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We’re really excited about our latest theme, Magazino. It is a pretty straight forward theme suited to magazine style blogs with a real focus on the imagery on the home page and archive pages. NB: For images to show up on the home page you must set the featured images for each post.

Magazino supports all the usual WordPress features like custom menus and widgets, and we’ve added some features which are often requested, like the ability to upload your own logo in place of the default text based title AND the ability to choose any color scheme you like. Literally you can use the color picker to change the main theme color to anything.

Theme Features:

  • Automatic image resizing and positioning for the slider and grid thumbnails. For each post the theme will first look for a featured image and use that for the slider and grid thumbanils, if there is no featured image it will look for the first image in the post content itself. Which ever image it uses it will automatically resize and position it as best it can for the slider and the grid. These two views have quite different proportions so we recommend you do not crop your featured images for the slider specifically because they will not look great in the grid view. Best just to upload a good sized version of an uncropped image in “regular” photo dimensions. It is impossible to do this perfectly for every image, but this will give the best results.
  • The best way to control what is featured on the home page is to check the sticky post box for those posts you want in the slider.
  • You can control various elements of the theme using the Customize options. Here you can do the following:
    • Choose the primary theme color using the handy color picker.
    • Upload your own logo to replace the standard text title
    • Enter the URL for each of your social profiles. These will appear as icons in the header.
    • Control the behaviour of the home page slider. You can set it to auto-advance, the delay on auto-advance as well as the slide effect (horizontal by default, vertical, tile slides or even a blind effect)
    • To find the customize options login to your site and visit the home page. In the WP Admin menu bar at the top of the page hover over your site name and you’ll see a drop down including “Customize”, choose this option.
    • The default theme language is English. You can also download the lang file in German (thanks to Björn).

If you are new to WordPress you should read our guide to creating your own website

If you like this theme please help us get the word out but sharing on G+, Facebook and Twitter. Every little mention is much appreciated.

Charlie has been building WordPress themes, reviewing web hosts and utilizing social media since their respective inceptions.

233 thoughts on “Magazino Theme

  1. Avatar Tim S says:

    Is there anyway to stop the theme from cropping the pictures and just scale them down, both in the slider and grid?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tim, not really. The problem is that the slider and grid have a fixed dimension, but users can upload pix in any dimension they like so just scaling them down to the appropriate width doesn’t mean the height will be the same. The only sure fire way to get the images precisely as you want them is to upload the featured images pre-cropped and sized to fit the dimension of the slider and grid.

      1. Avatar Bruse says:

        I wonder the same. Can I not change something in the css? I want the pics in the grid to be in full height.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Bruse, as mentioned above the template has a fixed dimension for all the images in the grid. To display images full height you probably want a theme with a masonery style layout. With Magazino we do prompt you to install the secondary featured image plugin which allows you to set a different featured image for4 the slider and the grid for each post, where each image should be cropped to suit the respective dimensions. There is no ‘simple’ CSS tweak to change the home page layout.

  2. Avatar paula muñoz says:

    I have a problem with the slider. Firstly was running very well, but actually it doesn’t run. Not movement.
    ¿could you help me please?
    Thansk so much

    (sorry for my bad english)

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Did you make a single post “sticky”? The slider shows latest posts by default, but if you set a single post as “sticky” it will only show that post. If you make several posts “sticky” it will slide all of them. We added this feature so you can choose to display certain posts in the slider regardless of when they were posted.

      1. Avatar MVL says:

        Please let me know

        1. how to show all posts or random posts in slider instead of sticky option which limits to the sticked or the default latest posts.

        2. Any way to show the posts that are being displayed as thumbnails ie; say, when posts page navigation page 5 is selected, all the posts (say 20 in grid as thumbnails) be shown in the slider one after other.

        3. The good option, if one can create a page, put the slider in it, show the selected posts as thumbnails in that page and navigation goes within that category.

        Thanks for your free theme. If its difficult to support, atleast give tips or guidance of code or options.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi MVL,

          1. If you unsticky all your posts the slider will by default show all the latest posts.
          2. Not easily. This would be some fairly major customization.
          3. This would also require loads of customization, much more than we can assist with here in the comments.

          Sorry that’s not as much help as you were wanting. We try to help with any minor adjustments, but we are not able to dive deep on major customizations due to the volume of requests.

          If you’d like professional help we can provide customization services. Just email us at and we can work up an estimate. Thanks.

          1. Avatar MVL says:

            I have all posts unsticking, but its only showing 10 latest posts. Please let me know if there any way to change it to 20 or more and is it possible to display random from all the posts.

          2. Avatar Ryan S says:

            Hi @mvl,

            Thanks for using our theme

            You can increase the number of posts in alt-homepage.php file at line #15

            Hope that helps

  3. Avatar paula muñoz says:

    Thanks. but I have some post stiky but doesn`t run.
    I have the slider also in two pages named “TIPS” and “DIRECTORIO”. Curiously, in these both pages, the slider run perfectly. But not in HOME PAGE (inicio)

    could you help me?

    thausand Thanks.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Paula, I’m really not sure what is cause this. Couple of questions for you:

      1. Have you altered the template files at all?
      2. How many posts are sticky?
      3. Are you running any other plugins? Sometimes plugins can clash and cause issues. Have you tried disabling all other plugins and seeing if that resolves the issue?
  4. Avatar Paula muñoz says:

    Thanks for the answer.
    1. No
    2. Just now only 3
    3. I’ve tried disabiling all the plugins
    (Less next gen gallery and askimet)

    But, why runs the slider in other pages from my menu and not in home page?
    I have really tried thousand things.
    But not movement in home page. Yes in others.
    I thanks your answer,

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Paula, can you please try disabling Nextgen gallery and Akisment as well and see if that has any impact. Thanks.

  5. Avatar Paula muñoz says:

    I dont think another Plugin is the problem
    Cause: the slider run very Well in others pages in the same web.

