How to Integrate Social Media into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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When exploring key marketing techniques, social media and email marketing are always two methods that place at the top of the list. With 3.8 billion email users and 3.4 billion social media users, this is hardly surprising, with these two social streams being incredibly common for consumers to actively use.

However, you don’t have to treat social media and email marketing as two completely distinct streams. In fact, there are many ways that you can begin to integrate social media into your email marketing campaigns, using insight from one to inform the other. 

As data collection is so vital for effective media campaigns, using both of these marketing strategies in tandem can be a fantastic way of renovating your entire marketing direction. In this article, we’ll explore the balance of email campaigns and social media marketing, helping you to align both and boost your conversion rate across the board.

We’ll discuss the following techniques:

  • Building email lists through social media
  • Social listening to inform content
  • Social sharing buttons or QR codes
  • Connecting social media to email to trigger social campaigns 

Let’s get right into it.

Building Email Lists Through Social Media

One of the biggest blunders you can make when running an email marketing campaign is to simply pull a list of email contacts directly from an online source you find. Random people don’t want to receive news about a product or platform they have no knowledge of or need for. Alongside building up a company-specific email list by getting emails from your company website, you can also use social media to gather new leads.

Every now and again, you can post a short snippet from an email campaign on social media, highlighting the positive service that you provide through your emails. Attached to this snippet can be a signup link where users can click to go and add their email to your mailing list.

By creating these funnels that move customers from social media onto your own company pages, you’re able to greatly increase your opportunity to build your mail list. With this, you’re able to email people directly, putting your campaign into their inbox where it has a much higher chance of being seen.

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Social Listening To Inform Content

Social media, with millions of active users, can be a fantastic place to soft launch marketing campaigns. You can develop a few early posts from a campaign and post them onto your various company social media accounts.

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Due to how quickly the world of social media moves, this will allow you to get almost instant feedback about the potential success of that specific campaign. If a post instantly starts to gain lots of traction, it’s likely a marketing campaign idea that you can take forward in the long run.

Alternatively, if there is little interaction with the post, then it might be one you take back to the drawing board. Soft launching on social media and then using social listening tools allow you to get a better idea of what sort of content you should be producing.

From there, you can create email marketing campaigns that you know will have much higher engagement rates. As the content performed much better on social media, there is a higher likelihood of your email mailing list equally responding well to the content. Using social media to inform your email marketing content is a great way of keeping engagement and conversion rates high.

Social Sharing Buttons Or QR Codes

While lots of the integration between social media and email marketing tend to send users from the former to the latter, this doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, including several social sharing buttons within your emails can help to boost the scope of marketing campaigns by helping them to be reposted on social media.

Whenever you create a marketing campaign that has a personal element that could be shared, you should include social buttons which allow users to instantly share parts of the email. This is used very successfully by companies like Uber, which include personal sharing codes in their emails.

If a user shares their code online from their email, and another customer uses it, they get a small compensation. With this, there is an incentive to click on the share buttons included within emails, helping to expand the scope and reach of a campaign.

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What’s more, by using an automatic tool like Wisestamp’s email signature generator, attaching social sharing buttons is incredibly easy. You just fill out the links within the template and then include the email signature within your email marketing outreach.

This movement from email into social media through social sharing buttons is an incredibly effective technique and should never be overlooked. 

Connect Your Social Media Ads To Your Email List

Within online ad tools, like Facebook’s marketing panel, you’re able to create custom audiences that trigger an advertisement when certain events occur. One of the scenarios you’re able to create is showing a user a specific advertisement on their social media pages after they open a marketing email.

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If a user from your mailing list opens a marketing email but doesn’t take further action, you can then set up an automatic social media advertisement to appear. With this, you’ll remind them about the contents of your email marketing message, and further inspire them to check out your website.

This form of integration allows you to make the most of both email and social media, using one to trigger the other form of marketing stream. With the power of social media analytics, you’ll be able to trace how effective this connection is, tinkering with your advertisement message until you get it just right.

Connecting social media directly to email and vice versa makes the most of both of these social streams, helping to empower your marketing team through data and analytics. 

Final Thoughts

Both email marketing and social media marketing are two fantastic forms of outreach that every marketing department will be familiar with. While they each have different techniques and styles associated with them, the opportunity for a crossover between them is truly exceptional.

Instead of treating these marketing streams as completely distinct, taking advantage of the overlap between them and using them to direct customers from one to another is a fantastic way of further pushing the bounds of what is possible with marketing. Be sure to start taking advantage of the above techniques to see both social media and email marketing thrive in your business.

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