Blue Chip

Blue Chip is a clean and contemporary business WordPress theme, with a lot of great functionality right out the box. We've added support for popular plugins to manage business contact information, team profiles, and testimonials. Combining the bundled home page template and the supported shortcodes plugin you can also build highly engaging and interactive home pages just like the demo site. Of course the theme color scheme is also managed via the customizer with no coding required. Perfect for small to medium sized businesses and professional services organizations like law firms, accounting firms and consultants.

Theme Demo

Blue Chip is released under a GNU2.0 license.

9 comments on “Blue Chip
  1. Very neat theme. Perfect for small business.
    Guys please tell me how can I download the content you created along with the theme in order to edit it later?

    • Hi Nick, there is no download for the demo site content. You’ll need to install the Ultimate shortcodes plugin and use this to add your own content to any pages (including the home page) you want to build.

    • Hi Donna, yes, the main theme colors can be controlled in the Customizer and the text and button you see on the demo were edited using the Ultimate Short Codes plugin, which you will be prompted to install when you activate the theme but is entirely optional. You can put whatever you like there, or have nothing, just the image.

  2. Is there a way to remove the redundant page title on the banner? For example, on the Home page it says “HOME” in white letters in the banner and also shows the navigation bar Home, About Us… I tried to do this with the Customization but couldn’t see how. Thank you!

    • Hi Michael, it looks like you are using the standard full width page template for the home page yes? Assuming so, you can just remove “Home” for the title field on the page admin screen, click save, and it will remove that from the home page. Or you could change the title to something like “Welcome to Cleveland Understands Biotech”.

      If you use the special “Homepage” template for the home page then the content (not the title) of that page is displayed over the hero featured image (as on our demo), so in that case you can simply choose not to have any content appear in that spot.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Charles for your response. I played around with this suggestion but if you remove the Title, the WP dashboard deletes your page name too and this becomes confusing to maintain. Is there a way to get the menu bar up on the location top bar (above the banner image)? That would do fine as well. I suppose I could also use a sidebar widgit. The Homepage template idea is good too… I’ll see about that idea too. Out of curiosity, you only get 5 sections. Can you build multiple pages within 1 section, so you can fit the whole site in?

        • Hi Michael, there is no simple way to put the menu bar at the top above the banner image. This will require you to make changes to the theme code. For the sections on the home page, the plain full width sections provide more flexibility for adding content so you could experiment with this to see if you can get what you want. If the theme isn’t flexible enough for you, I’d take a look at something like Beaver Builder which will allow you much more flexibility to build your own layouts.

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