Legacy Themes

Infoist Theme

scr infoist
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Infoist is another nice and simple blog theme. It features muted colors and nice typography, the idea being to place all the emphasis on the content. Expecting that folks will use it for personal blogs we’ve added social media buttons which are easily set up through a theme options page in the admin.

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Major Media Theme

scr majormedia
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This is a very simple blog style theme featuring plenty of whitespace, colorful highlites and some nice typography choices. It has a full width template like all our themes so can be used for more static style sites, but it is really intended as a theme for blogs more than anything else. Like any good theme it supports all the usual features like custom menus and widgets etc.

Newsbeat Theme

scr newsbeat
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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regularly updated.

NewsBeat is a straight up two column blog theme with an old school newspaper aesthetic. Obviously it is widget ready, supports custom themes and has a full width template so it is still pretty flexible and can be used for static web sites as well as blogs, or combine the two. It’s free so download it and give it a whirl.

The Dylan

the dylan 590x433 1
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The Dylan is a fully responsive theme for bloggers and story tellers. The theme features an optional full size homepage slider and makes great use of featured images for posts and pages. You can also control the theme color scheme and font choices through the customizer with no coding required.


scr epublishing
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Learn how to start your own website.

Here’s our latest theme. It is kinda retro in its color and font choices., but is otherwise a straight up blog theme with a handy stick post style which you can use to feature any post at the top of the home page.

Do you like the retro styling? I do, and I’m inclined to do more, but will only do that if the response is good. Cheers.

Imagined Theme

imagined 590x433 1
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Imagined is big on images. Designed with photo bloggers in mind the default home page is just one big featured image slider and posts and pages make great use of the featured image with attention paid to the styling of standard WordPress image galleries. It also features all the usual customization options like color scheme and logo.

The Hendrix

hendrix 590x433 1
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The Hendrix is a simple and elegant blogging theme designed to highlight beautiful images and prose! The full width template for pages and posts presents your content front and center. The Customizer allows you to set the basic theme colors, social media icons and whether the featured post thumbnails will appear at the top of the home page.


scr blogzine
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Say hello to our newest theme, Blogzine! It is the little brother of the popular Magazino theme, featuring many of the same stylings and customization options but reflecting a more traditional blog layout.

You can easily upload your own logo or background image, choose any primary theme color and it has a really flexible home page slider. With the slider you can feature the latest posts (default) or control which posts to feature using the sticky posts feature of WordPress. Overall a really nice, clean and flexible theme.

Box of Boom

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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regular updated.

The Box of Boom WordPress theme is a 3 column ‘blog’ style theme with a strong music inspiration. We designed it orginally for a music blog called Box of Boom. The main content column is centered, the template comes with a full width template for static content pages and of course it supports custom menus, is widget ready, and you can swap out the header image for something to suit your own site, or just get rid of it altogether. Entirely up to you.

PinBlue Theme

scr pinblue
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A variation on the popular PinBlack theme, this one in blue!

Like PinBlack this is totally inspired by Pinterest, and features home and archive pages laid out in that familiar pinterest style. To ensure each post has a thumbnail for the home page just make sure you upload a featured image for each post.

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Clikki Theme

clikki 590x433 1
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Clikki is a clean and bright WordPress theme suited to magazine style sites and blogs. All the usual customization options make it easy to update this theme without customizing the theme, e.g. upload your own logo, choose the theme colors and set your social media links all from the Customizer. The theme also includes a widget area in the head so you can easily add your own banner code.

PinBlack Theme

scr pinblack
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Unashamedly inspired by Pinterest, PinBlack is a new theme which is perfect for photo and product style bogs where the posts are represented on the home and archive pages as thumbnails. The theme is responsive to browser size and will adjust accordingly. Of course it also supports custom menus and all the usual core WordPress features. Posts and static pages have a right aligned sidebar.

