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WP Jurist

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We developed WP Jurist with law firms in mind. In many ways it is typical of our style with big, bold and simple design intended to be easily customized.

Video Demo

With this theme we’ve added something extra which we think will really appeal to law firms, but also any professional services organization that wants to profile it’s people on the website. Bundled with the theme is our People plugin to power a custom post type designed for staff profiles. Of course we have a profile page template to display all the staff profiles as well as individual profile pages for each staff member. Check out the demo to see this in action.

The theme comes with a home page template with a big gorgeous slider that can feature any images from a gallery or your latest posts from the blog. It also has a handy widget area which is ideal for featuring your service or practice areas and a separate custom blog template which displays posts in a contemporary mason style. Post types are supported, and you can choose whether to display an author bio at the bottom of all posts.

WP Jurist is released under the GPL V2 license.

For theme support please visit our WordPress help desk.

Check out our new tutorial for help building your blog.

333 thoughts on “WP Jurist

  1. Aure says:

    Hi Charles

    Great theme !

    Which sizing is the best one for slider images? So far I am struggling to get the display I have in mind.

    Also on this website:
    I like very much this:
    Would you know the code to do such a thing? And where do I need to implement it?

    Many thanks by advance. .

    1. Ryan S says:

      Hi @aure,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Sorry but we only give support our theme and it’s not part of theme issue or development bug, maybe a hint just edit all images in photo editor and make it have the same size or simply add width to have all same sizes.

  2. Willie McPhee says:

    Hi, I have spent hours trying to figure this out but I am unable – I was wondering if you can help?
    I want to reduce the size of the big red horizontal band, is this in the css?
    I would also like to reduce/remove the space for the ‘post’ text on the static front page…if I insert a blank ‘post’ it still leaves quite a large gap.
    Many thanks for your time, Willie

    1. Ryan S says:

      Hi @willie

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. You can reduce the size in style.css at line #2526 or in .intro-copy-box selector
      2. Can you please be more elaborate what space? before title? after title? after content?

      Hope that helps

  3. arpan says:

    I am having a problem with the google webaster tools. This theme makes me these errors:
    Error: Missing required field “entry-title”.
    Error: Missing required field “updated”.
    Error: Missing required hCard “author”.

    Kindly help with a code.

    Need to solve it urgently.

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Arpan, the theme simply doesn’t support all microformats. The Google tool tests for lots of markup that most themes don’t support. We might at some point in the future, just not at this time.

      If it is Google authorship you are trying to implement you should know that this isn’t necessary, though you are welcome to build this level of support into the theme.

  4. Hello,
    I’m working with WP Jurist and creating a child theme to change some attributes of the theme. A strange bar is appearing on my pages, particularly on my “resources” page, about halfway down the page. I’m not sure what that is, and i’m not sure how to target it in my style.css to make it go away. How can I change this?

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Lauren, hmm…I’m not sure I can help. I don’t khow what you have changed so I don’t know what would be causing this. We published a video about identifying elements in the style sheet a while back which might be useful:

  5. Paola says:

    Hi, thank you sooo much for this amazing theme!
    I’m working around with it, building a small site for an organization and I successfully set up the home page with slider gallery and the profile team page.

    My questions are:

    1. How can I reduce the “red band” displaying page title?

    2. Where can I look for change the site width from 100% to static size?


    1. Charles says:

      Hi Paolo,

      1. Look for intro-copy-box styles on line 2526 of the style sheet. Make sure you have the theme set up as a child so that future updates don’t overwrite your changes.
      2. This would require more customization that we can get into here. If you’d like professional help you can contact us on and we’ll make a quote for this kind of change.
      1. Paola says:

        Thank you a lot for the answer!

        I need just another advice about People Profile plug-in (if I had to ask about this in another section, please just let me know).
        I like it very much, so I am trying to use it in another site with a different theme, but I am not able to view the “page” with people!
        In WP Jurist the trick is just to set proper template page … must I create a special template in my theme?! Or there is a shortcut to show People Profile content on my page?


        1. Charles says:

          Hi Paolo, yeah the plugin requires the dedicated templates, so won’t work in other themes unless they are have the dedicated templates which only we bundle with some of our themes (but not all).

  6. Mark says:

    Hi — I successfully created two slider images for my home page. Through trial and error, I determined I had to have the featured images for these posts sized at 910×582 in order for them to appear proportionately in the slider image. However, I just tried to add a new post to the slider using the same dimensions for the featured image, and the image is way too large. What should I be doing with the featured images on these posts to make them work correctly?

