Pinterest Style Image Galleries with Lightbox

Pinterest is not only a fabulously popular social bookmarking app, but they also popularized the masonery style layout…so much so that many people refer to this kind of layout as “pinterest style”.

A masonry layout makes lots of sense when you are sharing images which come in many different dimensions, plus it just looks cool. We’ve used it in a number of our own themes, but we are often asked how to easily create a pinterest style image gallery in a WordPress blog post or page…like this demo which uses the Nextgen Pro plugin.

Masonry Style Gallery Demo w/Lightbox

The free version of Nextgen is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin of all time, and the Plus and Pro versions adds loads of brilliant features including the ability to easily insert gorgeous pinterest style galleries with a lightbox effect just like this one. The galleries this plugin produce are also fully responsive too so they’ll look great on mobile and tablets as well.

Highly recommended!

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6 thoughts on “Pinterest Style Image Galleries with Lightbox

  1. Jay D says:

    Look so good, can we create gallery with category?

    1. charles Charles says:

      Yes, I believe you can create a categories of photos.

  2. nitesh says:


    Can we also have the images of different width.

    Here in this example i see all the images have same width.

    So is it possible to have the images different width as well?


    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Nitesh, I don’t believe that Nextgen can do that style of gallery. Try Robogallery.

  3. Tim Best says:

    I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to post photos of my clients so that only they can view with a password. I also want them to be able to download their photos. I do not charge for this so ecommerce is not important. DOes this product have those features? Thanks!

    1. charles Charles says:

      Hi Tim, I don’t think this alone will do what you need. I think what you want is a membership plugin (to control access) together with a gallery plugin of some sort. Here’s a big list of the best gallery plugins and here’s a list of the best membership plugins.

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