UPDATE 26/6/12 – An update to PinBlack was just accepted to the WordPress directory. The update fixes a problem the theme had with resizing in IE and on the iPad.

The Bizness

scr bizness alt home
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Out of the box The Bizness is a cool and flexible theme with handy customization options:

  • Upload your own logo
  • Change the theme colors to match your brand
  • Add social media icons for your preferred networks
  • Add a background image
  • The theme also comes with an alternative home page template which features a classy and configurable image slider, making the theme great for small businesses who don’t want the home page to be a blog. Create a static page, apply the Alt_Homepage template and set this as the home page.

Frantic Theme

frantic src
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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regular updated.

The Frantic theme is a straight up blog style theme, with a red and grey color scheme. Like all our themes it is widget ready, supports custom menus, and comes with a full width page template. All that means it can also be used quite easily for simple static sites as well as a blog.

The home page and archive pages on the Frantic theme can also display  a featured image for each post with automatic thumb-nailing so there is no fiddly image resizing to do.

The Nomad Theme

nomad theme
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Nomad is a responsive travel blog theme that looks equally good on mobile as it does desktop. The bold header and use of featured images is very contemporary and will make your blog a pleasure to look at as well as read. Customization options include the ability to upload your own logo, set colors, social media links and the featured posts category.

Released under a GPL 2.0 License.

Blogist Theme

scr blogist
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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regularly updated.

The Blogist theme is a personal blog theme for the blogger who likes to present a professional face. Like all our themes it is widget ready and supports custom menus. It also has a featured post slot on the home page which can be used for promoting sticky posts, or by default it will just display the latest post…a great way to ensure people see the content you really want to promote.

Archive page feature thumbnails generated automagically and the full width page template is useful for more static websites.

Online Marketer

onlinemarketer src
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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regularly updated.

The Online Marketer WordPress theme is definitely more business oriented. The design brief for this one was simple, smart, and professional. Like all our themes it comes with a full width template included for static content pages. It supports custom menus and widgets so it remains very flexible and could easily be used for a static content site, a blog, or a site incorporating both which is pretty much all sites these days. You can of course swap out the main header image for anything you like to suit your own niche.

Bloggable Theme

bloggable src
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NB: This is an older theme that is no longer being regularly updated.

Our Bloggable theme for WordPress is a fairly traditional blog style theme, with a contemporary look and a clear focus on the content. It’s traditional in the sense that it is a two column layout with the main content on the left and navigation on the right. Because it supports custom menus and widgets though it is reasonably flexible so can easily be used for static content sites, not just blogs. There is a full width page template included in the theme.

The typography is a nice touch, and made possible by Google hosted web fonts.

Travellator Theme

travellator theme
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Travellator is a image focussed blogging theme designed with travel blogs in mind, but would also be suitable for any topic where images are a big focus. It is fully responsive and features a full screen home page slider and makes use of large format featured images on page and post templates too. The customizer makes it easy to control the sites logo, favicon, social links and color scheme with no coding required.

Released under a GPL 2.0 license

Hardpressed Theme

Hardpressed Theme
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Hardpressed is an extremely versatile blogging style theme that uses featured images to highlite content and also gives you lots of control over the theme’s color scheme with no coding required. We’ve paid attention to content styles and it also has the usual support for custom menus and widgets as well as some handy features for linking to your social media profiles and optionally displaying author bios for each post.

Released under a GPL 2.0 license

Wanderlust Theme

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Wanderlust is a big bold travel blog theme, designed to feature your beautiful travel photos and stories. The home page has an optional posts slider which let’s you set up a specific slider category for those posts you want to feature there. On the home page you can also choose to (optionally) feature some static pages right below the slider too. Of course you can set colors, social media links, and logo through the Customizer so you can make it your own without any coding required. Happy trails.

Released under GPL 2.0 License.

