7 Myths About Virtual Call Centers Debunked!

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Virtual call centers use modern technology to provide an excellent customer experience, but they face a few misconceptions. Old-school managers think remote agents aren’t as productive, and many think call centers are expensive. However, virtual call centers provide an environment where employees thrive and customers get maximum satisfaction.

Call centers tend to have a bad reputation because whenever customers call, it means there’s a problem. Many companies embrace cloud-based software, but others are wary about such solutions due to certain myths. Learning the truth will help companies enjoy the benefits of choosing a cloud-based call management software.

This post aims to debunk some popular misconceptions about virtual call centers.

Let’s dive in!

Myth 1: Robots Will Replace Humans in Customer Service

In recent times, customer service has become better thanks to advances in technology. This development has led many to think that robots might replace people in customer service. But that’s not true.

The human experience is essential and will always come in handy for many decades to come. Although there will be many technology integrations, they will not completely replace humans. It will only enhance the quality of customer service and make it more efficient.

Myth 2: Call Centers Are Pricey

Setting up a virtual call center is affordable. There’s no need for expensive infrastructure and hiring IT administrators, which is the case with in-house contact centers. Cloud-based call centers have many advantages.

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Apart from the lower running costs it offers, a cloud-based call center increases the agents’ productivity and simplifies their daily routine. Also, it has flexible packages depending on current needs, which you can upgrade or downgrade.

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Call centers can even generate revenue. When clients receive excellent support, they’re likely to recommend your brand to their professional network or friends.

Many people decide to buy a product based on customer experience. Also, when customers receive poor service, they’re likely to turn to a competing brand.

Myth 3: Managers Prefer Quantity to Quality of Calls

Managers don’t care more about the number of calls. Quantity and quality are equally important when dealing with calls. It is good to Resolve the Call the first time, but it is also good to resolve the call quickly (AHT). That’s why managers use metrics such as FCR – first-call resolution- and AHT – average handle time – to measure call center performance.

In all, it depends on the product and customer profile.

Myth 4: Most Call Centers Are Offshore

Gone are the days when most call centers were offshore. Call centers in the 80s and 90s functioned as cost centers. But today, most companies have their service centers in the country thanks to improved technology.

Myth 5: Virtual Call Centers Are Not Secure Enough

Unlike the brick-and-mortar office, where storing data doesn’t guarantee security, online solutions are highly secured. Call center agents deal with personal data, storing logs, credit card information, and call recording. A security breach is a major concern in an offshore setting.

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On the other hand, virtual solutions have experienced cybersecurity experts and encryption to prevent data breaches. They encrypt all passwords, phone calls, and credit card information. Cloud-based call centers monitor their infrastructure constantly.

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Myth 6: Virtual Call Center Agents Aren’t as Productive

Employees don’t have to be in the same physical space as their managers to be productive. Virtual customer experience agents are more productive because they feel more respected and valued. Technology has made having a remote team very seamless.

With cloud-based software, the manager’s job is easier, and so are the agents. This way, everyone will work more efficiently, and the company will save a lot of money.

Myth 7: Agents Don’t Care About Customers

That’s not true. Call centers spend a lot of money recruiting and training customer service representatives. No company wants to pay millions of dollars due to high turnover.

So, rest assured that hiring managers have taken the time to find people with the required skills and traits. Virtual call center agents can efficiently and effectively deal with customers.


Companies can save a fortune by choosing cloud-based call center solution. These solutions provide a better working experience for agents and managers. Remote call center agents are more productive because they feel more valued.

For managers, the software makes the job easier. Managers are more efficient, agents are more productive, and the company makes more money.

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