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Restaurateur is a dedicated WordPress restaurant theme. The theme features custom post types for menu items so you can easily add a beautiful tabbed menu with your own categories and dishes (with prices), which will be featured in the home page slider. You can also customize the background imagery and welcome message on the home page, contact details, map location and social media icons. Itโ€™s a flexible and responsive theme which will look great on any device.

If you are a first time webmaster you should read our new guide to creating a website using WordPress, and check out our hosting provider recommendations.

How to Install Restaurateur

How to Customize Your Website with the Restaurateur Theme

If WP Restaurateur isnโ€™t for you then check out this great list of premium WordPress themes for restaurants.

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

296 thoughts on “Restaurateur

  1. Avatar Sanoe Fukui says:

    I love the restaurateur WP Theme it is absolutely fabulous and user friendly!

  2. Avatar Dinna says:

    Can I change the background color on the header where the logo is? The default is white.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dinna, this will require some customization of the style sheet. We had a video which might help you with this a little while back:

      If you would like some help with this please email the details of your change request to and weโ€™ll work out an estimate to make the change.

  3. Avatar simon says:

    how do i change the slider image size? i would like the image to resize with the window as well.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Simon, this will require some customization of the theme template, a bit beyond the level of simple support we can provide here. If you need professional help we can estimate such changes, just email us at

      The home page slider is already responsive to window size.

  4. Avatar Paul Major says:

    This a nice theme, many thanks! I run a small cafe and this theme is going to fit the bill exactly.

    One question, is there any way to have the menu categories on a drop down menu, rather than linked from a page where every food item is randomly displayed?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Paul, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but I think the answer is no. The bundled menu plugin allows you to add menu items into categories (like Appetizer, Main, Dessert) and then display the menu using the menu template. The default display is all items in the menu, and then users can click the category links to filter the items by category….basically what you see on the demo is what you can do. You can order the menu items by setting the post dates appropriately and in this way ensure that all your main menu items are displayed top of the default view for example.

      1. Avatar Paul Major says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply. The menu system works well, I was just chancing my arm a bit asking that question ๐Ÿ™‚ For free this is more than enough of a template.. cheers.

  5. Avatar Roberto says:

    Good Job thank you!

  6. Avatar Will says:

    What a great theme ! Nice work.

    I have notice google has referenced all your pages, menu items included (example :
    How did you make them visible for google ?

    And also : is it possible to make each dish clickable from the “menu” ( page ?

    Thanks !

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Will,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. It’s part of the SEO and it is by far not part in the support we can give
      2. Yeah it is possible open content-menu.php and just add permalink at line #11, more info about permalink can be found at

      Hope that helps

  7. Avatar thaba says:

    Hi. wat plugin can i download for reservations?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Thaba, that sounds like a good topic for a blog post. In the meantime try these:

      1. Easy Researvation
      2. Booking Wizz
      3. Online Hotel Booking System
  8. Avatar thaba says:

    Thanks. i used the first one and it is perfect for management too. one last question i neglected to ask yesterday because i thought i would figure it out; help me with the “menu” from scratch. i want it to appear xctly the same way it appears on the demo. where do i start? first of all, is that a page, a category, how do i add items, are dishes items, which page template do i pick etc etc

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Thaba, the menu is powered by the bundled plugin that is prompted when you first install the theme. If you have installed this it will have created a new custom post type in your admin for “Menu Items”. You just add menu items using this custom post type (you can also create menu categories). To display the menu items as a page just create a new static page and use the Menu Items template. This will display all the menu items just like the demo.

      If you havn’t installed the plugin you’ll need to do this. If you dismissed the prompt to install the plugin when first installing the Restaurateur theme you’ll need to reinstall the theme to get this again.


  9. Avatar Johan says:

    Using this theme and i like it very much. I did some customizing and did not make notes on changes made. I used ver 2.0.4 and i see it is asking me to upgrade to ver 2.0.5 What is the main differences between the 2 version before i proceed. Thanks for a great theme

  10. Avatar Johan says:

    Hi Charles,
    Downloaded ver 2.0.5 and read the updates. They dont apply to me so is should not be a issue to run it like it is as i am not having any problems and not using the gallery. Great feature using the gallery so will keep that in mind later

  11. Avatar PAUL says:

    How did you add the get directions link in the get directions menu ?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @paul,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Can you send of screenshot of what menu you’re talking about?, thanks

  12. Avatar Diane says:

    I’m in the middle of building my website and can’t for the life of me get a contact form to display correctly. I’ve tried three different plugins – FormBuilder, Contact Form 7, and now Fast Secure Contact Form and all have the same problem: the form looks fine in the plugin’s preview, but when displayed in the theme the style is reset to the most basic fonts and such ever and there are no radio buttons or checkboxes visible. Is there any way to make a form work, or a plugin that works specifically with restauranteur? It’s beautiful otherwise. =(

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Diane,

      Thanks for using our theme

      It’s a theme issue and we’re working on it and provide fix asap, so for now you can fix it by removing “-webkit-appearance: none;” in style.css at line #117

      Hope that helps

  13. Avatar Gail says:

    Love the theme… new to WP, but not to HTML. Not sure how to ask without being confusing. I’ve create a many different menu categories to sort out my items, but everything loads to one main page and then you have to choice what sub you want to see from there. It it possible to get to those sub’s from the main structure menu, and not go to a page with everything is included on that page? Example: Apples would only show Apples and would be listed in the structure menu at the top of each page. Carrots would only show carrots, etc. Also, thanks for the info you posted for someone on the permalink, works nicely.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gail, I’m afraid that isn’t possible out of the box. The menu template is coded to display all , with the categories acting as filters as on the demo site.

  14. Avatar Nicky says:

    Hi, Thank you for the great theme. I am hoping you can help. I was testing a few images on the home page slider. I have removed them and added my new images, but the old images remain. I have cleared my cache and checked on another PC but the images are still there. Are you able to help?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nicky, yes this is a quirk of the way the theme handles images for the home page slider. It isn’t ideal, but easily overcome…

      The best solution is to remove all images from the page content, and instead use the regular WP gallery feature to embed a gallery of images into the page. The template looks for a gallery and will use the images in the gallery ahead of any others. This also makes it easy to manage the images in the slider (by updating the gallery). In the absence of an embedded gallery the way to remove the old images is to delete them permanently from the media library.

    2. Avatar Gail says:

      Hi Charles,

      Is that template editable to change it not to display all? I’m not an expert, but can handle some rewriting? Thanks for your help.

      1. Avatar Ryan S says:

        Hi @gail,

        Thanks for using our theme

        Sorry but I confuse what you mean, can you elaborate more?, thanks
        If you mean slider, you can follow Charles comment in

  15. Avatar Roberto says:

    Hello, it’s possible dont show the images in the menu?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Roberto, there is no setting for this. You would need to edit the template files to achieve this and then you may also need to tweak the style sheet to get it looking as you want.

      1. Avatar Gerald says:

        Hi Charles,
        I also want to remove the images in the menu.
        I was able to tweak it with editing the HTML code on my page with firebug, so I already know what I want to edit. Also style.css is not a problem to edit.
        But where can i find the exactly part in the template files to have the same results like I edit in firebug??

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Gerald, go to Appearance > Editor and look for the two menu templates. You can edit those in the admin or via FTP. Keep in mind however that you should always set up the theme as a child theme before making any customizations so that they are not overwritten in the event that the parent theme is updated in the future (and it probably will be). Hope that helps.

  16. Hi,
    I may be having a similar issue as Diane. An embedded Wufoo form I am using for the Contact Us page is showing up fine until I view the error version (ie when a user doesn’t complete required fields)
    At that point the submit button is cut off from the bottom of the form.
    Is there a section of the style sheet I can tweak to allow the form to be viewed in full?
    Great theme thanks!

