Top Ways To Increase Engagement On Social Media 

Top Ways To Increase Engagement On Social Media

There is no way you can escape the influence of social media now. It has become one of the chief sources of getting information, live updates, trends, and making your presence known in the world.

But there’s one thing that you cannot survive without in the universe of social media. This wand of magic is engagement. It generally means engaging your followers in a meaningful way. 

Not only does it make you popular, but it also builds material connections with people who can further convert potential customers.

There is something about big brands that they have a whole marketing team to develop an entire marketing plan.

But if you’re one of the smaller accounts, worry not. There are many steps you can take which will increase engagement on your account.

A little tip is that try to stay active on social media more to stay updated and connected to customers.

And for that, you must have a fast and stable internet connection like Xtream Internet. With its fast connectivity, keeping your followers engaged won’t be a problem. 

Now, here is a list of things you can do to increase engagement on social media.

1.) Be Authentic In Your Words and Actions

There are enough fake things on social media. The users have now grown to see real and fake apart.

If you want to have genuine and loyal followership, be authentic in what you’re doing on your account.

Stats show that almost 90% of the users said that authenticity plays a role when they decide which account they want to follow and which business they want to support. 

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Pick out a niche for your account and develop the content and language of your account over that.

Honesty also means that if for some reason your content offends some people, issue a decent apology. It will humanize your content and attract more people.

2.) Keep The Conversation Going

Initiating a meaningful conversation is an art. But what takes even more skill is to keep the conversation flowing.

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It gets even more difficult when the people you’re having a conversation with aren’t sitting in front of you. On social media, you must make use of both, proactive reactions and reactive engagement. 

In proactive engagement, you are the one who initiates conversation. You can do this by posting something or through other options such as stories.

On the other hand, replying to a comment in which you are mentioned is reactive engagement. Also, people sometimes misspell your name.

You can openly search for the closest spelling mistake of your name or any nickname for which you are famous. Reach more people!

3.) Optimize the Copy or Caption

The post copy or headline is the first thing that people are going to read. If it is attractive and catchy, they will then move toward reading the caption.

In both things, word them in a way that is relatable to your followers and attractive enough to keep them engaged on the post. 

Whatever the aim of your post is, use words that are familiar to your audience. It will drive more people to your post, and create more engagement, and if the end goal is to generate purchases; that will happen too. 

There are many tools that you can use for this as well. CoSchedule is one of the tools that can create catchy headlines for you.

You can also receive a score for your post that will help you in making changes for the future as well.

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4.) Understand The Right Time To Post

Social media has become very saturated. Multiple accounts are tackling similar audiences with the same niche.

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In case you are an account that has competition in the market, one thing can help you out. It is, knowing the right time to post on social media. 

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram share metrics that tell you which time the traffic is high. You can choose to post content during high-traffic hours.

Also, you should understand that posting content all the time is not going to create engagement and increase followers. You don’t have to flood your audience with content. Create a pace and stick to it.

5.) Don’t Post The Same Content For All Platforms

Many people tend to automate the process of posting. You create a post, write a caption and then post it all the same on all social media platforms.

This is fatal for engagements. You should know that different platforms have different audiences and modes of communication. What works on one platform may not work on others. 

So, customize your content according to the platform you’re posting on. For example, the audience of Tik Tok is not the same as LinkedIn.

This is why you can’t use the same content for both. If you want an all in all presence and engagement on all social media platforms, start customizing your content.


It’s time to get engagement up on your social media accounts. You can’t survive on social media without engagement.

So, grind your loins and start implementing the above-given strategies. You will surely see a rise in engagement with your social media posts across all platforms.