15 Best Residential Proxies to Buy in 2024 (Cheap & Premium)

Best Residential Proxies To Buy

Ever since the launch of residential proxies, the world of data extraction has witnessed a revolution. Not a day goes by where some website doesn’t block users.

Some of them are victims of slow scraping. Therefore, web scrapers necessarily need multiple IPs. 

One cannot ignore the dramatic advancement in bot detection software. A number of bot detection tools such as captchas, request throttling, and IP blacklists have kept the internet safe from malicious bots.

As good as these tools are, they are also a kind of hurdle when the friendly web scrapers have to perform their function. 

Best Residential Proxies to Buy in 2024

Extensive tests and research have led to the formation of a list that contains the best residential proxy providers in the market.

Every aspect of the proxy providers has been taken into consideration, including the performance, price range, customer support, etc. 

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Residential Proxies

It won’t be wrong to regard Oxylabs as the largest proxy provider, with as many as 100 million IP addresses they provide.

As evident from the large number, you can browse any web from every corner of the world.

Getting over the geo-blocks is a breeze with the big proxy pool of Oxylabs. The great quality of residential proxies is not the only appealing thing about Oxylabs. 

The sources of the premium residential proxies are legitimate as well.

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With Oxylabs, you are bound to get the finest proxies for your project because of their filtration by the region. 

The company of Oxylabs is very careful about the users’ satisfaction. Therefore, it has fixed financial rewards for users when they give access to their IP addresses to the businesses.

There are a lot of proxy providers in the market who put a charge on concurrent sessions.

Well, that’s not the case with Oxylabs, as it offers unlimited concurrent sessions free of cost. 

If the amount of data you want to scrape is large, you can continue back-to-back sessions.

It’s up to the businesses to set up a time duration after which the IP address will change. However, one can request for the IP address to change randomly. 

Despite the useful aspects of the Oxylabs, some people can still hesitate when choosing it as a proxy provider because of the costs.

If you ask about the cheapest residential proxies package, it comes at the cost of $300 per month and gives you 20GB of traffic. 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your success rate, you can avail the option of incorporating machine learning.

However, it will cost you even higher for the same bandwidth of 20GB. It needs you to pay $60 more than the regular $300. 

Key Features

  • The integration with all the software is free of any complications 
  • The Public IPA eases the management of proxy for the users 
  • The right of Oxylabs users to whitelist IPs on their own
  • Each user can carry out the management of his proxy subscription from the dashboard
  • Ad verification tests the suitability of the business ads for the global audience
  • Reliable customer support
  • Top proxy locations include the USA, UK, Germany, and Canada
  • Chrome extension like a free proxy provider causes the smooth switching of the proxies.
  • Features or review monitoring and ad verification aid in the successful business operation
  • Very high price
  • Conditional and limited plans

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Residential Proxies

Bright Data is near the top of our list, thanks to its huge pool of residential proxies all across the globe.

The residential proxies provided by Bright Data outshine the rest.

The loading speed with Bright Data is excellent enough to put this fascinating proxy provider on the spot where it stands out. 

The geological coverage of bright data is no short of wonders either.

Who would have thought that there would be 14 residential IPs in North Korea? Well, that’s where bright data has reached. 

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Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati Networks, has excellent services to offer. They include brand protection, digital ad monitoring, and data collection.

The latter can be either structured or unstructured. 

Bright data has got your back whenever you have to evade IP blocks and captchas imposed on you.

The favoritism of almost Fortune 500 companies towards bright data is not without any reason.

The legitimate IP addresses promise the security of the proxy network. You can continue your business without having to bother about the blockages. 

The data center proxies are very helpful in easing the option of using dedicated proxies for you. However, there is a very rare possibility with residential IPs.

As far as bright data is concerned, it definitely provides the users with the opportunity.

Users must stick to their dedicated proxies if they are not bothered by the costs. 

If you ask about the one factor that distinguishes the bright data from the rest of the residential proxies is the consent it gets from the internet users of the IP addresses.