    The URL is do you want to access to my admin panel? I can create an user for you if you give me your email.
    Thanks again.
    Paula Muñoz

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Paula, have you tried disabling Nextgen and all other plugins? Your previous comment makes me think you have not tried this. A plugin clash is the most likely cause and you should be 100% suresure to test this before you do anything else.

      1. Avatar Lidia says:

        Charles, and do you think it can be NGG? I think if it works in another pages like “Tips”, it can’t be. But maybe Paula. Try it and tell us!

  6. Avatar Paula muñoz says:

    Thanks for the help. And sorry.
    The reason was the next gen. But it’s strange cause the slider from the beginning was running very well including with next gen in active. Something in the next gen in the last gallery?
    Maybe contain a bad gallery in one of the latest post?
    Any way, very thanks, and sorry for my insistence.
    Happy week end!!!!!!!

  7. Avatar Tanner F says:

    What happened to all the other posts on this page? Used to be hundreds of questions/answers. There was a lot of good info on it.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      In migrating to this new domain we didn’t pull over all the comments. We’ve still got them and will likely pull them across at some point. Is there something in particular you wanted to know?

      1. Avatar Tanner F says:

        Not at the moment. Was a good resource though (and probably saved you some Q&A man hours). Thank you!

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Yes, no doubt it did! For that reason I’ll probably get around to putting all the comments back soon 🙂

  8. Avatar Celine A says:

    Is there any way to post Facebook and Twitter RSS feeds onto the homepage?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Celine, I’d look for plugins which will grab RSS feeds and display them in a widget which you can add to the home page widget area. I’m not familiar with a particular plugin that does this, but I am certain there will be plugins which achieve what you want.

  9. Avatar Kiddo says:

    is there any way to make the logo bigger and center it? thanks !

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @kiddo,

      Yeah that is possible, what you have to do is make the logo full width and remove the social icon or move it below and then do a CSS to enlarge logo.

      This will require some theme customization, beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. Also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes. If you would like our help with this please email us at and we can provide an estimate.


  10. Avatar Kiddo says:

    hello again, is there any way to click on the slider on one post and take you to this page post?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @kiddo,

      Yeah that is really possible.

      This will require some theme customization, beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. Also making this change you should be sure to set up your theme as a child theme first so that future theme updates don’t overwrite your local changes. If you would like our help with this please email us at and we can provide an estimate.


  11. Avatar Sebastian says:

    Hi, can you tell me, how can i change number of thumbnails below the slider on homepage? No i have 12 thumbnails on homepage, but i need only 10.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sebastien, you can set this number under Settings > Reading.

  12. Avatar Anna says:

    When I activate the theme, the slider does not appear at all on any page. Deactivating the theme and reactivating changes nothing and I can’t figure out what might be blocking it. Any idea?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Anna, It is hard to say what is the issue without seeing your site. The theme layout has the slider on the default home page, but possibly you have set some other static page as your home page?

  13. Avatar Oneisha says:

    What size does the image need to be for the slider? I need specific dimensions please thank you.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Try 980 x 290.

  14. Avatar Oneisha says:

    How do you ad a sidebar to the template?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Oneisha, adding a sidebar to the home page design would take some reasonably significant template customizations, certianly beyond the level of support we can provide here in the comments. If you need professional help with this please email us at and we can work out an estimate to make such customizations. Thanks

  15. Avatar Robert says:

    Hi, thanks for the awesome theme! Is there a way to add a degree of transparency to the hover effect of the postbox so that the original image could be partially seen?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Robert,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Actually adding transparency or opacity effect to the hover is not the solution because what it currently does is hide the image using JS, if you need help, you can contact our support at


  16. Avatar Jo says:

    It is such a pitty that the theme has no sidebar-option. Otherwise it would be perfect!

  17. Avatar Lorenza says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know how to add a e-commerce plugin to this theme.
    Thank you

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Lorenza, I’m afraid I can’t answer that question simply. It really rather depends on the e-commerce plugin in question. We wrote about some of the options for WordPress ecommerce awhile back.

      You’ll need to investigate the plugins themselves and then try them with the theme to see if they work well. I expect some themes will work better than others, and we’ve never tried Magazino with a shopping cart plugin so I can’t be sure.

  18. Avatar Kiddo says:

    Hello, i’d like to know if it’s possible to put to dividers below the site logo and between those dividers, i’d like to put some ads (maybe widget ads or just a plain gif or flash animation). is this possible? thank you.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @kiddo,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Yeah it is possible
      1. If you use widget first you have to register new sidebar where you can add widgets
      2. Update header.php and add code in there to call for newly created sidebar
      3. or if you’d it to display manually or hardcoded yea it’s possible too, just update header.php file and you’re done

      Note: just make sure you’re using child-theme.

      If you need help you can contact our paid support at

      Hope that helps

  19. Avatar Tim says:

    Hey guys I love the theme, but I have one thing I can’t figure out…how to change/set the home page thumbnail pic??? Can anyone enlighten me??

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Tim, At the bottom right of the post edit screen you will find a link to set the featured image for the page, set this for the slider. When you first installed the theme you would have been prompted to install a plugin which adds a secondary featured image option which you can use to set the featured image for the grid. This way you can set the ideal image size/crop for the slider and the grid. If you dismissed that prompt you can reinstall the theme and you’ll be prompted again.

      1. Avatar Tim says:

        Charles, thank you so much! I was going crazy because I couldn’t figure that out. I remember installing that, but in trying out different plugins I must have deleted it by accident. I’m rolling now though!

  20. Avatar Kiddo says:

    Hello again, is it possible to put a text on the slider (sticky posts) like “Sponsored link” on the left or right below?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @kiddo,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Yes it’s possible to add text BUT you need to get your hand dirty, in alt-homepae.php file, instead of using theme excerpt function replace it with the WP excerpt function so you have the ability to add link, if this sounds like techie for you then don’t hesitate to contact us at

      Hope that helps

  21. Avatar Kiddo says:

    Hello, is it possible for one category to be shown on a particular grid (e.g. i have 8 grids, i want one category to be shown in the last grid).

    1. Avatar Kiddo says:

      or maybe if that’s not possible, is it possible to make a category not shown on the grid altogether?

