Top Apps that Can Help You Through Your Divorce

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Divorces can be very stressful. Not only can they be expensive, but they also come at an emotional cost. At times, you feel so stressed that you don’t believe there is anything that can help you.

Still, thanks to technology, help comes at the end of a tap. In this guide, we will discuss some of the most popular apps that have helped countless people through their divorces.

Why Use a Divorce Management App?

Divorce apps are not only great for lawyers going through a divorce, but they can also act as a knowledge center for divorce attorneys. They can help you through the technical parts of a divorce, but also the emotional aspect of it.

Depending on who you are and why you need the app, you must carefully consider the purpose of the app. If you are mostly emotionally fine but are lacking the knowledge on how to go through the divorce paperwork without a hitch, then an emotional support-only app may not help much.

Top Apps to Offer Support

There are many divorce apps out there, each with its purpose. That being said, here are the ones that people found very useful in the past:

1. Dtour.Life

This app is geared at both spouses and their attorneys. It offers access to case files, spending plans, and divorce scenarios. Overall, it acts as a knowledge center for everyone going through a divorce. 

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It can even synchronize to bank accounts, so that it may generate assets, along with expense reports. Dtour.Life is like a search engine when you need something to take you through the technical parts of a divorce.

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2. Divorceify

The app is advertised as “divorce roadmap” – or a “divorce GPS,” to use more modern terms. It looks at your circumstances and points you to the right people, based on your location. 

For example, if you are looking for a Rhode Island divorce lawyer, the app will scan the neighboring professionals and suggest someone for you. You can find all kinds of professionals there, from financial advisors to mediators, therapists, and even support groups. 

3. Mend

If you are having trouble coping with your divorce from an emotional point of view, then Mend can help you through that. The app was designed to be like a personal coach, providing a variety of features from journals to self-care logs, audio training, progress trackers, and many more. It will keep your eyes on the prize, and will hopefully stop you from overusing those Instagram stalking apps.

4. Our Family Wizard

Divorcing with kids can be quite stressful, especially for the families that are filing for joint custody. To make the logistics easier, you may want to make use of Our Family Wizard. 

The app allows joint access to parenting schedules, as well as payments and expenses necessary to raise the children. Plus, communications may be done through the app by making an update, so there won’t be a need for painful phone calls with your ex-spouse.

5. Worthy

Decluttering after divorce is quite an efficient way to get over the heartache. Your wedding ring is no exception – as well as other pieces of jewelry you may have received from your ex-significant other. 

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Instead of allowing that jewelry to sit in the drawer for years, simply get rid of it while also getting a good price on Worthy. If you no longer see those pieces, you’ll have fewer triggers to feel sad after a divorce.

6. iSplit Divorce

One of the most difficult parts of getting through a divorce is figuring out how to divide your marital assets. As a couple, you probably have several joint assets such as cars or homes, and the app will make it easier for you to ensure the split is fair. It comes with a spreadsheet where you may compare the value of each asset, which you may take to your lawyer, financial advisor, or divorce mediator.

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7. Sesame Street Divorce

Divorce is difficult not only for parents but also for children. This app aims to educate kids on life after divorce in an interactive manner, using Sesame Street Characters. It gently teaches children how to get used to things such as living in two homes. It also teaches parents how to communicate with their children so that their transition through this period is easier.

The Bottom Line

Divorce is never easy, but fortunately, you have the technology to help you out. It may not solve your heartbreak right away, but at least it can help make the transition easier.

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