Mobile App Development: Expectations Vs. Reality

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Every business wants to grow, and mobile apps are the best tool. Millions of people use smartphones daily, and 90% of the action falls on visiting various apps. In 2020, the development of a mobile app had become especially in demand for businesses due to the pressure of COVID-19.

Today, CXOs and business owners plan strategies and create successful mobile app development campaigns, but expectations don’t always match reality. Therefore, we have prepared an article for those trying to conquer the mobile app industry for the first time.

Here you will find information about the typical expectations and realities expected in the app development process. This data will allow you to set realistic goals and develop a better product for your business.

Mobile App Development Cost


It is true that in Western countries such as the US, Europe, and the UK, app development services are expensive. Relying on the experience of Western countries, about 90% of business owners planning to use software engineer services believe that this price trend prevails throughout the world.


The cost of software engineering service depends on your needs and the features you want to implement in the app. In other words, the more features you want to include in your application, the higher the development cost will be.

Therefore, you should plan your budget and determine which features should be added to the app based on the numbers received.

Hiring a team to develop an app is much more expensive than hiring a software engineering company. You will need designers, programmers, and marketers to create an app.

By contacting experienced experts like this you will get the same result, but at a much lower price. Why? The company has been providing app development services for a long time and has a well-coordinated team that can simultaneously create several projects.

Consequently, you do not have to hire experts individually because the platform provides comprehensive assistance at a much lower cost.

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Mobile App Development Time


Most business owners and CXOs want a mobile app within a few days of submitting their requirements to application development services.

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This is because, from the outside, the process of developing mobile applications looks simple, and business owners and CXOs are unaware of the development process in software engineering services.


The duration of the app development process depends entirely on the customers’ requirements. The app development process often consists of Ideation, Design, Development, Testing, Launch, and Post-Launch.

Experts cannot complete these steps in a short period unless it’s an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – a prototype application with only basic features. In contrast, an application with a list of advanced requirements and technology integrations will take months.

Therefore, you should be selective about web application development services that offer short delivery times. Perhaps this is bait, and you risk failing the app development process because the programmers will not have time to fulfill the requirements for a long-term product.

Mobile App Development Technology


Mobile app development technology is simple and fast. It’s as easy as Lego, where you build models by interlacing plastic building blocks. The app development process only needs an individual expert.


Mobile app development technology includes:

  • Choosing a programming language.

  • Choosing a framework that produces results by the business goals of clients.

  • Choosing the correct server with storage capacity that securely fits all application data.

  • Choosing a database that communicates between the front-end and back-end of the application within milliseconds and makes the application responsive and interactive.

Now you clearly understand the app development technology, and it is impossible to call it simple.

Mobile App Submission


Submitting mobile apps to the Play Store and App Store is one of the most straightforward processes in mobile app development. To do this, you need to submit applications for launching the program to the application stores by pressing one button. Within a few days, app platforms will review the application and allow the app to go to market.


If the app skipping process were that easy, the Play Store and App Store would be full of malicious apps. However, as you know, there are no malicious apps on these platforms, so the software approval process is complicated.

According to development companies, submitting applications is the most time-consuming process in the entire application development. Programmers rarely get approval from the Play Store and App Store the first time.

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Applicants must complete the application 100% accurately and honestly to pass the review process. A small failure or the absence of an important document leads to an instant rejection of the application.

In addition, the application review process takes a long time because every day, there are thousands of requests on the Play Store and App Store, and their processing must be thorough for the safety of users.

Studying the requirements list in advance and preparing the documents to approve your application without rejection is advisable.

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Mobile App Launch


Immediately after launching the app, success awaits you. The mobile app will be visible to all users. They will actively install it on their smartphones and enthusiastically return to the program for their needs. You no longer have to update the system or add new features.


Adding apps to the Play Store and App Store will not bring popularity to your project. The success of your mobile app depends on how you keep your users engaged.

Marketing, collaborating with influencers, and great deals make your application visible in the market. In addition, potential users can only see your app if the app store optimization is done correctly.

Also, you should regularly update the system, add new features, and fix bugs so that users can safely and efficiently interact with your app. Keep in mind that it will only take a couple of seconds for the user to delete your app because of the annoying element.

Therefore, you should strive to maximize engagement by collecting user feedback and following their experience with the program.


This article has given you a clear idea of all the expectations in a mobile app and the reality. Understanding the reality in the app development market is halfway to success. Of course, positive expectations will not leave you by plunging into this environment.

However, researching and understanding reality will lower higher expectations and give developers the right space to work on successful mobile app development.

To expand your knowledge in this area, we recommend visiting and – platforms that publish the latest news in the app development field and share valuable guides.

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