Top Website Blockers to Stay Focused

top blockers to stay focused

There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet that can help you operate more efficiently. Unfortunately, having rapid access to such a vast amount of information might backfire. What starts as a simple visit to your favourite website or social media feed quickly turns into hundreds of open tabs – and hours of lost productivity. 

There are several website blocker solutions available to assist you in resisting the allure of distracting and addictive technology.


Freedom is a multi-platform distraction blocker that lets you block distracting websites, mobile apps, desktop programmes, and the whole internet. Freedom gives you back control over whatever is distracting you and taking your time and attention. The only website, app, and internet blocker that syncs blocks across all of your devices is Freedom. With Freedom Premium, you can add an unlimited number of devices and custom blocklists, commit to blocking distractions ahead of time or schedule repeating block sessions to make productivity a habit.

Freedom includes features including Locked Mode, Block All, and Block All Except for more precise distraction blocking and control.

Gamban or GamStop

On Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices, Gamban blocks access to online gambling. Gamban has grown from strength to strength since 2015, becoming the industry standard in gambling prevention software. Gamban is the most intelligent and effective programme for preventing access to gambling websites and applications. 

Unlike GamStop self-exclusion, which has multiple ways how to bypass it, using this app you do not find even one. The most effective cross-platform solution for producing friction and supporting willpower in the battle against gambling issues has arisen from first-hand experience with problem gambling coupled with the most gifted brains in the field of self-exclusion software. However, if you access Non GamStop Bets, you still can find online casinos without British self-exclusion.


Net Nanny

For more than two decades, Net Nanny has been the market leader in parental control software. Net Nanny was one of the first software companies to provide users with Internet Filtering. Pioneering powerful dynamic filtering technology that enables it to be the fastest and most effective Internet filtering provider, as well as the most complete solution for dealing with the plethora of concerns that surround undesired Internet material and improper use.

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Over one million parents have trusted Net Nanny to keep their children safe online and in applications. Parents can monitor their child’s location, handle Internet filtering settings, block websites, view and block apps installed on their child’s gadget, block pornography, find online searches and screen time utilization, receive notifications and reporting, develop an app and Internet curfew, and even turn off the Internet using Net Nanny parental controls.


StayFocusd is a Google Chrome plugin that helps you stay focused on what you’re doing. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, this makes installation relatively simple.

Many website blockers require users to submit a list of certain websites to block for specific time periods (commonly referred to as a “blacklist”) for example to support responsible gambling. StayFocusd takes a different approach. Before being prohibited, users set the maximum amount of time they want to spend on specified websites. As a result, you may set aside some time for idle surfing.

StayFocusd’s adaptability is one of its most appealing features. You may use the extension to create time limitations for as many websites as you want; all you have to do is write them in. The extension will function on a variety of systems as long as you’re using Google Chrome (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)

The problem, of course, is that StayFocusd is only available for Chrome users. StayFocused is available for free on Google Chrome.


Limit is a Chrome browser plugin that allows you to set a time limit for how much time you spend on websites that are distracting. To utilize Limit, just choose the most distracting website and set a daily time limit.

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Limit is an excellent tool to keep track of your browsing behaviour in a simple way. When you reach your limit – and know that you’ve turned off all distractions for the day – you’ll be shocked at how liberated you feel. It’s a small behavioural tweak that goes a long way toward increasing your productivity. Limit is a no-cost Chrome browser plugin.

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BetBlocker is a free program that can help you keep track of your gambling habits. It is one of the most famous blocking software among British players. Install it on as many devices as you like, and it will prevent you from visiting any of the 15175 gambling websites. You have the option of choosing how long you wish to be blocked.

BetBlocker also offers a Parental Controls feature that allows parents to turn the tool on and off using a password to prevent their children from accessing gambling sites.


In a nutshell, Cold Turkey Blocker is customizable. Install this site-blocking program, and you’ll be able to build lists of websites and desktop apps to block, as well as establish a blocking schedule. There’s also an option called Frozen Turkey that forbids you from using your computer at all: turn it on, and you’ll see a blank screen until your planned outage ends.


A website blocker will allow you to devote more time and energy to the things that are actually essential to you. If you want to find more ways how to be productive, there are many articles on WPDevShed which help you with it. After work, there’s always time for those funny cat videos!

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