The company provides free-of-charge Hola VPN to the users of the company. The only condition of using Hola VPN for the users is to allow sharing their IP addresses with the businesses. 

If you have to buy residential proxies, you must have a solid idea of their price. The cost of bright data is definitely high, but it is worth the astonishing features it possesses.

An affordable option is to adopt the ‘experimenting plan,’ which is executed at the mere cost of $15 for a bandwidth of 1GB.

 If that doesn’t inspire you, the company provides a complicated pricing calculator to help you with the custom plan.

Users who are confused about choosing bright data as their residential proxy provider can take a free seven-day trial period. 

The latter acquaint you with the services briefly. If the service doesn’t match your expectations, you have the option of canceling your plan.

There would be no charge of anything for you. 

Key Features 

  • The residential IPs resulting from bright data are both static as well as rotating. 
  • The IP pool of bright data is the biggest one in the market, thanks to 72 million IPs in its pool. 
  • The services of bright data are not limited to data aggregation. You can use it for phone extraction, email extraction, web data extraction, price extraction, and image extraction. 
  • The customer service of bright data is 24/7 available for you. 
  • The trust of Fortune 500 companies is in bright data.
  • The network is secure and safe.
  • Seventy-two million IP addresses make it the largest IP pool ever.
  • The FAQ page of the website is detailed enough to resolve all of your queries.
  • If you need support from email, it lags a lot.
  • Limited bandwidth.
  • The high cost of bright data may prevent its purchase by most businesses.

3. Proxy Empire

Proxy Empire – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Proxy Empire is a really good choice if you are hoping to find a residential proxy that can help you collect the data that you need without exposing your personal information into the Internet.

They have more than 3 million IP addresses available, and they say that these are available around the world, and they are clean as well. This way, you can access any kind of content, at scale.

They are a little bit on the expensive side, but we think that they are definitely worth your time, especially if you have it in the budget.

ProxyEmpire rotate their residential proxies regularly as well, so that you don’t have to think about doing this on your own, and they have a live chat box available on their website, so that you can either get in touch with them through live chat support, or email.

  • Rotating proxies
  • residential and mobile proxies
  • 3 million proxies to choose from
  • 150 countries
  • Expensive

4. BeeProxy


People who are looking to buy cheap residential proxies can get the most from BeeProxy.

There is an easy setup associated with the speed and reliability of the proxy network. Users are promised premium residential proxies with BeeProxy. 

Whether it’s anonymous surfing of the internet or management of social media accounts, a residential proxy provider like BeeProxy can help you with both.

In addition, users can also get in touch with the static IP network.

If we talk about the worldwide server locations, there are many. You can trust BeeProxy with security.

Key Features 

  • Pages load as fast as they can, thanks to the high speed of BeeProxy 
  • The option of worldwide geo-targeting is there.
  • The residential proxies can keep an eye on the online activities of employees 
  • BeeProxy can help enhance your income by developing classified ads 
  • Every plan comes at a reasonable cost
  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  • Satisfaction of the residential proxies guaranteed
  • These speedy proxies lets the users have uninterrupted surfing and usage
  • Rotating and static proxies available
  • No free trials

5. Froxy


Froxy is an excellent proxy provider that promises the supply of the best residential proxies for users.

The Froxy proxies let the users carry out web scraping of any website at scale. In monthly activities, there is unlimited data without any transfer limits. 

There is no free trial for Froxy, but you can try the provider out for a week at the cost of $7. It is quite an affordable option.

A large number of countries source the IP address of Neonode. There is also a proper inclusion of details on a number of IP addresses in the particular location. 

You can contact the Froxy provider on multiple platforms. They care the most about the comfort of their users. 

  • Unlimited scraping
  • Easy and smooth activation
  • Efficient proxy rotation
  • Wide range of proxy protocols
  • Lack of free trial

6. PrivateProxy


PrivateProxy is one of the finest platforms to buy residential proxies. You get enormous help with your proxy activities online, thanks to the useful approach of PrivateProxy.