      1. Avatar Ryan S says:

        I’ve added reply on your first comment, and yes it is possible.

    2. Avatar Ryan S says:

      You mean in front-page? yes it’s possible just update the code in index.php file, Query parameters, you can find more information in this page

      1. Avatar Kiddo says:

        Ok, that’s tough for me, is it possible to just give me a code or something in order to put my category called “Song of the day” appear in the last grid only and update only in that grid?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Kiddo, what do you mean “appear in the last grid only and update in that grid only?”. You mean the last thumbnail you want to be a specific category? If so that isn’t a super simple coding exercise.

          1. Avatar Kiddo says:

            yes, i want the last grid to show only one specific category, and when i put a new post on this category, i want this grid to update with the latest post! 🙂

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hey Kiddo, sorry the slow response. This is a bit more complex than we can really get into here. We do offer paid support in which case just email us at Cheers.

  22. Avatar paw says:

    Since the latest update, the usual slider image size of 980×290 doesn’t fit as well anymore. I generally have a border around the image and no matter how I resize and reshape the graphic, the edges get cut off by about 5px. What would be the ideal size for featured images?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @paw,

      Thanks for using our theme

      It should at least 1000 x 640 in pixel size

      Hope that helps

  23. Avatar Danilo Corci says:

    Hello. How i fix my slider problem? I already changed the post from sticky to another format and the post still in the slider. What i’m doing wrong?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Danilo, what is your slider problem? The slider displays the latest posts by default, but if you flag any posts as “sticky” then it will only display those sticky posts instead. If a particular post is in the slider then it means it is either one of the latest posts or is flagged as “sticky”.

  24. Avatar Aashima says:

    I tried this theme on my site, but facing problem regarding slider. Please help.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:


      Thanks for using our theme

      If you mean image size then it should at least 1000 x 640 in pixel size, hope that helps

  25. Avatar Kashin says:

    What is the name of the plugin that we should be prompted to install when we set up the theme?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Multiple Post Thumbnails

  26. Avatar Kashin says:

    Also, is there a way to disable the slider functionality completely?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      There’s no setting for that. You’d have to take the slider out of the home page template code.

  27. Avatar Brent says:

    Since updating to 1.1.14 and now 1.1.15, I can get the front page slider to slide, it is constantly in a state of Pause? Any thoughts on how to resolve?
    Ive disabled plugs, reset and saved customisation options.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Brent, this does *seem* like a plugin conflict. You said you tried disabling plugins. Did you disable all plugins at once to see if that helped?

  28. Avatar Bartek says:


    I have a problem with “Search” icon at the top of the page. It’s visible – and works – only while changing preferences (when left sidebar is on). But after that that dissapears. (Firefox browser). Any ideas?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi, I’m not quite sure what the problem is. The search feature on your site works fine in FF here. Did you manage to resolve this already?

  29. Avatar Bartek says:

    I did some cross-browser testing and everything seems to be ok. The problem is only on my computer. I’ll have to live with it, I guess. Take care, and thanks for the theme!

  30. Avatar Bartek says:

    Got it. It was fault of adblock plugin!

  31. Avatar Katie says:

    Can you chose which posts appear as thumbnails on the home page?
    I only want selected posts in the grid if it’s possible.
    Thanks for the theme!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      HI Katie, this isn’t possible right out of the box. As coded the grid shows all the latest posts. You can control the Slider posts using the ‘sticky posts’ functionality of WordPress, but not the grid. You could customize the template to only show posts from a particular category but this will require some code wrangling.

      1. Avatar Katie says:

        Thanks Charles.
        We have a web developer working with us who have experience in coding, so if we did want to customise the template to show posts for a category or maybe a tagged post, how and where would we change this in the code?
        Thanks for your fast reply!

        1. Avatar Ryan S says:

          Hi @Katie,

          Thanks for using our theme

          Okay so you have a developer who experience more in coding, I believe he/she should know this thing, in WordPress you can control 99% of the display, for posts you can create or update single.php, category.php and tag.php (the name is explanatory), you can found more here

          Hope that helps

  32. Avatar shawnee says:

    Is it possible to remove the author, date, category, and type of post from all posts?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @shawnee,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Yes you can remove it in content-single.php at line start from 1-50

      Hope that helps

  33. Avatar Daniel says:


    Should slideshow images link to pages on my site when clicked? If not is there a way to do this?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Daniel, by default the slider displays the latest posts with the clickable title and excerpt layered on top of the image. Seems you’ve removed this from the theme template so removed the link.

  34. Avatar Aure says:

    Hi Charles,

    Yesterday I did the automatically updates (wordpress and pluggins)

    This is how thumbnail look now:

    The sideshow is working as usual, but no matter what I do, U can’t add ant images in the empty boxes below.

    hope you can give me a clue.

    Many thanks by advance.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @aure,

      Thanks for using our theme

      So what happen if you add featured thumbnail? does it give you error message? can you by chance send screenshot, error that would be help

      Aslo did you try re-installing core again?

      Hope that helps

  35. Avatar Aure says:

    Thanks for your answer Ryan.

    There’s no error message. Just nothing happening…

    “re-installing core again” => you mean changing the theme an then go back to Magazino?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      No, that means re-install the WordPress again, did you check plugin too?

      1. Avatar Aure says:

        Actually it’s fine I have installed a pluggin named “second imagery for grid” and now it’s okay.

        My 2 cents the main issue with Magazino is you can’t custom made thumbnails and slider images. This something that really damage the overall design.

        Everything else is great 🙂

        Many thanks.

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Aure, yes the Secondary featured image plugin allows you to set a different featured image for the grid thumbnails vs the slider which uses the main featured image. We actually implemented this change a looong time ago so you must have been running an old version of the theme for a while. We did this precisely so you can set a custom image for the slider and the grid separately. Because they are different dimensions it is helpful to be able to set these separately. The theme used to try and resize automatically to suit, but that never worked 100% . Now you can custom make a featured image for the slider (main featured image) and the grid (secondary image).

