Instagram Trends for 2022 & Forecast for 2023

Instagram Trends

It would benefit you immensely to understand how vital your social media marketing strategy is. Instagram trends can either make or break you nowadays. 

However, the latest tools and features on the Instagram platform can help you gain the edge over your competitors in 2024. 

The first thing to realize about Instagram is that it’s an ever-changing space where Instagram trends come and go quickly, sometimes even daily.

It’s challenging to keep up with things that are trending on Instagram.

After all, the one thing you can count on when it comes to instagram trends, is constant change.

As long as changes occur and Instagram users continue to accept these changes, marketers, brands, and influencers need to be adaptable. 

If you’re looking to make the most of your 2022 Instagram marketing strategy, you need to keep on top of the ever-changing and evolving Instagram trends. 

By doing so, you can better keep up or surpass your competition, gain more real followers, get more engagements, and ultimately earn more money on Instagram.

We’ve scoured the Internet, did our research, and learned several things you need to know about Instagram trends in 2022 and 2023.

The following paragraphs will address these trends and how they will impact your social media marketing strategies this year and next.

Instagram Trends 2022/2023

There will be several trends shared in this article, but all of them are worth reading, so feel free to read the whole thing to the end to get the most from these Instagram trends for 2024.

1. The Dancing Trend Maintains Its Status

One Instagram trend that seems to keep on giving is dancing videos. You see a lot of dancing videos on TikTok, but you see just as many on Instagram.

So, the dance movement (no pun intended) continues. 

There are several dancing trends on the Instagram platform in which you can partake. Here are a few you will find on this social media site.

  • Dance Challenges (tutorials)
  • The Shiggy (ongoing since 2018)
  • I like to Move It Dance
  • Staying Alive Mashup Dance
  • Swing
  • Hip Hop
  • Folk
  • Irish
  • Modern
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary

These dances have been Instagram trends since 2018 and 2020 combined. 

Some songs that are trending to dance to on Instagram Reels this year (2022) include, “Dancin’” by Lil Drako, “Drive Forever” by Sergio Valentino, “Spirits” by the Strumbellas, “I Like It” by Cardi B & Bad Bunny & J Balvin, “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish, and “Thank You” by Arianna Grande.

One of the top trending songs used for dancing and general cute videos on Instagram and TikTok is “Can we skip to the good part?” by AJR Brothers. 

If you’ve been watching dance Instagram Reels or TikTok videos, you know what songs and dances are trending. 

When you’re looking to plan your social media marketing strategy based on Instagram trends, these are some things to look at first. 

2. Instagram IGTV is Competing with Television

To say that “television” is trending would be a bit misleading, but to say that Instagram IGTV is catching up to television viewing is not misleading.

It’s just a fact in Instagram trends.

IGTV was first launched for use in 2018 when only a few Instagrammers were allowed to use it. It seemed like it was just IG Stories extended, but it’s become much more than that.

It became massive by giving users more time to film bigger portions of their lives and other content. 

Instagram’s business page says that 78% of all mobile data traffic is moving to the Instagram trending mobile video ideal.

Regardless of IGTV’s initial slower growth, the forecast is that this part of Instagram will play a significant role in mobile video traffic. 

How does that relate to brands? Well, obviously, you can create more long-form videos on IGTV in the vertical format as part of your Instagram and social media marketing strategy.

You may want to write that down. 

How can IGTV help? Let’s consider how interested people are in certain types of video content related to brands.

For instance, you can use influencer interviews, behind-the-scenes workplace footage, Q&A sessions, and other video content that your audience will love. 

How does this mean IGTV is competing with television?

With more and more people watching video content that isn’t found on TV, this provides marketers, influencers, and brands with a way to broadcast their own television show. 

Don’t forget that IGTV, Reels, Lives, and Stories make up a large portion of Instagram trends in 2022, and probably beyond.

By the way, IGTV will be rebranded and called the Instagram TV app. Essentially, there will no longer be an IGTV in the near future.

Reels will continue to have its own tab, while Instagram TV will have its role as part of the video creation on the general platform.

3. Instagram Stories Potentially Could Become Longer

Sticking with the video Instagram trend concept, Instagram Stories may allow users to create longer videos. The platform was testing 60-second Stories in 2021. 

