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AffiliateLinksYou’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing in your wanderings around the web, but for those of you unclear on its definition, affiliate marketing is essentially a type online income generation, whereby a blogger or website owner earns a commission by promoting or mentioning the products and services of another company.

As a blogger, you can earn affiliate commission by linking from a particular product or service on the web via a unique link. This link is embedded with a tracking code so the advertiser can track sales referred by your site. If one of the people who has followed this unique link from your blog purchases that product, or completes a desired task such as signing up or subscribing, you’ll be rewarded with a commission.

There are a wide range of affiliate marketing programmes to choose from – some run directly by companies looking to sell more of their own products via affiliates (such as, and some run by affiliate marketing specialists, whose business it is to match the right bloggers with the right advertisers.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is probably the world’s largest and best-known affiliate programme, offering more than a million products to choose from to promote to your readers. Amazon offers commissions of up to 10 percent, and gives bloggers the option of including image links, enhanced image and text links, and text only links. Amazon Associates also offers a range of widgets to make displaying your affiliate links easier and more effective.

eBay Partner Network

eBay’s partner network offers a range of advertising and revenue generating tools, including interactive ads and custom banners. Their affiliate link programme is one of their most popular monetising options, and their link generator offers bloggers an easy means of creating trackable links. eBay uses their own Quality Click Pricing model, where the amount paid per click depends on traffic quality – assessed by eBay via a number of factors.

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Apple Affiliates

Apple also has their own affiliate programme, allowing bloggers to earn commissions on all qualifying revenue generated by links to iTunes, App Store, iBookstore and Mac App Store. Working in partnership with four affiliate networks across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, the Apple affiliates programme offers commissions on songs, apps and books.


Founded in 1998, ClickBank aims to connect bloggers with their global network of around 100,000 affiliate marketers – allowing them to cherry pick the products they think with best align with their audience. ClickBank has a focus on information products such as eBooks and courses, and boasts commissions as high as 75 percent.


ShareASale is about affiliate sales consolidation, with an aim to allow bloggers to participate in a number of different affiliate programmes while only needing to deal – and be paid by – with one central income stream. ShareASale aggregates affiliate earnings, and offers a network of 2500 merchants seeking bloggers to promote their products.


LinkShare is an affiliate platform associated with a number of high profile advertisers including Style Tread, Go Daddy, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Kobo and more, and have been named the Top Affiliate Network in the world by mthink. Like similar third-party companies. LinkShare facilitates relationships between publishers and advertisers by managing links, tracks results and payments.

How To Organize Your Affiliate Links

  • With the many affiliate platforms available for you, how can you ensure that all your affiliate links are in good status? Organizing affiliate links can be challenging if you’re relying merely on the features of affiliate platforms. It’s only a waste of time and effort checking affiliate links from each affiliate platform. So, how should affiliate marketers organize their affiliate links and find more monetizing opportunities?
  • Organizing your affiliate links can boost your earnings. It’s now possible to view and manage hundreds of links to products across your website in one place using an all-in- one affiliate marketing plugin, such as Lasso. This tool has a link index capability that can synchronize all links for you. It notifies you when an important product link is out of stock or broken.
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You can view unmonetized links and keywords using a reliable affiliate marketing plugin across your website to convert them into affiliate links. Visitors can easily find your product recommendations with beautiful, customizable displays that are optimized using this tool. Hence, affiliate marketers don’t need to depend on affiliate platforms heavily. They can also find new affiliate link opportunities using this plugin to help them generate more sales with their existing traffic.

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