LinkedIn Prospecting: Definition And Strategies

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Whether you are looking for new leads or find an audience for your content, LinkedIn prospecting can be very helpful. Why? There, you can research profiles and identify your possible targets. 

Your next move may be to use an email extractor to get people’s email addresses and send them a pitch. However, prospecting on LinkedIn is not as straightforward as one may think. You will need to research and even engage with some of the leads.

Read on to know what using LinkedIn B2B prospecting is about and discover the LinkedIn best practices. 

What Does Prospecting On LinkedIn Mean?

First of all, Linkedin prospecting contemplates identification of the potential buyers, building relations with them, and, that way, improving the sales or conversions. 

LinkedIn offers an excellent platform for professionals and experts to communicate and engage with one another. For your business, connecting with prospects can be a way to share valuable insights and great opportunities to provide value to future customers.

The access to the profiles of the leads allows the salespeople and marketers to qualify the leads and determine the potential buyers even before the act of connecting. 

How To Find Prospects On Linkedin

Notably, some say prospecting on LinkedIn is like making an art form. You need to design a structure and process, yet, it is impossible to get the results without creativity and a personal touch. 

When using LinkedIn for sales, you should know how to position yourself, approach the prospect, determine the timing, and send the right messages. Thus, LinkedIn best practices will recommend you to do the following:

Create A Profile To Target

Before connecting with prospects on Linkedin, you may want to determine who they are and target specific people that are likely to be quality prospects. Who are they? Well, usually, they are the people who will find value in your product and are likely to be loyal customers in the future.

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In this regard, create a profile of an ideal lead you are looking for, with their qualities, characteristics, issues, and interests. For instance, you can define that they will have certain problems, operate in a specific niche, or occupy a certain position.

Moreover, their age or team size can also be vital for your profile. In the end, such a profile will facilitate your search in the future, giving a more specific vision.

Design A Worthy LinkedIn Page

Another thing you may need for prospecting on LinkedIn is an appealing LinkedIn page. It should be credible, show professionalism, and underline the value you can offer. 

How to achieve a certain level of credibility and land clients on LinkedIn? 

  • Fill all the sections related to experience and skills;

  • Provide a clear summary of what you do and why you are on LinkedIn;

  • Provide appealing photo and cover photo;

  • State your relationship with the company and provide links to it for the leads to research you;

  • Publish news and posts related to your niche and operation.
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Use Search Capabilities

Moreover, LinkedIn has a unique search system allowing you to search for prospects by their name, surname, company, job title, or keywords. That way, with the advanced filters, you can target the people who seem to fit into the profile you determine initially. 

Importantly, you can search for prospects on LinkedIn based on their previous and current company. For instance, when a person changes their company, they will likely look for new tools or products to implement in the new place.

For B2B actors or service providers, it is a chance to connect and offer their product. The filters allow monitoring of the changes within the industry and taking action.

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Join Groups And Engage With People There

Also, you can start connecting with prospects on LinkedIn via groups. The explanation is that many experts hang out there and look for insights and recommendations. You can find people suiting your customer persona and qualify them to connect there.

At the same time, you can publish your posts and comments there to attract people and encourage them to participate in the discussion. For you, it is a signal of their interest. Yet, consider that small groups are the places where it is easier to post and be visible rather than the big ones where you are likely to be ignored.

Track Those Who Engage With Your Profile Or Posts

Becoming visible can contribute to your prospecting on LinkedIn. In particular, people have various options when they see your post or insight. They would send a Linked like, comment, or go to your page to seek more details. For you, it is an occasion to send an invitation to people with your most effective LinkedIn messages. 

Of course, you may need a Premium account to see who visited your page. Yet, if you consider LinkedIn prospecting to be your crucial strategy for generating leads, it will significantly add to your overall operation.

Apply “People Also Viewed” Feature

Lastly, there is another trick that can help you in connecting with prospects on LinkedIn. It is concerned with the “People also viewed” feature. When you are scrolling someone’s profile, let’s say your prospect’s, you can see a column in the right part of the page.

There, LinkedIn shows profiles similar to the ones you are browsing right now. In terms of prospecting, it allows you to research people who can fit your target profile.

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