Not that you can’t make 60-second videos, but remember, they are broken up into 15-second intervals. You will no longer have to overlay the 15-second pieces. 

You will be able to add special effects and music to a full, 60-second video.

When this change is set to roll out is yet to be announced. If you were in the test group of this change, you already know how that will work. 

What does this mean to marketers? Anyone seeking to market on Instagram will be able to make longer Instagram Stories that won’t be interrupted.

You can tell your story in more detail and provide teasers to your audience about products, services, and more.

4. Shop-A-Thons Will Become a Standard

The Shop-a-Thon Instagram trend surged in the eCommerce niche on Instagram Shopping in 2021.

This rise is primarily due to the change in shopping habits because of the pandemic, which also gave rise to enhanced digital tools. 

As opposed to links that direct your shoppers to your website, Instagram Shopping lets people choose and buy products quickly and easily right from the Instagram app.

No wonder this is listed in 2022 Instagram trends. It’s so convenient and feeds that instant gratification sensation.

You may not be aware of this, but over 130 million Instagram users tap on Instagram Shopping posts every month. That’s the kind of traffic that any store owner, online or offline desires. 

Due to the rise in this Instagram trend in 2021, every sign points to shop-a-thons to continue over the next few years, or until even better experiences are developed (if possible).

According to eMarketer, by 2025, social eCommerce is to become an $80 billion industry. 

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Additionally, Instagram’s 2022 Trend Report said that almost one in four of Generation Z users are expected to shop via their social media apps.

If you don’t already have the shopability option setup on your Instagram account yet, it’s time to do that. 

5. A Boost of Approachable Influencers is On the Rise

Due to so much backlash in feedback regarding Instagram Influencers that are less relatable to most women (men, children, and more), more relatable and approachable influencers are ready to take on Instagram trends.

One of the things IG influencers were called out for is less than clear disclosures about collaborations.

While we know they get paid to promote products, they were never clear about that in their content.

Instagrammers started writing comments on some of these influencers’ profiles, saying the content was misleading.

The new gold standard is that influencers must be upfront by using the paid partnership tags, #sponsored, #ad, etc. With this new level of transparency, everything will be more above board and transparent like users want.

The issue was that they were afraid if they tagged their posts with the paid partnership tags that Instagram users would pass them over in the feed. 

That said, influencer marketing is still popular, especially on the Instagram platform where people expect to see it and actually seek it out.

Now, instead of posting images and videos of a glamorous life, they are showing the real side of their lives, making them more approachable and real. 

They are becoming more relatable, which is something people like.

You should know that most of the biggest and most relatable influencers started out as Instagram micro-influencers.

If you are considering being an influencer, or you are already in the game, consider ramping up your game because this Instagram trend is not going anywhere soon.

Remember to be honest, create trustworthy and honest content, and get those paid partnership tags in there for credibility.

6. Content is Still King

Content king

It’s highly unlikely that Instagram trends will ever not exist due to content. Videos, images, memes, textual, and other types of content will always reign online and offline. 

The most popular content will always be determined by Instagram users on the platform. The same will occur amongst all other social media platforms. 

So, if you’re planning your social media marketing strategy for Instagram, you now know that you need content.

It should be a major part of your marketing strategy. You will find that more and more marketing tools will be available for creating amazing content for Instagram. 

You can let go of the idea that you need a lot of flash and filters for content on Instagram now.

The Instagram trend today has become authentic and unfiltered coming from brands and influencers on the platform. That ideal is expected to remain for some time.

That said, you can’t expect to just share whatever you want and think it’s going to boost your rank or exposure.

You will still need to create content that tells a story and that is also captivating. 

While Instagram users are a lot better at observing whether what they are watching is authentic and genuine, they also expect it to be high-quality. 

If you are wanting to enhance your brand or business credibility, it’s essential that you use eye-grabbing images, even if it shows followers something less flattering versus more flattering like many fitness influencers do.

The goal is to keep it honest, authentic, and relatable. 

7. More Augmented Reality Features to Come

Another Instagram trend that marketers should know about is augmented reality (AR) features since there are more to come on Instagram.

You may not already be aware of the current AR features offered on Instagram. 