          1. Avatar Aure says:

            Hi Charles,

            I am aware of this but it would awesome to be able to to resize by oneself, as you said the automatic resize fails most of the time 🙁

            Many thanks for your help!

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Aure, this is why we introduced the secondary featured image plugin. Now you can upload an image sized specifically for the slider and the grid separately. That doesn’t help?

  36. Avatar Joy says:

    Is it possible to show the homepage slider text beneath? No grid?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Joy, I don’t think what you describe is possible ‘out of the box’ with this theme. Would require some template code customization.

  37. When I set a post in the slider, it does not appear in the grid, but instead it is accounted in the total quantity of pages that are in the web; the consequence is that the system creates blank pages at the end. For instance, if we have 7 entries in the grid, and 2 in the slider, the system creates a second blank page as shown.

    Moreover, as the threads that are in the slider do not appear in the grid, there is a problem when viewed on a mobile phone; as the entries that are in the slider are not shown, you cannot read them from a mobile phone


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Augustin, couple of questions…are you using the Sticky posts feature of WordPress to control which posts appear in the slider? How many posts per page have you set under Settings > Reading? Also, do you installed the theme somewhere I can access online?

  38. Avatar Agustin Mansilla says:

    Hi Charles,

    Yes, I use the sticky post feature for choose which post appear in the slider. That post don’t appear in the grid and don’t appear in a mobile phone.

    In settings > Reading I have 8 posts. I want 2 rows of 4 post in a page of the grid. You can see my web here:

    Thank you!!!

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Agustin,

      Thanks for using our theme

      Yeah that is how the theme works, if you set sticky posts then it only display in slider area and hide in grid view area, however you can update the code to suit your need, open index.php file and remove code in line #127, in that it will now display sticky posts in grid area.

      Hope that helps

  39. Hi Ryan,

    It works!!! Thanks!! 🙂

    Do you plan to add, in a next upgrade of the theme, a new field in the grid area?: The number of comments of each post.

    Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Agustin, hadn’t planned to, but not a bad idea. We’ll keep that one in mind. Cheers.

  40. Love this theme! But wondering if there is a way to edit the Grid on the front page. Right now all of my posts rotate through the slider perfectly, but only 5 posts show up in the grid right underneath it. Is there a way to change it to show say 8 or 12? Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Brittany, go to Settings > Reading and there you can set the number of posts per page. The default is 10 so if you only see 5 that means someone has changed this at some point. You can set it to any multiple of 4 to make sure the home page grid is complete. Cheers.

      1. Avatar Brittany Baca says:

        Yes! It worked! Thank you SOOOO much!!! I have been trying to figure that out for 2 days! lol.

  41. Avatar Ryan says:

    Hello, I really like your theme after 3 straight days of searching for one I like. I use the theme as a way to display items for sale. That being said, I have deleted the slider code and made it so that it only displays the grid images. My question is, I want to add the same layout to all main pages, ie, no slider just all grids. For example, the home page has no slider and just displays grid images and Id like to add more pages (electronics, kitchen, lawn & garden etc.) but Id like the pages to all look like the current home page I have. How can I make all my pages look the same without the slider and just display grid images? Note, I only want my main nav pages to look like this, the post pages look fine as they are. Thanks.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      The category pages are exactly as you describe…just assign products to categories and then add your category links to the main nav.

      1. Avatar Ryan says:

        Oh I see thanks. That will work just fine.

  42. Avatar Ryan says:

    Oh also sorry, how can I add a border around the grid images? Not as important as my first question but just wondering?

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      You can add it in style.css at line #1137 or copy this code article[id*=post-].post-box{ border: 2px solid green; }

      Hope that helps

  43. Avatar Melanie says:


    It would be great if you had some ideas regarding my following question. I currently use the Magazino theme and would like to implement a function for readers to suggest topics (in this specific case: questions we will be communicating to a third party) and then vote for their favorite topics, so we can see which ones are most popular. I realize there are several plugins to implement this in some kind of way, however, nothing really fits my purpose. Ideally, it should look like the function MyStarbucksIdea uses. In short: Ideally readers should be able to write down their own ideas and vote for / rate them. Do you know a plugin or something easily adaptable that might help?

    Thank you very much!

  44. Avatar Conan says:

    Hi ,

    I found this theme and i like it , the only thing i want is making the theme wider is this possible?

    King Regards

    1. Charles Charles says:

      You’d have to dive into the CSS to achieve this. Try increasing the max-width of the #container at line 436 of the style.css. If you make such changes you should set up your theme as a child first so future updates don’t overwrite your changes.

  45. Avatar Conan says:

    Thx i found it but having problems with images in the slider the look to big while the MX image is only 750*288

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Right, so you’ll need to dive deeper into the template functions and CSS. We can’t provide that level of free support sorry. You could signup for a service like WP Curve which provides very cheap support for WordPress users.

  46. Avatar Jennifer says:

    Hi – thanks so much for this great theme! I went through quite a few before I found this one, and it was exactly what I was looking for – just perfect!

    Question – is it possible to remove the dates and only show the titles on the index page grid images? I’ve looked in a couple of places, but can’t seem to remove it without breaking the entire front page. :/


    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Jennifer

      Thanks for using our theme

      It’s in content-home.php file at line #14

      Hope that helps

  47. Avatar Patrick says:

    Is there a way to remove the “next” and “previous” nav links at the bottom of post pages? I looked in single.php but didn’t find them there.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Patrick,

      Thanks for using our theme

      It’s in content-single.php file at line #98

      Hope that helps

  48. Avatar Mike says:

    Hi, is it possible to make one category to appear on the homepage instead of having latest posts?
    Thanks, in advance.

