everything, it allows the users to access the historical data, dating back to ten years.

In addition, it provides access to the data repository without any additional charges.

Last but not least, it helps implement granular analysis of the data, so you can dig deeper into the data.

The only thing you need to remember is that the setup isn’t convenient for non-developers.

10. Common Crawl

Common Crawl

Common Crawl is designed for everyone who wants to explore the data and analyze it to gain insightful details. It provides open datasets of raw data and extracted data.

One of the best features of Common Crawl is that it provides multiple resources for the teachers and educators who want to conduct data analysis. 

However, it doesn’t provide structured data, which means you will need to analyze data on your own and organize it.

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11. Dexi.io

Dexi.io remains one of the most reliable web-based web scrapers available in the market and has cloud-based functionality available.

It can be easily accessed through a web browser, which means there is no need for downloading a separate app. 

It supports every website and is integrated with the de-duplication system, which removes the duplicate information from the datasets.

Also, it is designed with various add-ons, so you can enhance the functionality of this scraping tool.

What Is Website Scraping?

Web scraping or website scraping is the process that automates the collection of structured data from different websites on the internet.

It is also known as data extraction.

The companies can leverage the web scraping techniques as a method to monitor the competition as it helps with market research, price monitoring, lead generation, news monitoring, and price intelligence.

However, it’s important to add that web scraping is only associated with the legal acquisition of the public data that’s available on the internet.

It does not include selling the private information of businesses and individuals. 

For the most part, companies use web scraping to make informed business decisions. It offers a variety of information in one request, which takes days and weeks if done with manual processes.

Why Is It Important To Scrape Web Data?

Individuals and companies tend to extract data through automation for various reasons.

First of all, it quickens up the data acquisition and scraping process, which increases the overall productivity.

This quick information acquisition also helps businesses get aware of the market trends.

Secondly, the scraped data can be used to gain information about the product and service pricing that their competitors have set.

This will help eCommerce and other businesses to update their social media websites to share pricing information.

In addition, the brands can share discounts and coupons to keep the customers engaged.

Thirdly, web scraping can help with trend tracking.

It doesn’t matter if you want to solidify your business or launch a new business; understanding customer preferences is essential.

Web scraping allows companies to track the latest market trends and create competitive campaigns and better products that align with customers’ preferences.

Last but not least, the automated web scraping tools automate the scraping process, which promises a higher level of accuracy in the collected data.

In simpler words, it eliminates the chances of errors that could be caused if humans were collecting the data.

With the help of such accurate data, businesses can tailor their services, products, social media, and official websites to improve customer satisfaction standards.

Features You Must Consider While Selecting The Web Scraping Tools

There is an unlimited range of data scraping tools available with different features and styles.

The web scraping tools need to meet the users’ data extraction needs with a user-friendly and interactive interface.

For this reason, there are some other factors that you must consider.

1. Easy To Use

The majority of web scraper and data extraction tools come with a tutorial to make it easy to use for the clients, but everyone has different needs for scraping.

Similarly, some users will require a scraping tool that works on Windows, while some need a scraping tool that pairs well with macOS.

So, it doesn’t matter which scraping tool you need; it must have an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface.

2. Pricing

It is common for users to look for a data scraping tool based on affordability.

Some scrapers are designed with free plans, but they have limited functionality, while paid plans work better at monitoring and controlling the data extraction method. 

In addition, the paid plans offer in-depth data extraction as compared to free plans.

So, it’s best to choose a paid tool with a free trial period to gain an understanding of the features.

3. Data Formats

The majority of web crawling tools work with popular data formats, such as CSV and JSON. Keep in mind that every tool should support these two data formats.

A CSV file is a Microsoft Excel file, while JSON is easier for the computer devices to parse and easier for users to interpret.

On the other hand, if you want advanced data extraction, your tool should have SSQL and XML support.

4. Speed & Performance

A reliable scraping tool should have the ability to set up the API with any website on the internet and work across the proxies.

It is best to choose the tool that works as an app as well as an extension because they are better at rotating the proxies.

Moreover, an open-source crawler will help customize the scraping tasks, promising better flexibility to the users.

5. Customer Support

It doesn’t matter which web extraction or scraper tool you select; it’s important to check the customer support.

This is because customer support will help you get assistance whenever you have a problem with the tool.

Ideally, customer support should be available 224/7.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the web scraping and data extraction tool that aligns with your needs depends on assessing your data needs and skill level, as some tools require the users to write codes.

For this reason, you should always analyze the features offered by different web scraper tools to finalize the one that works in your favor. 

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