Tricks for Increasing and Retaining Visitors to Your Website

Tricks for Increasing and Retaining Visitors to Your Website


Having a static website is a challenge to many. As a content producer, you need strategies to improve viewership.

Apart from the content in your site, the website’s design needs to be top-notch to give a great viewer experience. It helps to compare your website with others and see how they differ.

When comparing, stick to websites of the same category, this will give you a clear picture of what to improve.

Remember to consider your website ratting in all the search engines as it will provide you with an average rating of your site.

Read on to find out the tricks of improving and retaining traffic on your website:

Upgrade and Overhaul Old Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Take time to find outdated blog posts on your site; you can update the posts by adding new ideas. Remember, the ideas you add have to be relevant and unique to keep visitors longer on the site. 

Look at the post and evaluate what worked and what didn’t; this will help you know what to delete and retain.

Having a new post on your site makes it look new, as visitors are always looking for something new online.

Include Click to Tweet Links

Click to tweet links in a great way to share your content. First, you need to find something tweetable, like a quote or strategy in your content.

Then you can create a click to tweet link using tools that will help you generate a unique link.

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It is best to include the link in your content so that if a reader clicks on the link, they get a pre-written link; this gives them an easy time when sharing.

Finally, you can contact a company that offers custom wordpress development services to improve and increase your site visibility in the search engines. 

Optimize Your Content With Reliable Tools


SEO is the most remarkable technique to increase traffic to your site. Unfortunately, many SEO strategies no longer work, and you need to use more updated tools to optimize your content.

Also, avoid looking at keywords alone; instead, look at topics as they also influence what people look for online.

Again, you can also use LSI keywords related to your main keyword; they allow search engines to connect the content to the topic.

You can find the LSI keywords and include them in your content to increase the visibility of your website.

Get Social

Of course, the content that you include on your website goes a long way in terms of helping you attract and keep the right people looking at your website, but you’ve got to be social at the same time. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is to use social media channels to promote your images and videos. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there these days to make your life easier, and each one serves a different purpose. Twitter is great for snappy, short links, while Pinterest is great for the visuals, as is Instagram. YouTube is great if you want to include a helpful or interesting video related to your company, and Facebook is helpful if you want to include additional contact details and content related to specific products. At the end of the day, including as many social links to and from your website is going to bridge the gap between your usual website audience, and the audiences that you have over on your social networks that might not have even thought to see what else is going on with your brand. Also, don’t forget to include links to your social networks on your website, because it works both ways.

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Market Your Site By Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

Using influencer bloggers to tweet about your content is a great way to promote your website.

However, the blogger you use needs to share content on your topic to make the outreach look natural. Remember to send a none pushy email with a shared content of your topic.

Again, avoid asking the person to share your post if they feel the content is up to a standard; they will share it, thus increasing awareness of your content.


Many web designers need to pick an experienced one before choosing a designer; look for a track record to confirm they can deliver.

For example, before contracting a company for custom wordpress development services, confirm their ability to deliver by finding out their previous satisfied customers.

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