List of Must-have WordPress Marketing Plugins for Delivery Businesses

Online delivery businesses are skyrocketing as people’s preferences change with time and technology. Words like digital ordering, real-time tracking, contactless delivery, etc., have become the talk of the town and are compelling local store owners to transform their existing business operations. Therefore, more and more enterprises are developing websites, applications, and anything to make a strong online presence. 

But has anyone thought about marketing? Since its constantly evolving concept and helps businesses to retain customers. As a business owner, you have bought a domain name, hosted your website, and now looking for marketing shortcuts that help you gain better exposure. But how to do that with WordPress? Don’t worry; some marketing plugins keep your digital marketing game up. 

At present, somewhere in the region of 34% of websites are designed and developed with WordPress as it is one of the most popular content management systems across the world. If you look at the current statistics, you will come to know that along with bloggers and developers, non-developers also choose WordPress as it offers ready-made structure, captivating themes, templates, and much more. 

So when so many bloggers and delivery business owners are using WordPress, digital marketers would also have to focus on it to stay at the top of Google’s search results. If you are running a delivery business and looking for the best WordPress marketing plugins, don’t brainstorm; here, we will discuss the same and also acknowledge its usage and features.

How WordPress Marketing Plugins Help Delivery Businesses to Rank Better  

Plugins for WordPress work similarly to apps for smartphones. You can perform numerous tasks with WordPress marketing plugins. Content streams and social media scheduling and automation, all the way up to newsletters and subscription forms, landing pages, SEO, and social media buttons. Whatever promotion strategy you choose for your delivery website, there will be a multitude of plugin options to choose from.

Therefore, many local store owners leverage delivery solutions to streamline marketing activities. And this is the sole reason why platforms like E-Delivery, GoFrugal, dista, etc., have become popular among restaurants, supermarkets, and local store owners as these platforms allow them to carry out marketing activities without any hassle. 

You might feel like a kid in a candy store when you browse through the WordPress repository, containing over 58,000 plugins. Trying them all might even be appealing. Too many apps, however, can quickly consume all of the available space on your smartphone. The installation of too many plugins on your WordPress site may also cause problems, such as slowing down your site.

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The following plugins have been carefully tested and selected from literally hundreds to help you with basic marketing tasks:

  • Optimize your posts for search engines
  • Promoting your website with a landing page
  • Sharing your content on social media to get more likes and comments

For that reason, we have compiled a list of the best digital marketing plugins that every WordPress site must-have. They represent the essential tools for any website owner. With it, you can ensure that your WordPress site is optimized for marketing and that every marketing dollar you spend delivers the best ROI.

Best WordPress Marketing Plugins for Marketers 

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Source: Databox 

Several factors have been considered when ranking the best WordPress digital marketing plugins, including features, popularity, rating, reviews, and several downloads.

Let’s explore each one of them. 

Editorial Calendar ( to schedule and manage your blog content)

This all-in-one content organization tool helps you keep track of your editorial and publishing processes. Simple drag-and-drop functionality allows you to schedule and manage your posts easily. This plugin features many useful features, such as managing drafts, editing titles, changing publishing times, and managing posts from multiple authors.

Get more information about the Editorial Calendar here. 

HubSpot – Best Digital Marketing Plugin

Those digital marketers using WordPress platforms should ask the first question – Does the business website utilize HubSpot’s WordPress plugin? Unless you’re an expert digital marketer, you’re missing out on a variety of useful HubSpot features. As part of HubSpot’s services, CRM is one of the most crucial tools for WordPress plugins. Thanks to the WordPress HubSpot integration, this plugin allows you to connect your delivery WordPress site to all Hubspot tools without any hassle.

A marketing professional will be able to create a variety of digital marketing strategies by using this marketing automation tool. 

Get more information about this HubSpot plugin here. 

Monster Insights (Marketing Analytics Plugin)

Most marketers use Google Analytics as their primary tool. They use it to gauge campaign success, and they should. This tool provides you with a lot of information about how your visitors arrive at your site, how much time they have spent, and what they do when they arrive. This is a complex system, which makes it difficult to understand.

This is where MonsterInsights comes to the rescue. Integrating your WordPress blog with Google Analytics is a breeze with this plugin. Furthermore, it provides you with a number of easy-to-understand reports. These reports are generated by using rich Google Analytics information. These reports will help you make constant improvements to your campaigns.

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Know more about MonsterInsights here. 

Mailchimp for WordPress (Email marketing plugin)

With Mailchimp for WordPress, one can integrate one’s site with one’s Mailchimp account. Delivery business owners often send emails to customers regarding new offers, deals, order confirmation, etc., and the integration of MailChimp to the delivery website can make work easier for entrepreneurs. 

Email marketing professionals should be familiar with Mailchimp. With over one million subscribers, Mailchimp is an email marketing tool. When it comes to integrating your Mailchimp account with your WordPress site, Mailchimp for WordPress is the best solution.

This plugin doesn’t just help you with this integration, but also with a variety of other things. This can include creating opt-in forms, optimizing your newsletter, integrating your site with existing forms, and more. In addition to these features, it integrates other WordPress plugins, making it easy for marketers to add these to their sites.

Get more information about MailChimp Plugin here. 

Envira Photo Gallery (Create photo galleries in WP)

There are many photo gallery plugins but Marketers can use Envira Photo Gallery as a WordPress plugin. WordPress photo galleries can be created with this plugin, which is essential for digital marketing. It is generally more effective to present a picture than to write a thousand words in marketing.

Because of this, as a marketer, you now have a convenient way to present pictures of your products to prospective clients. Uploading photos to the gallery is easy with the plugin, which features a simple drag-and-drop function. Also, it allows you to add metadata and links to your photos and images, ensuring that search results will be optimized.

Know more about the Envira Photo Gallery plugin here.  

All in All

A reason for WordPress’ popularity is that it facilitates the creation of professional websites. It features a user-friendly interface, customer support, open-source foundation, flexibility, and the ability to integrate different types of plugins.

You might think that all these plugins provided by WordPress will slow down the website as they add additional load. But it’s not like that. These amazing features will enhance your website’s capabilities, make it more engaging, and attract huge amounts of traffic. Now is the time to leverage these WordPress plugins to level up your marketing game.

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