Most AR features are found in Instagram Stories where they are also most used.

While there have been basic filters for quite some time, there are now new AR features like the music feature that allows you to interact with the music during your Reel or Story video creation.

How fun is that? Keep an eye on the new AR features to come on Instagram throughout 2022, so you can have a little fun giving them a try.

8. There Will Be More Cause-Related Marketing

In 2022, you can expect Instagram trends to include more cause-related marketing content. 

Users have been boosting cause-related content, fundraisers, and personal causes for themselves or for their friends or family members since 2020.

However, since COVID-19, Facebook and Instagram have helped crowdfund over $100 million for people affected by the global pandemic. 

Instagram itself claims it’s seen a massive boost in digital activism in response to the pandemic, social injustice, racial injustice, and other causes.

Cause marketing may be a newer Instagram feature, but it’s also an effective method to let followers understand the things that are important to you. 

People are drawn to people of like mind. Today, Instagram users seek out brands that match their own ideals and that lean on the issues and causes that they can relate to.

Also, you can’t just claim to be on board with a cause, because users will test you on that. 

9. User-Generated Content Will Rise

While user-generated content has long-been used to increase engagement, it will become a solid Instagram trend in 2022, and potentially beyond.

Since it’s been a thing for so long, why stop now?

What’s so great about user-generated content? For one thing, it helps with marketing and branding because of its popularity. 

What is user-generated content?  User-generated content is what your fans, customers, and followers create for your brand.

With permission, you can repost their content to your Instagram profile. Always ask for permission. Remember that. 

How does that help you? User-generated content (UGC) saves you time on content creation or one thing.

Additionally, it adds to your credibility among potential customers and your own existing audience.

You can think of UGC as endorsements like you get on LinkedIn for your skills. 

When people are willing to create content about your brand’s services or products, others believe them.

Basically, they are endorsing your brand because they like what they got from it and want others to know about it.

User-generated content has been around for a very long time, but it’s an Instagram trend that will follow us all into 2022 and beyond.

10. Adding Links to Content More Easily

If you have used Instagram for any length of time, you may have already made use of the bio link section where you can add your link on your Instagram profile page.

It helps users find your website, but it’s also been known to convert followers into loyal customers, so it’s very useful. 

Your external link can be a link to your store, shop, or blog post (etc.) that directs your followers to the page of your choice.

Some affiliate marketers use that spot for their affiliate page, but they use a blog or other URL to promote it since most affiliate links are not allowed. 

There is a way to efficiently add multiple links on Instagram at a time, including blogs, social media platforms, and other links that allow people to click and go to your site. 

Let’s face it, currently Instagram only allows you to put one clickable link on your profile page.

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So, if you want to get the most from that space, using a “link in bio” tool is helpful. It will guide your followers to more of your content and help you convert even more. 

The “link in bio” tool is not the only way you can add links to your content. If you have the ability to use the “swipe-up” feature in Instagram Stories, you can put a link there.

It’s a link sticker feature that is available to all for Stories. 

These ideas for adding links to your Instagram Stories or profile are one of the Instagram trends you need to watch for in 2022 as this will be a growing concept. 

11. Instagram Live Rooms

Another one of the top Instagram trends that has arisen since the pandemic is the Instagram Live Room feature. 

What’s that? In early 2021, Instagram debuted their Live Rooms feature. This feature is likely to become a big Instagram trend over the next year or so.

Instagram Messenger Rooms have been around for a while, so we will also address that as well.

Instagram Live Rooms let you take a video live with up to three other Instagram users.

This is a great idea when you want to collaborate on a small project, have a business meeting, talk to customers with similar issues, talk to influencers you may want to hire, or for whatever reason you need to meet with up to three people.

You can even use Instagram Live Rooms as a Q&A among just two or three people at a time.

You can get creative and use this feature in 2022 as part of your marketing strategy. 

Now, about Instagram Messenger Rooms. This ideal came about in 2020 at about the same time Facebook Messenger Rooms were introduced.

That makes sense because Facebook owns Instagram. 

These rooms are a way to video chat with a group of up to 50 people. It works for somewhat private conversations when people cannot meet in person.

Either way, the Instagram Rooms are an Instagram trend that is useful either through the Live portion or the Messenger portion.

