Why A Professional Voice Actor Is Essential For Your Explainer Videos

Professional Voice Actor Is Essential For Your Explainer Videos

Voice content is among the most powerful tools for a business to engage with its target audience.

Professional voice overs provide extra authority and can be used to make your WordPress website more accessible to audiences.

Adding a new audio post is simply a case of navigating to the posts section and hitting the audio icon. But that is just the beginning. 

86 percent of businesses regularly produce video content for their WordPress sites.

Explainer videos are a useful and practical type of video content that demonstrates use cases and benefits of a business’s products or services.

No Room For Amateurs When It Comes To Voice Overs

Nobody knows your business better than you, and so you might be tempted to think you are the best person to deliver the voice over for your explainer video. But nine times out of ten, that is a bad decision. 

True, you are best placed for creating the script. But delivering it is a skill that demands special talent, which is why it is so important to hire a voice actor for your explainer video.

Voice actors spend years honing these skills, and when a novice tries to deliver, all sorts of things can go wrong, from missing the right emphases to mispronunciations, and the timing going awry.

Hiring an amateur usually also means more time to record, retakes, and possibly missed deadlines.

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Connecting With Your Target Audience

You might be great at winning customers’ trust when you are chatting face to face, but recording a voice over demands different types of skill.

Connecting With Your Target Audience

A voice over artist knows when and why to make subtle shifts in tone, volume, pitches and cadence to keep the audience interested and to elicit the desired emotional response. 

A voice actor has the power to make sure meanings are conveyed accurately, which is more important with explainer videos than other types of promotional recordings.

It is vital that nothing is left unclear, as these videos explain why your product or service will meet consumer needs better than others.

He or she will also make your video more memorable, increasing the likelihood of people returning to it time and again, and of sharing your video with friends and family. 

Becoming Part Of The Brand

Connecting with customers on a personal level is more difficult in the Internet age than it was in previous generations.

For example, 20 years ago, customers would visit a furniture or electronics store and get to know the staff personally.

Today, there are fewer face-to-face interactions, and some customers only engage with businesses over the Internet. 

Creating a nice web presence, a user-friendly app and a snazzy logo are all great.

But having a recognizable voice associated with your brand adds that human touch that can otherwise be lacking.

It is therefore wise to work with the same artist for all your explainer videos, and ideally for other things too, whether it’s radio ads or simple voice messages for automated systems. 

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Converting Views Into Buys

People use explainer videos for different purposes. Sometimes it is to understand how to use a product they have already bought.

Converting Views Into Buys

Most commonly, however, they will look while still mulling over the buying decision. The voice work in your videos can, therefore, make or break a sale. 

Good quality voice acting in explainer videos converts lookers into buyers by delivering calls to action in a way that is both clear and compelling. 

Building The Right Relationship

Professional voice actors can bring immense value to explainer videos, but they can’t do it by themselves.

You have a role to play in ensuring you get the best out of the partnership. Follow the following three rules:

  • Create a clear brief – your voice actor is not psychic and has not even heard of your business. He or she doesn’t need every detail, so be clear in explaining what the business does, who its target clients are, and what are its leading values. Also explain how to pronounce any acronyms, technical, or proprietary terms. 
  • Form a team – ideally, the voice artist should be involved from the get-go. This is someone with years of experience, so make use of it!
  • Build a long-term relationship – we mentioned earlier that the voice can become part of the brand. Leverage that and seek a long-term partnership with a single voice artist if possible.