Top Marketing Strategies For Your Vehicle Repair Shop

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Vehicle repair shops are quite common – so, if you want to make it in the industry, then you need to use the power of marketing. But what are the best strategies that you may use to bring your business out there? Here are the strategies that most repair shops should use to bring clients to their doorstep.

1. Create a Good Website

You may have a physical shop, but this does not mean that your website must be lacking. Nowadays, around 65% view online searches as one of the most efficient ways to find information about a company. 

This means that before they hire you, they’ll look into how much effort you put into creating the website, from the ease of information to the relevant details they can find on that website. In this case, you might want to get someone to handle your web design.

2. Partner with the Right People

People want to know that the business they choose is one that they can rely on, regardless of the circumstances. This is why you may want to partner with a variety of non-competitor businesses. Make sure that they are local businesses, as they will be more accessible for your clients.

For example, Kentucky gets quite numerous motorcycle accidents due to the occasional hazardous conditions of the roads. Therefore, if they see that you partnered with a Kentucky motorcycle accident attorney, they will be more inclined to opt for your services. By referring them, not only will you get a commission, but you’ll also spare them the trouble of looking for a lawyer.

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3. Use Social Media

While you may not be a fan of Instagram, you may want to get one. An average of 71% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 used Instagram in 2021. 

Considering that 1 out of 5 drivers will get into an accident within their first year of driving, that’s exactly where you should get your business at.

Needless to say, other social media platforms are also great to work with. Facebook is still going strong, and Twitter is making a comeback. Find out what platform is most popular among your audience, and think about the content that you intend to share as well. Don’t try to be active on every social media account, but pick just around two on which you should put all your focus (i.e., Instagram and Facebook).

4. Start a Blog

A well-established blog will not only help your SEO ranks go higher, but it will also create authority among your customers, showing them that you are an expert in your industry. Very often, before bringing their car into a shop, they will look up the problem online – and if they see that you already have an answer for them, then they’ll be more likely to come to your doorstep.

Makes sure to post consistently, around once or twice every week. Also, be sure to add variety to your posts and also use the right keywords. This way, you will make the search engines see you while providing variety to your readers. Plus, even though the blog is mainly informational, you can also use it to link to your repair services.

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5. Use Referral Programs

If you want to increase your audience pool, you may use your satisfied customers to do your marketing. After all, people are more likely to trust your services if the recommendation comes from someone they already know.

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For example, you may use discounts to your advantage here. Let’s say that you have a happy customer whose car you just fixed, and they refer your service to someone else that needs you. The one that was referred your way may receive a discount. Or you may give a discount for the old customer as well for the next visit if they offer referrals to a specific number of people. Make smart use of these referrals.

6. Get a YouTube Channel

YouTube channels are similar to blogs: they allow you to express your knowledge so that people may come your way. Plus, most people prefer explanatory videos to writing, as they are more likely to trust the skills they see with their own eyes. 

Videos are a great way to capture attention, so providing them with visual information may turn to your advantage. If you don’t want to use YouTube, a good alternative would be a TikTok channel instead.

The Bottom Line

Every driver has to go to a repair shop now and again, even if it’s only for maintenance. This is why you need to set your marketing straight, so that you may attract all the right people.

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