    PS there is a coming soon page up right now but I’d be happy to open the site up if you need to view.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Thanks Trevor, we’re investigating now. Cheers.

  17. Avatar kdd says:

    Hi – nice theme thanks. my question is when i resize my browser window the slider images are not shrinking proportionally – so images with faces looked ‘squished’ .. is that the trade-off for having a responsive theme? (is there an optimum size – mine are 960 x 350px?)

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kdd, what version of the theme are you using?

  18. Avatar kdd says:

    I’m using version 2.0.6

  19. Avatar Sal Caruso says:

    I used it for my sewer company… Very user friendly!

  20. Avatar Krista says:

    Can you change the footer text?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Yes you can. You need to edit the footer.php file. Please be sure to set up the theme as a child first so future updates don’t overwrite your local customizations.

  21. Avatar Roque says:


    How do increase the content width? On my post I have added a table and looks like a little of from the margin.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, can you share a link to a specific page so we can see the problem?

  22. Avatar Daniel says:

    I was following the video tutorial to customize the home page and I used 3 images just like in the video. I save the changes and try to preview the page. Now instead of the images, I get a text that reads “IMAGES ADDED TO THIS PAGE WILL APPEAR HERE” in capital letters. What can I do? Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Daniel, try adding the images to the page as a regular WordPress gallery. If that doesn’t work can you share a link to your site?

  23. Avatar Gail says:

    For the life of me I can’t figure out how to edit the items on the bottom of the “Sidebard Alt Home Page” – Latest Post – Categories – Archive – Recent Comments, other than to add new widgets to remove them. I’ll like to edit them rather than add a widget – the layout of the items in the demo is more appealing than when you add widgets. Thank you.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gail, the demo site uses widgets. We just added 4 text widgets and customized the content.

  24. Avatar Angela says:

    I have two questions about the theme.

    Is it possible to use a full width slider plugin with this theme?


    The description boxes in the menu plugin, can those boxes be color customized in the theme or are they always white?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @angela

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. Actually it depends on the capability of the slider, e.g is the slider offer shortcode to display sliders? if so then yeah, you can create new page with Full with, no sidebar template in it
      2. Unfortunately yes, they’re always white, but if you’d like us to add that functionality for you then yeah we can do that, just email us at

      Hope that helps

  25. Avatar Diego says:

    Hey Charles, I’m having trouble with the featured images and the slideshow images. Actually, I’m having trouble with every image I upload. It crops and shrinks and I don’t know how to make them show correctly and fully displayed. Thank you

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Diego,

      Thanks for using our theme

      The slider uses the Attached Media on a specific page, e.g. you created Homepage(page), Choose homepage with static slider(page template), so the page is ready the next thing you do is choose Static page under Settings right? so if you view the your site it then started to display all attached images as the slider, so in short it use attached images as the image slider.

      For featured image this is just use for single post pages

      Hope that helps

  26. Avatar Joakim Falkeborn says:

    Hi! tnx for a great theme!

    I’m trying to change the text “MENU” in the mobile viewport. Ideal I would like to change it to a static image of the traditional three horizontal bars, associated with mobile menus.

    I just can’t find where i can change it in the different php templates? My best bet were in the “header.php”.

    p.s. I use v. 2.0.7.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @joakim

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can update it in library/js/scripts.js and in line #111

      Hope that helps

      1. works very fine!

        thank you!

        1. Avatar George says:

          Hi Joakim, can you kindly share how do you change the word “MENU” to a static image of the traditional three horizontal bars. Thank you!

          1. Avatar George says:

            Hi Charles & Ryan, can you please assist with my question and problem. TQVM

          2. Avatar Kris says:

            In restaurateur theme folder, locate library/js/scripts.js then on line 21 which is this code,
            $('').prepend('<div id="menu-icon">Menu</div>');. Changed this to,
            $('').prepend('<div id="menu-icon"><img src="" height="30px"></div>');

            Note: You can change the image src, it is just an example.

          3. Avatar George says:

            Thank you very much Kris for your reply. You are a darling! BTW any chance I can change the color of the icon? TQ

          4. Avatar George says:

            Kris I hv solved the icon color problem. Tks again!

  27. Avatar Shane says:

    Is it possible to remove the photos from being presented in the menu, just title, cost and description? Sometimes photos don’t accurately represent whats being received.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Shane, the whole layout of the menu with the price tags etc kinda depends on there being an image. You *could* edit the image out of the template but then you’d need to adjust the rest of the layout to fit as well. Unfortunately no setting to change this easily.

  28. Avatar Del says:

    I was having the same problem as Daniel (above), but I found a solution. I had originally set up the slider, and it worked correctly, but had an image I didn’t want. When I deleted it, that image would not go away so I ended up deleting the entire page and rebuilding it. This time, I got the message “IMAGES ADDED TO THIS PAGE WILL APPEAR HERE.” To fix it, what I had to do was upload the images directly to the page, rather than insert them from the previously uploaded images. Hope this helps someone else.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Thanks Del. The latest version also supports native WordPress galleries, and infact the home page template will look first for a gallery and use that for the slider if it finds one. So you can just add a regular WordPress image gallery to the page content and the images in that gallery will be used in the slider. This makes it easy to manage the images you want to display without the hassle of having to delete and rebuild page which is a bit of a hassle (sorry about that).

  29. Avatar Shane says:

    For those out there that are looking for a solution to the photos on the menu in which you don’t want people to say…hey, why didn’t I get that! With Charles input I came with a solution that worked for me which was to “Shrink” the photos to keep a nice look without the ability of someone saying! Hey my hamburger doesn’t look like that! What I did was edit the stylesheet and changed the height from 128 to 20 as seen in the line below. Worked great. Thank you Charles for the help.

    .grid-box .imgthumb {
    position: relative;
    margin: 0 0 15px 0;
    height: 20px;
    overflow: hidden;

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Cool, glad you figured out a solution. You’re kind to say I helped…me thinks that you deserve 100% of the credit here!

  30. Avatar abdul says:

    how do i change the slider images? i’ve created a homepage with 3 images, when i tried to replace the 3 images with 2 new ones, it just added the 2 new ones so i have a slider with 5 images now!?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @abdul,

      Thanks for using our theme

      The theme slider uses Attached Media for slider, so you have to remove previous added images first and upload final slider images.

      Hope that helps

  31. Avatar Chris I. says:


    I’m currently using this theme for a bistro. Is there a way to not use a featured image for the food? Or even make it more like a list?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, no this isn’t possible out of the box. You would need to do some template customization to achieve that look.

  32. Avatar Paolo says:


    How can I change the default “MENU” txt in the navigation bar when in responsive mode?
    I’d like to either change the txt or add an icon. Thank you!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi I’ve already commented a way for this, just follow this comment thread, thanks

      1. Avatar Paolo says:

        Thanks a lot!

  33. Avatar Ashley McMurray says:

    Hi! Loving the theme, but I have two questions:

    1. How/where can I customize the browser window text (current it’s “A WordPress Site | Just Another WordPress Site” for the home, similar for other pages)?

    2. How to customize the footer text?

    I have watched your video, but did not see this info in it. Thank you!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @ashley

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. You can update it under Settings -> General
      2. Footer text can be customize in footer.php file

      Hope that helps

  34. Avatar Kevin Ng says:


    Thanks for creating such a beautiful theme! I have a question.

    Is there away to fix the images lining up issue on the menu page? ( The first row is okay, but the second and so on, the item pictures do not line up anymore.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kevin, this is a purposeful design choice. The height of each menu item depends on the length of the description and the title, so we use a masonery style (like pinterest) to stack up menu items. You’d need to play with the styles to fix it to a fixed grid.

      1. Avatar Kevin Ng says:

        Thanks, Charles!

  35. Avatar Entrepreneur says:


    Is that possible to create two separate sets of menus (eg./ food and beverage menu)? If yes, how?

