Travel Notes

Travel Notes is a classic travel blog theme, big on images both from the featured post images and the optional Instagram integration. The theme is fully mobile responsive and supports the usual customization features, and also integrates an optional geo-tagging plugin so you can display posts by category on a map.

This theme is released under a GPL 2.0 license.

102 comments on “Travel Notes
    • Hi Andres, this theme is still under review by the WordPress theme review team. We’ll add download links as soon as it has been approved and added to the official WordPress theme directory.

    • Hi Martin, at the moment it is taking some months for themes to get through the review and approval process. There is a big backlog.

      You could download the zip here, but keep in mind this version hasn’t been reviewed yet and may be subject to further updates.

    • Yes, of course! I should have mentioned that. We wouldn’t publish a theme these days that wasn’t mobile responsive. You can test the demo site using The Google mobile friendly testing tool here.

    • Hi Dion, make sure you ar eusing the latest version and you can control the media banner via the Customizer. Let me know if that is still not working for you.

      • Hi Charles. I have also tried the theme (version 1.0.9) and I have the same problem. Neither the header video nor the header image is shown. 🙁
        I am also wondering why the theme recommends a header video height of 0 px?!

        • Hi Sven, we have uploaded a new version which has been approved and is now available if you would like to try it.

          • Hi Charles,

            I’m also having issues with the media banner – image is not displaying. Have tried with a couple of different images and have updated to v2.0

          • Hi Henry, were you trying on or another site? I’m not able to replicate the problem on our test site so as much info as you can provide is helpful thanks, e.g. what plugins are you running?

  1. Hello,

    I just installed this theme. It is awesome. Thanks for the good job.

    I wanted to know how I can add the social icons on the navigation bar.

    • Hi Leo, for the social media links just create a new menu and set the display location to “Social Links”. Tthis feature works the same way as it does on the official Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme. You just add custom links to your social profiles on this menu and the theme detects the domain and will display the appropriate icon.

  2. Hi, thank you for the awesome template! I was wondering how to remove the “Instagram Feed” from just one of my pages (Gallery). Is it possible to do? If so, would you guys be able to help me out with that? 🙂 Thank you in advance, I appreciate the support.

  3. Hi Charles,

    We are using 2.0 version in WordPress 4.7.5 and the banner is not working. We tried everything but the picture does not appear in the page. Could you please advice?


    • Hello,

      make sure to create a page then set the template of that page as ‘Homepage with banner’. Go to Settings -> Reading and set that page as Front Page. Then go to Appearance -> Customize ->Header Media and now you can add video or image.

      • Hi Kris,
        I had the same issue with the header image and I followed your directions,which worked (thanks!), but now there is a page that say “Front page as banner” on the menu. How do I get rid of that?.

        • Hi Kim, you can go to Appearance > Menus in the admin and control your navigation menu there. By default it is adding all your pages to the nav, but you can control which specific pages/posts/categories appear in the nav.

  4. Hello,

    This theme is great, but 2 questions.

    – the header images was not showing when using ‘Categories’ in ‘Home page features’
    – how to add the ‘instagram’ at bottom of page like your demo. widget ?

    • Hi William, there is no tutorial page at this stage, but to be honest it is really very very simple. To achieve the layout as on the demo you just need to create a new static “home” page and select the ‘Homepage with banner’ template for that. Also make sure you set this page as the home page under Settings > Reading. Finally, upload a header image via the Customizer and this will appear as the hero image there on the home page.

      All the other options are also controlled via the Customizer and should be pretty self explanatory.

  5. How can I add instagram post on my site and also I wanted a demo of this theme like how to work with menus and all.

    Can you please provide the link to it

  6. Hi,
    I’ ve tried your theme and is very beautiful!
    One question: it’s possible to insert a footer in home page?
    How Can I Do?

    • Hi Alessandro, anything is possible but this would require some customisation of the theme. There is a footer template file which you can edit in the admin under Appearance > Edit. I do recommend though that you set up your site with a Child theme before making any customizations so that future updates do not overwrite your changes.

  7. Hello,

    the theme looks great, but I can’t set a header image for my home, I’ve read that I should create a new static page with the “homepage with banner” template, but the template dropdown menu doesn’t show up while creating a new page, any advice?


    • Hi Edoardo, you are trying to create a new page and not a post right? Assuming so I can’t imagine why the template drop down doesn’t appear. That is a part of core WordPress rather than being something the theme controls.

      • Yes, I was trying to create a page. In the end I somehow solved the problem deleting the theme and reinstalling it directly from the wordpress theme gallery, rather than uploading the downloaded file.

  8. Thanks for the theme. Was looking for a “travel-ready” theme to share experiences.

    Couple Questions. How are the “featured posts” on the main page determined? I can’t find any setting in the create post page, and so far, all my posts appear there, though I still only have a few.

    How does the “Quote” post type work, in regards to imposing the quote over an image, is that a featured image? Or image in post.

    And for some reason I could not get responsive lightbox to work. Used a regular wordpress gallery in a post. Clicking an image just showed a total black background image in center, arrow buttons at bottom. Tried changing responsive lightbox settings, nothing changed. I now have Jetpack displaying tiled galleries and carousel when image is clicked, and that works for me. But just wondering where I might have gone wrong with RL

    • Hi Michael, in answer to your questions…

      • Feaatured posts are controlled using the core WordPress ‘sticky posts’ feature. Just mark those posts you want to feature as sticky and they will show up. That’s assuming you havn’t chosen to display categories instead, which is a choice you have in the Customizer.
      • The quote post type uses the featured image for that post and displays the text over the image.
      • Ah, yes, good question…I have been meaning to make a demo video which will explain all the features of the theme and which should also explain that we used a plugin for the light box on the demo site: – so that isn’t a feature of the theme itself. You did nothing wrong, I just didn’t provide enough explanation!