Citizen Journal

scr citizen journal
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Citizen Journal is a clean and colorful blogging theme ideally suited for personal or local blogs. Built on a responsive framework it will respond to browser resolutions, supports all the usual WP features like custom menus and widgets. It also has a handy sticky post template and a full width static page template making it pretty versatile.

If you need help creating your own blog check out our new tutorial. If you are just setting up your site and are looking for a good WordPress host we have you covered there too.

UPDATE: Lukas Vana (fabian) kindly made a Czech translation of the theme which you can download here.

WP Dentist

responsive views WP Dentist 600x382 1
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WP Dentist is a small business theme designed with local dental surgeries in mind, but it would work well for all kinds of local business. With a custom home design to showcase you services and special fields to prominently display all the important contact information is is set up to drive business. The theme is fully responsive so works well on mobile and tablets too which is essential for local business.

Released under GPL 20.0 license

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BigBlue Theme

BigBlue Theme
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Big Blue is a classic blogging theme, with a light on dark color scheme. It offers an optional home page slider which can be managed in the customizer. The customizer also provides simple control of the main theme colors, header image, background image, social media links as well as the ability to add your own custom CSS.

Released under GPL 2.0 License

WP Locksmith

responsive views locksmiths online 600x382 1

WP Locksmith makes it easy to feature your products and services prominently on the home page along with your important contact information to make it easy for customers to find you. The optional home page template is endlessly flexible in the way it pulls in content from different pages. Using a free plugin like Shortcodes Ultimate you can create a huge array of different layouts and styles to suit your business. WP Locksmith was designed with Locksmiths in mind, but can be used by any local business that needs a flexible and professional design.

Released under GPL 2.0 license

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WP Plumber

responsive views the best plumber 600x382 1
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WP Plumber is another local business theme designed to help attract and convert customers in your local area. We designed this one with plumbers in mind, but really it could be used by any local business. With the ability to display your contact details front and center on both desktop and mobile, plus some nice features to promote your services on the home page it is a flexible, responsive and professional look for your business.

Released under a GPL 2.0 license.

Flatly Theme

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WP Plumber is another local business theme designed to help attract and convert customers in your local area. We designed this one with plumbers in mind, but really it could be used by any local business. With the ability to display your contact details front and center on both desktop and mobile, plus some nice features to promote your services on the home page it is a flexible, responsive and professional look for your business.

Released under GPL 2.0 license

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BoHaute Theme

responsive views bohaute
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Starting your own fashion blog?

Bohaute is a simple and elegant theme designed for fashion and design bloggers. The default homepage layout is in the popular masonry style which makes it ideal to feature images for each post and makes your blog fun to navigate. The static page and post templates are purposefully simple to provide a focus on your content whether that be text, images or video. The customization options are few, but enable your to make the site your own with a custom color scheme and your own logo.

Released under a GPL 2.0 license.

News Stream Theme

NewsStream Theme
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WP News Stream is a responsive blog style theme, with some handy customization options to make it your own. The primary theme color, background color and image can be easily controlled via the admin. Upload your own logo, set your social media links and choose whether to display author bios. The home page slider will display posts from the category of your choice. There’s also a widget space in the header so you can easily add your own banner code.

Released under GPL 2.0 license

The Fash Blog Theme

responsive views the fash blog
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The Fash Blog is a contemporary and elegant theme designed specifically with fashion bloggers in mind. The customizer options make it easy to add your social media links, upload your own logo, select theme colors and choose whether or not to display the home page post slider. It also offers nice styles for native image galleries and supports the Instagram Feed plugin so you can cross promote your Insta feed on your site as well.

Everything you need to know to start a fashion blog.

The Fash Blog theme is released under a GPL 2.0 license.

WP Fanzone Theme

Fanzone Theme
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WP Fan Zone was designed originally with sports fans and bloggers in mind, but it could easily be used for any type of blog or magazine style site that wants to feature images and content. It is fully responsive, comes with two main menus, and widget areas for all page types. It also has customization options for social media links, color scheme and author bios, plus a simple banner widget for putting ads in the header.