12. More Live Content Options

The up-and-coming Instagram trends include more live content for more purposes. 

Instagram trends involving Instagram Live videos saw massive growth in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Instagram Live usage increased by 70% in April 2020, a single month of the year, according to Business Insider. 

This data should come as no surprise as this was only a few weeks into the global lockdowns intended to stop the spread of the pandemic virus. 

According to some research, it’s believed that people aren’t designed to be isolated from each other for long periods of time.

Therefore, in order to feel less detached and more connected, people used social media as an alternative. 

Even when the globe was opening up in the last quarter of 2021, the Omicron threat continued to create problems with social engagement in person.

There’s no doubt that Instagram Live will be used more and more in 2022. 

Not just because of any virus, but because it became so convenient, especially for those living far apart. 

The current number of people who watch Instagram Live daily has gone over 1 million users.

About 26% of Instagram users watching live streams on the platform consist of Millennials and Generation Z’ers.

Therefore, you can count on Instagram Live streams to be part of the many Instagram trends for 2022.

What Are More Instagram Trends for 2024?

Instagram Trends

We have shared the top 12 Instagram trends for 2022 to watch for over the next several months.

However, there are a few more you need to know about in brief detail. 

Reel Response Reels

One of the newest of trends on Instagram comes in the form of a Reel response to a Reel. What? This is where users respond to another person’s Reel.

There is a feature that allows you to use the comment section within any Reel that gives you the option to create a Reel that you can use as a response. Fun, right?

Collaboration Albums and “Add Yours”

Another Instagram trend that’s fun to use is the “Add Yours” collaborative album option.

What is that? During later months of fall in 2021, there were some new stickers called “Add Yours” that appeared in users’ Instagram Stories. 

This is designed for you to share your theme-related Story relevant to the user’s Story such as a certain picture from your camera, someone you love, or something that represents some other trending theme.

You can consider this a collaborative thread or album, if you like. 

Watch Those DMs Trend

Instagram trends for 2022 will include Direct Messages, DMs. If you are an avid watcher of Instagram Stories, you may have already seen the replies on Stories send DMs to the user. 

Brands and influencers are using this as a question stick in the Story to prompt conversations and share answers from DMs.

Direct Messages are impactful for brands when it comes to connecting to their followers. 

DMs can translate into voice messages, Stories, video chats, or shared posts. This feature is turning Instagram into a high-quality and convenient way to message each other.

There are no restrictions for commenting or liking IG Stories, so making connections is easier. 

Other Instagram trends can include business-related memes that are funny, cute, or interesting.

Having a nicely curated and organized profile is another Instagram trend that users are loving. 

The Explore Tab helps to push interest by using the proper hashtags (use a hashtag generator for that), a call to action, and other effective ways to use Instagram’s Explore section in 2022.

Let’s not forget the Instagram trends that involve cross-sharing amongst social media platforms.

TikTok with Instagram, Facebook with Instagram and TikTok, Pinterest with all your social media, and so on. 


While these 12 and extra Instagram trends may not represent every single new thing that Instagram will introduce over 2024, it represents the sticky ones.

The trends that are consistent and that don’t fade away. 

Video content will consistently push exposure for marketers and influencers in 2024 and beyond.

Reels, Stories, and IGTV (soon to be Instagram TV) will be at the forefront of content on the platform in many ways. 

Over the past couple of years, user-generated content has made its mark and will likely continue to do so over the next few years.

Causes and fundraisers will also continue to be big in 2024 especially in the wake of the pandemic. 

Shop-a-Thons, dance challenges, augmented reality features, collaborative Story albums, response Reels to Reels, Direct Message trends, and content in the Explore tab are all going to contribute to Instagram trends in 2024.

It’s important to remember that content is still king on Instagram and across social media whether it’s video, pictorial, textual, or any other form of media content. 

As long as it’s interesting, high-quality, and relevant, you can analyze it and make changes as the platform changes to keep up with the ever-changing Instagram trends. 

If you’re a marketer or influencer on Instagram, this information is crucial for creating the best and most effective Instagram marketing strategy for 2024. 

Remember to keep your finger on the pulse of any new features and changing trends on Instagram as the year continues. You’ll be glad you did. 

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