VPS And Dedicated Server Hosting Trends

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Civilization continues to grow rapidly, and the world of web hosting is not an exception.

Every year new trends are presented to the market, and knowing these trends can help you take advantage of new opportunities and bring your innovative web projects to fruition.

With the year 2023 coming closer and closer, we want to tell you about a couple of hosting market trends in 2023.

Hosting Trends In 2023

1.) More Cloud Solutions

The type of hosting service is probably the most essential variable that you choose when looking for hosting, and over the history of hosting the predominant hosting types have changed over time.

Now we are probably facing a new milestone since the cloud is entering the market more and more.

In a nutshell, this solution is based on a similar principle as vps server hosting (check out these VPS free trials or the site VPS.Coupons if you want a promo code), that is, on the virtualization technology, however here its implementation goes even further, so the virtualized capacities are no more bounded to one particular physical machine, but are instead distributed over an interconnected network of devices, pertaining the isolated virtual environment with resources dedicated.

The solution is now extremely scalable and available on an hourly pay-as-you-go basis, which makes it great for projects that require maximum flexibility and scalability.

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2.) Green Hosting

As we are realizing more and more the threat under which we all are and the necessity to change the way we live in order to ensure that our future descendants have a future, sustainability and eco-friendliness become trends in all areas of our life.

Web hosting is not an exception and it is seen in concrete examples.

In particular, hosting providers can get special certificates that verify that they are making effort to reduce human impact on the environment.

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These are renewable energy certificates (RECs) and voluntary emission reduction (VER) certificates.

The RECs can be obtained if a company is contributing to the development of renewable sources of energy by buying certificates from the producers of green energy.

VER certificates are another way to compensate financially for carbon emissions by paying third-party organizations that deal with emissions mitigation.

Obtaining these certificates will increase the webhosters reputation and will attract more customers who care about sustainability and eco-friendliness.

3.) HTTPS By Default

HTTPS is one of the protocols that are used to provide for data transmission over the web.

It is basically an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which was predominantly used earlier with an emphasis on security.

As the security of the data is one of the predominant trends as well, HTTPS is gradually becoming indispensable, with Google flagging the sites that don’t have it as “insecure”.

HTTPS has thus become a must, having a great effect on the SEO of the website, especially one dealing with sensitive information.

For this reason, most hosters start to include HTTPS for free as a default part of their plans.

4.) Security Protocols

Considering the nature of the internet, it has always been a place of rival between people who want to make a creative investment in this world with consideration of other people’s needs and ambitions, and those who want to egoistically take advantage of others.

The number of kinds of cyber attacks is constantly expanding with them becoming more and more sophisticated, and so do the measures to protect from them.

In light of these developments, web hosting providers are placing a greater emphasis on security protocols.

Data breaches and cybersecurity meltdowns in recent years have made it necessary for hosting providers to enforce more stringent security measures.

As a result, hosting providers are now offering a range of tools to protect the personal information of their customers, including compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, standard SSL certification, and encrypted data storage.

5.) Additional Services

Nowadays it becomes less and less sufficient to just offer bare servers and that’s it.

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To attract more customers hosting providers are trying hard at integrating additional features that will make the lives of web hosting customers easier, giving them more tools to increase the performance of their website as well as it’s SEO rankings.

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One of those features is managed hosting. With this option, the hosting provider agrees to manage all site-related tasks, allowing business owners to focus on creating content or other tasks related to the business itself rather than worrying about technical maintenance.

This is a useful solution for those who do not have the technical skills, or time or wish to handle the upkeep of their own website.

Another service that is increasingly offered by various hosting are website building applications.

Now various hosters not only take care of providing an environment for developing the website but also offer the tools for creating websites from scratch to their customers.

The sites created this way can’t mostly be compared to professionally written websites, but nevertheless, this is a budget solution that can be great for lots of projects that don’t require advanced features and inimitable designs.

Finally, there is one more strategy that is increasing in popularity – targeting niche markets.

In order not to go unnoticed, various providers start to underline what is special about them, often investing more in the development of their services that can be of interest to more specific types of customers.

This approach allows them to become ranked higher by search engines and eventually develop their own “style” and create a base of regular customers. 


These were about 5 trends gaining in popularity on the hosting market in the coming 2023.

We hope that this information was useful and you now know better the situation and have a better idea of how you can benefit from it. Thank you for reading, stay tuned!