Released under GPL 2.0 License

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Good Health Theme

responsive views ghblog 600x382 1
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Good Health is a modern and sophisticated blog design created for health and fitness bloggers in particular, but can be used by anyone who wants a fresh and modern look. The theme includes the ability to display your local business information in the header, and comes with an alternative home page template which you can use as a simple and clear landing page with a single call to action. It also supports the Instagram Feed plugin so you can promote your Insta as well. The blog layout is a fun masonry style with support for the popular post formats too.

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Hostmarks Theme

Hostmarks theme
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Hostmarks is a very clean and simple blog theme. In fact it is a simplified version of the original theme for this very site. It features a clean layout with contemporary typography, and the ability to customize all the principle theme colors right from the customization menu. Of course it is fully responsive, supports custom menus and widgets and comes with an alternative blog page template as well as a plain full page template for static content.

Released under GPL 2.0 License

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responsive views fitspiration 600x382 1
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Fitspiration is a modern and versatile theme designed with fitness bloggers in mind. It features a masonry style home page layout with an optional slider and has been designed to support the Instagram Plugin so you can also feature your Insta feed on all pages. We’ve also included a simple and effective “Classes” page template intended for use by clubs or gyms who want to feature the various classes they offer. Along with this the gallery styling has been done in such a way as to make an ideal Class page (see the demo).

This theme is released under a GPL 2.0 license.

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WP Simply Read


Simply Read is a minimalist blog theme with a huge home page slider and a masonry style layout for latest posts. It also has a full width static page template, separate widget areas for pages and posts, social media links, optional author bios and simple color scheme options to make customizing the theme very easy.

This theme is compatible with WordPress Version 3.4 and above and it supports the new theme customization API.

All the image graphics and icons bundled with this theme are created by the author and licensed under the GPL, as is the whole theme itself.

Supported browsers: Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and IE9+ (Some css3 styles like shadows and rounder corners are not supported by IE8 and below).

If you need hosting please check out our indepth review of all the best shared hosting providers for WordPress.

The Sonic

the sonic

The Sonic is a WordPress theme for musicians and bands, or anyone who wants to show case their sound cloud prominently. We’ve included a special customizer option to display a Soundcloud player prominently on the home page as well as a featured banner and the ability to show case particular pages which is a great way to promote your tour schedule or any other content that you want front and center. Of course you can also customize the base theme colors, social media links and logo without any coding required.

The Sonic is released under a GPL 2.0 license.

We’ll provide a link to download once it is approved by the WordPress theme review team.

If you are building your first band website you should check out our post with tips on how to do this, as well as our recommendations on the best hosting companies for your website.


muso theme
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Muso is a blog theme designed specifically for musician and band websites. It can function as a regular blog theme, but includes some special features likely to appeal to bands and musicians. You can set a full sized featured image on the home page with your logo or name layered on top, which is a great way to make a strong first impression. You can also embed your latest track or playlist from Soundcloud or Mixcloud, and optionally feature a carousel which is great for promoting tour dates.

Three steps to set up your band website with the Muso theme:

  1. Choose a good WordPress hosting provider.
  2. Use the hosting companies 1-click WordPress installer to set up WordPress.
  3. Once logged into your WordPress admin, go to Appearance > Themes and search for Muso. Once found simply click the Install button and then activate once installed.

Rock n Rolla

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Rock N Rolla is a theme designed specifically with band websites in mind. It functions as a great looking blog theme, but also has some excellent (and optional) home page features to help promote your latest material, tours or any other content you want to.

If you are setting up your first band website, the first thing you’ll need to do it choose a hosting company for your site.

Other theme features;

Display a Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Mixcloud or Spotify track or playlist. Display a large format image slider which also supports YouTube video. Or add a post carousel to promote tour dates or other content you want to highlite. Of course you can also upload your own logo and control the theme colors as well.