Winning Ways to Level Up Your Brand’s Social Media Game Using Facebook

Winning Ways to Level Up Your Brand’s Social Media Game Using Facebook

If you’re about to start your brand’s online marketing, you can’t leave Facebook out of the equation. 


Billions of people use Facebook every day, it offers a host of promotional features, and you can laser target your audience using ads. 

Whatever your offerings are, Facebook will be the key to your marketing success. However, with so much competition on the platform, it’d take the right skills and knowledge to ace Facebook marketing. 

So how do you do it right? Find all the details in this article.

Add a Personal Touch

Facebook, unlike other business-oriented social networks like LinkedIn gives you the liberty to personalize your brand.

You can portray your company as multidimensional by sharing photos and other content that appeal to the masses. 

You can also take photos of employees at company parties, team building events, happy hours, and other similar events.

Don’t forget to share them online to connect with your target audience. These photos will allow your followers to connect personally with you and help strengthen your relationships with them.

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Create Shareable Content

Your Facebook content should, like most content marketing efforts, be about quality over quantity.

You don’t need to post every day. Instead, think about the content that your audience will love to share and enjoy. 

You can share relevant GIFs and infographics with your audience, in addition to the written content that you have curated from external sites and your blog.

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Visual content is easily shareable, making it easier to engage your audience and expand your reach.

Videos are Good Attention Grabbers

Video is an effective attention grabber in the digital age. Online video platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu are quickly replacing traditional TV. Facebook is no exception to this trend.

The platform boasts over 4 billion video views per day. Yes, that’s massive!

Facebook provides brands with more ways to engage their followers via video content, thanks to its constant introduction of new features.

It even has the option of short and long-form videos. So, see what suits your business and develop a video marketing strategy for Facebook. 

Don’t do False Sales

Your main goal with your social media presence is to grow your audience and eventually attract customers to your company.

You should not spam your followers asking them to sign up for your email communications, receive free trials, or get consultations. 

Your audience will stop following you if you pursue this practice. These invitations should be extended at the right times and in a professional manner.

Invite people in specific geographic areas to your webinars or events, or send them a link to valuable content. 

This approach is a natural way of growing your list and nurturing prospects.

Relevant Content & Engagement is The Key


Here’s the truth – your followers and customers don’t check your Facebook page daily. Rather, they rely on your news feeds to find your content.

Facebook’s Vicepresident for news feed Mr. Adam Mosseri also says that Facebook’s news feed content is catered towards showing the most relevant content to people. 

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Newsfeeds consider many factors in determining what stories are. These include the type of content, the author, when it was posted, and how many interactions it has received.

You can increase your reach without using paid advertisements. Consider how engagement impacts your content’s chances of appearing on news feeds.

Pay Attention to The Conversations

While personal content might be more important than business content in some cases, it is possible to find opportunities when personal connections interact with business content. 

Your chances of your followers seeing your content in their newsfeeds increase if your content is relevant and if followers respond to, comment on, and share your posts.

Your community manager should follow and engage in the conversations of your followers who comment on your posts. 

This interaction can increase engagement and bring more people to your content and your profile. 

Final Word

Social media is constantly changing. That’s the one thing no one can change. Ensure that you measure and optimize your social media efforts.

It’s not enough to simply be present to create record-breaking amounts of followers and leads – people need to believe in your brand, trust, and transact with you.

You can also take up social media consulting services to level up your brand’s social media game. 

To improve your social media marketing effectiveness, remember these five practices.

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