WP Jurist

We developed WP Jurist with law firms in mind. In many ways it is typical of our style with big, bold and simple design intended to be easily customized.

Video Demo

With this theme we’ve added something extra which we think will really appeal to law firms, but also any professional services organization that wants to profile it’s people on the website. Bundled with the theme is our People plugin to power a custom post type designed for staff profiles. Of course we have a profile page template to display all the staff profiles as well as individual profile pages for each staff member. Check out the demo to see this in action.

The theme comes with a home page template with a big gorgeous slider that can feature any images from a gallery or your latest posts from the blog. It also has a handy widget area which is ideal for featuring your service or practice areas and a separate custom blog template which displays posts in a contemporary mason style. Post types are supported, and you can choose whether to display an author bio at the bottom of all posts.

WP Jurist is released under the GPL V2 license.

For theme support please visit our WordPress help desk.

Check out our new tutorial for help building your blog.

333 thoughts on “WP Jurist

  1. Avatar frenk says:

    Hello, I am just developing on my local host. Is this theme multisite compatible?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Frenk, should be. I don’t think there’s anything inherently different in the theme which would make it incompatible with multisite. Let me know if you strike anything.

      1. Avatar Babs says:

        Charles, sorry for disturbing you everytime, My question is about WP Advocate. My alt_homepage’s social icons are stucked to the base of the footer, I have tried all I could to set it inline on the header to no avail, please help me out, I need the step by step process to resolve this issue has it’s given me a lot of concern.( I have set in functions.php, header.php and style.css all to no avail, please help out).

        Thank you

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Babs, I can’t help at all without knowing what you have done to the theme. If you use the built in social icons then the theme automatically puts them in the header. If these are now appearing in the footer it seems likely you have made some changes to the theme so it is impossible for me to know what these might be. If you have made changes to the template, functions or style code then perhaps try deleting and reinstalling the theme.

        2. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Icons are added in header right area and not in footer area, you sure you’re using built-in theme functionality? or you’re using plugins or maybe you customised the theme?, please be more elaborate so we can help you guide your problem like what you did, plugins and might causing the issue, also have you ever do a test? like deactivate all plugins and see if one is causing the issue, if still nothing happen please contact us instead at help@wpdevshed.com, thanks

  2. Avatar Larry says:

    Hi. This theme looks great. Excuse my ignorance… how do you set up the slider to feature images from a gallery?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Larry, sorry for the slow response. This is really easy…I presume you have already created your static home page and set this as the home page under Settings > Reading, yes? Assuming so then you simple need to choose the alt home page template for this page. There are two alt home page template options, one uses the latest posts in the slider, but you want to choose the version which uses a static slider. Once you have done this then you simply create a WordPress gallery using the normal WordPress gallery feature and insert this into your page. The template will grab this gallery and use the images you defined for the slider. If you add titles and captions to those images in the gallery these will be displays also. Cheers.

      1. Avatar Larry says:

        Hey Charles, it works. What I failed to understand was how to create the gallery. So I learned I must first click the [Add Media] button from the static home page, and then select [create gallery]. Unfortunately it seems this option simply displays images. I wanted the ability to hyperlink the slider images to pages, products, etc. It appears you can only link to posts from the slider using the “Homepage w/Posts Slider” page option. 🙁

        Thanks anyway Charles. It’s a great looking theme nonetheless.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Larry, yes this is a limitation. That said, you can add hyperlinks from the image captions which will be displayed when used. Just a regular href html link, but might be enough?

          1. Avatar Larry says:

            Okay Charles, thanks that works. I’ll give it another look. Just one more question…there’s no footer widget area, right?

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Larry, no footer widgets sorry.

          3. Avatar Ali says:

            Then how we can manage footer?

          4. Avatar Ryan S says:

            You can manage footer in your current theme footer.php file.

  3. Avatar Vadim says:

    Please tell me how to use the slider?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Vadim, to use the slider do the following…Create a new page and chose the home page template from the list of available templates. You have two choices…either the version which displays the latest posts, in which case it will simply do everything for you. Or the other version is a static slider, in which case you just create a normal WordPress image gallery, insert it into the page content and the theme will pick it up and use that as the slider.

  4. Avatar Mark says:

    Hey !

    I must be blind but… I can’t find the spot where I’m supposed to register for the newsletter to be able to give this theme a try on my website. Mind helping me out ? 🙂

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mark, there *should* be an optin box below the big image, and right of the text…not there? What OS and browser are you using?

  5. Avatar Sherrie says:

    I can’t seem to get this to replicate the front page you show in your demo. Any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated. Right now it’s using the blog layout. I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of. It’s on the site I included the link to. Thanks, I super love this theme!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sherrie, your site looks great 🙂

      Setting up the home page is really easy…

      1. Create a new static page which will be the home page. Call it something like “Home”, and from the template chooser drop-down menu (on the right hand side of the page edit screen), pick either of the Alt_homepage templates. There is two. One which slides the latest posts and one which slides images from a regular WordPress image gallery added to the page.
      2. Go to Settings > Reading, and chose to set the page you just created as the home page. Save change. NB: You can also do this from the Customize menu as I do in this video demo I just made.

      And that’s really it. If you choose the template with the gallery slider you must create an image gallery and add it to the home page in the usual way. This just uses the usual WordPress gallery function, and the template will pick it up and turn it into a slider. Hope that all makes sense.

    2. Charles Charles says:

      And now of course I look closer and I see that you have got the home page template working already, but are missing the widgets above the latest posts as we have on the demo. These are easy to add just by going to Appearance > Widgets and adding whatever widgets you want to the “Home Page Widget Area”. For the demo I used standard Image Widgets.

      1. Avatar Sherrie says:

        Thank you so much Charles! 🙂

      2. Avatar Ashley says:

        Hey Charles, I cannot seem to locate the standard image widget. Am I missing something?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          You might need to install the WordPress Jetpack plugin to activate this widget. Took me a while to find it myself 🙂

  6. Avatar Anthony says:

    Hi there, i was wondering about two things

    Is there a way I can make my about page statice on the home page and still have the slider?

    And is there a way i can change the size of the slider/ what is the sliders exact dimensions?

    Thanks in advance I really like the clean look of this theme nice job

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Anthony, there is not a template for a static page with the slider I’m afraid.

      The slider itself will roll out to full width of what ever browser you are looking at with a min. height of 500px. You can tweak some of these settings in the style sheet. I don’t know how familiar you are with HTML/CSS but we made a video recently on how to id relevant elements in the CSS for making changes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zSUIm1KrPs

      If you do make local changes please set up your theme as a child first so that future updates don’t overwrite your local changes.

      1. Avatar Jake says:

        Hi. I have identified the style element for changing the banner dimensions i.e. 500px for height but when tweaking this, it seems to have no effect. Please can you help?

        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Hi @jake,

          Thanks for using our theme

          Try adding height in style.css at line #654, also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes.

          Hope that helps

          1. Avatar Jake says:

            Hi Ryan.

            Thanks for this…again I have tried this on line #654 and there is no change. Does it need to be added here? Thanks

            header[role=banner] {
            padding-top: 10px;
            position: relative;
            padding-bottom: 20px;
            header[role=banner] div {
            -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
            -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
            -o-box-sizing: border-box;
            box-sizing: border-box;

            #inner-header {
            width: 100%;
            margin: 0 auto;
            padding: 0 2%;
            max-width: 1044px; /* for ie8 & below */
            max-width: 104.4rem;

          2. Avatar Ryan S says:

            Hi just add the code in header[role=banner] or if you’re using child-theme install this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/ and add header[role=banner] { // your code in there }

  7. Avatar Ashley says:

    I would really love for the slider NOT to be on my blog page. I cannot get it to go away. HELP!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Looks like you figured it out. In case you are still having trouble…create a new static page apply the alt blog page template. This page then will present your latest posts in a mason grid style layout and you can have a title and intro blurb at the top. You can set this as you home page it you want under Settings > Reading.

  8. Avatar Ashley says:

    I did get that issue fixed with the blog! Thank you. A few more things…

    Are there no social media icons with this theme?
    How can I get my static front page to have those middle circle icons?
    And how can you rearrange the people on the team page?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ashley,

      1. No, this design doesn’t include social icon options. There are loads of plugins for social icons which can be used.
      2. What do you mean by ‘those middle circle icons’?
      3. The people are arranged in reverse chronological order (usual WordPress post behaviour), so the most recently added people first. Just adjust the dates for each of the people to re-arrange the order in which they appear.
  9. Avatar miki says:

    How can add a page to menu?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Miki, sure can. Just create a custom menu and you can add any links you like to it. Check out this how to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu7hTImqxjM

  10. Avatar Cecelia says:

    I have set up a People page with picture, contact and social media info but don’t see it when I view my website (which is still under construction).I see everything when I opt to “view page” but not anywhere else. Any help for this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Cecelia, you installed the custom post type plugin for the people pages when you installed the theme yes? Assuming you did this then I assume that you have added the profile info using the People custom post type. To display the grid of staff profiles you must create a static page and apply the Team member template to that page. This is in the drop down menu on the right hand side of the page admin screen. Once that template is applied to your staff page it will automatically display all the profiles you have created in a grid. If you are using a custom menu you may need to manually add the new page to your nav, but once in place it will all work just like the demo.

  11. Avatar Cecelia says:

    Two follow up questions to the last post:
    1. I don’t currently see anything in the menu section under “people” where I would expect to see something after creating a people page
    2. What is a people “category”?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Cecelia, I wonder if you have installed the bundled plugin when you installed the theme? You would have seen a prompt to do this when installing the theme.