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The evaluation of every request is made under thorough understanding. PrivateProxy makes sure that the solution you get must fit well with your given circumstances. 

If you need any help from this stunning proxy provider, you can easily contact them and inquire about the residential proxies.

Users who are looking for social network growth can largely benefit from PrivateProxy. 

Some people face trouble while trying to improve their engagement on Spotify or Twitch.

That’s when PrivateProxy hops in. They provide data center proxies and residential proxies both.

Datacenter proxies come with a lot of perks, including unlimited connections, instant activation, unlimited bandwidth, and one free swap every month. 

The speed of PrivateProxy is very high, which makes it the provider of premium residential proxies.

If you have budget restrictions, you can totally rely on PrivateProxy as it has options for cheap residential proxies.

  • Cheap residential proxies
  • Superfast connections
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Trustworthy network
  • Unlimited connections
  • No free trial

7. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy

With The Social Proxy, accessing the internet is like a breeze. Some of the residential proxies by the social proxy are the best on the list.

The best thing about the social proxy is that their proxies have automated operations. It lets you have an automatic and effortless connection to the internet. 

The features of the social proxy are too many to count. Their website offers a chat log which eases the communication of their customer support team with the users. 

The level of IP rotation of the social proxy is pretty high. In simple words, the use of the same IP address for a long time is not going to be possible for you.

It also enables you to choose your IP address from a number of locations, including the UK, US, and Germany. 

  • The customer service of the social proxy is excellent.
  • Availability of different locations.
  • A bundle of features.
  • Lack of free trial

8. Smartproxy


Smartproxy is the hub of providing cheap residential proxies. Smartproxy lets you have both data center and residential proxies, but the latter has better features.

The goal of Smartproxy is to give the business access to the top residential IPs. 

The premium proxy service of Smartproxy comes with a money-back guarantee that is a much-needed option for users who are not happy with it.

With 40 million IPs, the number of locations for the Smartproxy is more than 195.

The anonymity offered to the proxies in the Smartproxy network is uncanny. The complex rotation feature of the servers allows you to get the best residential proxies after every rotation.

Users get to choose whether the proxy should be totally random or should it come from a particular country. 

Talking about the speed of this residential proxy provider, it is lower than that of other options. However, your connection to the web is stable through IP rotation.

The price range of Smartproxy is flexible. For example, you can buy a plan with a bandwidth of  5GB in accordance with your needs.

This plan can cost you 75 dollars. 

You can also customize your plans as per your requirements. In a nutshell, Smartproxy is one of the finest proxy providers to deploy that frees the users of proxy maintenance. 

Key Features

  • Businesses get as many as 40 million IP addresses
  • HTTP(S) protocols
  • A secure and reliable connection with rotating residential IPs
  • Extras of browser extension, API, extensive documentation, anti-direct browser
  • Allows web scraping with no limits
  • Functional in the flourishing of your business with the help of SEO analytics
  • Chat and email options are available for customer service.
  • Affordable cheap options.
  • Plenty of social media proxies.
  • The IP pool is quite large.
  • Lagging speed
  • No variety in locations
  • Absence of free trial period
  • Limited services for business development

9. Shifter


The Shifter is a well-known back connect proxy which allows the smooth switching of residential IP addresses.

A lot of users have voted in favor of Shifter as one of the largest pools of IP addresses.

With Shifter, you don’t have to worry about your identity getting exposed while you continue web scraping. 

The availability of 31 million IP addresses to users assures them that there is no chance of them getting blocked by websites.

You can guess the level of security associated with data scraping by the fact that there are variations in the IP address after every five minutes. 

There are two main categories of the Shifter packages, which are different from each other on the grounds of getting extra functionalities.

One of the divisions is basic back connect proxy plans, and the other one is special backconnect proxy plans. 

Users who are accustomed to dealing with geo-restricted content can face no hurdle while making a choice for the right package.

However, if you made a mistake in picking the category, you can get your money back, thanks to their three-day money-back guarantee. 

The cost for the ten special backconnect proxies is around $250. These proxies have unlimited access to a wide range of IPs.

