10 Proven Tips To Create An Effective Landing Page

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Introduction- Why Landing pages?

Whenever I think of landing pages, two things come to mind: graphics and conversion rate optimization. Landing page creation is more of an investment rather than a process.

Remarkable landing pages could be the engines that propel your conversion rates, drive in more loyal customers, and create a strong brand image in the eyes of your prospective clients.

Several stats and figures exist to back up these sentiments. According to the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark report, the average conversion rate of landing pages stands at 9.7%.

So, how can one leverage the power of landing pages for a business? 

It all starts with knowing what a landing page is and following that up with the best strategies for creating an effective landing page. This article explores both aspects in detail.

What Is A Landing Page

A landing page is a specific-purpose website. Its primary aim is to convert mere website visitors into leads.

In other words, landing pages are website pages that help to direct web visitors to targeted pages with the ability to capture leads at a faster and higher rate than web page forms. 

A landing page will also direct the attention of your visitors to one specific product.

They limit any disruptions from everything else on a website. The landing page should see that web visitors obtain your offer by filling in a lead-capture form. 

How To Create An Effective Landing Page

Note that an excellent landing page should be persuasive and compelling to grab the users’ attention.

However, landing pages to convert site visitors into leads is easier said than done. You must know the best tips you should adopt to create awesome landing pages. 

The 10 Proven Tips For Creating Effective Landing Pages

How should your landing page look? What features will make your landing page compelling and persuasive? Worry no more.

The following are the ten proven tips that should guide you in creating effective landing pages for your website.

1.) Determine The Goal For Your Landing Page

We have already seen that the major reason why landing pages exist is to propel conversion rates.

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Therefore, you need to understand the kind of conversions you need clearly.

Determining your goals as far as your landing page is concerned will help you see into the crystal ball the type of landing page you need for your website.

Defining your goal is significant to planning as it influences the landing page design you adopt. The following are three conversion goals.

  • Lead generation- This entails capturing the details of prospective clients who might be interested in your offers so a sales team member can follow them up.
  • Building robust brand awareness entails harnessing more email subscribers and building a strong relationship with the subscribers to create a loyal customer base.
  • Sales Growth- It entails facilitating fast purchases by displaying products and allowing web visitors to add the products to their shopping carts.
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2.) Adopt A Clean And Organized Design

One factor that determines your landing page’s effectiveness is its look, feel, and touch. Such a landing page makes it easy for visitors to convert.

I recommend that you adopt smart color usage and eye-catching images.

The contrast between the background and button colors should be as strong as possible. Lastly, avoid too much clutter on the landing page.

3.) Built A Landing Page That Display A Sense Of Security

A good landing page should have security features and aspects to protect users from security threats and exploitations by hackers.

According to figures from Statista, 17% of visitors will leave a page before converting if they have a reason to believe the site is insecure.

This is why security should be prioritized when creating your landing pages.

Several security tips will work best for your landing pages. For instance, you can install SSL certificates such as Sectigo SSL, Comodo SSL, RapidSSL wildcard certificate, and install security plugins and software, set up real-time security alerts, keep your software and operating system up to date, and use antimalware scanners.

All the security measures mentioned above are needed for your landing page. SSL certificates help to establish encrypted sessions.

All activities and information users share on the landing page will remain safe from prying eyes and eavesdroppers.

You can save money using wildcard SSL certificates in case the site is running on subdomains. Here, we recommend Thawte wildcard and Comodo wildcard SSL.

These SSL certs will secure your landing page and all subdomains falling under the main domain. All these SSL certs are available at low priced. So, a single cheap SSL certificate can secure your landing page.

4.) Use Headers When Broadcasting Offers Value

One factor that defines an excellent landing page is the availability of a strong offer and the communication of the offer to the prospects.

Your landing page needs to communicate the value of your offer in clear and concise terms. One perfect way of achieving this is by using headers and subheadings to promote your offer’s value.

5.) Leverage The Power Of Trust Signals

A perfect landing page should have abundant trust signals. The trust signals display authority, authenticity, and the fact that the website and all products or services are genuine.

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There are several forms of trust signals. One classic example of a form of trust signal is testimonials.

Usually, people are bound to believe the “word of mouth” given by people who have interacted with the website.

You do not have to clutter your landing page with unnecessary customer feedback. You have to showcase one or two testimonials, and you will be good to go.

Trust badges are other forms of trust signals that will play in favor of your landing page.

Trust badges are essentially logos of well-established brands that you have worked with in the past.

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Certifications, endorsements, recognitions, payment mode badges, and the SSL certificate padlock symbol are other examples of trust badges. 

6.) Make Your Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendliness matters a lot. Most people prefer using their smartphones to browse websites.

According to Statista, mobile browsing accounts for nearly half of the total traffic. You are missing out on a lot if your landing is not mobile-friendly.

Your website will start sharing a huge chunk of mobile traffic by being mobile-friendly. 

However, how do you make your landing page mobile-friendly? Several practices work in unison to make a mobile-friendly landing page.

To learn more on how to create a mobile-friendly landing page, read this guide on how to make a website mobile friendly

7.) Keep The Forms Precise

There is always that temptation for marketers to collect as much information as possible. However, from the landing page perspective, less is more.

It is imperative to make users fill out as few form fields as possible. The more fields you ask your site visitors to fill, the less likely they will want to convert.

Therefore, you must only stick to the essentials of what you need. If you need more information, consider using other pages, such as the thank you page.

8.) Customize Your Landing Pages For Individual Audiences

Another perfect approach to creating an effective landing page is to customize your landing page for specific audience groups.

A website visitor that feels that the landing page is explicitly addressing them is more likely to convert.

On the other hand, a site visitor who feels the information on the landing is general information meant for the general public will be less willing to convert.

Before creating a landing page, it is good to do your homework to establish the type of users you want to address and craft a message that addresses different audience groups and connects with them. 

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9.) Make Your Landing Compatible With Multiple Devices

We have already seen the essence of mobile-friendliness on landing pages.

The game does not end with creating a landing page for mobile compatibility.

The element of landing page compatibility also cuts across other aspects, such as operating system and device compatibility.

Remember, different users prefer using different devices or operating systems. The landing page should be meant for iOS and Android users and other device characteristics.

10.) Add Clear and Exceptional Call-to Action

The Call-to-action is arguably the most vital element of your landing page. It is one of the aspects that encourage users to convert.

Your CTA needs to be conspicuous and exceptional. A good practice for creating a CTA is to use a color scheme that contrasts with other elements.

Also, the CTA should be clear on what you want your users to do. 


There you have it! Ten simple tips for creating an effective landing page.

Always remember that the customer is the key focus, and the landing page should be meant for them.

Remember to adopt all ten tips when creating your landing page. The more tips you adopt, your landing page will be more effective.