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Migrate Your WordPress Site With Migrate Guru

How to migrate wordpress site

There are a number of reasons why you might want to (or rather, need to) migrate your WordPress website from one hosting provider to another. And unless you’ve done it before, there’s a lot that could go wrong with migrating WordPress websites if you’re not careful – after all, it’s more than just copy-pasting your files and database. Continue reading

Online PSD to JPG and PNG Tools

Need to open a PSD file but don’t have Photoshop? No problem! Whether you’re working with a designer and need to view a proof, or you want to quickly and easily convert artwork to display on your website, there are a number of free and easy-to-use online tools that will allow you to transform PSD files into JPGs or PNGs.

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Best Call Tracking Software to Track Conversions

best call tracking service

As a small business owner, gathering offline data and analyzing it might not seem as essential to your marketing efforts as online analytics does. But in all actuality, if you’re receiving phone calls from customers then you’re already missing out on valuable leads by not tracking them. Continue reading

Where to host your email

best email hosting services

One of the benefits of having your own domain name is branded email addresses, ie. In most cases, when you sign up with a web hosting service you get email hosting as part of the package. But what if you wanted a third-party email solution instead of the email hosting provided by your web hosting company and still keep your domain name in your email address? Continue reading

New Responsive Premium Themes for August

The WordPress theme development community has been busy this month, because there have been a whole lot of fantastic new themes released in August! Looking to build a new – and responsive – WP website for your own business, or for a client? We’ve selected a few of our favorites, based on design and functionality, and ranked them by price to help you get started.

SmartClean : $29

Designed with cleaning companies in mind, SmartClean is a fantastic and affordable option for any small service business looking for a simple website that’s easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

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Using Google Forms With WordPress

Google Forms for WordPress

Forms are, without doubt, one of the internet’s most powerful and versatile tools. Whether you’re looking to create a checkout page for your e-commerce site or are thinking of setting up a survey of sorts, a form will help you collect that information efficiently and consistently. Continue reading

What is bbPress?

What is bbPress

Online forums have been a popular means of communication since the internet’s inception – but that isn’t to say they’re outdated or obsolete. Though the emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have given rise to a new means of social communication and connection, forums continue to play an important role in the online world – particularly in the case of company websites, where forums are often the first port of call for helpdesk support and troubleshooting. Continue reading

What Is Gravatar and How to Use It?

If you’ve been using the WordPress CMS for some time now then chances are you’ve at least heard of gravatars. And while they sound similar to avatars, gravatars are slightly more advanced. Once set, your gravatar will follow you around the web and automatically show up whenever you publish a blog post or post a comment. Continue reading