  12. Avatar Cecelia says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions! I did not see a Team member template but found a People Profile Template and created a new page. I now see the profile that was missing earlier.
    Should the “meet the team” page automatically add the people profile that was created?
    Mine did not though I chose “people profile template” on the “team” page and the profile.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Yes once the People Profile Template is activated for a page it will automatically display all the team profiles…but this assumes you did install the bundled custom post type for profiles when you first installed the theme…it is an optional extra and requires another step on installation. If you didn’t install this then it won’t work. The People Profile Template can’t pull profiles which are created as standard pages.

  13. Avatar Karl says:

    Hi Charles, when I upload the images to the gallery and view on my home page and slider, the images appear really large. Editing or resizing them doesnt appear to make any difference. Is there any special setting to ensure that the images are the correct size for the slider.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Karl, not sure what you mean by really large? The slider is 100% wide so they will display as wide as your view port which means you do need to upload fairly large images for best results on decent sized monitors. Make sense? Or have I missed the point?

  14. Avatar Sherrie says:

    Are there any shortcodes associated with the People Plugin? I’d like to be able to pull specific people into specific posts after having them in the master list.

    Related, is it possible to only show a specific category on the page displaying the team?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sherrie, no there are no shortcodes like that. Good idea though…something for the future. You could customize the team page template to only show one or more particular categories, but that’s a little beyond the scope of help we can provide here in the comments.

  15. Avatar Watson Jhon says:

    Hello Charles,

    I have an issue. I am not able to add my portfolio slider. Can you share links of documentation (Text Or Video) of WP Jurist theme.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, there is no documentation to go with this theme sorry, only the demo video above.

      Setting up the slider is pretty easy though…

      • Create a new static page and choose one of the alt home page templates which include the slider. There are two options, either the version with the latest posts slider or the version which works with a standard WP image gallery.
      • If you choose the latest posts slider then it will simply displau the latest posts. The only other thing you need to do is make sure you set a nice image as the featured image for each post. This will be used in the slider.
      • If you choose the version which works with a regular WordPress gallery, you need to use the standard WordPress media manager features to create and embed a gallery into the page. The template will automatically use the images (and the titles and captions) to power the slider.

      And that’s it. Pretty simple.

  16. Avatar Jazz says:

    I found the solution, thanks anyway 🙂
    Another question. I want to add some text to the footer. Where do I do that?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jazz, to edit the footer you will need to get into the template file (footer.php). Be sure to set up your theme as a child first so that future theme updates (which are coming) don’t overwrite your local changes.

  17. Avatar costantin says:

    Hello, is possible to remove the recent posts under my homage? thank you

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Constantin, there is no setting for this so you’ll need to edit the template for the type of home page you have set. If you do make local changes please be sure to set up the theme as a child first so that any local customizations are not overwritten by updates.

  18. Avatar Costantin says:

    Hello and thank you for your kind answer, so I guess I have to change the themplate file, so under appearance I click editor then on the right I click ”Alt_Homepage, w/ Gallery Slider Page Template (alt_homepage_with_gallery.php)” Which is my homepage but then I don’t know what to modify there, any suggestion at this point? Thank you a lot

  19. Avatar Martin Lugo says:

    Charles, where put images whit Text “Family Law, Property Law, Tax Law,”

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Martin, the demo uses the “Image Widget” to place that content. There is a dedicated sidebar area for the home page template and yon can drop any widget in there you like incuding plain text widgets which will display pretty much any html.

      1. Avatar Antonino says:

        Hi, I did everithing and is seems OK, but the text of the Image widget is like captions, very little and in italics. How did you get your plain text so big? I mean, your, “With 20+ years of state and federal…”

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Antonio, we used this image widget plugin for the demo: https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-widget/ – I think that’ll do the trick.

  20. Avatar Posterized09 says:

    When I choose my custom “Home” page to be the default home page, I change the template to the alt home gallery template. The RED section however, the section that is for the page content, actually shows the title “HOME”. How do I change that?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, just change the tile of the page content via the page admin. You can then control how it appears in the nav bar by setting up a custom menu.

  21. Avatar ignaz says:

    Hello Charles,

    I put your jurist theme through my sandbox and find it is just as good as your newswire theme. Your weblog posts are professional, clear to the point and written to inform rather than impress. BUT I can’t find a contact form or possibility to contact you by email phone or skype or even snailmail for that matter anywhere on wpdevshed.com.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ignaz, yes I know…site definitely needs a contact form. We’ve been migrating from our old home at wpthemes.co.nz and the new site isn’t quite finished. In the meantime you can always reach us here.

  22. Avatar Tim Bakker says:


    Great theme man! i love it!

    I really don’t want to blog on this site, when I scroll down at the homepage, i see ‘Nothing found’. Can I add an normal text on the site? (Not a blog)

    Hope you can help me!

    Greetings from Tim Bakker
    Designer from http://www.tb-productions.nl

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tim,

      The theme comes with a couple of static page templates you could use out of the box, one with and one without a sidebar. You can create a page, choose one of these templates for the page, and then set this page as the home page under Settings > Reading.

      Beyond this you are of course free to customize the theme however you like, but this will require template and/or CSS changes.

  23. Avatar Mitch Powell says:

    Hi Charles,
    The email that WPDevShed sent out two days ago offered up two themes: WP Barrister, and WP Advocate. I’m working on a site for a friend, and I loved the WP Advocate theme immediately, so I began mocking up a spec for my friend to look at. Please don’t be angry with me – I’ve cannibalized it a little to suit my needs better; and this theme seems very much like WP Jurist, although many features Jurist has, Advocate doesn’t seem to, such as the slider. (I put Parallax Content Slider in there instead.)

    The issue I’m dealing with now is that I can’t make my widgets in the alternate sidebar look like yours, with the images sized to the full width. I’ve dragged text widgets in, and simply placed img tags with images which I uploaded and attached to the home page. Perhaps if you have a quick look, this will all be much clearer (remember, this is only a spec site): http://t24calc.com.

    Can you see the three widgets below the slider have padding I don’t want. I’ve looked all over the stylesheet, but I’m not figuring it out. Do I need to make “aside” tags in my text widgets? or declare a class within the img or a tags?

    This really is a nice theme, I’m just wondering if a special widget was supposed to have appeared in the widget area that would allow the styling of the widgets such as I see on wpadvocate.org.

    Thank you,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mitch, not angry at all, quite the contrary. Glad you like the theme, though you really have made it your own which is great.

      I used the standard image widget on the home page of the demo. If you use this it should style in the same way. I’ve got a feeling the “Image Widget” used to come stock standard in WP, but I think you can only get it when you install Jetpack these days. Try that and I think you’ll find the Image Widget is added to the selection available. Use that and should be good to go.

  24. Avatar Mariana says:

    Hi Charles. I´m using qtranslate as a multilanguage plug in, but I want the flag icons to appear on the header (below or above the menu). How can I do that?. Now they are below the slider but I think its better for the person who wants to read my page on its language can find them quickly.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mariana, I’m not familir with qtranslate sorry so can’t be sure how it works. I’m guessing the plugin offers some code to embed into a template to display the flags where ever you want them? We can’t offer customization services, but if you need some professional help you could try to find a local developer or something like Tweaky.

  25. Avatar Panks says:

    Hello Charles ,

    I just installed WP Jurist and i want to configure it like as it is as you have told in above video And also install the Jetpack . When i put the image widget under Home page widget it didn’t do anything .. I mean there is nothing at my home page .. Can you help me to do that..


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Panks, did you already set up a new static page, apply the home page template to it, and then set that page as the home page under Settings > Reading?

  26. Avatar Mitch Powell says:

    I was confused by that term “Image Widget.”
    You’re probably right; it’s not in the core. I’ll need to get Jetpack. Thank you!
    Otherwise it’s very difficult to see where I can overwrite the padding attributes of those text widgets.

    Looking at the CSS for WP Advocate, it appears there’s another slider it’s referring to, (other than using [gallery] shortcode in a page and getting the background image to change. And yet I see no indication of how to take advantage of a slider which may be built in.

    Thanks again,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mitch, there are two slider options with the two different home page templates. One to slide the latest posts and another to slide images from a standard gallery.

  27. Avatar Jose says:

    Hello Charles, today I am working with this theme, I think is working fine but I have a little problem, the alternative blog page (with NOT slider) show the slider too, its a bug? or I need some extra configuration? thanks for support


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jose, looks like you have set http://mecacho.com/myblog/ to be the blog page under Settings > Reading, yes? If you uncheck that option then the theme will use the Alt Blog template.

      1. Avatar Jose says:

        Thanks, now is working, I think some people should be write a little manual for this theme, thanks

  28. Avatar Jose says:

    I have other problem

    I am testing some plugins for pricing tables, but the CSS on the WP Jurist always re-write the plugins CSS

    Some themes have “raw” option for ignore the theme CSS and apply the plugin CSS, but with this theme I no know how resolve
    Thanks for support

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jose, this is a level of support beyond that which we can provide sorry. If you need professional help I suggest looking for a local WP developer or trying something like Tweaky.

  29. Avatar Arthur says:

    Hi Chalres,
    Great theme!

    Is very modern and have so many functions, my congratulations.

    But, i have a little problem to configure the people profile page.

    I configured all little things, created a page on the Profile mode, add a people but, the team is formed by 05 people, and i need to show all profiles in only one page, like your demo page.

    When i created all profiles, the page automatically shared in two pages, the firsts contained only 03 profiles and the second, the another 2 profiles.

    How to fix?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Arthur, goto Settings > Reading and change the number of posts per page setting. I suspect you have this set to just three.

  30. Avatar Josh says:

    Hi charles,

    I love the plugin. Great job. How would I change the bottom of this page so it doesn’t show the “leave a reply” or “post comment” box? Thanks!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Josh, for any post or page you can choose not to enable comments. That’s just a standard WordPress function. Search YouTube for “how to disable comments on WordPress”…pretty sure you’ll find a video tutorial on this.