With the same price of $250, you can get your hands on the 20 basic back connect proxies. 

Users also get to choose the frequency with which the IP pool can refresh. Five minutes is the fixed amount for the bare minimum, while the maximum limit is 60 minutes. 

As soon as you pick Shifter, it gets to work immediately because the integration gets completed in just a couple of minutes.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the proxy to benefit you. 

Key Features

  • Allows the choice of any city in the world as per your desire 
  • Lets you access all the blocked websites in your area 
  • Gets along fine with the available software on the market
  • There is no chance of the connection getting lost, thanks to the 99.9% uptime
  • Quite an active customer support at your service
  • Successfully functional with search engines like Amazon
  • Ensures the security of users’ identity by offering many anonymous proxies
  • Very costly
  • No trial period
  • Only special plans offer geo-targeting

10. IPRoyal


IPRoyal is such a provider for residential proxies that allows frequent switching of IP addresses.

It also offers a nice deep pool of more than two million IP addresses. The features of IPRoyal are so astonishing that users register right away. 

When you check Trustpilot, you will find a lot of four and five-star reviews on IPRoyal.

Who wouldn’t love a proxy provider that lets users have static residential proxies, data center proxies, and sneaker proxies. 

IPRoyal has a very cooperative sales team that can communicate with you if you want to talk about your order or any other bigger project.

The originality of residential proxies by IPRoyal is 100%. 

  • Amazing customer service
  • Datacenter and residential IPs available
  • IP addresses exceed 2 million
  • No free trial

11. Soax


Soax has made its name in the world of web scraping by providing premium residential proxies to users.

The number of residential IPs it offers to users is more than 8 million.

There are proxy providers whose IP pool is larger than Soax’s, but it doesn’t cause a doubt about the reliability of Soax. There are multiple options for users to target: a country, city, region, or provider. 

Users can buy residential proxies from Soax and continue to browse the web with the anonymity offered by Soax.

They can send as many concurrent session requests as many they want to. The coverage of a quality proxy supplier like Soax is so worldwide that it is almost impossible for you to find a blocked website. 

There are a large number of uses for the Soax proxy, including data extraction, speed testing, brand reputation, SEO monitoring, market research, and whatnot.

The best thing about Soax is its compatibility with advanced optimization tools. If you are a mobile or Wi-Fi user, there is a whole new set of plans for you. 

Soax realizes how important the satisfaction of users is. Therefore, the start of testing takes place from $1.99.

Any user can carry out the testing and see if this proxy provider meets their needs. 

Key Features

  • The most hassle-free residential proxy database
  • Automated IP rotation to keep you from changing your IP after every ten minutes 
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly plans 
  • No chance of running into the blocked websites as there are exclusive whitelisted IPs 
  • A wide range of uses
  • More than one payment options
  • A perfect choice for the bulk registration
  • Assurance of 100% anonymity to the users
  • Geo-targeting is available and lets the users choose the place and provider of their own choice.
  • The free trial of Soax is just as long as one hour
  • Quite costly when compared with other proxy providers.
  • Getting access to all the locations needs extra payment from the users.

12. NetNut


NetNut is a residential proxy provider that is efficient at multiple tasks, including web scraping, social media management, SEO management, and data extraction.

It has brought huge benefits to marketers. None of the residential proxy providers can work without the peer-to-peer network. 

However, in order to avoid the disconnection, there is direct sourcing of IP addresses from the Internet Service Providers.

Afterward, NetNut performs a scalability boost by using a P2P network.

When compared with the rest of the proxy providers on the list, it is observed that NetNut is the most recent one in the market.

Despite its new launch, it has grown more than 10 million residential IPs to its account. 

Geo-targeting is yet another wonderful feature of NetNut, through which users are able to choose the country and city of their choice and get access to the internet as per that selected area.

In addition, NetNut has a very fast speed as well. This feature plays a key role in solving its disconnection problem. 

Key Features

Internet service providers directly source the rotating IPs to prevent the issue of lost connection.