    Please help! Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, you can create menu categories (as on the demo site), but you can’t create two different menus. Or rather you could, but that would require a whole lot of template and code customization. Cheers.

      1. Avatar Entrepreneur says:

        Thanks Charles!

  36. Avatar Brian Aldrich says:

    Hey Charles, amazing theme. Thank you so much for offering a truly great free business theme for WordPress. I have a question about the theme. It may be a simple question or it may have been asked before, I am not sure. Is it possible to turn OFF the search function and icon?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @brian,

      Thanks for looking our theme

      You can remove or comment it in line #91 at header.php file

      Hope that helps

  37. Avatar Brian Aldrich says:

    Just one more question, is there a way to delete or replace the small ‘fork and knife’ icon that appears on the menu pages? thanks

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @brian,

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can remove the background in style.css at line #1241

      Hope that helps

  38. Avatar Paolo says:

    Is there a way to add links to the images of the home page slider? I’d like to create slides that link to direct posts

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Paolo, not using the baked in slider. You’d need to replace this with another slider.

  39. Avatar Mike says:


    Great theme, very user friendly. I have just one question. My search icon/function doesn’t seem to be working right/is pulling up weird results. I was looking to just get rid of the search icon and feature all together, however I can’t seem to get it to leave!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @mike,

      Thanks for using our theme

      This sounds like a plugin conflict, we have to troubleshoot this by disabling your plugin one by one and see if it works.
      You can permanently display search field just follow this comment thread

      Hope that helps

  40. Avatar Gary says:

    Currently my websites do not have FTP access to them. How can I download the Restaurateur Menu Item CPT plugin so I can install it manually? I searched the WordPress library and only saw a plugin for online ordering which I do not want to implement right now.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Gary, how did you install the Restaurateur theme? If you don’t have FTP access I presume you did this via the WordPress admin without needing FTP access yes? Assuming so then you can do the same with the Menu Item CPT. When you install the theme it prompts you to install the plugin. Just follow the prompts and you will be able to install it right from the admin.

      1. Avatar Jason Ziolo says:

        Is there a link to download the plugin? Neither of these options work for my needs. I’d like to just install it manually.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Jason, this plugin only works with our theme as it requires the special templates bundled with the theme. If you install and activate the theme you will be prompted to install it from the admin.

  41. Avatar Gary says:

    I downloaded the theme directly on the webserver and extracted it into the themes folder. However in the dashboard Appearance/Install Plugins it will only allow me to install the plugin via FTP. This is where my problem is as I don’t have FTP access on this server so I want to download the Restaurateur Menu Item CPT plugin and manually install it.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Righto. I’d ask your host to help you set the file permissions for your WP install so to make it easy to install and update themes and plugins via the admin. Will definitely make life easier. In any event you actually have the plugin already as it is bundled with the theme. Look in …/wp-content/themes/restaurateur/library/plugin/ You’ll find a zip file of the plugin there. Unzip this and move it to the plugins folder then activate via the admin.

  42. Avatar Gary says:

    Found it right where you said it was, unpacked it and moved it to the plugins folder. Activated and it works like a charm. Thank you so much for your assistance!

  43. Avatar Ebru says:

    Hello there, I am setting up a bilingual website and using qtranslate plugin. I need to set the language option buttons right next to social media icons at the top right corner. Does anyone how to do this?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Ebru,

      Thanks for using our theme

      You can add it in header.php file after search icon or line #91

      Hope that helps

  44. Avatar KJ says:

    Nevermind, I figured it out!

    Pictures that I was uploading to media were becoming attached to the home page. I installed an unattach plugin and was able to unattach the photos without permanently deleting them.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hey KJ, the other thing you can do to control the home page slider is embed a regular WordPress gallery into the page. The template first looks for a gallery and if it finds one it will use those images for the slider…a much better way to manage the slider which we introduced to solve the problem of image attachment ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Avatar Tim Lemons says:

    How can I resort the menu items rather than by publish date?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Not without some custom template coding.

  46. Avatar Natalie says:

    Hi. I want to have a few different header images created for the home page slider but i”m not sure what an ideal size would be to tell my graphic designer. When I use the header he first gave me the image looks too stretched out. Thanks!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Natalie, the ideal image size for the slider 965 x 450px.

  47. Avatar Natalie says:

    Hi. I wanted to have a few different header images designed for the Home page slider but not sure what size to tell my designer. When I use my current header there now it has a stretched out look…so I would like more accurate sizing if possible. Thanks.
    Also, is it possible to add a gallery of images (not for the slider) onto the home page? I tried to add an image gallery to the bottom of the home shows up on my dashboard view but not on the site?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Natalie, unfortunately no that won’t work as the home page template looks for a gallery to use as the slider. This would need some template code customization to work. You can of course add more images to the slider gallery.

  48. Avatar Dave says:

    How do I change the fonts of the theme?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      HI Dave, there is no admin setting for fonts. You’ll need to get your hands dirty in the CSS (style.css). When customizing the theme like this you must also set up the theme as a child first so that future updates don’t overwrite your local customizations.

  49. Avatar Kinga says:

    Thanks for this a beautiful theme! But i have a question.

    Can i use the Qtranslate plugin with this theme. I ask you because I install it and when i activate it my navigation menus disappiar.(all pages are translated but only home page remained in the menu) Can somebody help me to solve this problem???

    Thank you.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kinga, I don’t know for sure because I have never used the Qtranslate plugin myself. I can say that we use a very standard and common framework for the themes so I don’t think there is anything weird or unusual which would prevent you from using Qtranslate. It *sounds* like a possible config or set up issue, so hopefully someone can help. Have you reached out to the plugin author to ask if they have any advice?

  50. Avatar Whacko says:

    Hi, is there a way to edit the theme to allow editting the price of items, while using the bulk edit? I need to update a lot of items, and its a hassle to do it one by one.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Whacko,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Yes there is a way but using PHPMyAdmin under cpanel it’s a bit tricky and dangerous way, you can update all price at once, if that sounds techie for you, you can contact us at

      Hope that helps

      1. Avatar Whacko says:

        Thanks, I got it to work. I also created a child theme to add some functions I needed.
        For instance, adding custom social media icons.

        People who want it, can get it here. But It would be nice if the features were added to the master theme.

        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Glad it works fine now, there are only few people do customize social media icons, in fact 98% didn’t do anything or they only change from the start and what we’d like to share is the common and most use functionality.

          1. Avatar Suzette says:

            Hello, I’d like to add a TripAdvisor social media icon along with the other pre-determined SM icons on a Restauraterur Theme. Can someone please tell me where and how to add the code? A screen shot would be so nice! TYIA!

          2. Avatar Kris says:

            Add the code inside header.php then on line 33, there is a div with the id=”social-media”, add the code inside that div. For the css, add the code inside style.css below line 744. You can follow how the code of other social media icons is being added.

  51. Avatar Andrea says:

    Hi, many thanks for your beautiful theme, is there a method to reorder the Menu categories and the menu items in menu page?

    Also, I’m quite new of WP, you wrote to set the theme as child, could you kindly explain me how can I do this?

    Many thanks,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Andrea, no there is not way to re-order the menu categories at this time. We wrote a post about child themes a while back. You’ll also find good information on

      1. Avatar Andrea says:

        Hi Charles, many thanks for your prompt reply (and apologize for post twice).

        I noticed that now categories are in alphabetic order, I hope in future will be possible reorder them.


        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Hi @Andrea,

          Thanks for using our theme

          That functionality is achievable, follow this steps
          1. In Menu plugin add 'supports' => 'page-attributes' // this enable page attribute so we can add order by field
          2. In Menu page template add 'orderby' => 'menu_order' // this simply tell query to order menu by the order menu field we've added

          If this sounds techie for you, you can contact us at

          Hope that helps

          1. Avatar Andrea says:

            Hi @Ryan,

            many thanks for your support.