  31. Avatar Ruben says:

    Hi Charles!
    nice theme, very simple and elegant. I love it!
    I have a question, I will us this theme for a friend website, it´s possible to delete footer links?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ruben, yep. The theme is released under a GPL license so you are free to do with it what you like as long as it remains under GPL. The footer links are not a requirement, just a commonly accepted form of credit for the creator who made theme available.

  32. Avatar Mariana says:

    Hi again Charles. I´m using the home page with gallery slider and I want to put the text on 3 lines instead of two. How can I dot that? Thank u so much!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mariana, there’s no simple admin function to control this so you’ll need to edit the alt_homepage_with_slider template. On line 67 there is some code where 25 is the character count. You can increase this as necessary. But please be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes.

      1. Avatar Mariana says:

        Thank you Charles!

  33. Avatar Mat says:

    I am trying to adjust the order of the people on my about/staff page. I tried changing the published dates, the order changes in my list of people, but not on the page.

    I’m also having trouble removing widgets from the home and shopping pages.

    Great theme!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mat, the order of people on the page should change when you update the dates accordingly. Perhaps you are seeing a cached version of the page? Are you using a caching plugin? Or perhaps your ISP caches pages for 24hrs on their network (also quite common)? I’m not sure what you mean by having trouble removing widgets from home and shopping pages…can you be more specific?

      1. Avatar Mat says:

        Thank you for responding. Clearing my cache and waiting did not effect the order of the people images. After playing around with it for a while, I figured out that the order was alphabetical, based on the name of the person in the “Enter Title Here” field. Any way to change this?

        As for the widgets, on my “Shop” page, there are 4 widgets “CATEGORIES LATEST POSTS ARCHIVES POPULAR POSTS” on the bottom right edge. I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of them.


        1. Charles Charles says:

          Mat, there’s no way to change the order without editing your template. This is a bit of an oversight on our part and we’ll change this in a next version so that they can be ordered by date.

          It seems the content of your shop page is forcing the sidebar to drop below the content. You could try applying the full width page template to this page and that will remove the sidebar altogether.

  34. Avatar Joey chuang says:

    Hi Charles ,thank you for published this amazing theme =)
    I would translate it to be traditional chinese vision.

    I follow the video to set up my static page to be my main page ,but for somehow my slider not work. also the Article title underneath of the image is mess ..
    Could you please help me to take a look where i settin wrong?


    Joey from Taiwan

    1. Avatar Joey chuang says:

      Hi Charles

      I follow the video to set up my static page to be my main page ,but for somehow my slider not work. also the Article title underneath of the image is not showing right.
      Could you please help me to take a look where i settin wrong?



      1. Charles Charles says:

        Looks like it is working pretty well to me. Did you figure it out?

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Joey, it looks like you are still using the default home page layout. If you want to have a home page which looks like the home page of the demo you need to create a new static page, assign the home page template and then go to Settings > Reading and set that page as the new home page.

  35. Avatar Fabian says:

    Hi Charles

    Great theme, really nice work. I’m having a bit of trouble with the home page. I’ve got the slider set up, and the main content box (ie. title and text placed in ‘home’ static page), but underneath appears the ‘Latest News’ as well as ‘Categories’, ‘Latest Posts, ‘Archives’ and ‘Popular Posts’ widgets all appear, and I can’t get them to go away. See: http://rls.orioncharles.com/

    There are no widgets in any of the widget areas in the WP backend. All my ‘reading’ settings should be correct. I noticed that all of those unwanted bits were contained in the clearfix div, but when I created a display:none; it collapsed the top nav/logo area as well.

    Help would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Fabian, everything looks like it is working as intended here. The home page templates (both versions) include the latest posts below the slider and page content, along with the sidebar. There is no admin function to turn this off. If you clear out the blog widget area it will simply display the default widgets in the sidebar. We do this because the sidebar is going to be there regardless, though you can trick the theme into leaving that sidebar space blank by adding an empty text widget. The home page widget area under Appearance > Widgets is what controls the horizontal widget area below the post content and above the latest posts as you can see on the demo site, this will be blank unless you add some widgets to it.

  36. Avatar Nadine says:


    I’ve got a small problem with the margins / paddings from my posts. Within the post, I’ve made a responsive column lay-out, however the image on the right, does not line under de menu anymore (on the right side). I’ve tried to add/ delete some paddings / margins, but can’t find a solution. I don’t use the sidebar.

    Do you know how I could fix this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nadine, we are not able to provide support for theme customization beyond very simple CSS tweaks sorry. Maybe you could find a local WP developer who can help or try Tweaky.

  37. Avatar Nadine says:

    Is there anyway to make functions.php writable? I made a few changes functions.php. By mistake I’ve deleted some code, which I’m unable to place back, since I can’t log in to my Dashboard, and on the server I can’t chmod the file to writable.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nadine, I wouldn’t make the functions.php writable. If you have FTP access just replace it with a copy of the original file.

  38. Avatar Geoff Staples says:

    Jurist is a great theme.

    The person wanting to use this theme wants a Facebook like button and may at some point want Google+ or some of the other social media stuff. She does NOT want it on individual posts, but does want it to appear on every page (including single-post pages), so it needs to be either in the footer or in the header since she will not have a right-hand column on the home page.

    I’m curious as to your suggestion of where to put this so it doesn’t interfere with the responsive aspects of the theme. It’s easy enough to put in the footer. I also thought about putting it in the menu class, above or below the menu, right justified.

    ALSO, some feedback on the WordPress gallery and the slideshow: Am I correct that when I use the WordPress Gallery for the slideshow, I cannot link each slide to a separate post or page? This appears to be a WordPress Gallery limitation, not a limitation with your great theme, but it does create a problem: For the kind of sites we do, it’s common to want a slide show that links to pages rather than posts. (We normally use pages for static content which is often the core of the website.) I see that I can simply use the featured image and posts to do something similar, but then I end up with the navigation arrows to go back and forth through the posts, which doesn’t make any sense in this context.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Geoff, Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. At the risk of being particularly unhelpful I think you’ll just need to experiment with the FB like button to see what works from a responsive stand point. Of course how it is added to the theme is as important as where. I’d aim for the header myself as I doubt a like button in the footer will see much action.

      The slider is limited as you describe. There are only two options, either slide the latest posts or a gallery of images. You can add links to the image descriptions which will be displayed over the top of the image, but you can’t link the whole image without customizing the template. You could probably retro fit one of the many slider plugins to achieve what you want. Cheers.

      1. Avatar Geoff Staples says:

        I was thinking about writing a plug-in to do this, but I took a look, and someone has already done it!


        1. Avatar Geoff Staples says:

          I installed the plugin mentioned above. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually activate the links. The FAQ for the plug-in mentions that it requires the standard WP gallery code and suggests contacting the theme developer!

          Perhaps, you could take a look and see if you see anything obvious that you might want to incorporate to implement the custom URL feature. You probably already know exactly what’s going on with this and how to fix it.

          If not, I’ll probably take a look and if I see an easy modification to the Jurist theme, I’ll let you know.

          You would know better than I, but I’ll bet that being able to use custom links on the slider images in a WP gallery would be a feature that your theme users would value highly.

          Anyway, thank you for your prompt response to my earlier post.

          1. Charles Charles says:

            Cheers Geoff. I’ll take a look at this and let you know if we can do anything. You’re right of course, users would definitely like to be able to do this…people always want more features, and we’re totally interested in doing what we can, but always balancing requests with keeping things simple and as standard as possible.

      2. Avatar Geoff Staples says:

        On the social media icons: I’m going to try it exactly as you suggest.

  39. Avatar Mariana says:

    Hi again Charles, please look at http://www.depalma.com.ar and you can see how wonderfull your theme works. Thank you!! Its my first experience with wordpress and Im so happy with the result.
    But I have a problem. My client wants to go slower the drop down at the home page (the green box with the text inside) and I dont know where can I find this to change it.
    I know you have this secret… would you please share it! Thank you so much!!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mariana, Thanks! Glad you like the theme. I’m not sure what you mean by “wants to go slower the drop down…”, and I can’t reach the site to check it out. Has the DNS for this domain propogated yet? I’m happy to take a look when it does.

      1. Avatar Mariana says:

        Hi Charles! the link is http://www.edepalma.com.ar and I want to make slower the green box who goes down (the box that has the text: Bienvenidos) at the home page.
        Thank you so much

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Mariana, I tried to reach your site but got a server error so I am not 100% sure what your questions means…but I think you are asking how to adjust the speed of the slider transition? If so then you should login and go to Appearance > Customize and there you will find settings to adjust this.

  40. Avatar Ruben says:

    Hi Charles!

    when configure the slider effect, it´s possible configure random effect? I need various effects, one for each image. Could you help me please?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ruben, this isn’t possible without making customizations to the theme code, which goes a bit beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. I suggest you find a local WP developer or perhaps try Tweaky.

  41. Avatar Michael says:

    I must say, the above page url isn’t the easiest page to show you te problem. This one makes it more clear: http://ikwilinbezwaar.nl/?page_id=21
    You can see that the text under the image (with the red border) is smaller than the rest. I can’t figure out why..

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Michael, did you copy and paste the text from some other editor into WordPress? Sometimes that can carry across some unwanted inline styling. In the WYSIWYG editor check the text view and see if there is an extraneous inline styling there. That seems the most likely culprit.

  42. Avatar Mariana says:

    Hi Charles, what I want to know is how to increase the delay of the “welcome” banner. (not the picture banner, only the text box)

    Could you please let me know how to do to this in order to fulfill my clients wishes.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mariana, I’m not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate on your question please. Taking the demo site as example, the “Welcome to WP Jurist” headline banner doesn’t change, it’s just static HTML content so it can’t be ‘delayed’.