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Mark, the home page slider is 100% wide so it scales with the width of your browser window. This means there is no perfect size as the image positioning in the slide will always be a bit different depending on your browser window size. I recommend aiming for around 1200×500 and that should look pretty good in most browsers.

  7. Simon says:

    I don’t have Jepack installed. Is there another image gallery plugin that you recommend to create the slider galleries?

    1. Charles says:

      Simon, you don’t need Jetpack or any other plugin to enable the home page slider on this theme. Using the home page template just add a regular gallery to the page and the template will use the gallery images in the built in slider.

  8. Britt says:

    For some reason our logo will not display if our site is being viewed on a mobile device. Is there a quick way to fix this? Thank you for your help! It is appreciated!

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Britt, it works fine on my Android handset. Can you screenshot the problem?

  9. Lucile says:

    Hi ! I am trying to add a calendar onto my website i activated and added it onto the homepage thing in the widgets but it does not appear anywhere… and on the pages it doesn’t say add calendar anywhere…

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Lucile, are you using some kind of plugin for this? Can you provide a link to your site? I’m just not sure what the problem is here.

  10. Alessandro says:

    Hi Charles! I can’t find the WP Jurist people plugin with the search bottom of WordPress.
    Where I can find it?



  11. Sebastian says:

    Hi. I’ve got a little problem with WP Jurist theme. Look at my site, please. In resolution of screen 1680×1050 there are only two thumbnails, and thirth of them is falling below. Next, if you try to minimalize browser and maximalize it again, then thumbnails display correctly (three thumbnails next to each other). In other resolutions it works perfect, the problem is only with res. 1680 px.

    1. Ryan S says:

      I’ve already added a reply from your first comment

  12. Nadine says:

    Hey Charles… two last questions from me and then I’m all done. I am absolutely thrilled at how my website has worked out…

    1. I have a copyright button in the footer © but I can’t seem to add the company name next to it?

    2. As a complete novice… should I be backing up my website and if so how? YIKES!

    Thanks again.

    1. Ryan S says:

      Hi @Nadine,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. The footer text is some way static, you can update the info in footer.php file
      2. There’re a lots of way to backup your site by installing plugin, Backup Buddy or FREE plugin Backup or you can backup manually by logging in to your site Cpanel or FTP client software, for tutorial you can use google or youtube 😉

      Hope that helps

  13. Brad says:

    Did an update ever resolve the issue of only ordering individual people alphabetically on the team page?

    1. Ryan S says:

      Hi @brad

      Thanks for using our theme

      The team page template is now in ascending order.

      Just to let you know, displaying people or team is using a plugin, and it’s beyond we can help here in comment support or theme support, perhaps you can contact our paid support at, thanks

      1. Brad says:

        Thanks for making a great theme.

        To change it so that people are displayed by the published date, rather than alphabetically by title, open up the editor and edit the file “People Profile Template Page Template.”

        About 25 lines down, you should see a block of code that looks like:

        $args = array(
        ‘orderby’ => ‘title’,
        ‘order’ => ‘ASC’,
        ‘post_type’ => ‘people’,
        ‘people_category’ => ”,
        ‘paged’ => $paged

        Change ‘orderby’ => ‘title’ to ‘orderby’ => ‘date’

        Click the “Update File” button, and you’re good to go.

  14. Sebastian says:

    Hi. I’ve got a little problem with WP Jurist theme. Look at the site, please: In resolution of screen 1680×1050 there are only two thumbnails, and thirth of them is falling below. Next, if you try to minimalize browser and maximalize it again, then thumbnails display correctly (three thumbnails next to each other). In other resolutions it works perfect, the problem is only with res. 1680 px.

    1. Ryan S says:

      Hi @Sebastian,

      Thanks for using our theme

      I don’t have that huge of screen resolution so what I did is reduce the screen and refresh the page again and it seems to work fine, if you’d like us to review on your end and provide further support you can contact our paid support at, thanks

  15. Astra says:

    Hello Charles,

    Really great theme. I wanted to know how do i remove the EDIT option on every page even it is published as a webpade not as a draft and it keeps showing the time and the user creating the website. I need to get rid of those so they don’t show up on the webpage.

    Thank you.

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Astra, the edit link only shows up if you are logged in as admin while viewing those pages.

      1. Astra says:


        Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it. Got another issue. How do I hide the date of the latest updates on a particular post. Whenever I change something on any of my posts, the changes do take effect but shows up the dates along with the changes.

