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Travel Notes is a classic travel blog theme, big on images both from the featured post images and the optional Instagram integration. The theme is fully mobile responsive and supports the usual customization features, and also integrates an optional geo-tagging plugin so you can display posts by category on a map.

This theme is released under a GPL 2.0 license.

137 thoughts on “Travel Notes

  1. Plamen Yanev says:

    Hello. I have been using your Travel Notes theme for about three months. The theme is great and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. But for a few days now, I’ve been finding that the theme has returned to the base files every morning. All changes to the design of the site are reset in css, as well as other php files. I have not updated the theme with a new version. What could be the cause of this problem.

  2. Customizer no longer works because of WP 5.5 upgrade. They depreciated jQuery Migrate.

    just load this plug and enable jQuery Migrate again and it will work.

    I hope WPDEVSHED releases an update!!!

  3. Min says:

    Hey, Excellent them. I am currently running into a bug where I can not add any additional categories or changing any categories in the Home page features customizing.

    I was able to do it the first time, but after that, I can not add any more categories or change it. the publish button is grayed out.

    any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  4. EtiParis says:

    Since WordPress 5.5 i can’t add new categories (or remove one) on my Home Page.
    Anybody know why it doesn’t work anymore?

    1. minhsao says:

      just load this plug and enable jQuery Migrate again and it will work.

  5. Alexandra says:

    what is the name of the main font on this theme? I am using it now, and want to align my print materials with the blog style. thank you

    1. Hi Alexandra, the main font is Raleway.

  6. Jiri says:


    i love this theme and i am using it on my blog

    I was wondering if there is someway how to put a map on homepage? It would show all the places i have viited so far. How can i achieve this please?

    Thank you!

    1. Kris says:


      Currently, all custom contents for homepage will only be added inside the banner area. But if you are going to add your map above or below the posts grid area, you need to do some basic coding and edit a theme file specifically the template-home-banner.php file. Add your map inside ‘<div class=”blog-list container”>‘ wrapper.

      Please note, we do not recommended editing template files inside the parent theme because edits inside theme files will be lost during theme update. So I suggest create a child theme first and copy the template file to your child theme and edit,

      1. Jiri Simanovsky says:

        Hi Kris,

        thank you for your help, i will do that. In the meantime i found some odd bug. If you scroll to the down of the page and click Older posts it is 404. When i disable the static mainpage it works fine. It even works fine under the preview. Please help!

        Thank you.

        1. Kris says:


          This might be an issue with your permalink structure, go to Settings -> Permalinks then please try to change your permalink settings to “Post Name”. Also, I am not sure why your url is adding ‘index.php’, this may be one of the issue.

  7. Sterling says:

    Thank you for this design! I’m interested in using the theme, but I’m struggling to get anything to appear.

    I can’t get an image to display in the header (I’ve tried a 1920×1080 image, as well as smaller and larger sizes).

    I also can’t get any posts to display on the homepage (I’ve selected the Categories option in the Homepage Features section).

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Sterling, happy to try and help. For clarification have you already created a static “home” page, applied the bundled home page template to this and set it as the home page in the Customizer? If you’re not sure what I mean by this you can watch the video above to see an explanation at about the 4:20 mark.

  8. MJ says:

    What’s the recommended size for the banner? Thanks.

    1. Hi MJ, the banner is 100% wide and keep in mind that different visitors will have a different sized monitor. Some quite large. I’d suggest a min. of 1500px wide, but maybe 2000px if you want to be sure to cater for larger monitors. Of course you’ll need to optimize such images to minimize file site.

  9. Why does the Travel Notes theme condense my PayPal drop down box so that only half of it is visible? Is there a way to make it appear properly? I shows up just fine on my other sites.

    1. Hi Heather, I’m not sure what you mean by this. Are you still using Travel Notes or have you switched already?

  10. Alessio says:

    great theme!

    How can I install the demo on WP?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Alessio, you can install the theme directly from the WP admin in the usual way. We don’t have any demo content to replicate the demo site, but honestly you could easily do this using on the many dummy content generators and the stock standard theme. to build a site just like the demo doesn’t require anything special.