            It’s just a little be techie ๐Ÿ™‚ but I didn’t have any problem to add what you wrote, but I didn’t understand how to reorder Menu categories and menu items.

            BTW after this modifications (that I reverted) i missed the possibility to add featured images to the menu items.

            Many thanks,

          2. Avatar Ryan S says:

            Just follow what I’ve comment and the file where you can edit/add the order are menu-items-template-full.php and menu-items-template.php, hope that helps

  52. Avatar Lia says:

    Hi, it looks like you may have covered this previously, but i thought i would ask: is there any way to display images other than the slider on the home page? Thank you!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Lia,

      Thanks for using our theme

      What you mean images? can you be more specific, like what are these images, are these from page attachment, media or in what format, grid, list or etc., thanks

  53. Avatar Andrea says:

    Hi, many thanks for your beautiful template, I would like to know how (if possible) sort both Menu Items and Menu Categories (in my Menu page).

    Also I would like to know if is possible to change the menu color when you select it.

    My apologize if I post this questions twice, I had an error and I’m not sure if the previous was OK.

    Many thanks, Andrea

      1. Avatar Andrea says:

        Hi @Ryan,

        many many thanks, now the menu items are sortable, but I noticed that the more is high the number,the more the first is the Item, I think it would more clear in the opposite manner.

        Anyway I’m not able to sort the Menu categories, so any help will be appreciate.

        Thanks again,

        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          You can add or update parameter like 'order' => 'DESC' or 'ASC'

          Menu category is actually based on menu item order

          Hope that helps

          1. Avatar Andrea says:

            Hi @Ryan,

            I really appreciate your help, now I’m able to sort menu items very well, unluckly I’m not yet able to sort Menu categories, that are in alphabetical order, even if the Menu items are in “logical” order (First course, second course, Dessert, Drinks, etc., I have Dessert, Drink, First course, Second Course).


          2. Avatar Ryan S says:

            Hi, of course it is possible to order Menu Category, open menu-items-template-full.php file and at line #19, add parameters, more info can be found in

            If that sounds techie you can contact our premium support at, thanks

  54. Avatar Ryan S says:

    See my reply on your first comment, also you it’s possible to change menu color, here’s the steps

    1. View your site page source and in Menu item copy page ID or class, something like menu-item-198
    2. nav[role=navigation] .menu ul a{ color: green; }

    Hope that helps

    1. Avatar Andrea says:

      Hi @Ryan,

      I’ll take a look, but sound a bit more over my possibilities ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks anyway,

  55. Avatar Ezechiel says:

    Hi Charles,

    just wanted to thank you for this amazing template, I love it!
    I’m not using it for a restaurant and was wondering if we could disable the mobile version from only showing the menu? I would like it to show all tabs from menu.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @ezechiel

      Thanks for using our theme

      This requires a lot of works updating CSS code and it is beyond we can offer here at comment support, email our premium support to help you lighten this issue at, thanks

  56. Avatar Synnetics says:

    My menu somehow only shows the last 10 menu items I entered. Any help on how this could be fixed?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Go to Settings > Reading and change the number of posts per page. The default is 10, but you can change this to any number you like.

      1. Avatar Synnetics says:

        Thanks, that didn’t work for me as I implemented the plugin and pages in another theme. I fixed it by altering the number in menu-items-template-full.php file

  57. Avatar Raph says:

    Hi Charles,

    thanks for answering so many questions, great to have all those resources.
    I’m just trying to find out how to remove the “recent post”, “categories” and “archive” on the right hand side? Is there any way to remove it and replace it by adsense for instance?


    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Raph,

      Thanks for using our theme

      If you mean the default sidebar then you can remove it in Appearance -> Widgets and replace it with Adsense code, to use add Adsense code you can use Text Widget.

      Hope that helps

  58. Avatar Marian says:

    Hi Charles,

    Thank you very much for the amazing theme. It is very nice and very helpfull.

    I use your theme with qtranslate plugin for 4 languages.

    Can you please give me some help in 2 issues:

    1) Is it possible to translate the title of the widgets used on the side bar?
    I tried to make some changes in Title of the widget using this code: title of the widget but doesn’t work

    2) Is it possible to translate the menu items elements?
    I Tried to use Menu item name in Edit Menu Item Categories Name and Slug but doesn’t work

    Can you help me with this?
    Thank you very much

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Marian,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. Did you try adding translated name in Widget title instead?
      2. Same method in step 1., that should work fine.

      Hope that helps

      1. Avatar Marian says:

        Hy Ryan,
        Thank you for a prompt reply
        I can add translated name in widget title, but is one single field for title and I need 4 separate names, one name for each language.

      2. Avatar Marian says:

        For anyone that face this issue, we can use some extension of qtranslate

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Marian, thanks glad you like the theme. To be honest I’m not sure how qtranslate works as I’ve never used it. We use a pretty common framework for building our themes so I don’t think there is anything unusual or different about the way we do things that would prevent a translation plugin from working. The menu might be the challenging part though because it is a custom plugin. I don’t know how qtranslate handles such things. Have you asked the author?

      1. Avatar Marian says:

        Hy Charles,
        Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, the author of qtranslate cannot provide support

  59. Avatar Synnetics says:

    Is it possible to make the page start with a certain type of dish, like main course instead of all?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, the menu categories are listed alphabetically at this time. The ability to edit this is something we are considering for a future update. I can’t promise a date sorry.

  60. Avatar Chris says:

    I like your theme but I’m having a few issues with the homepage slider. I would like to add text to the images and also have them link to the specific pages on the site i.e. picture of exterior of the restaurant within the slider link to the locations page. Are these two things possible or is the slider just simply for images only?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, the slider bundled with the theme is very simple and only displays images. To add text and links you’d need to swap out the slider with another. There’s a few to choose from the plugin directory.

  61. Avatar Dorian says:

    I like so much your themes. I have a qรผestion. Can I put a link on the photo from the menรบ? I want to put a recipe for every photo from the menรบ.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Dorian,

      Thanks for using our theme

      “put a link on the photo from the menรบ”, what do you mean? like overlap the menu featured image? how about added it in menu item description instead? can you elaborate more?, thanks

  62. Avatar Manish khatri says:

    Thanks Charles for sharing this theme with us.
    I have added your theme in my best collections of Best Restaurant And Hotels WordPress Responsive Themes, I hope you like it.

  63. Avatar Melanie says:

    Hello, can I also implement the menu without pictures of the meals?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Melanie, not without some customization of the the theme templates. If you don’t want to use images then I’d say there isn’t much point in using this theme.

  64. Avatar Melanie says:

    Hello, can I implement other languate as well? I need the website in Spanish, English and German.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Melanie, suggest you google for wordpress translation plugins. I know there are a few different options, though I havn’t used any myself.

  65. Avatar Anselm says:


    Loved the theme.

    I tried using short codes in the homepage, doesn’t show up. Works fine in other pages though.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Anselm, yes the home page template purposefully strips out any html or shortcodes. This was a design choice.

  66. Avatar Andrea says:


    is it possible not to show the page title in every or specific page?

    Many thanks,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Andrea, there is no setting to turn off titles. You could remove the title from the page template, but then it will be gone from all pages.

      1. Avatar Andrea says:

        Thank you, I managed to remove from every page.


    2. Avatar Dre Ngugi says:

      Hey, just use edit the style.css file in the childtheme folder to hide the titles.

      Add this code to style.css:

      .page-title {
      display: none;

  67. Avatar Guddu says:

    Great Theme ๐Ÿ™‚ I am however seeing some erratic behavior w.r.t the Widgets. I don’t want any widget to show up on the Static Home Page and on the Location page. The static home page is using the template Alt_HomePage with Static Slider. Under Appearance—> Widgets I have everything deactivated (image at ) . . Even then on the home page i see 4 Widgets (image at ) . . . And likewise i have the location page set to use the template Full Width _ No Side Bar…I still see the comments form in the footer region. Image at . .. . Could you please help me. Is there a way to disable the widget that works. And is there a way to use another templae for static pages then the one already listed? Please guide.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Guddu, the theme automatically adds those widgets to the alt_homepage template if you do not define your own widgets. To remove the widgets altogether you will need to edit the alt_homepage template or hide these with CSS. If you need professional help I suggest you try Elto.