        1. Astra says:

          Also, the user id also shows up, I am trying to hide that as well. 🙂

        2. Ryan S says:

          Hi Astra,

          Thanks for using our theme

          You can remove it in single.php file at line #11.
          Note: Just make sure you’re using child-theme.

          Hope that helps

          1. Astra says:

            Thank you for the response, could you give a little more detail info please!

          2. Ryan S says:

            It’s pretty straight forward all you need is there, file and line.

  16. thanosgen says:

    1.After wordpress update at 3.8.1 the post slider at the home page has stucked. Why? This theme doesn;t support 3.8.1????

    Here is a photo.

    2.Also before the update I had a problem with the google webaster tools. This theme makes me these errors:

    Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
    Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
    Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.


    1. Charles says:

      Thanosgen, the theme does support 3.8.1!!!! Your slider seems to be working just fine for me. That said, I see you have customized the theme with your own slider, so perhaps there has been a clash with whatever plugin you have used for that????

      The theme doesn’t support all micro formats such as hCard. It does support Google Authorship though which doesn’t require hCard support. Best to use Yoasts WordPress SEO plugin too enable this.

      1. thanosgen says:

        thanks Charles for the support and your info… The plug in with the slides finally crash my website. I fix it. Also I install the plug in that you sent to me and work for some errors but not for this
        Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
        Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
        Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

        Why? Is a setting that I do to set up and fix this error?

        1. Charles says:

          Hi, the theme (nor the WordPress SEO plugin) doesn’t support all microformats so those are not errors as such, just code the theme doesn’t support and neither will many other sites. If Google Authorship is your main concern then it isn’t necessary for this to be supported. If you want all those elements then you’ll need to do some template coding.

  17. Rob Lunn says:

    OK, thanks. I’m not sure those plugins are exactly what I need. Anyway, I think I’ve found an easy workaround.

  18. rob lunn says:


    Fantastic theme. Would it be relatively easy to set up custom menus for different pages? I would like to set up a static home page in two languages and will need two menus.

    Thank you!

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Rob, this would require some template customization to achieve. Might be easier to use one of the excellent multi-language plugins for WordPress. Have you looked at these? We wrote a post a while back about WordPress plugins for multi-language sites.

  19. Aga says:

    I’m working on local service so you can’t see my page.
    I’ve just downloaded an update and all my changes which I made dissappeared.
    Is there any chance that I can go back to preavious version?

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Aga, only if you’ve backed up your local changes. This is the reason why you should always set up your theme as a child theme before making any customizations.

  20. mark says:

    How do I update the text on the home page that is in the red bar. It currently reads “Home.”

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Mark, just update the title of your page. That will be reflected in the main headline there.

  21. Tim says:

    Hi. Great them so thanks! Just one question…How can you go about changing the height and width of the homepage gallery slider. I understand the current width is 100% and the current height is 500px but then I change these in style.css it seems to have no effect at all. I would like to keep width as 100% but make the height smaller. Which is the correct css element to edit for this?

    1. Ryan S says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Open style.css and update height value at line #3308

      Hope that helps

  22. Nadine says:

    Hey Charles… I LOVE this theme… it’s only the second one I have ever used; I am a total novice but haven’t found it too difficult so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a couple of questions though please:-

    1. I am not far off of finishing my website. However, I have never heard of a child version? I understand this is essential for when you send me updates. Is there a simple way of creating a child theme from this website that I have almost finished?

    2. I have popped an industry typed as a sub-heading under ‘clients’. In the menu area it very clearly displays as a sub-heading but when I look at the page live, the subheading is a primary heading next to ‘clients’?

    Thanks Charles. :o)

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Nadine, in answer to your questions:

      1. Google around and you will find many tutorials on setting up a Child theme. We wrote a post on this a while back (here), and here’s the official guideline from WordPress. You’ll no doubt find some video tutorials on YouTube too.
      2. I’m not really following you question here. Perhaps you’ve already solved this. I can tell you that the page title will appear as the main headline on the page, and by default will be used as the text in the nav menu. You can overwrite the nav menu text by creating a custom menu and manually managing what links appear in the menu. Again, googling around will turn up plenty of how-to’s on managing custom menus.

      Hope that helps.

  23. Ketil Berg says:

    Hi! Thanks for the video and the (3-4?) versions of how to create the gallery, lol. This conundrum was what brought me to this page in the first place. We are so used to all kinds of custom- and premium gadgets, its easy to not ever have learned the basic wp tools:-).
    You seems to indicate image size /ratio is not critical. My square slider image is cropped top and bottom, and the others are cropped just bottom. Could you offer some specifics about image sizes and ratios (to reduce our time spent experimenting:-))?
    One request for future updates: Your credit in the footer; make it automatically show current year; after “c-circle Odalport”.