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Hi @Mike,

      Thanks for using our theme

      I think you’re using Alt Home page page template and yeah it’s possible we just have to update current code to suit your need, here are the steps.
      1. open alt-homepage.php and locate line #120 – 131 // this contain the grid view code and latest posts item
      2. open functions.php file and add the code below

      add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'wpdev_exclude_category_from_blog' );
      function wpdev_exclude_category_from_blog( $query ) {

      if( $query->is_main_query() && $query->is_home() ) {
      $query->set( 'cat', '4' ); // where 4 is the only category you'll want to display


      3. if still not working you can email our paid support at

      Hope that helps

  49. Avatar Mike says:

    @Ryan S…Thanks for the prompt response, but what exactly do you me by “locate line #120 – 131 // “

    1. Avatar Ryan S says:

      Those are line of code if you’re in Windows you can download and use Notepad++ or any alternative in Mac or Linux OS to open the file, the file I’m talking is “alt-homepage.php” or the one you’re currently using on you site homepage.

      If this sounds techie for you, you can contact our paid support at

  50. Avatar NJT Toronto says:

    How do I get rid of the category and post info in the left side bar of posts, Also how do I remove the date from showing on posts. Thank you, amazing template!

    by admin
    on June 16, 2014
    under Uncategorized
    ? Permalink

    1. Avatar Kris says:


      You can do this by just adding this line in your css file:


  51. Hello,

    Is it possible to add text underneath the images in the homepage grid?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jarrell, this would require some theme customization. If you need help with this you could try Elto.

  52. Avatar jormorei says:

    Hello, very good theme,

    When you insert a table in Magazino, the bottom line of each cell always appears. How to solve it?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jormorei, that’d be the table picking up styles form the themes CSS. To change this you’ll need to customize your styles.

  53. Avatar Cat says:

    I have a bit of a conflict. I absolutely love this theme, BUT wish there was the ability to have a right sidebar.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Cat, glad you like the theme, and sorry it isn’t quite what you want. We have no release plans for this theme right now but I’ll take this as a request and we’ll look at it when we next do an update to Magazino.

  54. Avatar Melanie says:

    Hi all,
    I’d like my posts to not show information like author, category, Permalink etc., which are currently displayed on the left side of each post. Is there an easy way to change this?
    Thank you!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Hello Melanie,

      Download simple custom css then place this code,


  55. Avatar Melanie says:

    Hey Kris,
    worked perfectly, thank you very much!

  56. Hi all!
    First i want to thank you for your theme, it’s really a great piece of work 🙂

    I have a strange problem with the grid: the slider has the “full” size, but the grid thumbnails don’t reach the right border. There is a “gap” between the rightmost image thumbnails and the border, so the grid doesn’t expand to the whole width of the theme… Could you help me, please?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Have you tried deactivating all the plugins except Multiple Post Thumbnails?

      1. Thanks! That solved the problem! 🙂

        1. But when i disable the widget, the slider doesn’t work any more… 🙁

          1. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Ilona, my guess is a clash between plugins is the cause of the original problem. Have you tried reactivating the secondary thumbnail plugin, but deactivating all other plugins to see if that works? If it does ‘solve’ the problem then you can isolate the problem plugin by enabling them again one by one until you see the issue again. You can then decide if you can live without that other plugin or not. It is an unfortunate fact that not all plugins play nice together.

  57. Avatar Rosa says:

    I am user of magazino. I can’t find the way to publish de posts in ther fist page, in the way they act as sliding images when you touched the arrow. Now i have the post in a column. Can you help me?
    Please, in a easy words I amb not an expertise!

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Rosa, it looks to my like you have some kind of plugin clash which is preventing the slider from working properly, or maybe you have customized the home page template and accidentally broken the slider? I’d start by deactivating your plugins to see if that helps and if so then reactivate them one by one until you isolate the problem.

  58. Avatar Liron says:

    what an amazing Theme ! been using it on my Blog and it is just superb.

    Banner question: if I want to add a banner or a widget above and below the slider and/or above the footer is that possible ? (advertising banner is the reason)

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Yes it is possible but this requires editing templates files. If you want to add widget area, then you can try this tutorial

  59. Avatar minhamosca says:

    Is it possible to add text underneath the images in the homepage grid? Or have text over an opaque image?

    I’m sorry for the repeat question, but I’m working offline [instantwordpress] and Elto, because of that, is not accessible. Can I find a way somewhere else?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Minhamosca, anything is possible of course, but what you describe would certainly take more customization of the template and CSS than we can get into here. I do recommend you go to Elto or Codeable and get a quote there for such customizations.

  60. Avatar Michael says:

    The featured images do not appear in the grid. Instead there are a black boxes. Deleting and reloading the images has not fixed the problem. Are there other steps to troubleshoot?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Michael did you install the secondary featured image plugin when prompted on installation of the theme?

  61. Avatar Jonah says:

    My homepage completely disappeared! Any advice on fixing??

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      In Settings -> Reading in your wordpress admin, be sure front page displays your latest posts. I went to your website and I think it is already fixed.

  62. Hi, I am using the Magazino theme for my biographies site. It’s a great theme but I wondered if you could advise on a little tweak? Is it possible to alter the number of characters used in the text on the slider and for the text used when you hover over the grid images. Also, is it possible to pull that text from somewhere other than the first few lines of the post?



    1. Avatar Kris says:

      For the number of characters used in the text on the slider, locate index.php in magazino themefolder and on line 100 which is this code snippet,magazino_excerpt(25);, number 25 means number of words so you can change that number.

      For the text used when you hover over the grid images and for pulling text from somewhere other than the first few lines of the post, this is possible but it involves various steps to come up with this. You can use this plugin, Advance Custom Fields in creating a field where you can set the text used when you hover over the grid images and on other areas of the site.

  63. Avatar Jim Hannah says:

    Hi, I really like this Theme, and would like to implement it. However, what I am finding is that the social media tiles top right are not displaying. This is a brand new theme installation, I have not changed anything.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jim, looks like you’ve swapped out the theme already so this is just an FYI…I think the issue was that you set the primary theme color to white (or close to it). The social media icons are displayed as white icons with a transparent background so they show up as a button in the color selected as primary for the theme. This works fine for any darker colors, but lighter colors (white especially) don’t work so well as the icon isn’t visible against the background. Cheers.

