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Newswire is our latest theme. Designed with local news sites and newsy blogs in mind.

Taking a lead from news sites like the Huffington Post we’ve incorporated a big ‘ol slider on the home page. By default this slides the latest posts, but you can also use the core WP ‘sticky posts’ feature to flag those particular posts you want to feature in the slider with bold headlines and large format images.

The theme also features two customizable navigation menus, and we’ve added the ability to choose between a range of fonts, change the color scheme, upload your own logo and even add banners in the header and sidebar without adding any plugins. For the banners look for the two banner templates (Appearance > Edit), to which you can easily add your banner code to populate the header and sidebar banner spots.

The Newswire theme is released under the GPL V2 license.

Theme Demo

For help setting up your site to begin with check out our guide on how to start a blog, as well as our hosting reviews for Bluehost and Siteground.

788 thoughts on “The Newswire

  1. Alexandre says:

    Hi Folks,

    Which is the better size (Length x Height ) to stick an image to show in the slider, for this theme?

    1. Kris says:

      Hello Alexandre,

      Slider image size can be, 980×600 (widthxheight).

  2. Rens Smit says:

    Hi thanks for this awesome theme, only the theme forum on WordPress doesn’t look very helpful. Here I have a link to WordPress forums where I put my question for you πŸ˜€

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hello Rens, we don’t tend to look at the forums very often. But if you notice the comments here on our site get answered. It’s not because we don’t want to reply on the forums just that we don’t have time to monitor all the forums as well.

      Anyway, your question is a common one. By default the slider does show the latest themes, same as the latest posts below. The best way to handle the slider is to use the core WordPress ‘sticky posts’ feature. Flag any posts as sticky and only those posts will show in the slider.

      1. Rens Smit says:

        Hello Charles, my posts in the slider are already a sticky but they also show up in the section latest news, that’s what needs to be hided. I don’t want my slider images showing for a second time in my latest news.

        If i’me not wrong I could exclude this one category in my latest news post page by change something in this code:

        I just don’t know how to implement this, or maybe just a simple code that the latest news only shows one category? I really need some help, I tried already some things but nothing really worked for this :/ I don’t have good PHP knowledge but I do a lot to understand this language. Thanks in advance!

        1. Kris says:

          Inside the theme folder, open index.php and before line 81, add this code, <?php query_posts(array("post__not_in"     =>    get_option("sticky_posts"))); ?>. But modifying files inside theme folder is not recommended so create child theme first and make a copy of the index.php file and place the code.

  3. Artur says:


    How can I get 3 columns on the page. Two columns of posts and one of the widget to the right.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Artur, I’m sorry for the slow response. I’m confused by your question. The Newswire theme already has three columns in the way you describe. Can you be more specific?

  4. Benjamin says:

    Is there a way to put an iframe in the top ad-banner?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Sure, just add your iframe code to the header.php template file. We’ve commented this so it is easy to see where the code should go. Keep in mind that you must set up your theme as a child theme when making local changes so that any future theme updates do not overwrite local changes.

  5. Jonty Symonds says:

    Is there any way to change ‘Recent Posts’ to ‘Recent Articles’ on the nothing found search page? I tried looking into the search.php file but it seems that it’s linked to a widget of some sort. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Jonty, check out the themes language files.

  6. Jun says:

    Hi Charles, thank you very much for the nice theme.
    I can’t find same question about the slider, so please let me ask.
    I want to show each contents for each pages.
    Now the pictures of 1st page contents are always appear in the slider, not only 1st page bud 2nd, 3rd and so forth.
    I want to show the pictures of 2nd page when see the 2nd page, and 3rd, 4th so forth.
    Is that possible?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Jun, I’m not sure what you mean. Can you explain some more?

