5 Simple Things to Consider When Choosing Fonts For Your Design

5 Simple Things to Consider When Choosing Fonts For Your Design

When it comes to design, almost everyone thinks of eye-catching images. But it goes much deeper than that, because design is a combination of different components that will look beneficial as a result.

This is why it is very necessary to consider all the subtleties when choosing a font. Typography is the voice of a project’s design, and typeface is its visual interpretation.

Depending on what typeface we choose for our website, app, or poster, ads, banners, it will be the way the project will sound.

Typography is one of the most important issues in design, and the problem of choosing the right script for a work should not be underestimated.

It is the environment through which the content of the text is visually formed.

The choice of this shape, which significantly affects the readability of the text and the reader’s experience, depends on the hundreds, even thousands, of available typefaces.

Fonts can be neutral or evoke emotion. It can reflect different tendencies.

You should always approach font selection as carefully as possible, because if something goes wrong your awesome project can fail.

Even despite the fact that you offer incredible service, great products, etc.

1. Readability

It is one of the main aspects by which you should choose the perfect product. If the font is readable, then your information will be properly communicated to the readers.

If people spend a lot of time trying to figure out the lettering, then everyone will pass you by. A

fter all, no doubt it is very unpleasant to sit and try to understand what the author wanted to convey, and what the letter in the middle.

It will really ruin your relationship with the customers, even if you are a world-famous company and have many satisfied clients.

We recommend you to avoid using fancy fonts, as it puts a strain on the reader’s eyes. For headlines, it is better to choose decorative options, but again, don’t get too creative.

We recommend that you refer to design font bundles. These are great web solutions for creating a stylish and eye-catching project that would be easy-to-read.

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2. Branding


Just as every person has a different tone of voice, so every project and company has a specific style.

In branding, this can manifest itself in what visual style the team chooses, how it speaks, and what it is about at all.

And font here becomes one of the main tools for expressing visual identity.

If you plan to build a system design (that is, your website, presentation, follow-up projects will be similar in style and reminiscent of you), choose a calm and concise script for the basics.

To create input fields, buttons and other components, you need a font that will not take much on itself.

It should be a helper and a guide to the world of information for the user. The typeface you choose should embody the character of your brand and fully convey it.

It seems that under this description fits a large number of web items, but do not rush to joy and take any you like, before it is worth considering many details.

3. Serif vs Sans: What is Best?

Fonts with serifs are called antiquas, those without serifs are grotesques. If the serifs in the typeface are thick, almost as thick as the main strokes, it is a slab script.

And if there are extensions at the ends of the strokes where the serifs are located in the antiqua, it is a grotesque antiqua.

It all sounds complicated and incomprehensible to someone who doesn’t know typography. But now we are going to figure it out.

Serifs are a legacy from the past. They date back to the era of handwritten texts. Later when fonts were first produced for printing, they were copied from manuscripts.

It is incorrect to unequivocally mark the image of the antique as traditional and expert, and the grotesque as modern and technological.

In any case, when choosing a font for a project, it is better to trace the history of its origin and find the inspirations. 

Until recently there was a myth that in texts of great length, serifs were quicker and more comfortable to read. This was true when people mostly dealt with text printed on paper.

But we have long since read much more from computer screens and smartphones. And it is full of grotesques out there. 

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Combine serif and sans scripts. They go well together. It creates harmony and good contrast in the text.

Usually antiques are used for typeset text, and grotesques are used for headlines or vice versa. It is even better to combine two different font families of the same kind.

4. Font Family

A font family is a collection of all typefaces that share similar design characteristics. Scripts belonging to the same family may differ in size, weight, and style, but have the same basic design.

For example, when people think of Arial, they mean the Arial font family, not all the typefaces it contains.

And that family also includes Arial Regular, Arial Italic, Arial Bold, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Arial Monospaced and others.

Although they are all differing from each other, they all have the same design that makes them similar.

For example, the letters may have various weights or have a higher slope, but finally they all look the same.

And you have probably seen a lot of these products on the Internet. They include a variety of styles, lettering, and as such provide designers with plenty of opportunities for creative solutions.

After all, it is recommended to use just a few scripts. You may either choose from two different families, but similar, or from the same family. 

Here we can also clarify that the fonts do not have to be completely the same. Choose different items and follow the rules in the post.

Also don’t forget that you should use no more than 2-3 scripts in the project. Then the design will look harmonious. 

5. Use a Strong Contrast when Selecting Two Fonts

Contrast is an essential aspect of font selection. Contrast refers to the difference in thickness of horizontal and vertical strokes in the letters.

If you choose multiple products, you should definitely make sure that they have significant contrast differences.

But various contrasts can also be detrimental, so it is better to opt for scripts that have a common feature, but otherwise have a huge difference.

In this case, one typeface will be more noticeable than the other.  And remember, the perfect combination of fonts should create balance. 

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