  64. Avatar Jim Hannah says:

    Well, I swapped the theme back to what I had previously been using because of this problem, yes. However, it’s worth mentioning that I did not make any changes after installation, so if that is the problem, then it would seem that it may be better for the default settings to be a non white colour?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hmm, that is curious because the default theme color isn’t white, it’s green. I’m happy to take a look if you want to try again. Just let me know.

  65. Avatar k says:

    Hi, I was wondering what the exact dimensions are for the images in the feature slider and the grid. Thanks.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      For the slider: You can have 1044px by 290px (width by height) and for the grid 200px by 150px (width by height).

  66. Avatar Derry says:

    Still in love with this theme – but I’m experiencing a problem when viewing on an HTC One M8. It’s a 1080×1920 display, but I guess the theme senses it’s a mobile and adjusts for that – in landscape mode it’s fine but in portrait it stacks the front page thumbnails one on top of the other, but they only fill half the screen… If you scale an ordinary PC browser window to roughly 337 pixels you can recreate the effect. At about 313 pixels wide the thumbnails fill the screen perfectly, and at about 374 pixels wide two thumbnails are displayed side by side. It’s just that grey area in between! Are there any figures I can tweak to force the icons to fill the width better? Thanks.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin and on Appearance -> Custom CSS, add this CSS code,

      @media only screen and (max-width:399px){[id*="post-"]{width:100%; box-sizing: border-box;}

      1. Avatar Derry says:

        Thanks Kris!

  67. Avatar Brent Heber says:

    Hi there, thanks for your ongoing support of this tidy theme
    Can you give a beginner a clue where to edit the stylesheet to increase the font size in posts?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      You can download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin and then on Appearance -> Custom CSS, place your CSS code.

  68. Avatar Adrian says:

    Hi there,

    Great theme, love it! I’m having a problem with a php code that’s been added to my content-single.php file. Basically the image that is supposed to appear from that php code does not show. If you need me to go into more detail, please let me know. Any help will be appreciated~


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Adrian, yes please go ahead and provide some more details about what you’ve added to the template. Happy to try and help if we can.

      1. Avatar Adrian says:

        Thanks for the reply Charles! This is the code that’s given from the “Ads by” plugin:

        I’ve tried disabling my Cache plugin, and still no luck. So i’m not too sure what the problem is. Please bear with me as I’m not too technical when it comes to coding~ :/

        Appreciate it!

        1. Avatar Adrian says:

          Not sure if the code appeared in my recent comment.

          1. Avatar Adrian says:

            ?php echo dfads( ‘groups=46&return_javascript=1’ ); ?

            Okay, there should be at both ends. Doesn’t seem to appear.

  69. Avatar Patrick says:

    Hi. We upgraded to Magazine premium last March I think but the slider is not working.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Patrick, I’m not sure what you mean by upgraded to Magazine Premium. There is no upgrade or premium version of our theme Magazino. Perhaps you are using a different theme?

  70. Avatar xy says:

    Hi, a few questions:

    1. I make the grid images the size you say to use but they’re slightly pixelated?

    2. The theme is totally out of whack on Android devices. Can I fix this somehow? (Posts not balanced, images not proper size/crop)

    3. On mobile devices, is there anyway to make the feature posts appear on the homepage?

    4. Is there a way to have the text in the grid show up over the grid images? Or some of the text like the headline?


    1. Charles Charles says:
      1. Are you using the secondary featured image plugin? As long as the featured image is cropped to the right relative dimension and is at least as big as the full size grid image it should work pretty well.
      2. Yes, this needs some work. You are welcome to make your own adjustments to the mobile styles, and this is something we’ll be looking at for an update. I can’t promise a timeline on this but it is something I want to adress in a new version.
      3. We took these out actually because we had real trouble getting the slider to work well on mobile. We’ll have another go.
      4. Yes, we’ll look at this too.
  71. Avatar Gonzalo says:

    Hi !…
    I love Magazino, but I have a problem…
    thumbnail pictures of each entry are no longer seen in the principal page, only a black box appear … I tried several things and nothing, here is the page …
    Pd. sorry my english

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Make sure Multiple Post Thumbnails wordpress plugin is installed in your site and then make sure secondary featured image is being configured in each post.

      1. Avatar Gonzalo says:

        It works!
        muchas gracias !

  72. Avatar Adrian says:

    Hi there,

    How would I go about changing the colours for each social icon?


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Adrian, I think that sounds like a simple thing, but I would describe it as non-trivial and a bit beyond the scope of support we can provide here in the comments sorry. If you need professional help I suggest trying Codeable or Elto.

  73. Avatar Fiona Pepper says:


    I’m having trouble repositioning the images which I have put in the tiles. I have a lot of headshots and at the moment the tiles just have peoples chests appearing. I’m not sure if there is a problem with your edit function in the media section.

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS wordpress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code, .post-box-img img{top:75%;}

  74. Avatar Johny G says:

    Hello. I am trying to change some of the colors of the theme, and have already found and changed the color codes in the Appearance – Editor section. However, it seems that the “theme color scheme” (which you choose in Appearance – Customize – Colors) is overriding any and all other changes. Is there a way to cancel this override?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Johny, have you been to Appearance > Customize and tried setting colors there?

      1. Avatar Johny G says:

        Hey Charles, yeah, I’m able to select a single color in Appearance > Customize, but what ends up happening is that the one color I choose as the theme color overrides any different color codes that I am trying to use. Essentially, we’re trying to make the social media icon colors a different color than the current/hover menu page color – but the one color we end up choosing in the Appearance > Customize section makes a handful of different things all that same color, regardless of the color codes that are made in Appearance > Editor. Is there a way to cancel this override function that is built into this theme?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Johny, there’s no simple way to do this without pulling apart the CSS and disconnecting it from the customize functions which is a bit beyond the level of support we can provide here. If you need help with this I recommend Codeable or Elto.

  75. Avatar Conan says:

    Hi im wondering where can i change the white color of the team to a bit more darker color , i know it is in editor but im not sure where.

    Thanks for the help

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Conan, try this how-to video

  76. Avatar roland says:

    Great theme – thank you.

