How to Promote Instagram In 2023: Ultimate Guide

How to Promote Instagram in 2023 Ultimate Guide

Despite the active growth of other social networks, Instagram is still a top place for promotion and business.

Instagram is no longer just a platform for posting photos for friends or stories from your favorite breakfast café.

This is the most significant ecosystem for brands and influencers to find potential audiences or customers.

Based on this, the competition on Instagram is quite severe and relentless.

It will be difficult for new accounts to climb Olympus, but to make the page sufficiently visited and profitable, you only need a little time and some tricks, which we will tell you about.

Visual Content Is Still Important

Instagram is considered a visual social network primarily. Even though video content is gaining popularity (which we will also talk about later), Instagram is still about photos, beauty, and visual content.

Therefore, you should always pay attention to editing and preparing images. Before posting a photo, reduce image size, especially if the resolution is quite large.

Since more than 65-70% of users use mobile phones to use Instagram, the visual content must be optimized.

Sometimes the application offers tools to improve or edit images, but not always with high quality.

Built-in filters, templates, and effects are not very high quality, and at the same time, they are often used.

As a result, Instagram is filled with low-level photos and pictures. To prevent this, devote more time to the main aspect of the whole Instagram – visual content.

Instagram And Other Platforms

In addition to Instagram, Meta owns Facebook, WhatsApp, and Oculus.

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These applications connect with each other and can help each other recruit traffic and find an audience. But it’s not comparable to TikTok.

TikTok and Instagram are the yin and yang for promoting your brand or just a personal page.

The number of users registered in TikTok is more than 1 billion, and Instagram has 2 billion, making these platforms the most attractive for promoting each other.

Users more actively perceive video content. But the challenge for content creators is to get an audience on TikTok and redirect them to Instagram in under 30 seconds.

To be honest, TikTok’s algorithms and fyp features are very random and even more complicated than Google’s algorithms. Therefore, the more video content is published in the early stages, the better.

Over time, the intensity needs to be reduced so the audience does not tire.

It is important not to duplicate content. For example, you can create a TikTok coach profile and devote Instagram to a personal blog.

SEO Optimization

SEO is one of the main algorithms that you need to deal with and devote most of your time to, especially if the Instagram page is aimed at selling or providing services.

When optimizing content for Instagram, it’s important to start by understanding the platform’s algorithms and trends.

This includes understanding the best practices for creating content, as well as how to optimize it for maximum engagement.

Instagram SEO is important because it unlocks an audience actively interested in content related to your business.

In this case, content and everything that can be edited in your Instagram profile are important.

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It starts from the nickname and page description, ending with the purchase of advertising and analysis of hashtags.

Investments: Advertising And Brand Promotion

It is almost impossible to survive and develop a brand/page on Instagram without investments.

image 1

Advertising is always an important part of the business plan, for which you need to allocate a separate budget (mostly regular).

One of the main advantages of Instagram is that the platform has built-in tools for promoting and advertising your page. In addition, it is possible to buy ads from other influencers or bloggers.

The amounts may vary depending on the number of subscribers and the popularity of the blogger/brand on the page on which the advertising post will be placed.

Business websites can also be a good investment, which can also be added to the traffic cycle along with TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, etc.

We are not talking about a progressive and super expensive web resource.

Initially, having a website whose template can be bought at an average market price will be enough. As a result, advertising on one platform will boost traffic on others.


A combination of methods and strategies usually works best. Try different techniques, track the result with statistics, adjust the strategy and do not stop at the early stages, even for a minute.

As we said earlier, Instagram, on the one hand, is a competitive platform.

But on the other hand, even with minimal effort, you can gradually improve the results and promote your blog, personal brand, or business.