      1. jun says:

        Thanks Charles,
        Now, each page has 10 contents and the slider shows each image of those 10 contents in turn.
        Those 10 images are always those of 1st page.
        Even if I’m seeing 2nd page, the slider shows 10 images of 1st page.
        I want to show the images of 2nd page’s contents, when I’m seeing 2nd page.
        Does it make sense?
        I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

        1. charles Charles says:

          Hi Jun, I understand. No, there is no simple way to change this behaviour. In designing this theme we actually expected that users would take advantage of the core “sticky posts” feature to run the slider, which you can use to profile any posts you like in the slider while the most recent posts display below. If you make any post sticky then only those posts will appear in the slider and so you can feature just those special posts and not all the latest which are displayed below the slider anyway. Sorry that isn’t the answer you wanted.

          1. jun says:

            Hi Charles, thank you very much for your answer. I understood. Still I love this theme. Thanks!

  7. Al says:

    Works Perfect! Thanks Kris! Great Advice.

  8. Al says:


    Love the theme. Just installed it and I think it will do what I want. I need a specific color (not black) for the H1 Title on my pages. I need a particular shade of red to catch the eye and highlight a point. How can I change the color?

    Thanks loads!

    1. Kris says:

      You can try this, download Simple Custom CSS worpdress plugin and then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code, .entry-title, body.single .entry-title, .not-found .entry-title{color:#DD3333;}

  9. Edvinas says:

    Hi were i can change “Tagged” language?

    1. Kris says:

      Did you mean the “Tagged” word below each post? Open content-single.php file inside the theme folder and it is on line #39. But it is recommended to make a child theme first and add your revisions in there.

  10. Fabio P says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thanks for the nice theme. In my installation, when the site is visualized on smartphone’s screen, the top menu shows the menu’s name and not his voices, as in visualization on others device (tablet, PC).
    What can I do to fix the issue?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Fabio, this is as designed. To change this you will need to dive into the CSS and change the behaviour of the responsive styles.

      1. Fabio P says:

        Ah ok, I asked because at the top of this page the picture shows full menu on smartphone, and I thought that was the default.



        1. charles Charles says:

          Ah, good point. It’s been a while, but I think we changed this after we first released the theme because it was causing issues with busy menus on mobile.

  11. ARISTIDES says:

    Hello! Thanks for the very nice theme.
    I used the theme with SSL and I noticed that there is a problem with google fonts. I found out that they are imported (in style.css) including the http:. So, I corrected them erasing the http: part. Please fix it so it won’t be overwriten in the next update.
    Thanks you.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Thanks for the heads up, good catch.

  12. Nick M says:

    Sidebar ad not lined up correctly. Here’s a picture of how it looks. Can I fix this myself?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Nick, that’s because the ad dimensions are too wide for the sidebar. I suggest trying a different dimension, something no wider than 260px.

  13. Michel says:

    Hi, I’ve been using this theme for a while now and I like it. I know I’ve sent you an email about adding a cross fade transition to the slider. Any news on that side?


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Michael, there are no updates at this point sorry. The only transitions available in the slider are the ones in the Customizer.

  14. James Kreul says:

    Hello. You helped me in the past to re-introduce a Google banner ad in the upper right of the website, but I just noticed that it has disappeared. Do I need to adjust something to the child theme or is there something else going on? (Let me know what info you need from me to help troubleshoot this.) Thanks in advance for your time…

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi James, I’m not sure what has happened here. I can see the banner code in the header, but it doesn’t seem to be firing (which isn’t something I can resolve). The banner code is in the header.php in the div id=”newswire-banner”. First thing I would do is double check that you’ve copy/pasted the banner code from Google accurately and not left anything out.

      1. James Kreul says:

        Hello again. Thanks for getting back to me. I now realize that it has to do with the Google AdSense account. I will have that fixed soon.

  15. Massimo says:

    Good evening, congratulations for the theme;
    I would like to eliminate the slider of the items from the home and replace it with a Cyclone Slider plugin for pages similar or only for pages


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Massimo, I’m not familiar with the Cyclone Slider, but regardless that is going to involve a bit more than the level of support we can provide here in the comments. If you need professional help with this I recommend you try Elto or Codeable.

