7 SEO Strategies To Boost Referral Traffic

7 SEO Strategies To Boost Referral Traffic

Digitization has become part and parcel of today’s business development strategies. Many companies are looking to shift to online operations, and rightly so.

In recent years, the online market has seen significant growth, thanks to the increasing number of internet users.

Social media, for one, has played an important role in bringing more people on board. 

Of course, these changes mean there are high chances of gaining online customers, regardless of your brand’s size.

However, with more companies joining the market, competition can become quite an issue.

The good thing, though, is you can always overcome this problem through several strategies, one of which is search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO? 

You’ve probably come across the term SEO many times in your internet adventures. But what does it mean?

SEO has everything to do with the positioning of your website or web pages on organic search results.

For instance, when an internet user types a keyword on a search engine, the most relevant results will appear on the first page.

These are the web pages that search engines consider high quality.

SEO, therefore, ensures your web pages meet the criteria used by search engines when ranking websites.

There are several SEO strategies that can make this happen—from content optimization to social media marketing.

By appearing on the top results of organic searches, you have a higher chance of driving traffic to your website and building your online presence even further. 

What Is Referral Traffic?

Traffic, a popular word in the modern digital world, simply refers to visitors who come to your website for one reason or another.

They’re segmented into different groups, depending on how they came across your brand. 

That said, referral traffic pertains to a group of visitors who come to your website through another source. In other words, they’re referred to your brand by another individual or company.

The best thing about referral traffic is there are high chances these visitors can be converted to customers because they often come from trusted websites.

Also, the fact that you share the same target group with your affiliate increases your chances of success. 

So how can you boost your referral traffic? Here are some effective ways.

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Guest Blogging

One of the easiest yet effective strategies for boosting your referral traffic is through guest blogging.

This is considered the gold standard for brand authority enhancement in the online market. This technique can also have a huge impact on your SEO.

As a beginner, getting started with this project can be quite intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. 

A quick search on the internet will show you a multitude of websites that have already built their reputation and names over the years.

Guest blogging on these platforms will give your brand the exposure it needs to enhance your referral traffic. However, not all results you find on the internet will meet your needs.

Therefore, it’s imperative to choose a website that falls within your field and shares the same target group as your brand.

These could include reputable bloggers or experts within your industry. 

To find a platform that’s right for you, the best thing to do is to visit a guest post marketplace.

Here, you’ll get a variety of websites selected and categorized based on their popularity, the amount of traffic they generate, and their level of reputation within the industry.

The higher their score is in these aspects, the higher your chances would be of boosting referral traffic.

Alternatively, you can search for individual websites, but this might be time-consuming since guest post marketplaces have this process already done for you. 

Once you’ve decided on the best website to host your guest blog, you’ll now need to choose an engaging topic.

Normally, you’ll find that most of these reputable platforms already have many articles covering a variety of topics.

Your job will be to find a subject that falls within those topics and would allow you to market your brand effectively.

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Of course, when you go through all the steps by yourself, it can be quite frustrating, especially when dealing with strict publishers.

But like most people, you can consider hiring link building services to do all the work for you. 

There are plenty of ways guest blogging can help boost your referral traffic. For one, when you choose a good website, your brand will be exposed to a bigger audience.

If your blog post is engaging, the readers you attract will be invested in whatever you’re covering, and that interest may force them to click on the attached backlinks.

These links will send them to your website, and that’s how you’ll have higher referral traffic. 

Social Media Marketing

Today, you can rarely talk about digital marketing without mentioning the role of social media.

This communication technology has had a huge impact on how businesses run their operations.

In fact, social media sites tend to offer more in terms of web traffic than any other digital marketing strategy.

The main reason is that more people in this day and age have smartphones and rely on these platforms for communication.

As a business, you can leverage this high level of interaction to boost your exposure and gain more customers.

Apart from posting content on your account, you can also pay influencers to market your brand.

Make sure you find someone whose followers are among your target market. Alternatively, you can use social media ads to push your brand and attract more prospective consumers.

Of course, you can use both options at the same time if you have enough capital at your disposal. Doing so will boost your referral traffic by a significant margin. 

Affiliate marketing

Another SEO strategy that’s highly likely to give you the results you need is affiliate marketing.

This program is an advertising model where the parent company pays (usually in the form of a commission) a third party to market its products and services.