  43. Avatar Fernando says:

    Hi there, I am just started to work with WordPress and choose the WP Jurist theme which is outstanding…what I am trying to do is, in the initial page, link the gallery static images to other pages inside my project, I mean, when the user click over a given image, then open another page, but I am not finding the way to do it…any help will be very appreciated, thanks!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Fernando, this isn’t possible without customizing the theme. You can add html links to the image descriptions and these will be clickable, but you will need to customize the template to make the entire image linkable.

  44. Avatar Carlos says:

    Hello! Thank you for your splendid theme, it’s very useful to me.
    While I have a problem, when I open my site on mobile devices such as iPhone, the navigation will be shown as “MENU”, how can I translate this to other language? I’ve searched it in .po file of this theme, but I cannot found it.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Carlos,

      jQuery generates this text fragment and it can be edited in the library/js/scripts.js file. The line number varies from theme to theme, but you are looking for this line:



      Just edit the word “Menu” to change this.

      1. Avatar Carlos says:

        Thank you!

  45. Avatar ignaz says:

    Hello Charles,

    I use both newswire as well as your jurist theme and think they are excellent. However, have you ever considered adding a widgetized footer area? it would also be nice to have a fade transition from one slide to the next and a way to set the time it takes to transition.

    I look forward to your thoughts,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ignaz, thanks for good the suggestions. We’ll look at these for future updates, though I can’t promise any specific timeline. We develop our free themes as best we can, but as you can imagine we have to prioritize the day job 🙂

  46. Avatar Vicky says:

    Hi there

    Thank you for the great theme. I really do not need the widgets to the right of the alternative home page with gallery slider, is there anyway of removing these and filling the page with news posts?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Vicky, you’d need to customize the theme template to achieve this. If you need professional help you could try Tweaky.

  47. Avatar saif says:

    hello, i am trying lot but can’t make my gallery slider for home page as your demo. first i make static homepage with gallery slider template , then i go to my homepage editor, then i click to add media button then i click create gallery button then picked my desire photos. then published my page . then showing images but not sliding. i make my blog static home page and post page is blog page. please do something for me…

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Saif, can you provide a link to your site?

      1. Avatar saif says:


        this is the link below

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Saif,

          You have customized the template so I don’t know what you have changed which may have impacted the slider. Can I suggest that you roll back your chanegs and try implementing the template with no changes and see if the slider works, then after this try making your template changes.



  48. Avatar saif says:

    hello CHARLES,
    how are you. i am waiting to make gallery slider into your theme. i read your almost all comments about slider here but i failed for lack of knowledge. i am regarding to you to watch a slider making video from you. this will help all of us who are getting failed.

    hope you will consider my request. regarding to you.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Good idea. I am out of the office this week, but will try and get something done next week.

    2. Avatar saif says:

      i changed on css of your theme. by install jetpack custom css for menu, hide latest post section. I changed css and that is here below.
      .post-content table td {
      border-bottom: 0 solid #d0d0d0;

      .post-content table {
      padding-top: 0;
      margin-top: 0;

      #content.alt-home-cont {
      display: none;

      article {
      padding-top: 0 !important;

      #site-heading {
      width: 25%;

      nav[role=navigation] {
      width: 75%;

      .post-content ul > li:before {
      margin-left: -9999999999px;

      #site-heading {
      margin-top: 0;
      padding-top: 0;

      Though i was try by remove that changed, but this time i also failed to make your slider in work. so please make a video for us who are not getting successes to use your nice looking slider.

      Regarding to your video solution about slider.


      1. Charles Charles says:

        Saif, I am on holiday this week and will look at making a new video next week. In the meantime I suggest you reinstall the theme and try adding a gallery to the page again. There really is no secret to making this work, I just think some combination of template changes and/or plugins you have installed are causing some problems. If you use a stock standard install of the theme it should work no problem (unless you have some plugin clashes).

        1. Avatar saif says:

          okay Sir,
          Thank you very much for your suggestion. and i will be waiting for your video tutorial. till then take care.

          1. Avatar saif says:

            Hello sir,
            i was using jetpack plugin, when i deactive that plugin slider was started to slide. after sometime i active jetpack then slider started doing no sliding. so there is conflict with jetpack. i need to use jetpack for my gallery and edited css. how to solve this problem? please suggestion me.

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Saif, we’ll look a this for next version of the theme but I can’t promise any changes in the immediate future. You might be better off using another theme.

  49. Avatar windomearle says:

    Hi Charles,

    First of all thank you very much for this wp theme and for the video tutorial you did 🙂

    I’m using the template Alt_Homepage, w/Gallery Slider as the homepage of a wp blog. I just notice the categories, latest posts, archives and popular posts widgets appear by default. How can I hide them, or not display them at all?

    These are the widgets I am talking about: http://s28.postimg.org/p6bshzqfh/homepage.png

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Windomearle, these widgets appear by default in the sidebar there, but you can override these defaults under Appearance > Widgets – just drag and drop whatever widgets you want to appear into the appropriate widget spot. You can hide all by adding a single empty text widget, but that will leave an empty space there. To remove the sidebar altogether you need to customize the template file and CSS (beyond the level of support we can provide here).

  50. Avatar R Macdonald says:

    Thanks for the fantastic theme, great question and answers. Now where is the ‘buy me a pint’ paypal icon? 🙂

  51. Avatar Dylan says:

    Charles, having difficulty linking the individual attorney bio pages to the “meet the team” profile template page. I updated to this theme from a prior theme and had previously existing bio pages I would like to link to.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dylan, the team profile template won’t link to your existing profiles. It is designed to work with the bundled plugin which enables a custom post type for team biographies, and will automatically link to bios created in this way. To make it work with your existing profiles would require you hack the template somewhat (beyond the scope of support we can provide here).

      1. Avatar Dylan says:

        Thanks Charles. Follow-up question, which seems like a relatively dumb question, but where do I create the custom post for biographies?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Dylan, once you have installed the prompted plugin it will add a new post type and menu item in the admin called “People”.

          1. Avatar Dylan says:

            Charles, I have installed the “WP Jurist People CPT” plugin, but the new post type doesn’t appear as a menu item under the format menu. Any ideas? Thanks again for the help, I think it’s a great theme.

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Dylan, it should appear as a new item in the main left hand menu in your admin console, under the usual “Posts” section.

  52. Avatar Diego says:

    Thank you! Loved the template! It works like a charm.

  53. Avatar thaba says:

    wats the default size of the images on the slider?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, there’s no default size. The slider is 100% so will adjust to the window size. You just want to make sure the images you use in the slider are of a reasonable size (though optimized for web use) and landscape orientation will work best.

  54. Avatar Donna Murphy says:


    The posts on my Blog page are showing all the content rather then the excerpt. How can I get it to just shoe feature image and excerpt.

    Appreciate any help,


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Donna, just add the standard WordPress “read more” tag to your post wherever you want he break to appear. Search “how to add read more link to WordPress post” on YouTube if you need a tutorial on how to do this.

  55. Avatar Lass says:

    I have just taken the most recent WP Jurist update now i cannot remove the slider from the selected blog page. Is this a known issue?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lass, no issue. If you had previously removed the slider form the template and then it re-appeared when you updated that means you didn’t set up the theme as a child first so the update over-rode your local changes. Setting up the theme as a child is always recommended when making local changes.

  56. Avatar Don Robinson says:

    Hi Charles, the main body of the home page under the alt_homepage templates only allow a few lines of text. (I refer to the large red section center page below slider in DEMO.) How can I increase this area? I need to add a video lightbox and the page won’t allow any more text and no longer recognizes HTML5 markup.

    Please help! 🙂

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Don, this is by design. The template as it is only provides room for a short intro and strips out other HTML. If you need some theme customization help you can reach us at help@wpdevshed.com and we can quote to make the changes.

  57. Avatar Aga says:

    How do I set the image widget on the homepage?
    I would love to have three or four posts with pictures in the area just under the slider, like you have (family-,property- and tax law).

    1. Avatar Aga says:

      I GOT IT! 🙂

  58. Avatar Mats says:

    Love the theme!, just have one concern. I am trying thru plugins, and css to change the background of a specific page only, but all with no luck. It only comes back in white. How can I go around this? I need all pages white but one. Also, I am working on the site thru a child theme.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mats, that would require some theme customization. If you’d like a quote please email details to help@wpdevshed.com and outline exactly what you need doing and we’ll take a look. If you can, links to your site will help too. Cheers.

  59. Avatar Aga says:

    Is it possible to change color of .intro-copy-box without changing color of theme?
    In which file arre the changes being made?

    1. Avatar Aga says:

      sorry, i found it

    2. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @aga,

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can create new code in CSS with same class e.g. .intro-copy-box{ background-color: green; }

      Hope that helps

  60. Avatar heder julio salgado says:

    How to make a page where I leave all my (people) so as they have in http://wpjurist.com/meet-the-team/?
    I would like to tell me as I create a page and leave me all these contacts

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @heder,

      Thanks for using our theme

      First is you have to install “WP Jurist People” plugin
      Second create a new page and select People Profile page template to display lists of added profiles

      info can be found in http://wpjurist.com/meet-the-team/, just read the description in there 😉

      Hope that helps

  61. I want to know how to add a page with all the people who believed in this product also http://wpjurist.com/meet-the-team/

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      I’ve already added an answer on your first comment please don’t submit duplicate comment or else we’re going to delete all without your prior notice.

  62. Avatar Evandro Giachetto says:

    Where can I find this theme to download. It’s not on wordpress.org anymore.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      The theme is temporarily unavailable. Should be back in the WordPress directory in the next few days.

