The Seven Steps to Making a Great TikTok Video

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The content revolution is in full swing. The sheer amount of visual stimuli we digest every single day is genuinely frightening, and there seems to be no sign of this trend relenting any time soon. 

So perhaps you want to get on board and fancy yourself as something of a content producer; well, on the plus side, putting together strong content, even on a slim budget, is more manageable in 2022 than ever before, thanks to the fact that the equipment needed to do so is inexpensive but on the negative side, you are just one of the millions attempting to go viral. 

TikTok can now rightly claim to be a true behemoth in the online world. The service, which started in 2016, now has over one billion active users. That puts it behind Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram but ahead of Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter, and its audience, unlike some mentioned, is on the rise.

If you are hoping to make a big splash on TikTok, then be prepared for the long haul, as it’s by no means plain sailing. When it comes to social media influencers, the best in the business might make it all seem easy, but behind every successful viral video are millions that barely get a look in. 

Making a great TikTok video is hard work, and in order to help you crack the code, here are seven tips that should help you on your journey.

Be Creative

While it’s true that a lot of what happens on Tik Tok involves jumping on trends and crazes, being original can also be surprisingly effective. Why not try it? 

Your video may be wholly original or could look to make use of stock footage; it doesn’t really matter just so long as what you produce and post on your channel is exciting and has the potential to grab the attention of a large viewership. 

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Build Your Audience

While, on infrequent occasions, some TikTok users go viral even though they don’t have a large audience, most successful TikTok videos (those that reach massive audiences) do so because they already have a decent-sized following.

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In other words, if you want your TikTok video to be seen by a large audience, then your best route to achieving this is to work on growing your own following. This will help act as a springboard for future success.

The Key Is In The Edit

Learn how to edit your videos to help maximize their effectiveness. Cut your videos cleanly, and make sure that you include other aspects that will make these videos more pleasing to the eye.

Use filters; there are plenty to pick from within TikTok; add text to help explain what is going on; this is very effective given that a lot of people watch videos without sound. Clearly, most of us watch with sound, and therefore selecting the right music for your videos is hugely important. 

Expand the Reach of Your Video With Hashtags

Categorizing your content is an excellent way to push your video further. Your video might be on trend, or you might be hoping to start a whole new one; either way, use hashtags effectively to position your video in a suitable space. 

Know Your Market

As part of any strategy to become a successful social media influencer, you should know what niche your work falls under. You might want to concentrate on cute dance craze videos, or maybe your work is all about fashion. Maybe you want to push a specific skill, perhaps that’s cooking, a field of the arts, or maybe you just want to be informative.

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Once you know what area you wish to position yourself in, check out the current market and see what you can learn from their efforts. See how popular your contemporaries are and glean from their work what you can take on board with your output.

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Post Well and Often

If you want to produce a great TikTok video, then you’ll need to post regularly. Your first video isn’t going to light up the world, and it takes time to bed in and perfect your work, and that’s why you need to get into some sort of routine.

Posting videos regularly helps you in many ways. Firstly it informs your audience, which may currently be small but loyal, that you have a lot to say, and secondly, it will help you get better with each video you post. Practice makes perfect.

Make Sure Your Video Is of a High Quality

Viewers will forgive many things. Perhaps the content you produce doesn’t quite hit the mark; it could be that your delivery wasn’t excellent, or the subject you covered on a particular day might have already been overtaken by events and might not be current enough (the social media world moves incredibly fast). 

However, the one thing that viewers won’t accept is videos that aren’t of high quality, and this is something you’ll need to be very vigilant about. A great TikTok video isn’t one where the camera is shaky beyond belief (and not deliberately), and if your sound is poorly recorded, this is another obstacle to potential success. The equipment you need to shoot, record, and edit a good video isn’t expensive, and therefore there is no real excuse for failing to make a high-quality product. 

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