  68. Avatar Nathan says:

    Hi Charles, Thanks for this theme it is brilliant.

    I trying to use it in a French site and I am having a little trouble translatting the Theme. for example I can’t find the “Previous” in this page:

    I have gone trought the .mo / .po files
    and translated all Previous / Next references i found and still no joy.

    Also in the menu on each item footer there is the fork img and the word “in” and then the cat name, that one i can’t find neither…

    I will appreciate your guidance (and off course i will send you later my po/mo files in french so you can bundle them, also i saw in the WP forum that someone translated it to japanese you might want to fecth that one too ?)

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Nathan,

      Thanks for using our theme

      For Previous and Next text you can find it in functions.php file at line #525-551 and if it’s not yet in .po and .mo file you can regerated again using ‘restaurateur’ as THEME Domain.

      For the Menu it is in content-menu.php file start from line #20-35, you can also regenerate .mo and .po file using ‘restaurateur’ theme domain

      If your site is not in French yet you can use the generated .po and .mo file at

      Hope that helps

  69. Avatar Faisal says:


    This maybe a newbie question. But the issue i am having is that the navigation you have for the menu is based on filtering of the categories. I want to setup a direct link to a category in the top level navigation. This is useful for “Daily Specials” which I want to give more prominence by placing on top navigation rather than a filter. also by placing a link sometimes in widgets for that category for advertising of that section. But I am not sure what the url to a pinterest type template page for a single category is. I didn’t like the menu-item-archive page for the display of category items.


    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @faisal,

      Thanks for using our theme

      I’m sorry but I don’t think that is possible to add direct link into Main Navigation because the current Menu setup is based on Click event with Isotope jQuery plugin.

      You can email our paid support to discuss more about this or ask for custom functionality at

      Hope that helps

  70. Avatar Kevin says:


    Its a good them, can you help me to edit it ?

    1) How can i change social buttons colors ?
    2) How can i remove top grey bar ?
    3) How can i change top grey bars texts colors ?

    Thank you so much, waiting your reply.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @kevin,

      Thanks for using our theme

      1. You can update it in Customize Memu either under Appearance Backend or Under Admin Menu Frontend, update “Theme Color Scheme” in there
      2. If you mean the Nav, it’s in Customize menu too
      3. You can update it in style.css file at line #1003 or in nav[role=navigation] .menu ul li a, nav[role=navigation] .menu #menu-icon selector, you can use notepad++ in Windows to locate line number and just update color parameter and you’re good to go.

      Hope that helps

  71. Avatar Kevin says:

    and one more question guys,

    How can i change menu category texts ?

    For example it says ”Beef And Cheddar” in Hamburgers

    I want to replace ”in” with ”da”

    How can i do that ?


    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi you can update it in content-menu.php file at line #33, hope that helps

  72. Avatar Kevin says:


    How to add arrow to slider than little buttons to change photo and how to make slider bigger, i want it to fit much more width.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kevin, again this is non-trivial template customization. Certainly more that I can cover here. If you need professional help with the please email us at and we can get you a quote.

  73. Avatar Kevin says:

    Sorry for bulk questions but how to add 2 different menu ? I added 2 pages with menu template but both of 2 is showing same items.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Kevin, it isn’t possible to display two different menus. That would require non-trivial changes to the templates and plugin code for the menu item custom post type.

  74. Avatar Davide Donati says:

    Hi! Thanks for this friendly and simple theme.

    How to change the font style?

    And how i can align to center all the pages?

    1. Avatar Kris says:


      Regarding in changing the font style, are you referring to css font-style property? If yes, the following are different examples of font styles


      And also can you clarify what you meant by “align to center all the pages”.


  75. Avatar Felipe says:

    Hi folks,

    Thank you very much for the amazing theme.

    Is it possible to control the homepage slider speed? It’s much faster here than in the theme demo.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Felipe, yes it is. Just go to Appearance > Customize and you’ll find the slider settings there.

  76. Avatar Sander says:


    When trying to add images from the media library, it seems to try to load the thumbs and keeps doing this forever.
    When trying to upload new images (when editing a page) I get an error which I have never seen before using other themes.

    I have a fresh install of WordPress 3.9.1 and have no other plugins installed.

    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sander, I’m not sure exactly where you are trying to add images, but I guess you mean adding to the home page, yes? Assuming so please try adding the images you want in the home page slider to the page as a regular WordPress image gallery rather than adding them to the page individually. The template will display the gallery of images in the slider style. Does that help?

      1. Avatar Sander says:

        Unfortunately your answer didn’t helped me on this issue.
        The media library can’t be loaded when editing a page, either the homepage or a subpage. So it doesn’t matter if I try to add loose images or try adding a galery to the home page.
        When I go to the media library from the menu on the left, I see all the media present on the website.
        When editing a page, it continues to search for the files. Any other theme, including Virality of you does see the images immediately.
        I’ve tried it on different computers and web servers. Something is going wrong here. Hopefully you can help me, because I think it’s a nice, good looking theme that I want to use.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Sander, I don’t know what would cause this. My guess (and it is only a guess) would be some kind of odd conflict between the theme and one or more plugins you are using. As a next step I would recommend disabling all plugins and if that resolves the issue then enable them one by one until you isolate the one which causes the problem. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

          1. Avatar Sander says:

            Hi Charles,

            I don’t have any plugins installed yet. I’m using wordpress 3.9.1 and I even remove the standard plugins coming together with wordpress.
            Could it be some setting in wordpress?

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Sander, that is curious. I can’t replicate the problem here so we’re going to have to keep looking. Who are you hosted with?

  77. Question, on the menu items page (which I love that part) is there anyway to customize the color and style of the menu categories?

    for instance on my website at I’m looking to customize (at least darken) the categories under the title “Menu Ideas”

    Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Sure is. Look for #menu-filters controllers on line 2882 of the style sheet. You can see the font color there. Remember if you are customizing your theme you should set it up as a child theme first.

  78. Avatar Stanley says:

    I tried to add a responsive menu. However, it has all these round bullets in the final output.
    I checked the style sheet of responsive menu. It is style: none ! important.
    I am not sure what css in the theme may have caused the impact. I do think you also include style: none !important. Thank you.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Hello Stanly,

      Can you give me a link of your website?

  79. Avatar Missy says:

    Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL theme! How do I remove the LATEST POST, CATAGORIES, ARCHIVES and Comments from the home/front page?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Missy, the template displays those widgets by default. You can replace them with any you prefer under Appearances > Widgets. If you want to remove all widgets altogether a hack might be to add a single empty text widget, otherwise you’ll need to edit the template to remove the widgets from the home page template.

  80. Avatar Felipe says:


    Is it possible to customize the padding / margin between menu items?


    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Yes it is possible. You can download Simple Custom css and add your custom css for customizing padding/margin between menu items.

  81. Avatar Melissa says:

    I can’t upload any media either! The theme is not updating, I have to switch between this theme and twenty fourteen to add any images and the theme blocked me from logging in or out of my account. I’m hosted with blue host…I’ve been dealing with these issues but like the guy mentioned before I CAN’T UPLOAD ANY MEDIA TO ANY OF THE PAGES! I go to insert media and nothing shows or it shows I click insert and it never shows up…For now all i need is the images in the slider to work! PLEASE HELP!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Melissa, this kind of issue is most likely a clash between the theme an a plugin. To test this you should deactivate all plugins. If that solves the problem then it confirms it is a plugin/theme conflict. You can isolate the plugin which is conflicting with the theme by activating them again one by one until you find the one which conflicts. If it is a conflict then you need to decide whether you want to keep using this theme or the plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Avatar Manu B. says:

    At first congrats for this great theme,

    Only i have one problem,
    I’m using wpml for multilanguage and translating english.
    When i have created english homepage, the slider not display, only show:


    Curiosly, when i return to spanish language, display ok.