  16. Joe says:

    Hi. Thank you for this fantastic theme! I searched through dozens of themes looking for the “perfect” news/magazine theme and finally found yours. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into creating this.

    I’ve found out how to set the featured image for the slider and was wondering if there is a way to adjust the picture inside of the (slider) frame. The part of the picture that I would like to show is out of the frame.

    Would I need to only upload pictures a certain dimension (ex. 650×540) to be used as a featured image?

    1. Kris says:

      Could you give me a link of your website? 967 x 467 is the dimension being used in the slider in the demo site.

  17. Patricia says:

    I have my answer to my previous question about changing the position on my blog header, but where do find the following location:
    text-align: center;
    width: 100%;

    I see text -align, but cannot the “width” to change to 100%
    Thank you so much for your help

    1. Kris says:

      What do you want to do with this? Do you want the logo positioned in the center?

      1. Patricia says:

        Yes, that is what I would like, to center it and maybe make it a little bigger.
        Thank you!


        1. Kris says:

          Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,
          #site-heading{margin-right:0;width:100%;} #site-logo img{display:block;margin:0 auto;}

  18. Ging says:


    I just would like to ask if it’s possible to have only one column for the latest post page.


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Ging, that’s not an option with the theme. To achieve this would require some customization of the template.

  19. Jason T says:

    Hi Charles,

    Im using this template ( and want to adjust the widget boxes from squared edges to rounded. I’m specifically talking about the Facebook, Subscribe to our newsletter, recent posts, recent comments widgets. Is it possible to edit the code to make this change?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,
      #sidebar .widget {background-color: #ecf0f1;border-radius: 10px;} .widget-title{border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0;}

  20. PWPP says:

    Love the theme, thanks! Is it possible in any way to make the right-hand column 200 to 210 pixels wide?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Looks like you achieve this. Nice one.

  21. Red Nomad OZ says:

    Hello! I really like the theme and am using it on my blog. I’ve changed the background colour to black. It works well for most blog components, but the text is white on white in the drop down menus AND blog post comments. Is there any way to fix this?

    Thank you!

    1. Kris says:

      Here is the CSS code for that,

      .widget #searchform #s{color: #000;min-width: 100%;}
      select{color: #000;}
      .commentlist li.comment article[id*="comment-"] p, .post-content p{color:#000;}

  22. Cherie says:

    i am such a noob so forgive me.

    i used the theme for the website and here are my questions:

    1. can i change the way the caption on the slider looks like? by default, it is on top and is really huge and (animation) pushes in with the images. i somehow would like to make it just a tiny part at the button and not push from right to left but just fade in and out. is that possible?

    2. what is the size/dimension of the header?

    3. are the buttons on the menu (home, contact us, etc.) designed using images or CSS? because i would like to change its colors. if images, is there a specific dimension for the buttons?

    4. what is the size/dimension of the slider?

    5. can i make the header and slider spreader throughout the screen and/or without the sidebar/side border? how?

    i know i am asking for too much but i really need help specifically on this theme.

    thanks for the help and it is very much appreciated.

    1. Kris says:

      1. Yes it is possible but you need to edit template files inside the-newswire theme folder and this need coding. But we can’t changed how the headline of the slider behaves because it is part of the effect of the slider.

      2. 970px by 222px

      3. It is designed using CSS but if you want to change colors, just go to your wordpress admin and then under Appearance -> Customize, you can set colors under Colors section.

      4. 970px by 600px

      5. If you want to make the site full-width, Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin and add this code,

  23. Paty says:

    Hello there,
    here is my question: I upgraded to wordpress 4.0 and now my image upoloader is not working and I am driving myself crazy trying to figure why it does not work anymore. Could you please help me out? I have a post all ready to be publish but cannot upload any images or link up pages. HELP PLEASE!
    Thank you so much!

    1. Kris says:

      Try to deactivate all the plugins then activate them back one by one. If this won’t work, try to update the plugin to there latest versions.