      1. Avatar johnlim93 says:

        when will it be available?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Anytime now. It has been reviewed and approved by the WordPress.org theme review team. We are just waiting for it to be made live in the directory.

  63. Avatar Jake says:

    Hi, I noticed above that you previously discussed the ordering of people on the team page. I have tried adjusting the dates and this has had no effect, even after clearing the cache. Can you advise on how to change this? Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jake, seems we made a change at some point and it is actually done alphabetically (I’m not really sure why we did that to be honest). We’ll change that in the next version to be date based so that you can re-order however you like.

      1. Avatar Brad says:

        Any idea when that update will come? Thanks

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Brad, we’re getting a bit frustrated ourselves. The update has been submitted (a week ago) and has been approved by the WP review team, we are just waiting for it to be made live in the directory. We expect it any day now, but it is out of our hands.

          1. Avatar Chuck says:

            Still waiting on this? Its been 3 months! Not being able to order is a real problem

          2. Avatar Ryan S says:

            If you’re in a hurry contact our premium support instead remember you’re using an absolute 100% FREE theme and you can’t push comment support, if you’d like to get updated support and feedback email our premium support at help@wpdevshed.com, thanks

  64. Avatar Jake says:

    Sorry, just one more question, on the alternate homepage, under latest entries at the bottom, is there a way to limit the number of posts displayed? Thanks

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Yep, you can control this using the usual WordPress controls under Settings > Reading.

  65. Avatar Francisco Villén says:

    Great wordpress theme but the visual editor of any page isn’t working with the wpjurist. I’m using wordpress 3.8.1.

    I have tried to deactivate all the plugins, but the visual editor doesn’t still work.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Francisco, do you mean the regular WordPress WYSIWYG editor or are you using a third party visual editor? Have you tried switching themes and seeing if that changes things?

      1. Avatar Francisco Villén says:

        Hi Charles, thanks for your answer.

        I use the regular WYSIWYG editor, but I have changed of theme and the problem doesn’t disappear. So, I suppose it isn’t a problem of wpjurist theme. I will search if it is a bug of wordpress 3.8.

        Best regards.

  66. Avatar Margarit says:

    Hi Charles, Great theme. I love it. I just have have a problem. I don’t know if it’s me, but I don’t see the pages numbers in the people page template. To try to fix this I changed the reading settings setting the limit to 100 post per page. This setting affects the “latest news” section on the “Alt_homepage” template too. It will get messy in no time if I write a lot of posts, as I plan. Is there a way to paginate the people profiles? Or is it just my fault?
    Thank you for your patience.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Margarit, this might be a limitation of the theme. We didn’t really envisage an organization with a very large number of people using the template so there is no separate control over pagination for this page. We might need to address this in the next version. How many profiles do you have?

      1. Avatar MARGARIT says:

        Thanks for the rapid answer Charles. I know, I’m not using the theme for it’s original purpose. I’m using it to create a simple business directory, because the custom post type is really useful and well designed.
        I have another issue though. Is it possible to add or modify the meta boxes of the people custom post type? For example, I don’t need the “Avvo” meta box, but I’d like to modify the “job title” meta box and use it as “address” meta box. Is it possible to add another line to a meta box? I’d like to have two lines for the “phone” meta box and use the second one for the fax number. I know, maybe I’m asking too much.
        Thanks again for your great work.

        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Hi @MARGARIT

          This will require some theme customization, beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. Also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes. If you would like our help with this please email us at help@wpdevshed.com and we can provide an estimate.


  67. Avatar kreulj says:


    I updated the theme this afternoon (1.0.6), and now all the stories line up on the right hand side, leaving the second column empty.

    I’m currently using a child theme (to remove unordered list dots from some of my plugins), but the column problem seems to be there when I use the parent theme, too.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kreulj, I’m not following sorry…could you post some more details or perhaps a screenshot?

  68. Avatar Ketil Berg says:

    Hi! Thanks for the video and the (3-4?) versions of how to create the gallery, lol. This conundrum was what brought me to this page in the first place. We are so used to all kinds of custom- and premium gadgets, its easy to not ever have learned the basic wp tools:-).
    You seems to indicate image size /ratio is not critical. My square slider image is cropped top and bottom, and the others are cropped just bottom. Could you offer some specifics about image sizes and ratios (to reduce our time spent experimenting:-))?
    One request for future updates: Your credit in the footer; make it automatically show current year; after “c-circle Odalport”.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @ketil,

      Thanks for using our theme

      500 x 332 in pixel size would be fine in there.

      Hope that helps

  69. Avatar Nadine says:

    Hey Charles… I LOVE this theme… it’s only the second one I have ever used; I am a total novice but haven’t found it too difficult so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a couple of questions though please:-

    1. I am not far off of finishing my website. However, I have never heard of a child version? I understand this is essential for when you send me updates. Is there a simple way of creating a child theme from this website that I have almost finished?

    2. I have popped an industry typed as a sub-heading under ‘clients’. In the menu area it very clearly displays as a sub-heading but when I look at the page live, the subheading is a primary heading next to ‘clients’?

    Thanks Charles. :o)

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nadine, in answer to your questions:

      1. Google around and you will find many tutorials on setting up a Child theme. We wrote a post on this a while back (here), and here’s the official guideline from WordPress. You’ll no doubt find some video tutorials on YouTube too.
      2. I’m not really following you question here. Perhaps you’ve already solved this. I can tell you that the page title will appear as the main headline on the page, and by default will be used as the text in the nav menu. You can overwrite the nav menu text by creating a custom menu and manually managing what links appear in the menu. Again, googling around will turn up plenty of how-to’s on managing custom menus.

      Hope that helps.

  70. Avatar Tim says:

    Hi. Great them so thanks! Just one question…How can you go about changing the height and width of the homepage gallery slider. I understand the current width is 100% and the current height is 500px but then I change these in style.css it seems to have no effect at all. I would like to keep width as 100% but make the height smaller. Which is the correct css element to edit for this?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Open style.css and update height value at line #3308

      Hope that helps

  71. Avatar mark says:

    How do I update the text on the home page that is in the red bar. It currently reads “Home.”

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mark, just update the title of your page. That will be reflected in the main headline there.

  72. Avatar Aga says:

    I’m working on local service so you can’t see my page.
    I’ve just downloaded an update and all my changes which I made dissappeared.
    Is there any chance that I can go back to preavious version?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Aga, only if you’ve backed up your local changes. This is the reason why you should always set up your theme as a child theme before making any customizations.

  73. Avatar rob lunn says:


    Fantastic theme. Would it be relatively easy to set up custom menus for different pages? I would like to set up a static home page in two languages and will need two menus.

    Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rob, this would require some template customization to achieve. Might be easier to use one of the excellent multi-language plugins for WordPress. Have you looked at these? We wrote a post a while back about WordPress plugins for multi-language sites.

  74. Avatar Rob Lunn says:

    OK, thanks. I’m not sure those plugins are exactly what I need. Anyway, I think I’ve found an easy workaround.

  75. Avatar thanosgen says:

    1.After wordpress update at 3.8.1 the post slider at the home page has stucked. Why? This theme doesn;t support 3.8.1????

    Here is a photo.

    2.Also before the update I had a problem with the google webaster tools. This theme makes me these errors:

    Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
    Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
    Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Thanosgen, the theme does support 3.8.1!!!! Your slider seems to be working just fine for me. That said, I see you have customized the theme with your own slider, so perhaps there has been a clash with whatever plugin you have used for that????

      The theme doesn’t support all micro formats such as hCard. It does support Google Authorship though which doesn’t require hCard support. Best to use Yoasts WordPress SEO plugin too enable this.

      1. Avatar thanosgen says:

        thanks Charles for the support and your info… The plug in with the slides finally crash my website. I fix it. Also I install the plug in that you sent to me and work for some errors but not for this
        Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
        Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
        Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

        Why? Is a setting that I do to set up and fix this error?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi, the theme (nor the WordPress SEO plugin) doesn’t support all microformats so those are not errors as such, just code the theme doesn’t support and neither will many other sites. If Google Authorship is your main concern then it isn’t necessary for this to be supported. If you want all those elements then you’ll need to do some template coding.

  76. Avatar Astra says:

    Hello Charles,

    Really great theme. I wanted to know how do i remove the EDIT option on every page even it is published as a webpade not as a draft and it keeps showing the time and the user creating the website. I need to get rid of those so they don’t show up on the webpage.

    Thank you.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Astra, the edit link only shows up if you are logged in as admin while viewing those pages.

      1. Avatar Astra says:


        Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it. Got another issue. How do I hide the date of the latest updates on a particular post. Whenever I change something on any of my posts, the changes do take effect but shows up the dates along with the changes.

        1. Avatar Astra says:

          Also, the user id also shows up, I am trying to hide that as well. 🙂

        2. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Hi Astra,

          Thanks for using our theme

          You can remove it in single.php file at line #11.
          Note: Just make sure you’re using child-theme.

          Hope that helps

          1. Avatar Astra says:

            Thank you for the response, could you give a little more detail info please!

          2. Avatar Ryan S says:

            It’s pretty straight forward all you need is there, file and line.

  77. Avatar Sebastian says:

    Hi. I’ve got a little problem with WP Jurist theme. Look at the site, please: http://www.polczyn.info. In resolution of screen 1680×1050 there are only two thumbnails, and thirth of them is falling below. Next, if you try to minimalize browser and maximalize it again, then thumbnails display correctly (three thumbnails next to each other). In other resolutions it works perfect, the problem is only with res. 1680 px.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Sebastian,

      Thanks for using our theme

      I don’t have that huge of screen resolution so what I did is reduce the screen and refresh the page again and it seems to work fine, if you’d like us to review on your end and provide further support you can contact our paid support at help@wpdevshed.com, thanks

  78. Avatar Brad says:

    Did an update ever resolve the issue of only ordering individual people alphabetically on the team page?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @brad

      Thanks for using our theme

      The team page template is now in ascending order.