  11. Abi says:

    Is there a way to format the text that automatically populates under a post once it’s published on the home page?

    1. Hi Abi, there is no admin setting for this. To change the styles of the post excerpts displayed on the homepage you’d need to adjust the CSS. To be clear though this wouldn’t allow you to add formatting like bold or italics to individual words.

  12. Otavio Kuhn says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks for the amazing theme, really liked the cleanliness and responsiveness of it!
    I’m struggling with two issues though.
    1 – I’m trying to insert a section below or above the featured posts on the front page, without being inside the banner, and am not being successful. I saw the demo though, and noticed that it is possible, could you help me by doing it, please?
    2 – I have two menus on the header, one for the pages and one for the social icons. Both are showing a “navigate” sign (with scroll menu) whenever I open the page on mobile or tablet. I would like it to be exactly like the demo version, but it’s different.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Otavio, glad you like the theme. In answer to your questions…

      1. As in the demo, you can choose to display Featured Posts or Categories below the main banner on the home page (and above the latest posts grid). To do this goto Appearance > Customize and choose the “Home page features” option. The settings should be fairly self explanatory.
      2. I’m not sure what you mean about the menus. On mobile devices the main nav menu will collapse under a “hamburger” style menu icon. This is pretty standard bahaviour on mobile because the menu would otherwise stretch over many rows on the mobile device and wouldn’t look very good. Is that what you mean? Perhaps you could share some screenshots of what your site looks like or share a link so we can take a look.
  13. Fred Eulenkamp says:


    I have seen the area to remove Author etc. This works with the details in the post.

    Where I have a problem, however, is on the home page. if you scroll to the bottom of the page there appears to be a section where the posts appear a second time. It gives the title, room for a description (I think) and the author and date of the post.

    It is this section I need to remove.

    I cant upload a screenshot but if you go to and scroll down you will see what I mean.



    1. Hi Fred, this is part of the design. The idea is you can feature particular posts right under the hero image or video, while all your latest posts appear below the featured posts. If you want to remove this you will need to customize the home page template, and if you do that I also recommend setting up the theme as a child theme first so that any future updates do not overwrite your customizations.

  14. Hi

    In addition to the Geo plugin I have a couple of other requests.

    1 How do I change the header ‘Featured Posts’ to something more relevant to my requirements (or remove it completely)?

    2 How can I remove the Author information under each post in that section?


    1. Hi Fred, both of these things can be achieved in the Customizer. Login and goto Appearance > Customize.

      In the Customizer go to Home Page Features. There you can choose to display featured categories or posts in that section right under the header, and you can also customize the sub-heading to anything you like. If you chose to feature posts you can use the core WordPress sticky posts feature to control which posts are featured there.

      In the Customizer you can also go to Post Settings and choose whether or not to display the Author bio and/or related posts at the bottom of each post page.

      Hope that helps.

  15. Fred Eulenkamp says:


    Like your Travel Notes Theme but having problems

    WP-Geocode is not loading Google Maps. I have the API set up and have updated Java but I still keep getting this

    Sorry! Something went wrong.
    This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

    I have tried to contact the developer of the plug in but they appear to be uncontactable. Therefore I am contacting you.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Fred, just to confirm, you are using this plugin yes? (WP Geo, rather than WP Geocode).

      While the plugin hasn’t been updated for a while it is still working for me on the demo site, so I’m not sure what the problem maybe on your site. Can you share a link to your site in development so we can check it out?

      1. Hi

        Have tried other google Maps plug ins and they appear to work

        Yes was definitely WP-Geo I have now deleted it. It is possibly the version of WordPress – I am on – the latest?

        1. Hi Fred, the demo site is running the latest version of WordPress and WP Geo is working fine with it so I don’t think that is the issue. If another maps plugin works then that’s great.

