10 Ways To Make Your Customers Happy Over The Call

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To make someone happy, you can give them flowers. To make your employees happy, you can give them a promotion or a higher paycheck. 

But, what to do to make your customers happy over the call? 

If this question is something that strikes your mind, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss 10 ways to make your customers happy over the call. 

10 Ways To Make Your Customers Happy Over The Call

Providing better customer services is a way to generate more sales and build trust within your customers. 

Let us have a look at the ways to make your customers happy over the call: 

1. Using VoIP Systems

Previously businesses were using a landline-based telephone connection to reach out and connect with their customers over the call. But times have changed and now most of the call centers & businesses are using VoIP systems as VoIP call quality gives better results than traditional methods. 

Few reasons why VoIP systems are better than traditional methods: 

  • VoIP systems offer better call monitoring features which were not available with traditional methods. 
  • Users never face sound delays with these systems. 
  • Traditional calling methods used to have a lot of call drop issues, but this is not the case with VoIP systems. 
  • With VoIP systems you can use the same router for voice calls and for data. 

2. Adopt Customer-first Culture

Just assume you want to talk to someone and build a strong relationship with them, for that you would have to first listen to them, what are their thoughts, how they think, what are their problems, and more. 

The same is the case when you deal with customers over the call. You must know the strategies to listen to your customers first, and then, based on gathered data, you can offer them the solution. 

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In this way, you would be able to know more about your customers’ problems. 

3. Listen Attentively

You must have got on such business calls where you can get a lazy vibe from the speaker. Which makes the listener feel that the speaker is just talking to you because it’s his work and not helping you out with your problems. 

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Make sure being a speaker you should listen to your customers attentively, also talk to them energetically. 

Also, while listening to your customers attentively, you can ask them questions about the discussion. This will make them feel that they are being heard. 

4. Be Polite

Handling customers over calls is a stressful job; we all know that. But most of the time, what happens is, we start getting angry because of some previous customer, and we release that anger of someone else. 

This is the worst thing you can do to make your customers unhappy. 

Make sure that you are calm whenever you deal with your customers over a call. Also, be polite with them always. 

If they love to communicate with you and your brand, the chances of converting that person into your long-term customer increase.

5. Don’t Put Them On Hold

We have also faced this thing a lot, and the company representative puts us on hold while on a call. Believe us, it’s the worst feeling, and as a customer, it makes us annoyed. 

Hence we would never try to get back to that company. 

So whenever you are dealing with your customers over a call, you want to make them happy. Make sure never to put them on hold. 

6. Personalization Is Everything

If you want to make your customers happy over a call, you should invest your time in making the calling experience more personalized. 

You can check out your previous stats to know the user experience; you can also do online research to personalize and learn more about your target customers. 

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Once the research part is done and you have gathered a lot of information about your customers, now you are ready to get on a call with them. 

And make sure to use all the data gathered in the call for best results. 

7. Use Chatbots

There are a few generic questions that your customers most ask, and if a call center representative answers those generic questions to everyone one by one, it will take a lot of time. 

In that case, you can build a list of most asked and generic questions; you can answer them and add them to a chatbot. 


Make sure to integrate that chatbot with your website or landing pages. In this way, you would be able to save a lot of your time and can also help your customers quickly.

8. Add A Human Touch

You won’t believe it, but most businesses are winning by adding a human touch to their communication funnels. In this way, people build relations with the business and feel the brand understands them. 

Once you have built a human touch with your customers, you are ready to win the game.

9. Make Everything Simple

We have used a few customer services which are highly complex to use; there are chances people would not be able to opt for your services if they are complex to use. 

Hence try to keep everything simple, specifically the customer services options. 

10. Request Feedback

Once you are done with the call with your customers, always request feedback from them. With the help of this feedback, you would be able to enhance your services. 


Now you must have got an idea about making your customers happy over the call. Although it looks easy, you would have to work hard on it. You can start with VoIP Call quality setup and other tips too. 

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