    Please, could you give me any idea.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Manu, if I understand WPML correctly it effectively adds a new page or post for each translation, so I think you need to make sure you have added your image gallery to the new Enlgish panguage page (as you did in the orginal) so that these images show up in the slider. Make sense?

      1. Avatar Manu B. says:

        Hi Charles, you are right, and i’m sure that adding the images in english page, doesn’t work, also i’m trying with different slider plugin like metaslider, a3 responsive slider, and not work.
        ยฟAny idea?

        Thanks for your attention.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Manu, I’m sorry I don’t know how to address this. Have you tried asking WPML for advice? If you need help customizing the theme (which you will need to do if you want to use another plugin), I recommend trying Elto or Codeable.

          1. Avatar Manu B. says:

            Ok, Charles.

            I keep looking more info.

            Thanks for your attention.
            Congrats for your theme.

  83. Hi,

    Do you have a premium version of this theme? I would like to be able to create subpages that have a different header and footer than the main pages. I think I need to be able to create a secondary menu for this, but Restaurateur doesn’t allow it.
    Also, I would like to link the home page slider images to other pages in the website so people could click on them.
    What do you recommend?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Reesa, no there is not a premium version of the theme unfortunately. I suggest taking a look at some of the premium restaurant themes on Themeforest.

  84. Avatar Tony Wang says:

    Love your theme but there are two things I’d like to be able to do.

    1 — is it possible to put the business address and phone at the top of the page without editing the header? Not a big deal if it’s not.

    2 — can the images in the slider send people who click them to a URL?

    Thank you.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      1 – You need to edit the header.php for you to put the business address and phone at the top.
      2 – This is not possible because the images is being created through wordpress gallery and there is no option adding a link to an image.

  85. Hi, I’ve set up our home page with the slider and it works well. However, if I try to change the displayed pictures, the change isn’t reflected in the slider. I’ve deleted all the images and code and re-added new images and still no change. Please advise.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Larry, yes is a known problem related to the way that WordPress associates images with posts and then the way the template displays the images associated with the home page. There is a fix though…assuming you are running the latest version of the theme you can simply remove all images from the home page and instead embed a regular WordPress gallery into the page content which contains the specific images you want in the slider. The template will use these images instead of any you have previously added to the page.

      The other option is to go to the media manager and delete permanently all the images you had previously added to the page and don’t want displayed anymore, but this is unnecessary if you use the gallery approach as described above. Hope that helps.

  86. Avatar Dean says:

    Nice & easy to customize

  87. Avatar Holly says:

    hi, love your theme.
    how do i add active hyperlinks into the text widgets on the alt_homepage?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Holly, to do this you will need to know a little HTML.

      1. Avatar holly says:

        thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Hi. I’d like to add a tripadvisor social media icon to the top of the page alongside the others. I see that someone else asked for this earlier this month but I’m not comfortable editing php files. Could you either provide more detailed instructions or update the theme to include it?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Larry, good suggestion. We’ll add that as an option. Look out for an update (will take a couple of weeks before it is available).

    2. Hi. I tried to add a response requesting that you also add Foursquare to your social media list, but the response never showed up in the forum. I suggest a different type of forum for providing support — this appears to be a bit unreliable.

      1. Charles Charles says:

        Larry, all comments here are manually moderated due to lots of spam. I got your feedback and we have a new version coming which includes Foursquare as an option. Not sure what happened to your comment. I may have accidentally deleted it rather than approved.

  89. Avatar jed says:

    hi, thanks for this wonderful template. just a quick inquiry. how am i going to delete the button(circle) under the slide show images. i am planning to put one image. thanks again!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin and activate it, then go to Appearane -> Custom CSS and add this code,

      1. Avatar jed says:

        it work, thanks!

  90. Avatar Charles Blackstone says:

    Question: Is it possible to have the entire menu item linkable to the menu-item-archive link?

    I did the perma link at line 11, but it just added a link in the description.

    I would like the entire menu box to be clickable to the item.


    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Can you provide a link to your site? thanks

  91. Avatar Young Entrepreneur says:

    Hi, just want to inform you that after I upgraded to the latest version (2.0.8) and I got white screen of death.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, can you provide a link to your site? Are you using any other plugins? What version of WordPress are you running?

      Lots of people have updated and this is the first such report (and the change was very very minor), so I have a feeling the problem would most likely be related to some kind of plugin clash or perhaps a failure of the update process itself.

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, followup…we’ve found the problem. Seems that the theme files uploaded to for the new version were missing some critical parts. Honestly, I don’t know how this happened as any theme update goes through an automated and a manual review before being made live.

      We’ll have a new new version available asap, but in the meantime the only fix is to access your site via FTP and replace the theme files with the old version (2.0.7) which you can download here:

      Very sorry for the inconvenience.

  92. Avatar Young Entrepreneur says:

    Hi Charles,

    I have took down the site. I’m running WP 4.0 with some up-to-date social media plugins, contact form 7, jetpack, Google Analytics and Wordfence security. I have no problem change to other themes, but this one. I even disabled all the plugin but still give me the WOD.

    I will check the system log again and will update you again.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, Please see my response above. The immediate solution is to replace the theme files with the 2.0.7 files.

  93. HELP! I updated the theme with the latest version and now the entire site is unavailable. I can’t even log into WordPress. This is the error I’m getting — please advise asap!

    Warning: require_once(/nfs/c04/h06/mnt/67507/domains/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /nfs/c04/h06/mnt/67507/domains/ on line 860

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Larry, I’m very sorry about this. Something went wrong with the latest version we submitted to WordPress and it was approved with some critical files missing. The only fix right now is to login to your site via FTP and replace the Restaurateur theme files in the /wp-content/themes/ directory with the old 2.0.7 version which you can download here:

      1. I’m unable to ftp into my site. Can I delete the theme thru WordPress and install the 2.0.9 version? And there are a lot of people on the WordPress support forum waiting for your guidance.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Larry, I’m afraid FTP is the only way to restore the theme. I see your site is back up so I gather you were able to do this. I’m truly sorry for the stress of this. It is a real mess right now. We have submitted a fixed version and are chasing the theme review team. Hope to have it available soon.

  94. Avatar Holly says:

    i also have a fatal error after recent update.
    how do i switch back to old version while not able to access my localhost admin panel??

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Holly, I’m really sorry about this. The way to address this is to grab the last stable version (2.0.7) and replace all the Restaurateur theme files in /wp-content/themes/ – you can download 2.0.7 here:

      1. Avatar holly says:

        yeh problem is, i have no idea where or how to do that. downloaded older version and have no clue where to put it…as i am a novice.
        so sorry, i am sure you are bombarded with larger issues than mine at the moment.
        looked for answers on forums and youtube. any suggestions would be much appreciated.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Holly, to help me trouble shoot, can you tell what is your site and where is it hosted?

          1. Avatar Holly says:

            i was using localhost through mamp for this job.

            i am creating a new website locally to replace an existing published one.
            thanks again

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Holly, oh I see. Then you can just grab the latest version 2.0.9 which is now available and replace the broken theme files with this:

          3. Avatar Holly says:

            i use hostgator if that matters?

          4. Charles Charles says:

            No, if you are developing locally then this doesn’t matter.

  95. Avatar Amir says:

    Hi! Thank you for a wonderful theme.

    I have a simple question. Where do I find the “Select Menu Item” (when using mobile) css? I’d like to change the language to Danish.