      Hope that helps.

  9. Hi. One more question. The Header Banner image on main page seems to have an opaque filter over the image. Is there any way to remove this, so the image shows with its true colors and lighting? or to have it a gradient, so only the upper portion above the menu is slightly opaqued behind the Blog name? I could not find any setting in the customizer for this. Thanks

  10. Hi, thanks for the theme! Is there a way to change the speed of the “featured categories” slider on the home and posts pages and/or to add arrows to show that there are additional categories? thanks!!

    • Hi Liz, that is not a setting that you can control I’m afraid. It is a good idea though and I’ve added to the list of feature updates which we’ll implement in the next version. I can’t say when this will be though. We have to fit in these updates to free themes around the regular work schedule so it might be a little while.

    • Hi Katie, glad you like the theme 🙂 I’m not sure what you mean by “the menu content is infiltrating my header image”…can you elaborate?

      • The content of my other menu pages are being displayed on my header image, so instead of it just being the picture with writing from my home page it also has writing from other pages and I’m not sure why it is doing this.

        • Hi Katie, do you mean the main navigation bar displaying below the title and above your content? That is as designed. You can see the same thing on the demo site linked above. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding.

  11. No, thats not my home page, its actually the content for other links on the nav bar and I’m not sure why they are infiltrating my header image. Its probably a simple fix that I’m missing but I can’t figure it out.

    • Hi Iain, sorry for the slow reply. I’m travelling myself at the moment so internet access is not consistent. Have you customized the home page template in anyway? If not have your installed any other slider plugins? I ask because those would be the two most likely reasons for a problem with the featured post carousel not working as expected.

    • Hi Hein, we havn’t done this because I think our themes are simple enough that you don’t really need any demo data to see how they work. If you watch the video above you will have a good idea of how it all works.

  12. Hi, I’ve been using this theme for a few months and I love it, but I can’t figure out how to make an specific single post full-width with no sidebars. I’ve found a lot of confusing videos on how to do it. Is there any quick and simple way to do that!
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Jose, try adding the following CSS to the Additional CSS section in the Customizer…

      .sidebar {display:none}
      .m-all {width:100%}

  13. Hi Charles,

    While working on localhost, Suddenly my header image on blog has stopping showing up. I tried uploading new image as well but still same problem. Could you please tell if any way to fix this problem?


    • Hi Manoj, very difficult to say what might have caused this without being able to view your site. Did you make any alterations to the template files or CSS? Could also be a plugin issue which you can test by disabling all plugins and seeing that “fixes” the problem. If so then reactivate all plugins one by one to see which one is the cause.

  14. I’m in the process of setting up my blog, still playing around with content and I have to say, I love this theme, it’s great! I’ve added the categories sticky notes on my front page, but I was wondering is it possible to change the heading from “Featured Categories” to “Destinations”? Sorry if this has been asked (and resolved) previously.

    • Hi Alison, that’s not presently a setting. You’d need to dive into the code to change this. But it is a great idea. We’ll make it possible to edit the sub title in the Customizer and release an update asap.

  15. I like this theme. There are a couple of things I am struggling with a little bit in using it:
    * Big use of the WP Geo plugin, which appears to be abandoned. The web site referenced for documentation is gone.
    * I’m trying to use a Header image, which I can see on Mobile (iOS) but not Tablet (iOS) or Desktop (MacOS)

    Otherwise, so far I’m finding it quite nice.

    • Hi Magnus, glad you like the theme.

      • Yeah, we’re not sure what to do about the GEO plugin. It still works right now but we are looking at other options and will issue an update if we can find a suitable replacement. That’s the trouble with building on an open source ecosystem. Sometimes some of the things you rely on go away.
      • I’m not sure what is the issue with your header image, and I’m not sure exactly what you mean. I can see you are using a mobile plugin so the mobile version of your site is not actually the Travel Notes theme, it is powered by the plugin. Also, to be clear the hero image you see on the home page of the demo site only appears on the home page. This is set in the Customizer under Header Media (in fairness not a great label in hindsight).

      Not sure I’m helped much 🙁

  16. Media banner is not working. I am using version 2.0.2 and when I put a image, it does not appears on the top of the page as expected. Could you please help me?

    • Hi Marcos, the Header Media image will only appear on included “Home page with banner” template. To have your site look something like the demo you must do the following:

      1. Create a static page, call it something like “Home”
      2. Go to Settings > Reading and set that page as the home page
      3. Then go to the Customizer > Header Media and upload your header image. It will then appear full screen on your home page just like the demo.

      Hope that helps.

    • Hi Wilson, the Instagram display on this theme is powered by the Instagram Feed plugin you installed and activated when you first installed the theme. To turn it off simply disable the plugin under the Plugins menu in the admin.

  17. I’m receiving a fatal error at the bottom of my pages. I have the full code if you would like it but it starts with:
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split()

    This appears on the default Home and Blog pages.

  18. The error has been resolved. The theme cannot handle a Post in which the “Format” option is anything other than “Standard”. In other words no Video.

  19. My featured image is not being displayed at the top of the post. I’m not using the WP Geo plugin as suggested, not sure if this has anything to do with it. Any help would be great.

    • Hello Jane,

      If you are referring to the single view of the post, just add this code inside travel-notes theme file single.php before line #12,

      <?php the_post_thumbnail('full'); ?>

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