7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Law Firm’s Web Design

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We live in a time when the Internet is our go-to when it comes to looking for information – and this includes legal matters as well. Therefore, if you are a lawyer, people will try to look you up online before meeting you face to face.

You have about 7 seconds to capture the attention and leave an impression on a potential client, no matter if you are meeting them face to face or they are visiting your website. This is why you need to make sure your website looks good enough so that they don’t hit the “back” button. Here are a couple of tricks you can try out.

1. Offer Lawyer Bios

When searching for a lawyer, people are looking for a connection. After all, they are struggling with serious personal and professional circumstances. Therefore, they want to put a face on the ones they choose to protect their rights. 

Add recent pictures of your lawyers, as well as relevant information about them. This can lead to a great first impression, creating a familiarity that will make the people reach out. 

2. Organize the Navigation

Every business evolves through time, and at some point, you will get a different kind of experience. A divorce lawyer may also gain experience as a child advocate lawyer, something that you may not have been originally in their portfolio. 

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Perhaps you added new pages for the services or some extra functions to help the clients. While this is great, you may also want to make sure your website is still user-friendly, and that all the links are easy to follow. For example, poorly organized links in your blog might be the reason for you not getting followers. 

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3. Add a Live Chat

The majority of millennials hate phone calls, not only because they are very often inconvenient, but because they also make them feel uncomfortable. If anything can be an email, they prefer the email. That being said, they also dislike emails, because the answering time is typically very slow.

As a result, if your website doesn’t already have a live chat, you might want to consider adding live chat software to your website.

It suggests to the client that you are always ready to talk to them, which will also make them more likely to hire you. The availability of a lawyer is what everyone is looking for.

4. Put Up Creative Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are a great way to grab the attention of your clients, which may lead to more conversion.

Don’t go for the simple “Contact Us” everywhere; spruce it up in a creative way. Things such as “Get Help Today,” “Begin Inquiry” or “Free Consultations” are more likely to lead to conversions. A web design company can help you create some aesthetic and catchy buttons. 

5. Make the Website Stand Out

Indeed, you might be working in a conservative industry, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to make a boring website. You shouldn’t overdo it either – you want your clients to take you seriously. 


When designing the look of your website, it needs to look visually appealing. Use your brand colors, highlight with the right pictures (i.e., your lawyers obtaining results), and other relevant images. Steer clear of stock pictures, as they look dull and not trustworthy. 

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6. Focus on Your Advantage

When designing a law website, you may want to stress what your advantage is. For example, if you have a lot of Las Vegas divorce attorneys, then you may want to put some focus on that. After all, Nevada has the highest divorce rate, so you can be sure people will be looking for a Las Vegas divorce lawyer after they elope there.

You can use this advantage on your main page, showcasing your experience and showing people that you are the best for the job. So, if you have something that differentiates you from other companies, make sure your visitors see it right away. 

7. Make Sure You Are Mobile Friendly

If your website is not already mobile-friendly, it is time to make an update. More than half of the world’s internet traffic is done on mobile, so if you don’t make some changes to your website structure, then you may end up losing half your potential clients.

Every website can be accessed on mobile to a certain degree, but the only difference is in how easy it is to navigate. If your clients find it difficult to access the pages or are annoyed with continuous zoom-in, zoom-out motions, then they will likely look for another lawyer that makes things easier for them. 

The Bottom Line

Your law firm website is your online office: the prettier and more organized it is, the more your clients are likely to stay. This is why you need to make sure that it’s always updated to the latest standards.

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