    I am having an issue where grid images are not displaying – the gray box with article text is the default even though an image has been added to the article to use in the grid. Any ideas what the issue is?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Roland, setting the featured image for each post should do the trick. When you installed the theme you would have been prompted to install a plugin to enable a secondary featured image for each post. Installing this is a great idea as it will let you set a different featured image for the slider and the grid which are different dimensions so handy to set a different version of the pic to suit each spot.

      1. Avatar roland jones says:

        Many thanks Charles. I am never asked to install this plugin when I switch to this theme (or indeed any theme). Will that have anything to do with the fact that I am using Edublogs rather than WordPress directly? Or, is this a plugin that your theme requests specifically? I am wondering whether this is an issue for which I need to contact Edublogs customer support instead?

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Roland, theme theme is programmed to prompt people to install the extra plugin when it is installed. Can I ask what version of the theme you are using? And does Edublogs give you access to the theme directory or do they curate the themes you have access to?

          1. Avatar Matty says:

            Where do i find this plug in?

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Hi Matty, when you install the theme you will see a prompt in the WP admin to install the plugin. If you dismissed this at the time of installing the theme you can just delete the theme form your site and reinstall it and the prompt will be made again.

  77. Avatar rabin says:

    Awesome theme. Thinking of using it in my blog.

  78. Avatar liron says:

    Hi Charles,
    I am looking to put a widget shortcode in between the slider and the gridbox. I cant seem to find the location in the location in the code.
    Can you point me to the right page and line ?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      It is located in index.php file, line #114. But it is recommended that you make child theme first and have you own version of that file.

  79. Avatar jan says:

    Is there any way to remove the words saying “Category Archives” which appears in front of each category when I click into the category tab?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Inside the theme folder, open category.php and then on line #13, you can remove “Category Archives”. But it is advisable to make child theme first and make a copy of category.php iniside your child theme.

  80. Avatar jan says:

    Is there a plugin or mobile responsive version for this Magazino?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Jane, this theme is responsive.

  81. Avatar Patrick says:

    I can’t find where I entered the site information that goes on the footer. Where is that?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      You’ll need to edit the footer.php file, just be aware that you should set up the theme as a child theme whenever making local changes to the template files as they will be overwritten with any future updates.

      1. Avatar Patrick says:

        Hmmm. There is text in the footer that I need to edit, but the footer.php file does not show that text. Where is the actual editable text found. I’ve looked in the css and other files The text says ©

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Hi Patrick, that text doesn’t exist anywhere. The footer.php is simply echoing the domain of the site. You can remove that code and replace with anything you like.

          1. Avatar Patrick says:

            How does the code echo the domain of the site if I never told it to do that? This is really a complicated way to change the footer info. Here’s the code:
            How do I make it say “©2014 Money Movers, Inc.”

            It seems like it would be simpler to have a place in your customizer to edit the footer text?

          2. Charles Charles says:

            Patrick, the approach we take to the footer is very standard, there’s nothing unusual about it. Keep in mind if you are making changes to template files you should first set up the theme as a child theme so that your customizations are not overwritten in the future when theme updates are issued. If you need professional help with this I recommend you try Codeable.

  82. Avatar Dabo says:

    Hello Charles , hello Kris

    Good Morning Dear Experts ;

    i start developing a new wordpress website .

    I choose Magazino theme again , one of the most downloaded theme.

    I created a form with Fast secure contact form .

    Could you please tell me what kind of script I have to insert in order to see the datas inserted in the form appeared in the homepage and where to write in the theme ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dabo, this question is not a simple question. I don’t think that Fast secure contact form stores data captured in the contact form, instead it simply sends it as an email. You need a function to capture data in the form and then display that on the home page. I think you need something like GravityForms and then some custom coding to display the captured data. That level of customization goes well beyond what we can provide here in the comments. If you need professional help I recommend you try Codeable or Elto for low cost WP development support.

  83. Avatar Dabo says:

    Hello Charles , hello Kris

    Good Morning Dear Experts ;

    I have to insert a HTML code on this following page .
    whose access is not free . I have to insert the code between and .
    Could you please tell me , where can i find the editor in order to insert the protection code .

    With the new wordpress , impossible to see where the editor is ..

    Thanks for your help .
    Mr Dabo

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Dabo, you can either go to Appearance > Editor in the WP admin console. and there look for the header.php template. Or if you can’t access the online editor there, then you will need to get FTP access to your WordPress installation. Via ftp you will find the header.php file in the …/wp-content/themes/magazino/ directory. Keep in mind you should always set up your theme as a Child theme before you customize it so that any changes are not overwritten when theme updates are issued in the future.

  84. What are the fixed dimensions for the slider and the grid layout?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Slider Width and Height: (980px by 290px)

      There is no fixed width on the grid layout because it is in percentage. The height is 150px.

  85. Avatar sabrine says:


    Ive setup a food blog and i want to

    a) have the picture in the slider automatically resize and

    b) have the “featured image” of each post show behind the post name for each thumbnail in the homepage grid.

    Please help!


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sabrine, the problem with automatically resizing images is that it seldomn works out quite right. Because uploaded images can be of any dimension they sometimes crop in the wrong place and just don’t look good. For this reason I recommend you always upload a featured image for each post which suits the dimensions of the slider (sim for 1000 x 640). The theme prompts you install a plugin which adds the ability to set a separate featured image to suit the grid layout too so you can be sure they always look good.

      For the titles over the grid that is a theme customization beyond what we can describe here in the comments. If you need professional help with this I recommend Codeable.

  86. Avatar sabrine says:


    Ive tried resizing but now the photo looks even weirder. I got a resize app on my phone and changed it to 1000×640 and the image just looks incredibly strecthed and even then the slider doesnt show the whole photo, neither does the thumbnail.