      Just to let you know, displaying people or team is using a plugin, and it’s beyond we can help here in comment support or theme support, perhaps you can contact our paid support at help@wpdevshed.com, thanks

      1. Avatar Brad says:

        Thanks for making a great theme.

        To change it so that people are displayed by the published date, rather than alphabetically by title, open up the editor and edit the file “People Profile Template Page Template.”

        About 25 lines down, you should see a block of code that looks like:

        $args = array(
        ‘orderby’ => ‘title’,
        ‘order’ => ‘ASC’,
        ‘post_type’ => ‘people’,
        ‘people_category’ => ”,
        ‘paged’ => $paged

        Change ‘orderby’ => ‘title’ to ‘orderby’ => ‘date’

        Click the “Update File” button, and you’re good to go.

  79. Avatar Nadine says:

    Hey Charles… two last questions from me and then I’m all done. I am absolutely thrilled at how my website has worked out… http://www.intelligentgenie-va.co.uk.

    1. I have a copyright button in the footer © but I can’t seem to add the company name next to it?

    2. As a complete novice… should I be backing up my website and if so how? YIKES!

    Thanks again.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Nadine,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. The footer text is some way static, you can update the info in footer.php file
      2. There’re a lots of way to backup your site by installing plugin, Backup Buddy or FREE plugin Backup or you can backup manually by logging in to your site Cpanel or FTP client software, for tutorial you can use google or youtube 😉

      Hope that helps

  80. Avatar Sebastian says:

    Hi. I’ve got a little problem with WP Jurist theme. Look at my site, please. In resolution of screen 1680×1050 there are only two thumbnails, and thirth of them is falling below. Next, if you try to minimalize browser and maximalize it again, then thumbnails display correctly (three thumbnails next to each other). In other resolutions it works perfect, the problem is only with res. 1680 px.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      I’ve already added a reply from your first comment

  81. Avatar Alessandro says:

    Hi Charles! I can’t find the WP Jurist people plugin with the search bottom of WordPress.
    Where I can find it?



  82. Avatar Lucile says:

    Hi ! I am trying to add a calendar onto my website i activated and added it onto the homepage thing in the widgets but it does not appear anywhere… and on the pages it doesn’t say add calendar anywhere…

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lucile, are you using some kind of plugin for this? Can you provide a link to your site? I’m just not sure what the problem is here.

  83. Avatar Britt says:

    For some reason our logo will not display if our site is being viewed on a mobile device. Is there a quick way to fix this? Thank you for your help! It is appreciated!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Britt, it works fine on my Android handset. Can you screenshot the problem?

  84. Avatar Simon says:

    I don’t have Jepack installed. Is there another image gallery plugin that you recommend to create the slider galleries?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Simon, you don’t need Jetpack or any other plugin to enable the home page slider on this theme. Using the home page template just add a regular gallery to the page and the template will use the gallery images in the built in slider.

  85. Avatar Mark says:

    Hi — I successfully created two slider images for my home page. Through trial and error, I determined I had to have the featured images for these posts sized at 910×582 in order for them to appear proportionately in the slider image. However, I just tried to add a new post to the slider using the same dimensions for the featured image, and the image is way too large. What should I be doing with the featured images on these posts to make them work correctly?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Mark, the home page slider is 100% wide so it scales with the width of your browser window. This means there is no perfect size as the image positioning in the slide will always be a bit different depending on your browser window size. I recommend aiming for around 1200×500 and that should look pretty good in most browsers.

  86. Avatar Paola says:

    Hi, thank you sooo much for this amazing theme!
    I’m working around with it, building a small site for an organization and I successfully set up the home page with slider gallery and the profile team page.

    My questions are:

    1. How can I reduce the “red band” displaying page title?

    2. Where can I look for change the site width from 100% to static size?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Paolo,

      1. Look for intro-copy-box styles on line 2526 of the style sheet. Make sure you have the theme set up as a child so that future updates don’t overwrite your changes.
      2. This would require more customization that we can get into here. If you’d like professional help you can contact us on help@wpdevshed.com and we’ll make a quote for this kind of change.
      1. Avatar Paola says:

        Thank you a lot for the answer!

        I need just another advice about People Profile plug-in (if I had to ask about this in another section, please just let me know).
        I like it very much, so I am trying to use it in another site with a different theme, but I am not able to view the “page” with people!
        In WP Jurist the trick is just to set proper template page … must I create a special template in my theme?! Or there is a shortcut to show People Profile content on my page?


        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Paolo, yeah the plugin requires the dedicated templates, so won’t work in other themes unless they are have the dedicated templates which only we bundle with some of our themes (but not all).

  87. Hello,
    I’m working with WP Jurist and creating a child theme to change some attributes of the theme. A strange bar is appearing on my pages, particularly on my “resources” page, about halfway down the page. I’m not sure what that is, and i’m not sure how to target it in my style.css to make it go away. How can I change this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lauren, hmm…I’m not sure I can help. I don’t khow what you have changed so I don’t know what would be causing this. We published a video about identifying elements in the style sheet a while back which might be useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zSUIm1KrPs

  88. Avatar arpan says:

    I am having a problem with the google webaster tools. This theme makes me these errors:
    Error: Missing required field “entry-title”.
    Error: Missing required field “updated”.
    Error: Missing required hCard “author”.

    Kindly help with a code.

    Need to solve it urgently.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Arpan, the theme simply doesn’t support all microformats. The Google tool tests for lots of markup that most themes don’t support. We might at some point in the future, just not at this time.

      If it is Google authorship you are trying to implement you should know that this isn’t necessary, though you are welcome to build this level of support into the theme.

  89. Avatar Willie McPhee says:

    Hi, I have spent hours trying to figure this out but I am unable – I was wondering if you can help?
    I want to reduce the size of the big red horizontal band, is this in the css?
    I would also like to reduce/remove the space for the ‘post’ text on the static front page…if I insert a blank ‘post’ it still leaves quite a large gap.
    Many thanks for your time, Willie

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @willie

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. You can reduce the size in style.css at line #2526 or in .intro-copy-box selector
      2. Can you please be more elaborate what space? before title? after title? after content?

      Hope that helps

  90. Avatar Aure says:

    Hi Charles

    Great theme !

    Which sizing is the best one for slider images? So far I am struggling to get the display I have in mind.

    Also on this website: http://communitymanagerappreciationday.com/
    I like very much this: http://bit.ly/1vpehWM
    Would you know the code to do such a thing? And where do I need to implement it?

    Many thanks by advance. .

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @aure,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Sorry but we only give support our theme and it’s not part of theme issue or development bug, maybe a hint just edit all images in photo editor and make it have the same size or simply add width to have all same sizes.

  91. Avatar Aure says:

    Hi Charles,

    Quick question : is that doable to make the widget Blog Sidebar completely disappear?
    I mean if the space is left blank (1), you can still see a white rectangle on the front page(2)

    (1) http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/05/19/1405191250037327.png
    (2) http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/05/19/140519125134324877.png

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @aure,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Why not use empty widget? in every widget it create padding and border so it make more elegant and if you want to change it, yeah it’s possible but you have to change the code like adding the design(padding, border) in the widget content instead of the widget wrapper.

      You can contact our premium support at help@wpdevshed.com

      Hope that helps

  92. Avatar Geoff says:

    Using wp-jurist latest release.

    I’m having an issue with the slide show on the home page.

    The timing on the first slide transition doesn’t seem to take into account the amount of time it takes to download the slide when a visitor comes to the site for the first time.

    By the time the first slide actually appears on the screen, the Auto Play Speed is already used up and the slide transitions immediately to the next slide.

    This is dependent on the Internet connection speed of the visitor to the website. If they have a fast connection, it isn’t a problem, but if they have a slower connection, they never get to look at the first slide before it transitions to the next slide.

    It looks like the download time is included in the time for the first slide, so if you set a 1.5 second autoplay speed and it takes 1 second for the slides to download, then the first slide is shown only for 0.5 seconds.

    Am I correct that the slider cannot recognize when the slides have finished downloading to start the autoplay clock?

    What do you suggest? Perhaps, add an extra 1 or 2 seconds to the first slide? There would be nothing wrong with the 1st slide displaying a little bit longer when the visitor has a fast Internet connection.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Geoff, your assessment is correct. The theme isn’t aware of the download speed for any given visitor. You can do a couple of things to try and address this:

      1. Make sure your images for the slider are well optimized so that they load as fast as possible. I’d start here.
      2. And as you suggest, add some time to the slider delay. This will affect all transitions, but might be preferable.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Avatar Geoff says:

        The images are optimized, but it is still dependent on the visitor’s download speed. – Also, since the dimensions of the slides are rather large, you can’t compress them too much or they start looking bad.

        Do happen to know where in the Java Script I might look to add a bump of time to the first slide?

        In fact, have you considered the possibility of updating the options to have a “first slide display time”? I’ve never seen that feature and I believe it would be well received since the first slide is generally the newest one added to the site and could use a little longer before it moves on to the other slides.

        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Google or even Yahoo both have suggested image compression that is enough for slow ISP, also if you talk about speed there’s a lot of things include there, hosting, code, optimization and even better buy CDN.

          The slides do slides with same time on all items, you can find it in index.php file.

          Hope that helps

  93. Avatar Jake says:

    Hi. Is there any way of keeping the primary menu but disabling/overriding it once a certain screen size is met? I.e. keeping the full primary menu but not the collapsed mobile version?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jake, the theme is responsive to screensize. Try the demo site out here: http://www.studiopress.com/responsive/

      If it isn’t working for you then I’d guess you have any issue with your style sheets.