    Thank you

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      You can find it on line #22 inside restaurateur\library\js\scripts.js

  96. Avatar Holly says:

    ok, thanks for your help.
    i replaced the theme file with a different version, but now all of my customization is gone and i have your default theme instead of my previous work :-/

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Oh ๐Ÿ™

      If you still have a copy of your customizations you can put those back, just make sure the /language/ and /library/ directories are still there. I also strongly recommend that any customizations should be done in a child theme so that future theme updates (and there will be some) don’t overwrite your changes.

      1. Avatar Holly says:

        thanks…you live and learn ๐Ÿ™‚
        womp womp

  97. Avatar Charles Blackstone says:

    How can I get the excerpt to align properly? A lot of the items have different variations with different prices.

    For example on item #1, in the excerpt “Grilled Steak” I want on the line under it so that each item line ends with the price.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Charles, for this kind of purpose I suggest you use a tables plugin like Tablepress. That would be the easiest way to line everything up in nice columns.

    2. Avatar Kris says:

      Place each item on a P tag. For example,
      <p>10 INCH TORTILLA FILLED WITH SEASONED BEEF COVERED WITH BURRITO SAUCE, LETTUCE, TOMATO, GUACAMOLE, SOUR CREAM.....................................................$10.99</p>
      <p>GRILLED STEAK OR CHICKEN.......................................................$12.99 </p>

  98. Avatar Amber says:

    Hey Guys,

    I love the theme and I am working on getting it up and running, but by download did not come bundled with the menu plug-in. I need it for my site to work. Can you please make it available for download?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Amber, when you activated the theme you should have seen a prompt to install the plugin, like this:

      plugin activation

      If you didn’t dismiss that the prompt should still be displaying. You can force it to display again by deactivating and then reactivating the theme.

      1. Avatar Amber says:

        Thanks, that worked! Awesome theme!

  99. Hi there,

    I am having trouble attempting to change the logo in version 2.0.9. I cannot change the header either.

    Have tried this in chrome, safarai (osx) and also in Windows.

    Are you aware of any problems with the logo in this version of the theme ?

    Thanks very much btw,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nino, I’m not aware of any such problem but will look into it.

    2. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Nino, we’ve tested and can’t replicate this issue. All seems fine. Are you using any plugins? If so I recommend disabling them all and seeing that “fixes” the problem. If so then activate the plugins one by one to see which one is causing the issue.

  100. Avatar Jim says:

    Thanks for the theme, it’s very nice. The text link color is default orange, and I can not find where to change it. I use WordPress on the GoDaddy host, so it not the full version.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      You can change colors in you WordPress Admin, go to Appearance -> Customize.

  101. Avatar Rick says:

    Would love to simply know how to center my main site logo in the header section. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,

  102. Avatar Trish says:

    Hi! I have changed the default theme color, however the links are still the defaulted orange. How can I change this?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,
      a, a:visited{color:/*insert color here*/;}

      1. Avatar Trish says:

        Hi Kris,
        I downloaded Simple Custom CSS, and entered the code you provided (thank you!). However the color remains defaulted.
        This is what I entered:
        a, a:visited{color:/*#006010*/;}

        What did I do wrong?

        1. Avatar Kris says:

          Hello, Just remove this /* */. So now, the code will be a, a:visited{color:#006010;}.

  103. Avatar Mike says:

    Hi all,

    love the theme, just need a little bit of help with some customization. I would really like the logo to be centered, i tried so CSS stuff, but that just does not seem to work. Hope you can help me out on this one.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      You can download Simple Custom CSS then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code, #site-heading,#social-media{width:100%;text-align:center;}

  104. Avatar Edward Jerome says:

    You guys really did a beautiful job on your Free!!?? Restaurateur Theme.

    I originally purchased the Restaurateur Theme so that I could have something to show a client without purchasing something.

    But I am amazed at the quality you guys have programmed into the Restaurateur Theme! That Theme is free, but it sure acts like it is a Premium Theme.

    Everything has worked perfectly for me except I would like to change the Footer.php

    And I have seen this question before in this thread, so maybe when you help me, then you will be helping other people as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know some html programming, but even less php programming, and that is where I need your help.

    The home page footer.php reads

    C My Website – Powered by WordPress and WPRestaurateur.

    All the other footer.php pages read

    C My Website

    I want the footer.php on ALL my pages to read

    Sitemap | Legal | Contact | Restaurateur

    Is there any possibility that you could respond to this comment with the directions of what PHP to delete and from where to where?

    Then could you show us what PHP to add and where to add it so that we can change the footer.php to read what we want it to say?

    Of course if we cannot understand your simple instructions, then we could contact you for more detailed help.

    How does that sound?

    Here in the USA, we have the New Year’s Holiday coming up tomorrow and over the weekend. Don’t know if you Canada guys celebrate or not…

    Anyways, I will be working straight through, so any help before Monday would be very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Edward,

      Very glad you like the theme. Thankfully the change you want to make requires no knowledge of PHP, it’s a simple html change…

      In the footer.php template you can safely remove all the code inside the site-generator div, ie. leave that div in place, just remove the code inside the div. You can then replace this with plain HTML to display the links/content you want to. Maybe take a copy of this file first so you can roll back to the orginal should you make any mistakes.

      Of course when making any template changes it is best to first set up the theme as a child theme so that any future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes.

      If you need any professional help with this I recommend Codeable as a really simple and cost effective way to get developer support.

      Hope that helps.

  105. Avatar Edward Jerome says:

    Hi it’s me again.

    I hate to keep bugging you guys, but I have another quick question.

    You guys provide a plugin that generates the menu page, I forget what you call it.

    Next to the items on the menu page, there is a fork and spoon. Or whatever. I cannot quite see what it is.

    Is this fork and spoon part of an icon set?

    Or is this fork and spoon a simple graphic?

    In either case, can I replace the fork and spoon with something else?

    And if so, how would I go about doing that?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Edward, that is indeed a fork and spoon icon we include with the theme. There is no setting to change this via the admin, but you can replace the image here: – upload a new icon with the same name as a drop in replacement, keeping in mind it’s a transparent PNG image so it can work on any background color.

  106. Avatar Edward Jerome says:

    Hi Charles

    Your instructions worked perfectly!

    1.) First I made a copy of footer.php
    2.) Then I deleted everything between
    the site-generator div and the ending div
    3.) Then I added my normal html
    4.) My footer looks exactly like I want it

    Thanks so much!


  107. Avatar Edward Jerome says:

    Is there a procedure to add a small graphic button that says [click here] between the bottom of the slider and the top of the widgets on the home page.

    I tried to add the small graphic button code to a normal test page, and it worked fine.

    But the same code won’t work on the home page.

    Any ideas?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Edward, the home page template strips out any HTML for aesthetic reasons, but you could edit the Alt-homepage template and hard code your button there. Of course any template customization like this is best done to a child theme.

  108. Avatar Edward Jerome says:

    Hi Charles

    Ok let’s assume I will make a child theme.

    You explained exactly what I needed to do for the footer.php code and it worked perfectly.

    I have the exact html button code ready to go and it works on a plain old test page.

    Would you care to explain where you would add my button code in the Alt-homepage template?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Edward, if you go to Appearance > Edit and look for the Alt-homepage template you can add your button code to that. Look for the div class=”intro-content”, inside that div you will see the php tag to display the page content…add a new line below that and add your button code. You might want to wrap that in a paragraph tag aligned to the center (assuming you want the button aligned center).

      For future code customization I really recommend you try Codeable or Elto. I’m happy to provide simple support to end users where we can, but you will understand that I feel a bit taken advantage of by requests for free support (on top of the free theme) from people selling WordPress development services to clients, particularly when they ask for help to remove a credit link which is the only recognition we get for providing a free theme.

  109. Avatar Edward Jerome says:

    Hi Charles

    I am very sorry if you feel like you are being taken advantage of. Let’s take care of that right away.