The number of residential IPs has surpassed 10 million, giving rise to a very large pool of IPs

Keeps the users from location-based bans by sourcing IP addresses from different countries

Users looking for 1TB of data get a special offer from the NetNut provider.

13. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy Cheap

Proxy-Cheap is a popular proxy provider that offers mobile and data center proxies in addition to residential ones.

An interesting fact about the residential proxies of the Proxy-Cheap is that there is no need to make a monthly monetary commitment. 

Users are given the option to pay per GB, thus cutting short on overall costs. There are almost 7 million residential IP addresses for the users of Proxy-Cheap.

Businessmen experience extra security because of the rotating IPs. The worldwide coverage through the Proxy-Cheap lets you browse any website you want and whenever you want.

Proxy-Cheap brings a new world of possibilities with its ad verification, market research, and brand protection.

It makes sure that the requirements of your business are met. Therefore, it offers a large number of locations. 

Key Features

  • Free of monthly commitment
  • There are more than 127 countries whose proxy locations are available
  • Users can organize their usage efficiently and easily with the Proxy-Cheap dashboards
  • The boosted privacy and fast speed help users get the access to any website they want 
  • Very affordable with the low per GB prices
  • Wide coverage of the location
  • Doesn’t require the fulfilling of any monthly commitment
  • Allows users to have complete control over their IPs
  • No refund policy
  • Cannot get in touch with the customer service round the clock
  • Users cannot pick countries and cities of their choice with the geo-targeting
  • There is a thirty-minute limit to every session

14. ProxyRack


ProxyRack is a well-known name in the world of web scraping.

The provision of residential proxies by ProxyRack is not only limited to the individuals, but the businesses also get assistance.

There are three options for the companies to choose from, residential targeting options, static targeting options, and geo-targeting options. 

For the pool of ProxyRack, the number of residential IP addresses from all across the globe mounts up to over 5 million.

Users are significantly helped with the ad verification and social media management, thanks to the quality services of ProxyRack. 

That’s not it. ProxyRack is also quite advantageous for the users in brand protection, SEO analytics, and website testing.

The proxy network of the ProxyRack is fast enough to allow users for successful web scraping. 

There is no bandwidth limitation with the ProxyRack. Countries from where you can get access to the proxies include the USA, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Oceania. 

Key Features

  • Individuals and businesses get the social media proxies
  • The availability of fascinating VPN services, in addition to the proxies
  • The validity of the refund policy is 14 days 
  • Highly beneficial in departments of market research, website testing, and ad verification
  • Satisfactory customer support
  • Users who are dissatisfied with the proxies can ask for a refund but only within 14 days because the validity expires after two weeks of purchase.
  • There is no better choice for social media automation than ProxyRack.
  • Not every plan of the ProxyRack includes the geo-targeting features
  • There is no free trial with the ProxyRack
  • People who can benefit from the virgin IPs are the ones who have subscribed to the private residential proxy plan.

15. YourPrivateProxy


YourPrivateProxy is an old-school proxy provider that is determined to meet your residential proxy needs in a capable manner.

They have very appealing proxy features that are designed to ease the clients in terms of connections, replacements, speed, and threads. 

The IP addresses offered by the YourPrivateProxy have unlimited traffic and multiple subnets.

There is no fear of your identity being revealed or information getting stolen. What more does a user need than having access to the same private proxies?

YourPrivateProxy promises that access but only as long as the subscription is valid. 

Users who want random proxies in the future will have to pay a little extra for that. The best thing about YourPrivateProxy is their communication with the users.

Their live agent on the website is always there to listen to the concerns of their clients. In case you need to save money, you can join their referral program. 

The Purpose Of Proxies 

The basic purpose of proxies is to hide your real IP. They also allow you to access the geo-restricted contents.

You can get this statement by observing the working mechanism of streaming sites. 

There is a TV show, The Office, that only people of Ireland and the UK can watch on Netflix.

However, holders of UK proxy can stream the show from anywhere in the world. 

The importance of proxy tools in web scraping is huge. Their job is to ensure that the origin of requests is not only from the different locations but also the different times.

