8 Tips for Getting Influencers to Guest Post On Your Blog

8 Tips for Getting Influencers to Guest Post On Your Blog

Are you wondering how to get influencers to guest post on your blog? Influencer guest posting helps you add valuable content to your blog, generate more traffic, reach a broad target audience, and improve your ranking.

Read on for eight tips to attract influencers to guest post on your blog.

Identify an Influencer in Your Niche

There are tons of influencers in the market, each with a huge following. However, not every influencer is ideal for your site.

To generate more traffic to your website and reach your target audience, identify an influencer with expertise in your niche. 

An influencer in your niche has the relevant knowledge, information, and authority in the industry, so they are likely to write valuable, informative, unique, and authentic content for your blog and improve your ranking on search results. 

If you’re not sure where to find influencers in your niche, consider using an influencer marketing platform.

These sites provide an ideal space where you can interact and connect with potential influencers.

Make Your Blog Appealing

An influencer is looking to increase their following, so they are more likely to post in a blog appealing to them.

To make your site appealing to potential influencers, you should post engaging content that increases traffic to your blog and encourage your readers to leave comments and share your content on other platforms, including social media.

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When your site is appealing, influencers will want to associate with it to get more exposure.

Send a Winning Pitch

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Identifying a potential influencer is not enough. You need to win them over to contribute to your blog by writing an impressive pitch.

To write a winning pitch, you should;

  • Research to know your audience better
  • Personalize the pitch
  • Go straight to the point
  • Create an engaging presentation using PowerPoint templates
  • Talk about your blog briefly
  • Show how the influencer will benefit from guest blogging on your post

Advertising guest posting opportunities on various platforms could help you connect with an influencer looking for more exposure.

Be sure to include a list of your guest posting guidelines on your adverts. 

Provide Paid Opportunities

If your blog is new, you may have difficulty convincing an influencer to guest post on your blog due to lack of exposure, as you have not gained traffic yet.

You should consider offering incentives such as cash payments to have an influencer guest post on your blog.

An influencer is likely to put more effort into their posts with paid opportunities.

Often, influencers will only accept guest posting on your blog when there is compensation for their time.

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Host a Blog Writing Contest

Hosting blogging contests is a fun way to attract influencers in your niche to guest post in your blog.

You could use tools such as Rafflepress to run an online contest to gain access to quality content.

An influencer looking to grow their following can take part in such a fun contest to gain more exposure. They also get to win amazing prizes at the end of the contest.

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A blog writing contest can also help you connect with experienced writers to add to your team or have them guest post on your blog.

With that being said, ensure that you clearly explain the rules of your contest to participants to avoid trouble when you publish their content.

Allow the Influencers to Promote Themselves

One of the leading reasons influencers accept guest posting in various blogs is to gain more exposure and increase their following.

You can get an influencer to guest post on your blog by offering to include an author bio on their submissions. This will help you get quality and timely content. 

Author bio increases influencer brand visibility, exposes them to other professionals in the industry, allows them to network, and helps them build their portfolio.

You could also allow influencers to link back to their social media handles to improve their following on different platforms. 

Follow up

Once you identify an influencer to guest post on your blog and establish your expectations regarding word count, topic, the do’s and don’ts, among other guidelines, you should follow up.

You could email them every once in a while to determine the post’s progress until the content is written. 


Publishing quality content helps establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise.

Attract influencers to guest post on your blog by applying the above tips to reach a broader target audience and increase your sales volume and profit.

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