      1. Patricia says:

        It worked thanks!

  24. Michelle says:


    This theme is perfect for my quotes website. My concern is that I tried to show all of the contents of the posts on archives or tags, but it seems that the grid box has a height limit. I tried to edit the content,php. Still, it doesn’t show all that’s written in the contents especially the long ones. Can you please help me on this?

    1. Kris says:

      Locate content.php file on the the-newswire theme folder and below line 30, add this code,
      <?php if(is_archive() || is_tag()){
      } ?>

      1. Michelle says:

        That’s helpful! Thanks a lot!

      2. Michelle says:

        Hi Kris,

        How can I also add a permalink to the content when shown in archives or tags? Thanks.

        1. Kris says:

          You can insert this code,
          <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">Link to the content</a>

          1. Michelle says:

            Thank you for your help!

  25. Aaron says:


    Just need to know if there is a way to get rid of the
    > | “Category” | Sports<
    in the tab of the browser.

    Can I use simple css to do this?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Aaron, I gather you mean the page meta title. You don’t want to get rid of that (very important for SEO), but you can control how the meta titles work. I recommend installing the WordPress SEO plugin which gives you a great deal of control over page titles.

  26. Jamie says:

    Hi Charles, I changed the home page from static, you should be able to see the issues now. As for changes, I haven’t made any changes since I upgraded to 1.0.7 about a week ago, and the site was working fine prior to the upgrade.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Jamie, I see the issue with the slider, but I can’t replicate the issue on my own site, so I don’t know what the problem is there. Have you made any template customizations in the past, before upgrading to 1.0.7 and did you set it up as a Child Theme previously?

      The latest posts seem to all be aligning as expected on the home page as far as I can see.

  27. Jamie says:

    Hi Kris,
    Thanks for your help, I tried disabling all the plugins but it still doesn’t solve the slider problem. As for the latest posts, the text/pictures for each post are aligning, but the posts themselves are oddly oriented, the first two are fine, the bottom right is fine, but the bottom left is moved about one “post” lower than it should be. There are only 4 posts.

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Jamie, I see you have set a static page as the home page right now, I presume because of the slider and post issues. Without being able to see the issues it isn’t possible to trouble shoot any further. One other question, have you customized any of the templates or CSS?

  28. Gerwin Vis says:

    Hi, some time ago i start using the newswire template.
    I just found out that the submenu’s don’t work on IE 10 (i did not test any other yet).
    Any solutions for this problem?


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Gerwin, I’m not sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate please.

  29. Bianca says:

    Hi! I’m trying to create a child theme of the newswire, but when I try and activate it on WP it says it’s broken and that I need to install the parent theme (which is already installed).

    This is my style.css. Is the template name wrong? I’ve tried inserting “twentyfourteen” in the template area just to test it out and the child template activates with that but not when I have “thenewswire” in the template area.

    Theme Name: The Newswire Child
    Theme URI:
    Description: The Newswire Child Theme
    Author: Bianca Sosa
    Author URI:
    Template: thenewswire
    Version: 1.0.0
    Tags: light, dark, two-columns, right-sidebar, responsive-layout, accessibility-ready
    Text Domain: the-newswire-child

    @import url(“../thenewswire/style.css”);

    /* =Theme customization starts here
    ————————————————————– */

    1. Kris says:

      Check the folder name of the newswire theme.. usually when you download the newswire theme the folder name is “the-newswire”.

  30. Jamie says:

    Hi, I’m having a few issues with my site since I updated to 1.0.7 recently.
    1.The slideshow isn’t working and just continually displays the “loading” icon.
    2. The “latest posts” are stretched down across the homepage, with a lot of blank space in between the image and post writing.
    If you could take a look at the homepage you’ll understand what I mean regarding these issues.
    Any advice would be appreciated.


    1. Kris says:

      I think the problem is JQEURY conflict. Try to deactivate installed plugins in your website and see what happens.

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