  16. Karim says:

    Hi Charles,
    Hope you are doing fine.
    Apparently the template works perfectly beside a small matter with the Youtube link.
    I’m facing a problem while playing the youtube video on my mobile device ONLY therefore on my laptop everything looks fine.
    Could you please let me know if you got any idea?
    thanks in advance.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Karim, can you provide a link to your site in development? I can’t replicate the issue so would be useful to see it first hand.

      1. Karim Sahraoui says:

        Hi Charles,
        thanks for your quick reply!
        Here you are:
        Look forward to receive your answers.
        Thanks a mile Charles.

        1. charles Charles says:

          Hi Karim, turns out that there isn’t a solution for this, it is core WordPress functionality (I didn’t realize this myself until now). See here.

          To alleviate concerns about bandwidth, videos [headers] are only loaded on the front page for viewports that are at least 900 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall

          So WordPress automatically hides video headers on mobile. For this reason you should be sure to upload an image header as well.

  17. Jane says:

    My featured image is not being displayed at the top of the post. I’m not using the WP Geo plugin as suggested, not sure if this has anything to do with it. Any help would be great.

    1. Kris says:

      Hello Jane,

      If you are referring to the single view of the post, just add this code inside travel-notes theme file single.php before line #12,

      <?php the_post_thumbnail('full'); ?>

  18. Matt says:

    The error has been resolved. The theme cannot handle a Post in which the “Format” option is anything other than “Standard”. In other words no Video.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Thanks Matt, investigating this error now.

  19. Matt says:

    I’m receiving a fatal error at the bottom of my pages. I have the full code if you would like it but it starts with:
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split()

    This appears on the default Home and Blog pages.

  20. Ben says:

    Hi Charles, is there a possibility to make the navigation/menu bar sticking at the top of the window while scrolling?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Ben, it’s totally possible, and would be a nice option for users. I’ll look at that for future update. In the meantime you could try this plugin:

      1. Ben says:

        Thanks, Charles!
        I will have to mess around with the settings, because it pushes the navigation tabs to the left, more like in columns than in one line. But for now, it will work. Looking forward to the update, which has this feature build in. Good work!

  21. Wilson C. says:

    I hate the instagram footer with all my pics. It shows in all my pages and cant seem to delete it. I need help. I like the theme but not seeing the same 9 pics in evey page!

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Wilson, the Instagram display on this theme is powered by the Instagram Feed plugin you installed and activated when you first installed the theme. To turn it off simply disable the plugin under the Plugins menu in the admin.

  22. Marcos says:

    Media banner is not working. I am using version 2.0.2 and when I put a image, it does not appears on the top of the page as expected. Could you please help me?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Marcos, the Header Media image will only appear on included “Home page with banner” template. To have your site look something like the demo you must do the following:

      1. Create a static page, call it something like “Home”
      2. Go to Settings > Reading and set that page as the home page
      3. Then go to the Customizer > Header Media and upload your header image. It will then appear full screen on your home page just like the demo.

      Hope that helps.

  23. Magnus says:

    I like this theme. There are a couple of things I am struggling with a little bit in using it:
    * Big use of the WP Geo plugin, which appears to be abandoned. The web site referenced for documentation is gone.
    * I’m trying to use a Header image, which I can see on Mobile (iOS) but not Tablet (iOS) or Desktop (MacOS)

    Otherwise, so far I’m finding it quite nice.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Magnus, glad you like the theme.

      • Yeah, we’re not sure what to do about the GEO plugin. It still works right now but we are looking at other options and will issue an update if we can find a suitable replacement. That’s the trouble with building on an open source ecosystem. Sometimes some of the things you rely on go away.
      • I’m not sure what is the issue with your header image, and I’m not sure exactly what you mean. I can see you are using a mobile plugin so the mobile version of your site is not actually the Travel Notes theme, it is powered by the plugin. Also, to be clear the hero image you see on the home page of the demo site only appears on the home page. This is set in the Customizer under Header Media (in fairness not a great label in hindsight).

      Not sure I’m helped much 🙁

  24. Alison says:

    Awesome, thank you Charles!

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