    1. Ryan S says:

      Hi @ketil,

      Thanks for using our theme

      500 x 332 in pixel size would be fine in there.

      Hope that helps

  24. kreulj says:


    I updated the theme this afternoon (1.0.6), and now all the stories line up on the right hand side, leaving the second column empty.

    I’m currently using a child theme (to remove unordered list dots from some of my plugins), but the column problem seems to be there when I use the parent theme, too.

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Kreulj, I’m not following sorry…could you post some more details or perhaps a screenshot?

  25. Margarit says:

    Hi Charles, Great theme. I love it. I just have have a problem. I don’t know if it’s me, but I don’t see the pages numbers in the people page template. To try to fix this I changed the reading settings setting the limit to 100 post per page. This setting affects the “latest news” section on the “Alt_homepage” template too. It will get messy in no time if I write a lot of posts, as I plan. Is there a way to paginate the people profiles? Or is it just my fault?
    Thank you for your patience.

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Margarit, this might be a limitation of the theme. We didn’t really envisage an organization with a very large number of people using the template so there is no separate control over pagination for this page. We might need to address this in the next version. How many profiles do you have?

      1. MARGARIT says:

        Thanks for the rapid answer Charles. I know, I’m not using the theme for it’s original purpose. I’m using it to create a simple business directory, because the custom post type is really useful and well designed.
        I have another issue though. Is it possible to add or modify the meta boxes of the people custom post type? For example, I don’t need the “Avvo” meta box, but I’d like to modify the “job title” meta box and use it as “address” meta box. Is it possible to add another line to a meta box? I’d like to have two lines for the “phone” meta box and use the second one for the fax number. I know, maybe I’m asking too much.
        Thanks again for your great work.

        1. Ryan S says:

          Hi @MARGARIT

          This will require some theme customization, beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. Also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes. If you would like our help with this please email us at and we can provide an estimate.


  26. Francisco Villén says:

    Great wordpress theme but the visual editor of any page isn’t working with the wpjurist. I’m using wordpress 3.8.1.

    I have tried to deactivate all the plugins, but the visual editor doesn’t still work.

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Francisco, do you mean the regular WordPress WYSIWYG editor or are you using a third party visual editor? Have you tried switching themes and seeing if that changes things?

      1. Francisco Villén says:

        Hi Charles, thanks for your answer.

        I use the regular WYSIWYG editor, but I have changed of theme and the problem doesn’t disappear. So, I suppose it isn’t a problem of wpjurist theme. I will search if it is a bug of wordpress 3.8.

        Best regards.

  27. Jake says:

    Sorry, just one more question, on the alternate homepage, under latest entries at the bottom, is there a way to limit the number of posts displayed? Thanks

    1. Charles says:

      Yep, you can control this using the usual WordPress controls under Settings > Reading.

  28. Jake says:

    Hi, I noticed above that you previously discussed the ordering of people on the team page. I have tried adjusting the dates and this has had no effect, even after clearing the cache. Can you advise on how to change this? Thanks

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Jake, seems we made a change at some point and it is actually done alphabetically (I’m not really sure why we did that to be honest). We’ll change that in the next version to be date based so that you can re-order however you like.

      1. Brad says:

        Any idea when that update will come? Thanks

        1. Charles says:

          Hi Brad, we’re getting a bit frustrated ourselves. The update has been submitted (a week ago) and has been approved by the WP review team, we are just waiting for it to be made live in the directory. We expect it any day now, but it is out of our hands.

          1. Chuck says:

            Still waiting on this? Its been 3 months! Not being able to order is a real problem

          2. Ryan S says:

            If you’re in a hurry contact our premium support instead remember you’re using an absolute 100% FREE theme and you can’t push comment support, if you’d like to get updated support and feedback email our premium support at, thanks

  29. Evandro Giachetto says:

    Where can I find this theme to download. It’s not on anymore.

    1. Charles says:

      The theme is temporarily unavailable. Should be back in the WordPress directory in the next few days.

      1. johnlim93 says:

        when will it be available?

        1. Charles says:

          Anytime now. It has been reviewed and approved by the theme review team. We are just waiting for it to be made live in the directory.

  30. I want to know how to add a page with all the people who believed in this product also

    1. Ryan S says:

      I’ve already added an answer on your first comment please don’t submit duplicate comment or else we’re going to delete all without your prior notice.

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