    Please help as Im code-illiterate and I really like this theme.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Sabrine, I don’t know the app you are using for resizing, but I don’t think it is working properly. Here is the latest featured image you’ve set for the slider:

      That definitely isn’t 1000×640 (it’s 622×271). I suggest you try to do you photo resizing on your laptop or desktop. A free and easy way to do this is to use

      One thought, if you are taking pics with your phone and then trying to edit them it is possible that the images are not big enough to start with. You can’t scale a photo to 1000px wide if it is less than that to start with because it will always look grainy. It may be that you need to work through your process for getting larger format imagery for the site.

  87. Avatar Ruben says:

    Hi there,

    I used the option to manually adjust the menu. I made a home page of my own (so not the standard one), but every time I open the site, it starts with the message “nothing found” and only when I then click on “home” in the menu, the right page appears. But I really liked that page when people first enter the site.

    I presume there is a simple solution for this. When people enter the site, they see directly the “home” page.


    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Ruben, go to Settings > Reading and set your new home page as the home page page. With that done you’ll also want to make sure your custom menu links to the home page at the root of the domain rather than …/?page_id=7 – hope that helps.

  88. Avatar Chris says:

    Thanks for this great theme. An earlier post probably got trashed as I inserted some html. So, now without 😉
    I’d like to insert the featured image in the top of the image (full width, above text). All other attached images I would like to have below the post as medium sized, masonry. Preferably without the use of an advanced gallery, but as ‘standard’ for each post.
    Do you have suggestions how to implement both features?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Chris, the simplest possible solution to achieve this is to simply add your featured image to the top of your post, and then use a plugin like Shareprints to embed a masonry style gallery below the content. You’ll need to use a plugin to display the gallery below in any event and it only takes a couple of clicks to insert the featured image into the post at the top, plus it requires no customization.

  89. Avatar Fee says:

    Hi Charles,

    Just wondering if I can add a sidebar into this theme? I checked the widget area and also the pages theme sections, but I don’t see this, sorry if I have completely missed it.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Fee, the theme doesn’t have a sidebar in the design. You could add one, but this would require a fair bit of customization to templates and CSS.

      1. Avatar Fee says:

        Hi Charles,
        Thanks for letting me know so quickly.

        Kind Regards

  90. Avatar John Fuhrman says:

    Hi – great theme! love the look of it and the functionality. One customization i’m trying to do is remove the date from the posts. i’ve looked in the index.php, the content.php, the content-single.php and a few other files to see if i can identify where the piece of code is that does this work, but cant seem to find it. any thoughts on how i can do this?

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Open content-single.php, then on line #10 upto line #17, you can remove the following codes,

              printf( __( '<span class="sep">on </span><a href="%1$s" title="%2$s" rel="bookmark"><time class="entry-date" datetime="%3$s">%4$s</time></a>', 'magazino' ),
              esc_url( get_permalink() ),
              esc_attr( get_the_time() ),
              esc_attr( get_the_date( 'c' ) ),
              esc_html( get_the_date() )

  91. Avatar Jim Black says:

    Hi all – Great theme!
    I would like the header image to be set at full width as I don’t have any need for the social media icons. Is there a way to delete the social media container and set the header (logo) to full width?

    Thanks Much!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,

      1. Avatar Jim Black says:

        Thanks Kris! Worked like a champ.

  92. Avatar Matty says:

    Im having trouble getting images on the grid posts like I see in the preview screenshot. Can you let me know how to do this? I have tried using the “set featured” image portion of the template in the posts and add media area, but this does not seem to show the thumbnails on the grid. Please let me know how to achieve the look on the screenshots on the theme site example.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Matty, as long as you set a featured image for each post it will show up as the thumbnail. If you install the secondary featured image plugin (per your other comment) then you will be able to set a featured image for the main slider and one for the grid which is handy because they are quite different dimensions. This isn’t required however and as long as you set a featured image for each post it should appear as the thumbnail in the grid. Here’s a how-to setting the featured image:

      Hope that helps.

  93. I’ve enjoyed the theme for over a year but now volunteering to help webmistress at another site with the same theme. The slider is used for the blog and I’d like to make blog the home page but don’t know how. When I click on appearance, customize, it offers no options unlike my own blog which is so easy to make changes.
    Also I don’t see where to change font/size/color in the bar. Thanks so much.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Layla, I’m not following. You are using the Magazino theme on another site (not and you don’t have the same customization options? Can you share a link to the site in question?

  94. Avatar Layla Morgan Wilde says:

    Thanks Charles for your prompt response. It was resolved. On my site, Cat Wisdom 101, I’m itching to tweak or update. Anything new coming? I’d love new fonts. Can you suggest anything that doesn’t require a plugin?

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Layla, there is no planned updated for Magazino at this time, but if you want to play with fonts you can try tweaking them via the CSS. Of course if you start customizing the theme you should set it up as a child theme first so that any future updates don’t over write your local customizations.

  95. Avatar T.G. says:

    I just switched over to this theme today, and I love it! I just had a question that I was hoping you could help answer:

    In place of the logo, I added a banner to serve as the header, but it is showing up smaller than it really is & it’s left-justified instead of centered or fit to size. I have tried to adjust the size several times but that doesn’t seem to work. I have also tried to remove the social media icons.

    Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Avatar Kris says:

      Download Simple Custom CSS WordPress plugin then go to Appearance -> Custom CSS and add this code,

  96. Avatar Eric says:

    I’m getting the following error on my dashboard:
    Strict Standards: Declaration of TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::before() should be compatible with Bulk_Upgrader_Skin::before($title = ”) in /home/adunagow/public_html/main/wp-content/themes/magazino/library/class/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1584

    This error appears when I look on my user Online stats (WP-UserOnline plugin). Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Just caught this comment after replying to you other comment. Will look at this.

  97. Avatar Eric says:

    There is a compatibility issue with the theme and pulgins that display Users Online.
    error message is displayed on dashboard and calls out line 1584 in class-tgm-plugin-activation.php

    1. Charles Charles says:

      Hi Eric, what plugin specifically are you using for Users Online?

      1. Avatar Eric says:

        Thanks Charles. I’m using “Visitor Maps and Who’s Online” by Mike Challis

        1. Charles Charles says:

          Thanks Eric, looking at this one.

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