For instance, affiliates to an e-commerce company will have links to given products.

Once they’ve convinced their targets to purchase whatever item they’re marketing, the prospective customers will have to visit the main website using the affiliate link.

In other words, as a business, you’re taking advantage of the huge number of followers that someone has gained over the years and using it to boost your referral traffic. 

Unlike many other digital marketing techniques, you can only pay your affiliates after someone has clicked on the link given to them.

Therefore, by the time you’re spending your capital, you’ll be almost guaranteed to make a sale. 

Email Marketing

This marketing method refers to the promotion of products and services using emails.

Despite the current advancements in technology, this advertisement strategy continues to play a significant role in the modern field of marketing.

But how does it work, and how can it help boost your referral traffic?

You can set up an email marketing campaign by adding a newsletter sign-up option to your social media account or website (preferably the latter).

Make sure this option is available after every content related to your brand.

As more people sign up for the newsletter, your email marketing campaign audience increases gradually. 

After setting up everything, you can start sending newsletters to your target group.

These should contain all information about your brand as well as promotional content about your new goods or services.

The link included in these emails will refer any potential customer to the item or website you’re marketing. To enjoy best results, it’s imperative to maintain consistency.

Sending out emails at least once a week would be enough to grow your relationship with your target market. 

Commenting on Blogs

There are countless blogs out there covering similar topics as yours. And just like guest blogging, posting comments on such blogs opens up the door for more referral traffic.

But how should you go about it? For this strategy to work, there are a few factors you need to consider.

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First, you have to find the best blogs to post your comments on. Of course, the websites must be within your niche and have the same target market as your brand.

Also, they must have a good reputation.

The higher the reputation of the websites is, the higher are your chances of interacting with many potential customers. After all, what you need is exposure to as many people as possible.

Another factor to keep in mind is how you comment on these blogs. Obviously, whatever information you share must be relevant to the discussion.

Forcing your comments into the discussion just to attach your website links will appear spammy, and that’s what can easily send away any potential customer.

Therefore, when choosing a blog to comment on, pick one where you can add organic comments and attach your links seamlessly. 

Publishing infographics

Infographics involve a visual representation of information. With the use of infographics, you can better engage your target audience to your website.

For instance, you can market your products by drawing them and sharing pictures rather than creating a long post just to cover the same. 

There are more benefits of using infographics than posting written content.

The human brain is designed in such a way that it can process visualized information faster than reading written content.

Therefore, when you post infographics on your social media account, you’re likely to engage many potential customers because their attention will be captured easily by the images. 

But how exactly does this generate more referral traffic? It’s all about where you post the infographics.

Posting them on social media would attract the attention of various users on those platforms, who’ll then be interested in learning more about whatever they see on the images shared.

As more people click on the attached link on your social media, the referral traffic will be boosted by a significant margin within a very short time.

Apart from these platforms, you can also pay other bloggers to attach the same on relevant blog posts as a reference.

However, just like any other marketing technique, there are many factors you have to consider to enjoy better results.

Of course, you need to create attractive infographics first. The whole point of choosing this strategy is to grab the attention of the target market.

Therefore, having colorful images that pass the desired message will ensure you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits. 

Considering Online Directories

Even after implementing all of the above options, you can still find another strategy to boost your referral traffic even further.

Online directories, for instance, are known for listing businesses together with their web links and contact information.

You can, therefore, add your name and website to these directories and get referral traffic. 

However, inasmuch as appearing in many directories may boost your exposure, it’s not necessarily healthy for your brand.

Therefore, make sure to choose directories that are relevant to your course and that offer a significant amount of traffic.

This way, you’ll likely gain more profits without wasting time on nonrelevant directories. 

But how would you know the best directories to choose? If you’re new to this side of marketing, it can be difficult to distinguish top-tier directories from smaller ones.

Usually, though, the best directories appear among the top results when you do an online search.

Therefore, choosing those appearing on the first page would increase your chances of success. 


Getting referral traffic to your website can take a lot of time, but with a little patience, you can enjoy many benefits.

Guest blogging, commenting on reputable blogs, email marketing, utilizing online directories, and launching affiliate programs are among the best ways to generate traffic.

But even with the best strategies at your disposal, it’s important to maintain consistency and persistence.

Also, make sure to create top-notch content, whether on your website or when guest blogging, as content will always be king when it comes to marketing. 

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