TokUpgrade Review – How To Get More TikTok Followers

TokUpgrade Review – How To Get More TikTok Followers

TikTok has exploded into one of the most popular social media networks, and with over 500 million monthly active users, you have a huge opportunity to get your content in front of many people and make yourself a solid presence on TikTok.

This year alone, TikTok expanded its active user count, and there are some users who now have millions of followers, like Charli d’Amelio. She’s racked in 104 million followers and over 8 billion likes across her TikTok content.

How does she do it? How do others like her do it? Well, they don’t sit around for hours a day on TikTok trying to generate likes and followers. All the TikTok greats get a bit of a boost from outside services that help to manage their TikTok growth.

There are quite a few TikTok tools out there that can help you to get more followers, and knowing that it’s a common practice to use tools to boost your TikTok account, we’re going to discuss one in our review today called TokUpgrade.

Our TokUpgrade review will go in-depth about how the tool can help you to build a loyal community of TikTok followers and viewers so that your content is always being seen by more people and perpetuating natural growth.

The key factors in success on TikTok is having social cred and reputation, so finding a company that is transparent and passionate about helping to provide this is vital.

What is TokUpgrade?

TokUpgrade Desktop

TokUpgrade is one of the most trusted and effective growth services that has already proven great results for a lot of TikTok users. Their service can help you get noticed and get more people looking at your content, gaining you more real TikTok followers and engagement.

TokUpgrade has been helping users of TikTok for a while now, and so their client base is large and loyal, with many client testimonials backing up the fact that TokUpgrade makes good on their promises of TikTok growth.

It can be hard to find honest companies when looking for social media growth because there are so many people looking for a quick solution that even companies with shady practices can make some money off of unsuspecting people. For this reason, you should always look carefully at TikTok growth companies, as well as growth companies for any other social media platform.

TokUpgrade is one of the TikTok tools that actually delivers results, helping their clients to gain more real and quality engagement and followers. We were really impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of TokUpgrade, and we think you will be too.

Let’s see what features TokUpgrade can offer you for your TikTok growth.


Tokupgrade Features

What we really like about TokUpgrade is that their service isn’t overly complicated or difficult to use. It’s very simple and straightforward, which means that it’s accessible to more people, even those who may be just learning about TikTok and other aspects of social media.

When you use TokUpgrade, you’ll provide them with a list of your targeting instructions; this includes information like target usernames, competitors, niche influencers, and more.

Instead of spending hours on the platform yourself engaging with these followers manually, TokUpgrade will take over, engaging with users in your target audience. This is great because when you have followers that are not related to your niche or targets, you aren’t likely to see more engagement on your account.

TokUpgrade knows this, and carefully follows your targets to get you results that matter.

They also offer features such as whitelist and blacklist, making sure that your followers stay as you want them to stay, keeping accounts you love as well as weeding out undesirable results.

You’ll get a dedicated account manager and you’ll also have peace of mind that your account won’t be polluted by a TikTok bot, as TokUpgrade stays away from that kind of stuff. This helps to keep your account safe and reputable.

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In terms of pricing, you’ll also be glad to know that TokUpgrade has fair and accessible pricing options for their TikTok services. They’re also clearly listed and explained on the website, which is great. There is nothing worse than companies that try to hide what they’re offering.

There are two plans:

  • Regular— offers moderate growth speed with real followers and a fully-managed service. $15/wk. You can also pay monthly at $49/mo if you’re looking to save some dough.
  • Pro— this plan offers supercharged growth with up to 10x more followers and engagement, priority support, and more. $25/wk, or $89/mo.

As you can see, you’ve got good options and flexibility in terms of pricing and features. TokUpgrade can work with any budget and you can cancel at any time, which is also reassuring.

Does TokUpgrade Really Grow Your TikTok?

Tokupgrade Engagement

TokUpgrade does, in fact, help you to grow TikTok followers. This is the best thing about the service— it’s so straightforward and easy to use, and you can keep focused on what really matters: your content.

Since TokUpgrade is a real and organic growth service, you’ll be able to get your content in front of more people on a regular basis through the engagements of your account manager. For this reason, it’s really important that you keep focused on content so that you’re always offering new viewers the best of your account, enticing them to like your content and also to follow your channel.

TokUpgrade also uses advanced targeting and really want detail from their clients so that they can find real people who already have an interest in the type of content that you’re putting out.

Account managers at TokUpgrade put your targeting instructions to work and dedicate themselves to finding the right type of followers for optimal engagement.

Not all TikTok growth services care about the quality nor quantity of results, so TokUpgrade is unique and very effective for that reason— they care.

Why TikTok Follower Quality Matters

Tokupgrade Autopilot

If you were wondering why it’s so important to have real and engaged followers, look no further. There are a lot of reasons why you need to make sure that you have high-quality TikTok followers.

It’s not difficult to spot accounts that have a bunch of fake or bot followers on social media. Not only do these types of accounts not provide results, they also make you look bad, which hurts your overall reputation.

What’s more, none of these low-quality followers will engage or interact with your content, hurting your engagement ratios and limiting the amount of natural reach your content will get against the TikTok algorithms.

For these reasons, investing in a poor growth service or buying fake TikTok followers won’t help you to advance your account nor see elevated levels of success.

Review Conclusion

All in all, we find TokUpgrade to be one of the most effective services to help you get more TikTok followers. Their functionalities and pricing options are clearly described, and their fully managed growth service works for their clients and always takes into account your targeting instructions. TokUpgrade also has great reviews to back it up.

Gaining real TikTok followers related to your niche is the only way to build a long-term TikTok growth strategy, so TokUpgrade can definitely help with that while you stay focused on putting out awesome content.

Review Summary


TokUpgrade is one of the most trusted and effective growth services that has already proven great results for a lot of TikTok users. Their service can help you get noticed and get more people looking at your content, gaining you more real TikTok followers and engagement.

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