Vue.js Project Ideas You Can Try Building

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If you own a data analysis app or an e-commerce site, you know what a complicated job this is. These apps need to handle a bunch of complex data, which means they also require efficient interfaces to be able to display it.

In cases like this, the Vue.js framework is more than recommended. Thanks to it, developers can achieve the desired performance and scalability, and create very functional software in no time. 

The Vue.js Framework

Vue.js is among the most popular frontend JavaScript frameworks. It was created on the bases of Angular and React. As such, it is an integrative part of the Big Three JS kits, responsible for neat user interfaces and coding device-responsive apps. 

Designer Evan You created it to simplify Angular and to narrow features down to a lightweight monolithic framework, but the kit can do much more. In 2018, it was already the second most preferred frontend tool. In 2020, it was praised for its influence within the developer community, as even 17.3% of all involved developers used it regularly. The Stack overflow Survey predicted that this trend is not going to stop and that there will be more and more Vue.js empowered projects.

In 2022, we can only agree.  

Who Should Use Vue.js?

Vue.js can be applied in many ways. It is the favorite tool of many developers, as well as companies that want a quick and responsive product and use Vue JS software development

The reason is foremost its flexibility. There are many ways to edit an interface with Vue.js and come up with an app tailored to one’s needs. This comes in handy for marketers looking to save valuable market time. It is also a sweet deal for developers who don’t need to rewrite code each time the app needs a fix. 

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The best thing about it is probably connectivity. Vue.js can be integrated into multiple libraries to ensure that the product is scalable and fast. One thing leads to the other, and the product can be updated quickly and without hassle, and end-users will love that about it. 

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You will also appreciate the dual interaction mode Vue.js has to offer. This is its most competitive technical feature, as it enables it to excel in many types of products. Among them are single-page apps (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), minimum viable products (MVPs), and dynamic landing pages. This shows us how dynamic and progressive this open-source framework can be. This is a feature to look forward to when dealing with lots of end-users. 

Use Case: Blogs and Portfolios

Many companies opt for a portfolio website, and a good reason. They use it as their online resume where they display successful projects and unique skills. The better the portfolio, the bigger the audience’s interest in their products and services. 

Vue.js designers identified this need from the very beginning. The framework lets users create beautiful blog sections for their portfolio and do so with a variety of advanced tools. You’d have access to Gridsome, Vue Press, NuxtJS, and Nuxt-Content, to name a few. 

Use Case: News Website

If you need a news app, start from the main page view, and choose the list/grid for news display. The same page can be reused for a category page. 

This function is enabled thanks to the News API. These are well-documented, informative, and very easy to use. If you are a beginner in coding, look no further.

End users will also appreciate the friendly interface. They can navigate to the source page easily, by simply clicking on a news card. You can later host the same project on the web and earn with it.  

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Use case: Chat application

Given how we are all members of social networks, a chat function is more than welcome on any app. This is the main way people interact online, so why not consider this idea for your app? 

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With a chat function, you will examine first-hand how web sockets work, and the users of your app will certainly appreciate this. 

Use Case: E-commerce Website

Is your plan to sell products/services on the web? The good news is, that Vue.js can help with that as well.

Create a user-friendly app with a neat display of your offerings, and equip it with a shopping cart and an easy checkout. 


As you were able to read, there are many ways in which Vue.js can improve your app, so give it a try. The open-source framework is only growing in popularity, and it is a must-have in your coding portfolio. 

The key attributes we mustn’t forget are scalability and integrations. You can tackle almost any project idea and get it done with Vue.js. The choice is vast and there is no telling how the stack will evolve, unlike more complex tools such as React.js.

Try the tool out and practice your skills. It will be worth it! 

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