It keeps the users from getting IP blocks. Even if it is not successful, you can still get access to the website with your real IP. 

The number of requests sent by bots and web scrapers is a lot. That’s the feature that adds more to their desirability for the gathering of data.

Unfortunately, their fast speed can also bring them a downfall.

The reason is that the website examines the behavior of the bot, and the latter can decide whether the source is human or not.

Let’s take an instance where 25 pages are requested in no more than one second.

There is no way possible for that to happen by a human. It would definitely be the bot. 

If you want more options from the proxies, you can add one in the middle or just use a whole pool proxy.

The website can be seen differently if you limit the distribution of requests to just a few proxies. 

There is no chance of getting your bot recognized by the website if 10 of the IPs would send ten requests each. The ideal way is to use a different proxy for each request. 

However, it is really exhausting to switch IPs constantly.

There is an automated system known as proxy rotation that keeps varying the IPs and ensures that every IP is being used at its peak potential. 

It won’t be wrong to state that the proxy rotation tool has added a bunch of excellent possibilities in the world of widespread scraping.

There is a significant effect of pacing and the number of requests submitted on your progress in a particular amount of time.

You can successfully avoid the chances of getting your IP blocked if you have a broader proxy tool. 

What Are Residential Proxies? 

An ISP issues a certain address to a household that is called a residential address.

There is a residential address for every new place where you set up the internet. The IP allows you access to the web page as many times as you want. 

The official way to cook with the residential proxies is to use the IP as proxies.

The Internet Service Providers is a reliable source that differentiates these IPs from the other kinds of proxies.

You might have heard of the data center proxies that are created from virtual servers. They are not quite trustworthy. 

Residential IPs are a better option in terms of having proxies all across the globe. You can get access to any content you want or need.

There are no more geo-restrictions for users with proxies in a number of different countries. 

The anonymity of residential IPs is very reliable and surpasses other IPs in terms of functionality and quality.

A backconnect proxy carries out the switching of IPs at a particular interval. 

Key Points About Residential Proxies 

Someone who has just set foot in the world of residential proxies should be aware of certain factors about them.

The most basic thing is that the borrowing of IP addresses of the residential proxies is done from the real people.

It can be done through both a computer and a mobile phone.

Residential proxies are also called peer to peer proxies because they require the users to have a real identity when using the proxies.

Otherwise, the server of the website with take you for someone else.

Compared with the data center proxies, there are way more locations that the residential proxies support worldwide.

Talking about the targeting choices, residential proxies win the race of precision there too. 

They are worldwide popular because they can include millions of IP addresses.

However, the availability of all those IP addresses is not there at the same time.

The reason is obvious: people turn off their computers and phones at some time, which deprives you of the availability of their IP addresses. 

Another important thing to know about the residential IP addresses is that the majority of them are shared; that is why you need to rotate them after a little use.

On the bright side, you can purchase the traffic to get access to the entire proxy network. 

How Do Residential Proxies Compare to Others? 

There are multiple occasions where comparisons are made between the residential proxies and the rest of the proxies, mostly data center ones.

The use of residential proxies is preferred over data center proxies because of a few reasons. 

No matter what your target is, it is definitely going to have strong protection mechanisms.

If you intend to copy sneakers from some website, do know that their security protocols are there.

A mere datacenter proxy cannot get you around these protocols. You need residential proxies to counter that. 

Their registry under the internet service providers has already built their reputation.

Users always need wide location coverage, and only residential proxies can provide that.

The sourcing of residential IP addresses is done by a lot of people all around the world, which gives you solid support from multiple locations. 

The same reason makes it an ideal choice for ad verification, software localization, and SEO crawling.

Datacenter proxies cannot reach this level. As mentioned earlier, there is no better way to stay anonymous while browsing than to opt for residential proxies. 

Talking about the masking capabilities of the data center, they just hide you instead of hiding the fact that the user is using them.

As far as the residential proxies are concerned, they create an impression that a real person is carrying out the browsing that is also right for that location and website. 

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