  94. Avatar David says:

    Hi, Jurist is a great theme. Much obliged for it. A quick question that may be beyond the scope of a comments section but I’ll check anyway: is there an easy way to make the homepage ‘Latest News’ lists of posts display only the posts from a specific category?

    I’d like to display only those posts I mark ‘Recent News’ – all the other categories I’m creating I’m using for content organisation rather than news.

    Any help appreciated.



    1. Avatar David says:

      Actually, it’s okay. Just figured it out – using the WP Hide Posts plugin.

      Again, great theme.


  95. Avatar anto says:

    how to change the language of the calendar?
    for example only the “day symbols” and month name.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @anto,

      Thanks for using our theme

      If you mean Calendar widget sorry it’s part of the WordPress core and there’s nothing we can do here at support, thanks

  96. Avatar Diana says:

    I would like to ask why the WP Jurist theme does not include the image which was shown in the example of it?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Because those are commercial images we paid to use in our demo and we are not legally allowed to distribute them with the theme. You can buy rights to your own images from sites like istockphoto.com or shutterstock.com.

      1. Avatar Vic says:

        Hi Charles. Nice theme; one of my new (law firm) clients chose it so I’m beginning development. Let me just ask this question so I’m clear. Can I use the 4 slider images you show in your demo?

        If not, are they all available on istockphoto.com or shutterstock.com?

        Thanks in advance,


        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Vic, those images are not bundled with the theme. We licensed them for the demo from Shutterstock.com. Cheers.

  97. Avatar Dennis says:

    Very nice theme, i have a question about Alt_homepage w/ Gallery Slider template.
    It is possiple to show the whole side article and not only a part.

    I use static side and I want to show the whole side/article on this template?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dennis, that would be possible though I don’t know how good if it would look honestly. To achieve this you would need to edit the template files and possibly the style sheet. That goes a bit beyond the level of support we can provide here, but you are welcome to change anything you want of course.

  98. Avatar Dennis says:

    Alt_homepage w/ Gallery Slider template.
    show the whole side article and not only a part.

    Thanks for the answer, Is it possible to tell which files need to be changed.

    1. Avatar Dennis says:

      I´ve found the files! Thanks

  99. Avatar John says:

    I added a image logo for the webpage and because of the logo design the menu is a bit higher than the logo. It’s not beautiful.

    How to bring the menu a bit lower or on the same level with logo?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi John, can you provide a link to your site?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi John, looks like you have resolved this.

  100. Avatar Luca says:

    Hi John, this theme is very beautiful, congratulations!
    But i’m having some issues with the “Home Page Widget Area”. No one of the widgets in this section appear in the home page, i can’t understand why.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Luca, can you share a link to your site?

  101. Avatar Luca says:

    Thanks for the timely response, but I’d already solved after watching your video. It’s enough to change the template of the static main page. But now I’ve already another issue: in the static page i can’t see the widgets in the “static page sidebar”, but i see in the sidebar the widgets of “blog sidebar”.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Luca, the static page widget area will show those same widgets by default if you define nothing else. Add whatever widgets you want to this sidebar area to override the defaults. There is also a full width page template you can apply to static pages which has no sidebar.

  102. Avatar Luca says:

    Do you also know which file php i should open for remove the color of the div “.inner-title-wrap”?
    I have done a child theme, and i set the background to “transparent”, but if you look with firebug, or chrome element inspector you can see that this property is crossed out (overridden?) by another, which isn’t in style.css, but in a “style” block in the html file, in turn generated dynamically.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Hello luca, under appearance on your wordpress admin there is customize option and the colors is set in there and it is universal. So that is why .inner-title-wrap is being overridden by that color.

      So in order to solve your problem, please locate functions.php on the WP Jurist theme, in line 263, remove .inner-title-wrap . Then on your child theme, you can now set the background color of .inner-title-wrap.


  103. Avatar Manny says:

    Hi Charles,

    We need your help. We are stuck while working on responsive menu. We want to make the changes in the responsive menu. But we are unable to customize it. Cna you please guide me if we have to make the changes in HTML code and css to make the theme menu responsive as per our requirement so we can do this. Or in which file we have to make the html and css changes ?

    And is it feasible with this theme to make the changes in responsive menu ??

    Waiting for your response.

    Thank you


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Manny, any changes are possible, though I can’t promise to be able to guide you every step of the way. What exactly do you want to achieve? This theme is responsive (along with the menu).

      1. Avatar Manny says:

        Hi Charles,

        Thanks for the reply. We simple want to disable the current responsive menu and want to keep same menu of desktop version through out all media screens.
        Like we are opening the website on Mobile then defualt menu links should be showing. There should not be any menu button to click and get the links. All menu links should be default on the mobile layout.

        I hope you are clear with my concern ?

        Waiting for your response

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Manny, I am bit confused still sorry…You say first that you want to disable the responsive menu and ‘keep same menu of desktop version though out all media screens’, and then you say ‘…All menu links should be default on the mobile layout.’. I’m not sure which it is.

          Either way I actually suggest you contact Elto or Codeable for a quote on this as it is a non-trivial change which I couldn’t simply address here in the comments.

  104. Avatar Nicole says:

    I would like to change the color of the navigation menu on the home page. Which template contains the CSS that I need to modify? I’ve searched high & low & can’t figure it out to save my life. Thanks!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nicole, can you be more specific? Do you mean the background color or the font color? And just on the home page or on all pages? The styles in the theme are all controlled in the style.css file, but they are not page specific. If you want to change things just on the home page you are going to need to create some custom styles and conditional template coding which is all a bit more than we can go into here. Elto or Codeable might be good options to get help with this.

      1. Avatar Nicole says:

        Thanks for such a quick response. The font color on the main navigation menu that appears at the top of all pages. I’ll take a look at the style.css file. I must just be overlooking it.

        Thanks, again.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Nicole, look around line 896 of the style sheet. You might also be interested in this quick tutorial video we made a little while back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zSUIm1KrPs

          1. Avatar Nicole says:

            Found it! I was able to make the change. Thank you for your quick replies and assistance. I appreciate the help.

  105. Avatar Sue says:

    I installed the theme (barrister and jurist) but can’t get it to look like the demo. Is there any way to install demo content and then customize it with my content? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sue, not that’s not possible. I can tell you that we used a third party plugin for the home page widgets on those demos: http://wordpress.org/plugins/image-widget/

  106. Avatar Ashley says:

    I am trying to remove everything under upcoming events on our homepage. How do you go about doing that?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Just go to your wordpress admin in Appearance->Widgets then locate Homepage widget area. Then you can now remove everything under upcoming events.

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ashley, I think maybe you were wanting to remove not just the widgets, but everything else below the slider on the home page template too including the latest posts and sidebar, yes? If so that is a fairly major template customization. I recommend you go to Codeable or Elto for help with that.

  107. Avatar TOM says:

    love the theme and have been pleased with the usability…..one question i have is about the main navigation menu….

    currently it is being split into two lines and i want to bring up to one line….i have looked in the styles.css to edit it but am unclear about how to effect the padding…..

    i have a child theme that i am making edits to

    any help would be appreciated

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      In 1020px of width and above, the navigation is in one line. One of the solution is to change the font size of the menu items when the screen size reach 1020px in width, in your case font size will be 11px (too small, right?).
      If you like this solution, you can add this code in css file, @media only screen and (max-width: 1020px) {div.menu ul li a{font-size:11px;}

      Another solution is to make the mobile navigation menu appear when the maximum screen size is 1020px.

  108. Avatar David says:


    is there a way to add a visible [read more…] link for each post? Currently visitors only have the option to click on the post title and adding the tag doesn’t have any effect except to break the the excerpt at your chosen point.



    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Locate functions.php inside wp-jurist theme folder then on line 637 which is this code
      , changed that code to this

  109. Avatar Dan says:

    I love this theme – thanks Charles. However, I can’t seem to add an ‘image’ widget to the Alt gallery slider template homepage (to show 3 featured pages beneath the slider). I saw that I need Jetpack installed, but I checked and it is. Any ideas? Are there Jetpack settings that need to be configured for it it work?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      In your WordPress admin, Just go to Appearance -> Widgets, then place a widget inside Homepage Widget Area. That’s all!

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dan, this is the plugin we used for the widgets on the demo site: https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-widget/

  110. Avatar Thiago says:

    Good Morning.

    I selected some features images in index.
    But I’d like the preview images were differentes than the banner feature images.
    How do i do that?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Thiago, I’m sorry I don’t understand your question. Can you please elaborate?

  111. Avatar gary says:

    Hi Charles, quick question. Have looked through a lot of the comments but cant seem to find the answer…

    I have installed this theme and its great. I want to hide the latest posts section below the three widgets on the front page. I have tried everything and used multiple template types. I like the look of the slider and widgets – just want to remove everything below that. any ideas.


    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin then activate the plugin. Then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,

  112. Avatar Jake says:

    Hi. I am trying to get the committee to display in a particular order using the people plugin: http://developmentinaction.comxa.com/about-us/committee/

    The first half seems to display in the correct order of how I would like it to, however, the bottom half of people is in a different order and I cannot seem to change this, can you help? Thanks.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      You can download this plugin, Post Types Order to make your committee page in proper order.

      1. Avatar Jake says:

        Thanks Kris, that’s a great help. I have set the order using the plugin you recommended. However, when I resize the screen and the responsiveness kicks in, it makes the order change? Is this a bug or is there a way round this? Also, just one more question, is it possible to change the font size of the name/job title on the people plugin and if so, where can I do this? I’ve tried looking for the plugin css file but cannot find it. Thanks.

