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Basic WordPress Security


WordPress powers over 70 million blogs. Being able to boast a number like that is pretty impressive, but it can also draw the wrong kind of attention as well.

You see, malicious hackers go after the low hanging fruit; basically the easiest targets they can find. Out of those 70+ million WordPress blogs you can guess that a large percentage of their owners have taken few steps, if any, to secure them. As a result they are vulnerable. Continue reading

Amazon Affiliate Plugin

If you would like a way to easily add Amazon product images and affiliate links to blog posts this plugin might be quite handy. Watch the quick how-to video to see how it works and then download the plugin from the link below… Continue reading

WordPress Twitter Plugins

twitter wordpress pluginsThere are  loads of Twitter plugins out there serving a variety of functions, such as allowing you to broadcast a new blog post to your followers or displaying a Twitter stream on your blog.

Here are some of the highest rated Twitter-related plugins available for WordPress users: Continue reading



Download Theme

Check out the demo at – If you are a first time webmaster you should read our new guide to creating a website using WordPress. The guide walks you through the steps and you can always ask us for help in the comments below.

Restaurateur is a dedicated WordPress restaurant theme. The theme features custom post types for menu items so you can easily add a beautiful tabbed menu with your own categories and dishes (with prices), which will be featured in the home page slider. You can also customize the background imagery and welcome message on the home page, contact details, map location and social media icons. It’s a flexible and responsive theme which will look great on any device.

How to Install Restaurateur

How to Customize Your Website with the Restaurateur Theme

Weekly WordPress Wrap-up: 18 DEC 2012

WordPress Christmas

This is our last ‘WordPress Wrap-Up’ for the year.

Really looking forward to taking some time out to relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Plan to be back fully charged for the New Year. We hope you are able to do the same! Continue reading

Update to WordPress 3.5 now!

Yes! WordPress 3.5 is out 🙂

If you do nothing else today please update you site.

The new version is really impressive with loads of new features, particularly focused on media management. Check out the release video from