    First on the agenda…

    I originally added your site to my customized footer on the same day I asked you for help on the footer code, which was on December 31, 2014. It seemed like the least I could do to help you guys out.

    Second on the agenda…

    Please give me an email address so that I can send over some paypal money in return for using the restaurateur site. I am not rich, but next time I get paid I will send you over some money.

    Please feel free to send your paypal email address to the email address I used when I made my comment if you don’t want to make it public.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Edward, thank you. I appreciate the footer credit, and I clearly overlooked that you intended to include that in the footer. I don’t provide paid support and I’m not going to send you a PayPal request. As I said I’m happy to provide basic support to end users but I would prefer people developing for clients commercially use a commercial service such as Codeable or Elto to get development support. To be clear, WP Dev Shed is not a day job so I am not making a living myself from theme development.

  110. Avatar Morten says:

    Thank you for a truly nice theme.
    I’ve just started working on some small adjustments, and one thing I would like to do is for the post author byline not to be shown.
    I’ve had a look at both the css and the php-files, and have not been able to work out how to do this.
    Could you please point me in the right direction?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,

  111. Avatar Morten says:

    Thanks a lot, Kris.
    I had the code, but couldn’t find where to put it.
    Now it’s easily sorted, thanks to you.
    And it will clearly also make it easier to effect any other changes I might like to do.

  112. Avatar Zeena says:

    Hey Charles, Thanks for providing this theme. I am using it for my restaurant Grill and Shakes in Kingsland, Auckland…maybe we are the closest install to you? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Zeena, I dare say you are the closest. I’m going to have to stop in for lunch one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Avatar Noa says:

    Hi Charles,
    Thanks for a beautiful theme as base for the Beaujolais restorant.
    I hope you can help me in few minor detail –
    The menu is alphabetic. how can I change the order like it is on the real menu? (It’s in Hebrew…).
    Thank you

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      If you want to change the order of your menu, you can download this WordPress plugin, Post Type Re-order. Activate the plugin then go to Menu Items -> Re-order and you can now change the order of the menu items by just using drag and drop.

  114. Avatar Erika says:


    I really am enjoying the theme so far! I was wondering is there a way to make it so the category page only shows the post title and featured image? Thanks, for all the hard work!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Inside Restaurateur theme folder, open category.php and from line #24 to #30 replace that code with this,
      <article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
                              <header class="entry-header">
                                  <?php if ( 'post' == get_post_type() ) : ?>
                                  <div class="entry-meta clearfix">
                                      <?php restaurateur_posted_on(); ?>
                                      <?php if ( comments_open() || ( '0' != get_comments_number() && ! comments_open() ) ) : ?>
                                      <div class="comment-top"><span class="meta-com"><?php _e('Comments:', 'restaurateur'); ?></span> <?php comments_popup_link( __( 'Leave <span class="txtreg">a comment</span>', 'restaurateur' ), __( '1 <span class="txtreg">Comment</span>', 'restaurateur' ), __( '% <span class="txtreg">Comments</span>', 'restaurateur' ) ); ?></div>
                                  <?php endif; ?>
                                  </div><!-- .entry-meta -->
                                  <?php endif; ?>
                                  <h2 class="entry-title"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php printf( esc_attr__( 'Permalink to %s', 'restaurateur' ), the_title_attribute( 'echo=0' ) ); ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>
                              </header><!-- .entry-header -->

                                  <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail()) : ?>
                                  <div class="imgthumb"><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="<?php the_title_attribute(); ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail( array(600, 300) ); ?></a></div>
                                  <?php else : ?>
                                  <div class="noimgthumb"></div>
                                  <?php endif; ?>

                          </article><!-- #post-<?php the_ID(); ?> -->

      Note: Create Child theme first. Copy category.php file to your child theme and edit the file.

  115. Avatar karen says:

    I had not the time to read all comments, apologize in advance Charles, if you have already answered. Is there a way to add “clickable” images to your static slider?
    I would like to add a Free Offer signup form to my slider images – then to of course, click here.
    Can’t seem to be able to do this?
    Adding a sign up form to the my home page isn’t the look I want – contact page does the same thing in essence.
    I just want the images to “hyperlink” to my free offer sign up page.
    thank you very much for any help.
    love the theme

    1. Avatar Kris says:


      Go to Restaurateur theme folder, and open alt-homepage.php file and on line #53, you can update the code with this, <div class="slide-thumb"><a href="insert-link-here"><?php echo $image; ?></a></div>.

      Note: Make a child theme first then make a copy of alt-homepage.php to your child theme folder. You can check this tutorial in creating a child theme, How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

  116. Avatar SW says:

    How do I change the word ‘menu’ that appears in the mobile theme in place of the menu? since this is a restaurant theme, the word menu is confusing and I’d like to change the word to something like ‘navigation’ or otherwise.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Go to Restaurateur theme folder, Then open Library -> js -> scripts.js. On line #21, you can now change the word ‘Menu’ to something like ‘navigation’.

      1. Avatar SW says:


  117. Avatar Phoebe says:

    Hi, I am creating my first WP site using your theme and hosting on my machine using WAMP. I changed the setting so I can have ‘pretty’ permalinks but after I did that the only page to load properly was the Home page, others gave a 404 msg saying the webpage cannot be displayed. If you can help with that it will be great.

    However, my bigger issue is that I’m looking to change the font style, font sizes and the background colour.

    For some reason, in the customization section I am able to change all colours except the white background colour – it just stays white regardless of which colour I select. Please advise.

    Lastly, I have some experience with HTML and CSS and assumed I will just need to edit the style.css in the Restaurateur folder on my machine in order to change the font family but my addition of “Letter Gothic” in front of “Damion” did nothing…the same with changing a random colour code. Am I missing something or is this the wrong file?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Sorry but this would require template and style sheet changes beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. Elto or Codeable are probably your best bet for low cost professional help on this.

  118. Avatar Dulza says:


    I’m using this theme and wanted to change it to a dark background colour but no matter what I select in the customization section, the bg colour doesn’t change.

    I am able to update the title, theme and navigation/footer colours fine, but the background refuses to change. I’ve tried doing it on different pages to see if that makes a difference and saved and published but it still does not change. Please let me know if you can help with this.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dulza, in the Customize panel you will also see an option for Background Image. The theme ships with a background image by default so you just need to remove this and you background color will be visible. Cheers.

  119. Avatar Al says:

    Hi, Compliment for your theme. I cannot view a category posts. Can you help me?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Al, can you send me a link to a news item in the news category? Will help to trouble shoot.

      1. Avatar Al says:

        Hi Charles, thanks for your answer. The link is
        With another theme it works but not with Restaurant. Thank you

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Al, that post doesn’t render which would normally mean it doesn’t exist, but in that case I would expect a 404 error to appear and that isn’t happening. All that leads me to think either the template has been altered (?) or it somehow was not installed properly. Can I suggest that you temporarily change the theme, deleted all the existing Restaurateur theme files and then reinstall it from scratch. I know that sounds like a hassle, I just don’t have any other idea what would cause this.

  120. Avatar Ken Mick says:

    How can I change the mobile site’s menu heading from “Menu” to maybe “Pages” or those three horizontal dashes?

    Thank you for this helpful theme!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Inside restaurateur theme folder, go to library -> js and open scripts.js file, then on line #21, you can now change the word ‘Menu’.

  121. Avatar Jim says:

    Charles – this is an amazing and unbelievably wonderful theme. I never thought it possible to have a man-crush on a WP theme, but lo and behold it’s happened. Thank you x1000 and thanks to all above who have added tips and tricks.

    I’m bookmarking this page to tweak the dickens out of a site I’m building for a friend who is opening a new restaurant in a couple of weeks.

  122. Avatar Felipe says:

    Is it possible to override the default homepage slider with another plugin shortcode?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Felipe, yes it is possible, but you will need to edit the home page templates to achieve this. Cheers.

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