Tips And Advice To Help You Attract More Business As A Law Firm

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Like every other business, law firms are always looking for ways to improve business and attract more clients. However, unlike corporations that cater to a broader audience, such as grocery stores, they must find unique ways to reach out to people who are seeking lawyers for legal assistance. 

Not only is the legal landscape a competitive one, but it can also be hard for laypeople to navigate. The wider population does not have experience in determining what makes one law firm better than another.

Thus, to be successful, law firms must overcome accessibility challenges posed by the very nature of the legal profession. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to boost your law firm’s reputation and attract more clients.

Create Content


While people may often have legal queries, they are not always looking to hire a lawyer to answer these questions. Often, these concerns are minor and quickly addressed – which is why people go looking for answers online.

By creating content, including videos, blog posts, and webinars, law firms can position themselves as thought leaders and experts in the field. Additionally, content can help improve a business’s SEO marketing strategy.

For example, it allows them a chance to incorporate many different keywords, increasing the likelihood of their website showing up at the top of a Google search for legal help.

Other forms of content that firms can create include infographics, white papers, and webinars. It is important to remember that this content is meant to be aimed at the layperson, which means that the language used in these pieces of content should be easily understandable to people who are not legal professionals.

Create an Advertising Strategy


When it comes to having an effective online marketing strategy, it is necessary to consider the unique demands of the legal industry, including ensuring that your firm has a multichannel approach to advertising.

Additionally, your strategy should not solely be limited to online channels but should also consider offline add-ons to support your online strategy. This includes leveraging offline relationships to boost your online presence.

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Given the number of factors that go into creating an effective advertising strategy for legal corporations, a law firm looking to increase its online reputation should consider employing the help of professionals.

This means hiring a digital marketing agency for attorneys, which offers tailored services for lawyers. As experts in their field, they will be able to help use their insight to boost the number of clients you generate via online channels.

Improve Customer Experience


When it comes to attracting clients, it is essential for all types of businesses to ensure that customers have as enjoyable an experience as possible. With legal firms, in particular, the last thing that you want is for potential clients to find it challenging to navigate the hiring process.

A better customer experience can not only help increase business, but it can also help drive revenue higher. It helps ensure that customers stay loyal to your firm and return to you should they have legal issues in the future. Additionally, it also helps improve employee engagement, which means that staff is more efficient at their jobs.

Solicit Reviews


As discussed, one of the biggest challenges that potential clients face when choosing a law firm is figuring out how to determine which is the best option for their needs. Because lay people find it challenging to parse technical legal language, they often turn to reviews from past clients to help them make a decision.

If you do not have reviews by now for your firm that are easily accessible online, it’s essential to solicit complimentary reviews from previous clients. Make sure that reviews are available on several different platforms, including general platforms like Google Review and Yelp and more dedicated legal review platforms like Avvo.

A higher number of positive reviews help demonstrate that your services can truly help people in need. This, in turn, will mean that people are more likely to solicit your services over those of competitors.

Create an Online Presence

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Aside from the firm as a whole, potential clients also research the benefits of choosing specific lawyers over other options. Ensure that the lawyers working at your business create and maintain a robust online presence, making it easy for people to find them.

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This can include a professional social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles accessible by the public. Alternatively, look for ways to increase their presence in the legal industry, such as via blog and article bylines, references in popular publications, and other channels alike.

When interested clients come looking for help from the lawyers working for your firm, they will also discover the broader range of services that your business offers.

Establish a Niche


While general practice lawyers can help a wide variety of clients and work on several different types of cases, they may not necessarily be experts in those areas of the law. This means that if a person needs help for more complex cases, they are likely to search out an expert on the matter rather than opt for someone in general practice. 

If possible, consider finding a niche for the services your law firm offers. Make sure to choose a niche that is not only in demand but also profitable – for example, firms specializing in employment discrimination cases usually take on contingency cases, which means that they will not see payment unless the case is won.

On the other hand, firms specializing in landlord-tenant issues will usually have a steady customer base, allowing them to attract new clients and take on lucrative cases.

Depending on how much of a niche you establish, you may even want to consider rebranding your business to include your field. This will help potential clients recognize your specialty immediately, making it more likely that they will choose your services over that of a firm with a more generic name.

No matter what method you use to generate more clients, it is important to remember that people come to a law firm looking for legal expertise. Ensuring that your services remain top-notch is critical to creating and maintaining a reputation, which is always an essential part of convincing people to choose your business over others.

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