        1. Avatar Kris says:

          The committee page has a masonry. Masonry automatically place elements in optimal position based on available vertical space. For more information about masonry, follow this link Masonry. Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin and activate it then go to appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,
          .grid-box .entry-title, body.page .grid-box .entry-title{font-size:your desired size here;}

  113. Avatar Simon says:

    Hi. Is it possible to change the dimensions? I want to keep the width as 100% but need to alter the height.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Simon, I presume you mean the dimension of the slider?

      1. Avatar Simon says:

        Yes, sorry, I did mean the dimensions of the slider!

  114. Avatar Leni says:

    Hi there! Thank you very much for this amazing (and free! ) theme! I have one question: I am using the Alt_Homepage, w Posts/Slider template and I want the slider to display only one category of posts/ or alternatively, to hide some categories. I managed to do it for the page (bottom) but I don’t know how to do it for the slider. Thank you in advance!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      It is not advisable to edit template files in wordpress themes so you need to create a child theme for wp jurist, so create a new folder wp-jurist-child and then inside that folder create style.css and copy this sample code,
      Theme Name: Wp jurist
      Description: Child theme for Wp jurist
      Template: wp-jurist
      @import url("../wp-jurist/style.css");
      /* write custom css below */

      Then copy the alt_homepage_with_slider.php file from the parent theme to your child theme folder and change the value of $args in line 10, here is the code,
      $args = array(
      'posts_per_page' => 10,
      'post_status' => 'publish',
      'category_name' => 'sample-category-1'

      1. Avatar LENI says:

        Thank you very much Kris 🙂

  115. Avatar Das says:

    I am using the advocator theme, and when I add a child theme to it, for some reason the appearance of the child theme changes. All the links seems to work, but the logo dissapeared and the navigation bar is not visible. Do you know what might be causing the problem. please help!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Please send a link of your website. thanks

  116. Avatar James says:

    I have been using jurist for a while and have been able to enter the option of which “post” I wanted featured on the slider. Today, that option is no longer available. Please advise.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi James, can you be more specific? Has anything else changed? We havn’t issued any updates to the theme for a while so I really don’t know what has changed at your end. You can use the sticky post function to select which posts appear in the slider, is this what you have been doing? I see you have been working with an agency, Mariposa, to run the site. Perhaps you can ask them what has changed.

  117. Avatar Jake says:

    Hi. I’m just wondering whether it is possible to change the size of the thumbnail images on the articles that appear on the homepage e.g. those that appear under latest news on your demo site?



    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Go to wp-jurist theme folder and open content-alt-homepage.php then on line #5 and #11, you can change the array values(this values represent the sizes of the images). For example for line #5, the default array value is array(75, 75), you can change it to array(150, 150) and you can apply this also to line #11.

  118. Avatar Sam says:

    Hi. When I use certain plugins, the plugin css is overridden by the theme css and as a result, it displays bullet points. Where can I edit the theme to remove this? For example, see the header image on this page, with the black bullet point displayed in the corner: http://www.developmentinaction.org/india-programme/internship-placements/

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sam, I gather you have solved this as I do not see any bullets in the header.

  119. Avatar Gustaf says:

    I’ve used your excellent theme to create the new site for my law firm. I am using WPR Menu plugin to create a mobile platform menu and am satisfied with the result, but I can not seem to find the option to disable the themes own “reduced menu” option. As of now, the reduced menu and the WPR Menu are active simultaneously.
    -Where can I adjust the menu settings in the theme, and preferably remove/deactivate the themes own reduced menu?
    -Also, I would like to adjust the WPR menu to be active until the “full theme menu” kicks in. Where can I adjust the full menu activation width?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,
      #wprmenu_bar{display:block!important;} header[role="banner"]{margin-top:40px;}
      @media screen and (max-width: 849px) {
      @media screen and (max-width: 800px) {

      To adjust the width of the Full menu, here is the code,nav[role="navigation"]{width:/*insert width value here*/;}

  120. Avatar Matt says:

    Ah wait, think I’ve figured out it’s limited to 10, is that the syndication feed setting? If so then think I get it now excuse my stupidity!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Matt, the other thing you can try is using the WordPress ‘sticky posts’ functionality to control which posts appear in the slider.

  121. Avatar John Watson says:

    Lovely looking site, many thanks!

    I’m still tinkering with various aspects but can’t seem to organise preferred posts to appear in the slider rather than all posts.

    I notice you have mentioned the sticky post function but can’t seem to locate this to use.

    Be grateful for some help!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      In making a post an sticky post, go to posts area and open one of your posts then on the right hand side, you will notice a publish area box. Look at the Visibility: Public field and click edit. Then check the box that says “Stick this post to the front page”. Then publish.

  122. Avatar John Watson says:

    I’m having a problem getting the Home Page widgets to work like the demo version with 3 images. I believe that these are controlled by ‘image widgets’ not given in the original download bundle. I’ve tried to install basic ‘image widgets’ from WP but none seem to work for me! Thanks.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Create A Page first and set the template to Alt_Homepage, w/ Posts Slider then go to Settings -> Reading and set the page as front page. Then go to Widgets for the Home Page Widget Area.

  123. My posting of this seems to have disappeared so I’ll repeat it.
    In the ALT versions of the home page the introductory text is being cut off. Is it possible to change the size of the text block? Is it limited to a given number of characters or words? I tried using a tag but that didn’t work.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Go the wp-jurist theme folder and open content-intro.php and on line #10, change the code into this,
      <?php the_content(); ?>

      1. Kris,
        The change you described now shows ALL the content, which is much too much for that area. What I really want to show is similar to a slider with the excerpt or teaser (e.g. up to the ‘more’ tag) followed by a link to the full content.
        SUGGESTION: It would be useful if we could ‘subscribe’ to these comments so we would get an email when there is a reply.
        BTW, just left a question in the Noteworthy theme page and my apologies for misspelling your name. 😉
        Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

        1. Kris,
          Some more information. Just discovered this in the WordPress Codex:
          The manual WordPress excerpt is often confused with the automatic excerpt or with the teaser (the part of a post that appears on the front page when you use the More tag). While both are related to the manual excerpt, they are different from it.The relationship between the three is this: When a post has no manual excerpt and the post template uses the the_excerpt() template tag, WordPress generates an excerpt automatically by selecting the first 55 words of the post. When the post template uses the the_content() template tag, WordPress will look for the More tag and create a teaser from the content that precedes the More tag.

          I noted that when we used wp_jurist_excerpt() the text is 55 words long. The ‘more’ tag is at approximately 65 words and is being ignored. Even if I move the ‘more’ tag back to about 40 words, it is ignored. When I changed the function to “the_content” it still ignored the ‘more’ tag. The only thing that worked was to reset the ‘limit’ for wp_jurist_excerpt() to LESS THAN 55.

          Also noted that the Home page is a static Page (ALT blog NO slider) and there is no manual ‘Excerpt’ available. This only appears on Posts.

          So I tried converting my Home page to a blog page and making the Welcome message a ‘sticky featured’ post. The Home page looks very nice with the slider on top. Interestingly, the description on the slider is cut off at some arbitrary point and it’s not obvious that the title is a link to the full post.

          Any suggestions?


          1. Avatar Kris says:

            Inside wp-jurist theme folder, open index.php file then on line #63, add this code,
            <?php echo wp_jurist_excerpt(25) . '...' . ' '; ?><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">Read More</a>

            Note: It is recommended that you make child theme first then make a copy of the index.php file to your child theme and add the code. For more info about creating a child theme you can check this link, https://wpdevshed.com/how-to-create-a-child-theme-in-wordpress/

        2. Avatar Kris says:

          I think this not possible if you are using the Alt_Homepage with Post slider or Alt_Homepage with Gallery slider because the intro texts are being displayed using the wp_jurist_excerpt function. So if you are going to add a Read More link at the end, the link will be redirected to itself. So my suggestion, Do not put all the content on your intro then create a separate page and add the full content on that separate page. After that, add the link of the separate page to your intro.

  124. Hello,

    I’m helping a friend build a website for a law practice. I found your WP Jurist theme and thought I’d give it a try. One thing I noticed (everyone is a critic, don’t you know) is that this theme doesn’t seem to make efficient use of the screen landscape. There’s a lot of wasted space. If you look at the site, http://www.arnolditkin.com (not a WordPress website but it illustrates my point), a lot more information is displayed on the home page and there’s not a lot of wasted space.

    1. Is there any way reclaim some of the wasted space on WP Jurist (similar to http://www.arnolditkin.com that I mentioned above?

    2. Do you have a premium version of WP Jurist. If so, what are the features and what is the cost.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Best regards,
    Garland Smith

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Garland, I’m afraid the theme is what is it. The demo site implements the home page as we imagined it when developing the theme and it is purposefully clean and simple. You can of course customize the theme to do anything you like, though this would require some coding knowledge (or you could use a service such as Codeable). There is no premium version of the theme.

      If you are looking for something that has a different aesthetic out of the box you’ll probably want to keep looking, and if you havn’t already I’d definitely check out the premium legal themes on ThemeForest.net.

  125. Avatar Guddu Pandey says:

    I have one small problem…when i click on People’s profile its showing “Error 404 – Page Not Found.”

    can u help me pls.


    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Hello sorry for the late reply, you can try this, go to ‘Settings -> Permalinks’ then change the ‘Common Settings’ to default and check if it still showing ‘Error 404’. Then change back the settings to ‘Post Name’.

  126. Avatar Sarah says:

    I love this theme! Thank you for providing it.

    The site-title is wrapping around. How can I make the container larger so that it fits on one line without causing the menu to move down a line?


    1. Avatar Kris says:

      You can download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and you can add this sample code, #inner-header{max-width: 120.4rem;}.

      Note: You can increase the max-width of #inner-header.

      1. Avatar Sarah says:

        Perfect! Many thanks.

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