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Rich snippets are those additional elements that make your listing stand out in the search results. You know, the star ratings, prices, and additional details that often show up these days as you search Google.

Studies show that rich snippets increase your site’s click-through rate by 30% as opposed to simple links. These captivating rich snippets draw in readers by giving them useful information about what they can expect to find in your site’s page.

In this post, I’ll show you the best WordPress rich snippets plugins to help you increase traffic to your site, improve SEO, and boost your site’s click-through rate by implementing the semantic markup necessary for rich snippets.

WP Product Review

wp product review

WP Product Review is a complete product review plugin that features rich snippets. It enables webmasters to turn their blog posts into in-depth reviews instantly by allowing them to leverage post review page elements. These include rich snippets, ratings, pros and cons, user reviews, and affiliate links.

WP Product Review is incredibly easy to set up and get started with. It is especially useful for webmasters who are running review sites. The plugin adds product and post review functionality to all of your site’s pages.

The WP Product review plugin is available free for download and comes with premium add-ons for when you need advanced functionality. The plugin also has a complete knowledge base that users can access if they encounter any problems.

All In One Rich Snippets

all in one schemaorg rich snippets

The appropriately named All In One Rich Snippets plugin for WordPress allows users to improve their site’s click-through rate and improve SEO. This popular plugin lets webmasters add basic rich snippet data to their site without any hassle.

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The plugin works great on blog posts, reviews, products, software applications, recipes, events, people, and even media files. The All In One Rich Snippets plugin is guaranteed to help your site rank better in the major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even in Facebook’s News Feed section.

The standout feature on offer here is that it enables webmasters to give search engines the most important information about a post to display in the search engine results. Users are given the flexibility to choose what they’d like to have displayed which include images and star ratings.

Rich Contact Widget

rich contact widget

Rich Contact Widget is a lightweight solution for adding rich snippets to your WordPress site. This one of a kind contact widget ships with microdata and microformats markup to allow search engines to use it. Business-oriented WordPress sites can leverage the plugin’s feature that allows a map to be displayed with their search results to improve local SEO.

The plugin also enables webmasters to configure links to telephone and email which allow visitors to make a call or send in an email instantly from the search results page. The Rich Contact Widget plugin is an ideal choice for small businesses as it helps to improve their site’s visibility on search engine results and allows visitors to contact your office.

Rich Snippets

rich snippets

Rich Snippets is a premium WordPress plugin that empowers webmasters to use structured microdata to generate rich snippets in Google’s search results. The plugin ships with seven pre-installed rich snippets shortcode examples to help you get started. Users can also generate custom shortcodes with their own microdata markup using the integrated Shortcode Generator.

Rich Snippets supports reviews and ratings, people, products, businesses and organization, events, and music. The plugin is easy to use and webmasters can set up their rich snippets with a simple three step process. The developers have also created a video tutorial to help users out.
For $12, the Rich Snippets plugin offers great value for money. Users also get 6 months of support and updates from the developers with every license.

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TieLabs’ Taqyeem is a feature-rich, premium reviewing and rating plugin for WordPress that works great on posts, pages, and custom post types. The standout feature on offer here is the wide range of customization options. Users can modify color palettes, typography, images, criterion, and styles to create the perfect rating module to their site. The plugin ships with three review styles – starts, points, and percentages.

Taqyeem comes with support for schema SEO rich snippets review microdata which ensures that your content will be displayed neatly in search results. The plugin allows your site’s viewership to leave ratings on your blog posts and products.

Taqyeem has a $17 price tag that includes support from the developers and future updates. It’s a great way to add rich snippets functionality to your WordPress site without breaking the bank.

Wrapping It Up

Adding rich snippets functionality to your WordPress site helps to boost the click-through rate and improve your content’s visibility in search engine results. We’ve highlighted the standout features in each rich snippets plugin and, hopefully, you’re in a good position now to take things further.

Which rich snippet plugins have you experimented with? Did we miss any of your favorite rich snippet plugins? Let us know by commenting below!

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