10 Surprising Benefits Of A Virtual Office

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Virtual offices are becoming more common as workforces are transitioning into more hybrid and remote structures.

A virtual office can be a great in-between for cutting out an office building entirely and paying for a rarely used building. 

Virtual offices have more benefits than just allowing you space from a whole office space. These are ten surprising benefits of having a virtual office.

Mailing Services

Most virtual offices offer some sort of mail service. Mail is essential because you must have a mailing address to register your business properly.

Virtual office services can provide a virtual mailing address or a PO box within the office for a relatively low cost. Some mailing services may even allow you to manage all your mail from an app, so you will not even have to go into the office every time you get mail. 

Having a mail solution also allows you to send customers mail for marketing purposes and receive feedback from the mail.

If you own a business that requires shipping, a mailing service can also help you save on shipping and better track your packages.   


Talking on the phone may not seem as crucial as it once was due to the prevalence of email and video conferencing.

However, having a phone number is still critical to business ownership. Many customers prefer to call and talk to someone live for customer service complaints or specific questions about products or services. 

A virtual office often has phone forwarding or even a virtual or in-office receptionist to help you with all phone communications. 

Meeting Space

Many remote employees have expressed that they miss social interaction from being in an office.

There are also some customers or partners who may still want to meet in person. A virtual office space with coworking spaces and conference rooms can address these issues perfectly. 

Teams can occasionally meet to discuss projects and socialize in a virtual office setup’s conference room or coworking spaces.

You could also book conference rooms to meet with partners or customers who want to meet face-to-face.

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Cost Saving

Renting out an office space can come with a lot of overhead costs. On top of the rent, you often have to pay for utilities such as electricity, water, heating, and air.

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Once you have the office space, you have to furnish and decorate the area to allow employees to work. A virtual office setup can be much cheaper. 

In virtual office setups with a physical meeting space, the rent is much cheaper since it is being split among multiple people and will also come pre-furnished. You can completely cut out all the rent costs for a setup without a physical space. 

Remote employees are often responsible for creating their own office setup and perhaps given a stipend to aid them in creating a home office. These costs are much less than a traditional office space. 


One of the biggest reasons employees enjoy remote or hybrid work is its flexibility. Virtual offices allow for a lot of that flexibility.

You can choose between many different virtual office setups and highly customize them to meet your company’s needs. 

Working from a virtual office allows everyone to have more flexibility in their geographical locations and working hours which helps businesses have more working hours and gain more talent from qualified individuals who may not live where the headquarters are located.

Business Image 

Virtual offices often provide you with a mailing address for a sought-after city which helps improve your business image.

While finding an actual office location in a big city or multiple cities may not be feasible for many businesses, a virtual office address can provide you with an address to help establish roots there. 

Having a setup in different areas can help with business expansion, and setting up in well sought after areas can even help your customers trust you more. 

Access To Services 

Having a virtual office can give you many perks already listed, such as receptionist, phone, or mailing services, but there are more perks that you could get from a virtual office.

A virtual office will have a set infrastructure and will likely have reliable, high-speed internet and computers that anyone working in the space can access.

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They may also have printing and faxing services available. If you want to ensure you can still keep employee morale with break room snacks, you can look for a virtual office space with kitchen space.

Using a virtual office means you do not have to deal with any maintenance issues since the facility of your space will be responsible for those. 

Added Privacy And Security 

While some worry that remote and hybrid work may result in more security and privacy issues, the opposite can be true.

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Listing the virtual office address for all communication rather than personal home addresses is crucial for keeping employees’ personal information safe and private.

You can also avoid issues of giving out personal phone numbers and email addresses by having office phones and emails. 

Employee Success

Many employees enjoy the flexibility and work-life balance that working remotely or hybrid gives them.

When employees have higher job satisfaction, they work more efficiently and productively.

Since employees can better set their schedules and manage their workday, they will more consistently hit deadlines and work efficiently. 

With remote work, you can also pull from a much larger talent pool and end up with the best people for the job. Your workforce can also have higher mental and physical health.

Since they do not have to worry about a morning commute, they can spend extra time in the morning working out or getting some extra sleep.

Employees can also cook healthy meals at home throughout the day. 

More Environmentally Friendly 

If your company values sustainability, virtual offices are more environmentally friendly than traditional ones.

Offices are a significant source of waste since daily commutes create a large number of carbon emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels.

Virtual offices also use digital files rather than wastefully printing all files on paper.  

Wrap Up 

If you are considering switching to a virtual office, consider these benefits. A virtual office can help your company gain the services, employee success, and flexibility that remote and hybrid work can offer.